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  1. How have you managed to better these. I imagine these would better or equal anything else in the Tannoy line up
  2. especially appreciated by members like myself who have limited computer skills
  3. Add the Ares dac for sale in the classifieds then later on add good CD transport or if you only want 1 box an early Marantz like the 85
  4. I have one of these paired with an Ares dac it is every bit as good as Thi says it is I have had reclocked Teac VRDS and single crown Marantz and this combo is far superior. Also reviewed by Terry London who preferred it to all of his previous hi end transports
  5. I am interested in finding the age of a pair of Lenehan ML 2 reference serial numbers 500003 and 500004 I saw a post from Mike dated December 2013 detailing upgrades which seemed quite substantial so trying to work out if this pair has them or can these be upgraded by mike to recent spec thanks
  6. I have the ares 1 and ws considering the MHDT Orchid as an upgrade
  7. Item:Luxman M 900 u Price Range:10k + Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: have the 700 u at the moment so looking to do the final upgrade it's a long shot but if you don't ask
  8. 000Hi I have a Dynavector HX75 lots of info on the UK forums (pink fish etc) about owners who have switched from Naim to Dynavector. I did and found it very rewarding but have now moved on to Luxman asking $1000
  9. in my. experience the best sounding rooms I have had have high ceilings, the higher the better. If you look at churches where everything depended on an unamplified voice being heard clearly over a large area. Timber brick stone all work but not much glass in churches
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