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  1. Harder than you think - I only got two correct https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-12/how-to-spot-a-fake-review/11406160
  2. Seriously people are overthinking this / just enjoy the forum and ignore those that you disagree with - if you don’t like the forum move on - moderators do a good job - no one needs to write a new rule book or re-educate the population - talk about audio and music more and worry less about others And have a drink https://youtu.be/xaEWrtLAUKM
  3. recommended for all those having a hard time https://youtu.be/xaEWrtLAUKM
  4. Friday and the need for some guitar is strong - post away https://youtu.be/LWLAAzOBoBI https://youtu.be/x4KmbUCwkyE
  5. TAD Magico Sonus Faber and look into some horns
  6. Always like horns as a feature - getting it so it doesn’t look tacky is the hard bit - in reality I presume you can take a chance - can’t be too expensive to get them recoated if first choice simply does not work or your taste changes over time?
  7. Don’t waste your money Simon get a cold chisel album instead
  8. Early adopter - awesome
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