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  1. I went to fit all the new bits to my lovely little 750LE’s last night only to realize I’d ordered a second pair of 4.7 Ohm resistors instead of a pair of 4.7uF caps. Annoyed! Went to order some Mundorf Evo Oils to find out they’re on back-order. Annoyed more!! Last time I waited for a back-order to be filled (when rebuilding my main speakers recently), I waited for three months. Forget that! So I ordered the Supreme Evo Oil caps at triple the price. Better be worth it. I did manage to get the new cable in though. The speakers use only a 15mm thick filet of foam for internal damping. I’ve put in some synthetic fill to see how that goes. If it slows things down or makes things sound too thick, I’ll swap back to the foam. I preferred some Celestion SL6’s with no fill. They livened up nicely.
  2. I went to these for my last couple of projects after using their standard M-Caps previously. The M-Caps are certainly better than the factory ones but the Evo Oils are better again without being that much more expense. The next step up from these would have seen a significant increase in budget and while the 750LEs are a great little speaker, I couldn't justify it given second system and low use and all.
  3. Not sure. But they're from here: https://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=Metal-Oxide-Resistors&Store_Code=Sound I've used them in other projects where they were a nice improvement over the standard ceramic block type. I was going to get the Mundorf ones but couldn't justify it given I may or may not have these speakers forever. If I have them for the next year, I'll look to swapping in some Mundorfs and even upgrading the inductors.
  4. I recently sold a whole bunch of Pulsar Points. I was using some under my centre speaker and under my sub. I really noticed the change (for the worse) after removing them. I've got more IsoAcoustics Gaias and Puck-minis coming though so hopefully they will make me happy. If not, I'll be chasing PPs again. They were better than I ever anticipated.
  5. Further information: this sale is for 12 Nordost Pulsar Point sets. A set is one bottom cone and one top cup. Buyer will receive 12 cones and 12 cups and 24 M6 threaded studs. I loved what these did below my centre and sub but I’m going through a phase trying a few different footers at the moment so these are for sale. I’ve also read these work very well below electronics. I didn’t use them this way as I don’t have the room. Not all Pulsar Points are shown in the pic below as three are in use below my sub and three are in use below my centre speaker. These six in use will be included in the twelve the buyer receives. For sale as one lot only. Photos:
  6. Further information: These little monitors are from the famous NAD stable of products. I used to sell NAD (including the original 8020) when working in the audio industry and the brand's products were always spectacular value. I purchased these as part of a system I'm putting together for my mother. They arrived today but, I've decided to use something else now. These are brand new and never removed from their box. Review from NAD: https://nadelectronics.com.au/perfect-match-nad-d-8020-speakers-sound-image/ Link for an AU online store showing retail pricing and specifications: https://lifestylestore.com.au/product/nad-electronics-d-8020-2-way-compact-monitors/ Photos: the top three are stock images from the internet. The bottom three are the actual speakers for sale.
  7. Apart from making my speakers wobbly when nudged gently, these Gaia III footers do interesting things. I noticed two things immediately: 1. Bass is not as beefy and powerful but, it is now tighter and better defined/detailed. Some minor tweaking at my sub (sitting on three Nordost Pulsar Points) saw some thump and fun return. 2. Staging seems more free of the speakers and I'm getting closer to the stunning 3D relief effect I used to get with my Dragon ESLs. This is what really stands out to be honest. Overall, I like what these do. Plus, I think they actually look quite nice under the speakers.
  8. Oh, I’ve also taken a punt on a set of older 25th anniversary Mission 750LE speakers from a Gumtree seller. They claimed they were mint but one of the tweeters sometimes stopped working. They duly arrived in double boxing and are indeed mint. One of the terminals on the rear was loose so that got a tighten up. No issues noted with the tweeters. In fact, these actually sound very nice indeed and performance belies their size. Their balance is a little on the lusher and mellow side (compared to my newer model Mission Elegante) and takes me back to when I owned a set of 753s. Not a bad return for $220 total outlay (including stands). They’re on some lovely Norstone stands and are driven by my Wadia 151 Powerdac Mini from my garage system using all Nordost cables. Needless to say, they were pulled apart to have their crossovers traced and another order has been placed with Soundlabs Group for some Mundorf caps and MOX resistors. Internal cabling again, will be Nordost Flatline Gold and all connections hardwired and silver soldered.
  9. I’m going to try some more isolation for a while seeing as it’s a thing right now... My electronics have been on Sorbothane for a while already. For coupling of speakers though I like what the Pulsar Points did for my sub and centre. A couple of sets of ISO Acoustics Gaia III came up for sale here so I thought I’d have a go at isolation on the mains for a while. I’ll try them and maybe switch in my spare PPs to see which I prefer.
  10. I have a set of NAD's D8020 monitors arriving shortly. They're coming with a package I've ordered but I don't need the speakers. They'll be brand new in their boxes and I won't be opening them. https://lifestylestore.com.au/product/nad-electronics-d-8020-2-way-compact-monitors/ I'll be listing them for $350 the set unless you're interested in them at this price. I'll have them within the next 5 days. I'm also in Brisbane (Kenmore). Just let me know via PM if you're keen. Regards, Steve
  11. Item: as above Price Range: open Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm chasing a single footer only. I'm in Brisbane and happy to pay postage if required.
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