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  1. It’s a panorama shot showing sidewallls of a very large bedroom with its own lounge in a guys “weekender” - listens to a lot of surround music - massive room with extremely high ceilings - the 4 marquis look lost in the space - he plans on adding sovereign as the fronts if he can locate a pair - will then use the marquis as rear and sides - has some other duntechs from the gem stone range as well - will eventually move them all into a dedicated space that is being built as a HT/music room - quite sensational to hear 4 marquis at once - walks are 4ft thick solid stone
  2. Surround sound in the bedroom with 4x marquis - very impressive
  3. Well I was sad to have sold the duntechs but simply was not enjoying them in such a compromised listening position - they have gone to a great home as part of a marquis surround system in a massive room - awesome. so back playing with my collection and wow these stacked JVCs are helping the sellers regret to a large degree. I’ve now moved them down onto some spiked stands in granite blocks - a little lower (still a bit too high) and another 30cm from wall - in sitting 2m from them in the diagonal - have moved them out wider as well to 2.4m on centre - now they are not duntechs but
  4. Cheers steve - will do - I am working on two assumptions - the Rotel is well underrated based on my readings of others experienced and the JVCs don’t actually present that difficult a load - also based on some readings of others experience - but can’t find and real world testing - I’ll also not be playing that loud as I’m in a compromised listening set up so near field at 1.5m did find the following specs on the amp Power Amplifier Section : Continuous Power Output : 80 watts per channel, min. RMS both channels driven into 8 ohms or 110 watts per channel, min. R
  5. Running of speaker a and speaker b out let’s - speakers are 6ohm - Rotel states 8 ohm for speakers a @ b but the Rotel 1312 is pretty solid beast - no signs of strain in driving both sets so far
  6. Finally got around to setting these up - alway wanted some JVC Zero 9s but have had to settle with a pair of JVC Zero 4s stacked on top of some JVC Zero 5s - thanks to Jake for storing the 5s for over 5 years for me - sound is pretty amazing 😉
  7. Ok sort of a new thread - seems appropriate to me - at least tonight! Got this today at my local - they had 5 bottles of this 1.5 litres of 1999 Rymill Coonawarra Merlot Cabernet Franc Cab Sav - and the price you ask only bloody $24 - I only bought one bottle thinking it must be past its best - I am a complete ****head!!!!!!!! [ATTACH]6626[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6627[/ATTACH]
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