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  1. I know someone who's after one of these. They may need the DT as well. I'll message you tomorrow.
  2. My ex-wife moved a speaker once to vacuum... She didn’t get it.
  3. Gee, here's me thinking my Mac Mini playing Tidal Masters via Audirvana and AudioQuest optical into my Cyrus pre sounds the beez neez. All this other stuff is totally over my head.
  4. Item: Lexicon MC-12 (Version 3 upgrade) Location: Moggill 4070 (Brisbane western suburbs) Price: $550 firm, plus Paypal fees and postage if required. Originally listed here by me for just under $900. These were easily $5k+ new. Item Condition: pristine external, some extra display pixels light up (new displays are available online from what I have seen). Reason for selling: This has been boxed in the garage since I went Cyrus for form matching reasons a few months ago. Extra Info: Does up to 7.1 - DD, DTS ES, L7, THX, and lots of others. I ran it configured for 5.0 and only one zone. This unit is AU delivered 240V and I am the second owner. Includes remote and unopened manual. Can box securely if required. Could possibly deliver within Brisbane/Ipswich/Gold Coast metro areas by arrangement. If you do not want/need HDMI video switching, this preamp gives spectacular audio performance for movies AND music. It's still the best audio from a home theatre preamp I think I've ever heard with incredible dynamics and a very lifelike/natural sound. Pictures:
  5. Nice cdp. 117V version though?
  6. I've owned an 8200CDQ and sold Audiolab gear back in the 90's. It tended on neutral then and I would say things haven't changed much at all since then. No experience with the plain Q. Sorry.
  7. I concur. Coincidentally, my sub was also a Mission branded one too.
  8. Puresound make a matching external phono stage called the P10 from memory.
  9. Cheap for such nice amplification. Most used Cyrus pieces are going for $600-700+ each used. This tuner is also one of the better ones and offers stunning results when connected to an external TV antenna. Keen on the PSX-R myself but budget doesn't quite permit atm. Any prospective buyer would be well pleased with themselves. (no relation to seller)
  10. I had one too. Could not fault it. Very hard to beat for the money.
  11. A number of guys over on the Cyrus FB forums use and recommend the Cyrus/PMC combination.
  12. Avanteras are right up there with what I would love my speakers to at least look like. Sadly, there are no AP dealers up here for demos of the Avantis or similar. I may well have to make time for a demo on my next interstate jaunt south. I'd hate to spend that much money only to find I don't like them. Maybe I'll have to buy a couple of subs then (hmmm...) I love what NHT have done with their side firing 10" alloy cone subs and large rear rectangular ports in the Classic Fours - they pressurise the room very well and pack a good deep punch. I want to duplicate that but without a sub, while improving midrange and treble, etc.
  13. In my ongoing research and reading to find a replacement for my current NHT Classic 4 towers, I recently “discovered” the German made speaker brand, Audio Physic. Physically, they share some aspects I admire in my Classic 4’s. They’re pricey but supposedly, very good and offer surprising bass dynamics and imaging in a slim design. I’m looking to listen to some shortly (Avanti or Classic 30’s) but would equally be interested in learning of others’ experience with them no matter the model. Please feel free to comment.
  14. I remember having this model on demo when I was at Eastern Hifi in Auckland. We ran them with a mix of Plinius and VTL amplification. What a stunning system it was too!
  15. My list; B&W DM12 Celestion SL6 Mission 765 (Argonaughts) Mission 753 Mordant Short Performance 880 Mission M53 Magneplanar SMGa Aurum Cantus Leisure II SE Martin Logan Aerius I Whise HA-1500 (Nakamichi Dragon) NHT Classic 4 and Audible Physics RG100/6
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