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  1. Further information: 5m cable opened to use but swapped out for a 3m version of the same cable after a room shuffle. A very nice cable indeed. I'm back Sunday afternoon and will answer any messages then. Photos:
  2. Further information: 1m pair of RCA interconnects. Can be posted in Aus Post satchel at cost if required. Unbeatable performance at the asking price. I'm away this weekend and will answer any messages on Sunday afternoon. Photos:
  3. Further information: 1m pair of RCA interconnects. Can be posted in Aus Post satchel at cost if required. Performs close to Blue Heaven without the cost. I'm away this weekend and will answer any messages on Sunday afternoon. Photos:
  4. Wouldn't mind trying one of these so have messaged you.
  5. Hi Richard. Make contact with Tim at Tuned in Audio in Sydney. He was the head tech/engineer at Crestmore who was the previous Cyrus importer before the current mob. I've had him service and modify a few of my newer Cyrus pieces over recent years and he's very good. He works on all sorts of gear (he currently has a subwoofer of mine) and would likely be able to fix this issue quite easily. [edit] just spoke with him and he has the bulbs in stock.
  6. It certainly is. It doesn’t happen often though.
  7. I've not met a speaker below about $5krr that would not or has not benefited from an upgrade of their internal cables. Some manufactures put in some fairly good cables but it's one of many areas hidden out of sight that compromises are made on. My last speakers (NHT Classic 4) benefited with a full rewire of Kimber 4TC. As part of an impending cross over rebuild on my current speakers, (Mission Elegante), the factory wiring will be substituted for Flatline Gold from Nordost. This is drawing from my own experience and YMMV.
  8. Further information: Nordost Flatline Gold RCA cables - 1m. I think these may have been made from Flatline Gold speaker cables. Not sure so priced accordingly. They do sound very good regardless. I purchased them new from an Ebay seller. Only selling as I now use all Red Dawn and these are no longer being used. Photos:
  9. Further information: Nordost Solar Wind RCA cables - 1m Photos:
  10. Further information: Nordost Blue Heaven RCA cables 0.6m Photos:
  11. Further information: 1 pair Blue Heaven 1m Photos:
  12. PSX-Rs regularly sell for $500+ by themselves on the used market.
  13. Further information: as above. Some slight kinkage which is hard to avoid with these famous ribbon cables. This has no effect on performance. Photos:
  14. Item: Nordost XLR interconnects Price Range: less than $500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Seeking Red Dawn or better in 1.5 to 2m length. Thanks
  15. These are a fantastic and very versatile pre. I purchased mine used for $1000 more than this one's asking price so this particular one represents great value, especially with the cap upgrades which do make a difference.
  16. It’s an Alpine PXA-H800. Sadly, only two optical inputs and three analogue pairs. that probably explains why the current Version of the system in the car sounds better coming home.
  17. Further information: As above - working perfectly, great condition, RCA plugs on each end, 4m length. Photos:
  18. I'm forward planning for a new system. The system will use a Musical Fidelity V-Link II USB audio bridge to convert USB digital to optical because my DAC only has optical inputs Will it be better to have; 1. The V-Link close to the audio source (1m USB and 5m optical) or, 2. The V-Link closer to the processor/DAC (5m USB and 1m optical) At this stage, I'm thinking option 1 is the better of the two for performance. Cables are a mix of Nordost for USB and Wireworld for optical. Thanks.
  19. Further information: Purchased from Australian retailer (VAF in South Australia) but then swapped for a shorter version of the same cable after I moved my gear to a different location in the room. As new, not a mark on it. $249RR Photos:
  20. Same here. That’s the deck which got me into high end cassette use. My father had one.
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