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  1. Further information: solid acacia wood with a concrete top. Purchased new from Nick Scali furniture 15mths ago. Back panel has holes cut for ventilation/access and there’s some faint rubber foot marks on top. Very heavy. Pick up only. Donation made to forum upon sale. Photos:
  2. it absolutely banished the uneven stage rendering and improved many other aspects of the sound. People say the glass couldn’t be good for it but it sounds very nice to me.
  3. two level townhouses are being built behind us. We’ll still see the trees over their roofline but yeah, not as nice as we had previously.
  4. They’re about 80-90cm out. They sound very good. Open the louvres or drop the blinds and it gets even better.
  5. Uh oh. Don’t get me entertaining that idea any more.
  6. I bet that sounds magical. I’d love to try some valve monos on my ESLs.
  7. Evening shot. On really bright days, the blinds can be dropped to make things more comfortable for tv viewing. They also seem to help reduce rear wave interference when the window slats are closed as the panels are just shy of a metre out from the windows behind. like @brodricj says, darker room listening does add another dimension for a better experience.
  8. thanks. I think it looks better too. Shame we can no longer look out to the lovely bush behind our place though.
  9. Today started like this: and a few hours later, it ended up like this: I should have set it up along the room right from the beginning. With the windows open behind the gear, it’s a lovely deep wall of sound with everyone exactly where they should be in the performance. it sounds phenomenal now. a few more snaps: and final shot is from the listening seat
  10. yes, this will be me tomorrow morning. I’m actually looking forward to it.
  11. Thank you. Sadly, the view out the window wall to the left now looks across the driveway and straight into scaffolding for new townhouses. No more trees. We knew it was going to happen eventually though.
  12. I blamed my preamp first until I swapped it. Then I thought it was one of my monoblocks until I swapped them around. The I thought it might have been a faulty driver and even a panel on my latest speakers. Process of elimination tells me though all the electronics and speakers are fine. My Cyrus pre has a balance control but the null is so bad, adjusting the balance makes little difference until my right speaker is almost muted. Wall treatments were somewhat effective but still don’t quite fix things and my brain is left having to work too hard to think stuff back to the centre. Its
  13. For a while now I’ve been battling a room null which has influenced my sound stage positioning negatively. Essentially, it’s being pulled to the right and it really, really bothers me. For some reason over the years I’ve been absolutely anal about having a solidly centralized centre stage (when it’s recorded to be this way of course) and this room of mine just hasn’t wanted to play fair. Tomorrow morning, some changes will happen in an effort to address this. Pics coming...
  14. I know that feeling. Had to wait 6 weeks for our entertainment unit after moving. Coffee table was relegated to hifi duties.
  15. Rega owners need to jump on this ASAP as they're significantly better than the factory plastic version. Mine provided a significant improvement over standard.
  16. Sunfire and Accustats (?) should be an ok combination. A friend of mine in Auckland ran some off the end of a semi-vintage Threshold with good results. I've yet to find equipment that doesn’t benefit from sitting on Isoacoustics products. Have fun experimenting. my sub is still here if you want it shipped over. Bit of a trip though getting it over to you in Northland.
  17. I have to agree. Only the plinth, motor and most of the arm are original. Have a look over in the Steve’s Hifi Adventures thread in the Systems Showcase forum. I’ve covered most of it there but the cartridge upgrade, arm rewire and sub platter changes netted the biggest rewards.
  18. Further information: Made by Swedish company, Audio Pro. Dual opposed 10” alloy cone drivers in a very solid sealed enclosure. Very accurate and musical sub. Colour is satin finish anthracite. $1699 new. I’m the first owner and have all packing so happy to courier at buyer cost. Condition is mint although I did have a technician tweak the input auto-sence to make it a touch more sensitive so it would turn on with quieter material (My listening was often at quieter volumes). Was used in a clean and smoke free home. I really need the space this is taking up in the garage so hav
  19. no issues. Floating floor and all. Maybe the Gaia III footers are helping here.
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