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  1. Update; Lexicon is gone (into a box in the garage). Cyrus AV Master 8 is in. The aesthetic is important to me and there's no denying the four Cyrus shoe boxes look better than the mix I had previously. Performance wise, the Lexicon was better - more transparent and a little more dynamic. But, I have plans to grab a Cyrus DAC XP preamp at some stage and it'll integrate nicely with the AVM8 and provide a significant improvement for 2 channel listening. I still have my Benchmark monoblocks in the front corners of the room. They're lovely and have endless amounts of power. It will take at least a set of Cyrus X300 monos ($$$) to better them (maybe) but that will have to wait for now as discretionary spending is delayed until after the house is sold.
  2. I've been partial to Cyrus tuners for years now. I just picked up this one a couple of months ago. I'm not running any specialist FM aerial, just a feed off the TV antenna on the roof, but results are fantastic. I only listen to ABC Classic FM on it.
  3. Cheers. With a 36mm ply spine around the inner circumference - screws and glue. Thanks. I have a feeling they may end up black for an even greater contrast with the spheres. I have yet to dress my cables and pull one of my Cyrus amps out of the main system to test them out. Other more pressing priorities this week sadly.
  4. I loved my Leisure II's. I rebuilt my cross overs and put Kimber speaker cable in mine for noticeable gains everywhere. My Dad has them now although, he's not using them...
  5. My growing Cyrus Audio system. And my bedroom system DIY full range speakers are almost finished.
  6. Almost finished. The K-mart table lamp wood frame stands need painting and I’m going to remove and fill the spike holes in the enclosures. The wood frame stands are much more stable. My BFA plugs also arrived the other day so one evening this week will be spent stripping insulation from the ends of my Nordost Flatline4 Gold (tedious).
  7. Item: Lexicon MC-12 (Version 3 upgrade) Location: Moggill 4070 (Brisbane western suburbs) Price: $850 plus postage if required Item Condition: pristine external, some extra display pixels light up. Reason for selling: I want a Cyrus AV Master 8 Extra Info: spectacular audio performance for movies AND music. Gives a very musical and dynamic performance. Pristine cosmetic condition but some pixels on the display light incorrectly (new displays are available cheaply on eBay if this bugs you) Does up to 7.1 - DD, DTS ES, L7, THX, and lots of others. I ran it configured for 5.0. Includes remote and unopened manual. Can box securely if required. Can deliver within Brisbane metro area by arrangement. Pictures:
  8. I’d also consider a Cyrus AV Master 8 in silver.
  9. I use the same cables in my system. Be assured the folds/bends are of no detriment to the performance of the cable. $150 is a bargain for a cable of this calibre. I'd buy myself however, I'm already stocked. GLWS.
  10. Item: Lexicon MC-12 (V3 upgrade) home theatre preamp processor Location: Brisbane west Price: swap for Audiolab 8200AP home theatre preamp processor or $950 cash or Paypal (F&F) Item Condition: very good. Front panel is spotless. Comes with remote and original manual. Reason for selling: I would like something physically smaller Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This preamp processor is good. Very good indeed. It does home theatre, multi-zone AND 2 channel music superbly well. I am enjoying it very much however, I'd like to replace it with something physically smaller. This may be a long shot but, I'd like to swap it for an Audiolab 8200AP in either, black or silver. Pictures: Thanks.
  11. The ones in my car were CNC machined in Germany to my drawings. They were AU$450 which is pricey but, they were going to cost me more to have done locally.
  12. Some time ago I came to own a pair of Audible Physics RG100/6 full/wide range drivers. These are the 4” 6 Ohm version and will comfortably and very ably play from about 150Hz to 20kHz. I’ve been spending a little time building enclosures for these. I very much like what spherical enclosures do. I’ve been using various AP 3” drivers in small sphere enclosures in my car and have been very happy with the results. Anyway, I digress. I purchased 4 bamboo bowls from IKEA and have been working on getting them to make quality ported enclosures. This is where I am at as far as progress this afternoon; They have a 36mm circular ply spine at the join and constrained layer damping treatment. The internal volume is now about 3-4L courtesy of expanding foam spray. The port is 32x170mm for some boost around c70Hz. I’ve ordered some spikes for them to sit on a table stand for now but I’d like to put them onto dedicated stands eventually. I’ve also got some brass hardware and flared ports; And I’ll be using Nordost speaker cables - 2Flat (white) inside the speakers and Flatline4 Gold (copper) for amp to speakers. I’d wanted a small tube integrated to power these but I’m very much liking the Cyrus amps I have in my main system so I may keep an eye out for a Cyrus amp/DAC instead on the used market.
  13. ML fan. I came here for the pics. Disappointed.
  14. I have a 2014 Mac Mini and a 4th gen Apple TV (pre-4K). So, my ATV is kicking my Mini’s butt when it comes to outright picture quality through my HD ready Samsung 7 Series TV. I run identical AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI cables from the Mac and the ATV straight into the tv. Video has a lot more detail via the ATV and the Mini is dull and soft. Material is 4K iTunes and HD Netflix. I’ve calibrated the Mini to the monitor and it’s a little better now but still not as good as the ATV. Any ideas how I can get my 2014 Mini to output better quality video? Thanks guys.
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