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  1. Item: Phono Amp Location: Perth Price: $200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: using tom evans instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Early mk1 been in storage for years awaiting second turntable restoration this will be a sizeable upgrade if you are using the built in phono of many amps lots of reviews on the net. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. I did it because the dac side of my cd player MHZS 88e is renown for having a cheap and nasty dac chip so added the Denafrips to use the cd as a transport It worked beyond my expectations and inproved again after the first hour. Will try it with computer audio. No experience in that but lots of help from SNA members on here
  3. thanks wolster I have just hooked up a Denafrips Ares dac to my cd player listening to music at the moment insted of working streamer would be next on the list
  4. Thanks Chiaurg will try a bit of Paradise
  5. Thanks for that very informative my only source of new music is the radio and they all seem to pick a few flavours and repeat them endlessly
  6. Thanks for that very informative my only source of new music is the radio and they all seem to pick a few flavours and repeat them endlessly
  7. thanks for that will give tidal a try
  8. I have been away from Hi Fi for many years and trying to get up to speed with advances in Tech I got into vinyl when new release cds were $33( most of which went to record companies) and second hand lps were $2 each now new vinyl is, to me, expensive say $50 and cds are $2 used, or much cheaper than vinyl new. I am tempted to do a serious upgrade of my cd player and collect more silver discs The future seems to be computer audio so would it be advisable to get a cd/dac system that can accept computer input .I am clueless about using computers for music do the music rental services like spotify put out cd quality I did have a look at some hi res sites that charge fairly hefty annual fees and some of the products seemed to not be above cd quality. is other equipment beside computer and dac required to get cd and above quality. just looking for a simplified overview, other forums i have tried to search result in complex arguments.thanks
  9. I have been out of the audio loop for many years and have not kept up with advances in dacs. AUDIOMECCA ENKIANTHUS with Anagram technologies Mark 2 chip 24/192 from around 2005 about 4000 euro at the time It developed an intermittent fault and would not lock on so I took it out the system, im sure there have been advances in chips, could this be upgraded with newer chip or not worth it just get the latest dac, dont want to throw good money after bad I am currently using a MHZS CD88e which I know has a very average chip and looking to upgrade. I am considering an all in one unit like Sony XA 5400 ES (about $2300) or Cambridge CXC transport ($750) and the balance on a good dac I dont at this stage plan to go computer based or his res downloads but would like to use internet radio stations other equipment luxman L507UX harbeth HL5 and tannoy Arden speakers any advice welcome
  10. Hi These look in great condition do you know if and when of where they were reconed Thanks Grant
  11. Whether expensive stands make a difference could be depend on the speaker. see what the designer has to say the manufacturer of the speakers i use(harbeth) has said that they will work with any stand or even a pile of phone directories and stands make no difference and anything that holds it securely at the right hight will do.
  12. For an example I am going to be selling a Linn Sondeck with dedicated oower suppy ,upgraded suspension, rega rd 300 tonearm and almost new audio technika cartridge all recently serviced and tuned up ,at your budget it is a more engaging listen compared to my cd player MHZS 88 ( one of the best to come out of china recently) so imo you can easily better your cd player on your budget, if you go second hand I am expecting to improve on the above mentioned player within your budget by going vintage and have a just bought Thorens TD124 $1000 and will be making a plinth If you dont mind dong a bit of diy then LENCO 75 is an excellent choice, got a very good condition one on ebay last week $200 If you just want plug and play something like the Linn or VPI turntables from america (see Audiogon) or possiby better still a top quality japanese direct drive direct from Japan (see HI Fi Do) kenwood, dennon, victor ,luxman, amd some micro seki can be had for around $us 1000 and most come with decent tonearms I was recently looking at new modern turntables at around the 3 grand mark and in that price range its mostly mdf, plastic and lightweight Aluminium, nothing that said this is the last turntable you will ever need im a bit old school in beliving that if you pay serious money for a turntable it should be made as well as it can be, witout having to pay extra for all sorts of add ons to make it sound good( Linn among others do this ) hence going the vintage route, apologies to anyone reading who sells new turntables but this is just my impressions in the value for money stakes, in some cases these people themselves have old decks in their personal systems
  13. thanks for the welcome pics to follow, and todjb pulse pre with vibe ps and lithos and microgroove phono
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