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  1. After ready this thread I got a set of these and placed them under my equipment (Bosch Maxx and sat down for a listen I was blown away ,the sloshing sound was so dynamic and full bodied that I started to feel sea sick. Then I heard the crystal clear metallic tinkle of the car keys I thought were in my pocket, sumlime The ethereal throbbing hum of the spin cycle convinced me that these thing are the real deal. Even my wife said the beebs at the end of the cycle had never sounded so clear.
  2. Don't know much about this amp but I can vouch for the seller who has excellent sonically speaking and is great to deal with
  3. Just got a new tv. LG oled 55 B9, after the old toshiba died and I want to ad an amp and speakers and they will have to be discrete so no HT set up. the room is 4.3by 4.5 The LG people suggest that Hdmi is the best audio connection possibly because this does Dolby Atmos etc but mostly use the tv for free to air so not sure if that is applicable I do have a spare amp, Dynavector HX75 power amp that has rca connectors I dont have the speakers yet do I need to get a dac to connect to amp and tv or preamp with dac or is there a converter that will take an Hdmi signal and send it to and amp. TheTV was 1.8k so trying to keep costs to half or a bit more second hand is fine and I have no experience of active speakers if that is a route that will produce the best sound for the dollar. thanks
  4. This "I would take no notice of what Class A audio says " pretty harsh imo they make a living selling Accuphase and to aid this have chosen Tannoy as a synergistic match and vise versa. You will find very few speaker manufacturer willing to limit their sales to owners of certain amplifier ( Harbeth for instance totally refute that any particular brand amp has any synergy with their product.) The dealers have and have had a wide range of combinations to experiment with and are not just saying something works but demonstrating it. ps. have no affiliation with Class A and never dealt with them pps. believe the OP is in the far East and not easily able to audition
  5. not familiar with these sonus fabers but can recommend the seller Gareth as a reliable and efficient person to deal with
  6. Try the Denafrips range to see if you prefer R2R ladder style dac available in Victoria great match with Accuphase and Luxman has balanced connections
  7. For Sale Apollo speaker stands Location Perth W.A Item Condition very good brass spikes tarnished Price and conditions $200 the pair Reason for selling sold the speakers Payment methods Cash, Pay pal plus fees ,EFT Extra info hight 630 base 250wide 260 long top plate 180 by 180 screw holes means additional larger plates can be added r
  8. For sale Naim Naca 5 speaker cable Location Perth Item condition hardly used Price 5.43m long $200 (2,71 pair) 7.23m long $280 (3.61 pair) Reason for selling changed amps payment methods cash ,pay pal plus fees, eft, extra info . these are set up as 2 very long runs you will need to add extra plugs if halving them
  9. and also demonstrates with Harbeth HL5 a few months ago when I was in there
  10. I do what length to you need cheers Grant
  11. I was a Naim fan for a while ending up with two 250's and a 282 bicep etc then switched to Dynavector. Discovered there is more to music than pace rythem and timing. I have had Harbeth HL5 and Luxman 507ux for last 5 years(both for sale on here) and no going back to Naim so many more layers, dynamics, realism,tone, timbre, and just the scale and bass. try and get a loan of one still got a Naim system in the shed
  12. thanks guys, keeping this in the system for demo purposes until sold, unless i crack and unbox the new one
  13. Item: Harbeth Super HL5 speakers Location: Perth Price: $3250 Item Condition:Good Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only funds transfer Extra Info: matching serial numbers 8232 L&R not certain of the exact age, they dont publish it , will email and ask but suspect 2011 I bought these from a doctor in America before there was any australian representation and they were only a few months old when he sold them there is a small nick out of the veneer on the back top one speaker and a slight rounding of one corner otherwise great I traded up from spendors to these and despite giong fro Naim 250's to tube monoblocks then to Luxman 507 ux never felt that the speakers were holding things back these have never been thrashed ( I am in my early 60's and well past that) but they will go very loud without distortion or any detriment to the quality of presentation. They are not a speaker that must have high quality amplification to be enjoyed, and shine equally with valves or SS but are capable of showing you where the money went if you do upgrade your equipment the book end matched veneer is Eucalypt and they fit most decors except ultra modern Loads of reviews on the net and plenty of chatter in the church of HUG I have heard the PLus model but not side by side and they seemed quite similar, a good room and carefully positioning will be more important than the+ imo but at present they are just plonked close to the back wall with a table in between and they still sound fantastic but imaging suffers. I am going to build a bigger room so am able to go to something bigger but it is a huge jump moneywise to the 40.1 or 2 even secondhand so I have gone to Tannoy and the HL5's they are too big for the lounge tv system Happy to demo in East Victoria Park or for serious buyers had bring to your room and system, in Metroish area Also have the original boxes so happy to pack very carefully and ship at your cost and choice of carrier the pics show different colour of veneer its just the light they are both the same colour thanks for reading Grant Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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