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  1. The newest edition to the system; a Cyrus FM X tuner. I listen to a couple of classical music stations sometimes when I'm driving and thought it would be nice to have FM at home again. I made sure to connect it to the roof-top antenna and the results are fantastic. It's another eBay purchase and for $180 with pick up a couple of suburbs away, why not?
  2. Winno

    My System this morning

    That Carver has me pining for the 80's and 90's when all I could do was dream of owning a nice hifi. My father had a Carver tuner with the little handles on each end.
  3. My little platform project is done. I now have these under all my electronics, including the Benchmark monos (the monos have longer stainless spikes on them as they need to pierce thick carpet) This was a low-teck project that raised the level of performance of my Theta preamp some months ago when I made my first platform.
  4. Thanks everyone. My inbox was inundated. Local has its merits but I work very close to a post office. I've always gone by "first messaged/replied" gets them item regardless of location. @Johngill was first in this case. I'll keep everyone else in mind should things not be finalised as intended.
  5. Item: Locking banana plugs x 4 - sold as one lot only. Location: Brisbane CBD or Moggill 4070. Can post. Price: $40 plus postage plus PayPal fees. Condition: very good, unused. Reason for sale: surplus Payment- cash on pickup or PayPal. Other comments: not branded, Rhodium plated, real carbon fibre locking ring, takes cable up to 8mm in dia. Pictures:
  6. Item: Vibrapods (x6) and Vibracones (x6) - sold as one lot only. Location: Brisbane CBD or Moggill 4070. Can post. Price: $75 plus postage plus PayPal fees. Condition: very good Reason for sale: not being used Payment- cash on pickup or PayPal. Other comments: hardness 4 rated to hold 7kg each pod and 7kg each cone. Pictures:
  7. Item: Theta DSPre Generation II integrated R2R DAC/preamp Location: Moggill - in Brisbane's western suburbs Price: $1500 relisted at $1290 ono Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: no longer being used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Theta legacy products; https://www.thetadigital.com/legacy-products/. This is the very highly regarded integrated R2R DAC/preamp by Theta and designer, Mike Moffat (of Schiit Audio fame). It was groundbreaking and the reference when released and still betters many more modern DACs and preamps today. This is an original 240V Australian delivered unit and I am the second owner (previously owned by an close elderly family friend). It's in very nice condition and works perfectly. It offers 2 x coaxial digital inputs and an analogue input (can also be used as a pass-through or home theatre bypass). It was serviced/tested in late 2017 by Andrew at Audiofix on the Gold Coast and given a clean bill of health. It would have less than 3 hours use on it since then. I'd prefer local pick up but, also happy to ship If required. I'll ensure it's very securely packaged if shipping is requested. Pictures:
  8. Thanks Ray H. My mods are simple and done with the most basic of tools but I enjoy working on them and so far, results have been great. Before spotting these speakers next to a bunch of rubbish on the verge I'd never heard of the brand. I probably wouldn't have given them a second look even if I spotted them in a retailer somewhere. So far, they've had new mid-bass surrounds, new mid/tweeter pods, a full loom rewire with Kimber 4TC, a partial recap with Mundorf caps, and new footers. Together with the new preamp/processor and monoblocks behind them they're sounding rather special. In fact, I've stopped looking for other more costly options to replace them because of how things have turned out.
  9. Next project; Rough cut and beveled Prolight and Corelight boards. More to come...
  10. Winno

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    I used to have an all tube integrated and that’s also how I would describe the sound. It used 4xKT88 and replacing them with a matched quad of reputable value was nearly $400. It is easy to spend much more as I’m sure you’ll agree with. Start saving for your 2 x matched octets now. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  11. Winno

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    Wow, that’s a lot of glass.
  12. I finished the outrigger feet for my NHT Classic Fours y’day. I prefer the look when compared to the factory supplied feet but, my goodness they improve the sound significantly. The factory feet are some sort of plastic with M4 spikes and come in two pieces. Getting the speakers coupled to the floor properly with no wobble was difficult with them. These speakers are heavy and it was difficult to tell if any wobble was due to foot flex or if a spike needed adjustment. With the new feet and large brass cones, the speakers are locked solid in place now with noticeable improvements across the whole audio band. Today I took a few minutes to also spike my centre speaker with some spare brass cones. These screw into countersunk metal threads. This is a brand new speaker so taking a drill to the lovely gloss lacquer on them was a little daunting. Still, the insides have already been well tweaked so why not.
  13. Winno

    Cone vs cone vs cone

    Well, I took[mention=177797]Zaphod[/mention] Beeblebrox ‘s advice and got something pretty; short silver ano aluminium cones like the ones Mitchell Engineering made. They’ll match with my silver components and contrast with the black Prolight platforms. The platforms themselves tend to take care of the isolation anyway as the cones will not be mounted directly under the feet of the equipment. This way there is a little compliance as the board does have a small degree of flexibility.