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  1. My DAC XP with XP+ and other upgrades. The PSX-R also helps. and since posting here previously, I also picked up a Quattro for a second system. Besides being a pre, is also tuner and cdp.
  2. Further information: I’ve decided to sell my Canton CD-20 II centre speaker and 4 matching CD-10 II satellite speakers. these are beautifully made and very solid/weighty for their size. The enclosures are extruded and anodized aluminum and the drivers are all alloy cones/domes. They sound terrific (smooth and detailed) but do really require a quality subwoofer, of course, to take care of midbass and bass duties. They’re in very good cosmetic condition with little to no signs of use. Please note however, the tweeter in one of the CD-10s doesn’t appear to be working
  3. Got back from a very wet Sunshine Coast today to find my Audax midrange drivers waiting for me. I also installed this afternoon, just about the prettiest surround speakers I’ve ever seen. will play with them (levels, etc) later on. Right now, just chilling to some nice Bobby Vega in stereo.
  4. To someone capable, these are relatively easy to problem solve on and restore to full working function. still quite a nice amp, even by today’s standards, if you decide to go down that road.
  5. New-to-me Mission Elegante e81 speakers arrived this morning (thank you Gumtree seller). no time was wasted adapting the stands for my 750LE (now in storage) with a new top plate. just waiting for the paint to dry as I write this. these will make a nice upgrade from the little Canton CD10II satellites I have in surround side for home theatre.
  6. I loved mine when I had it. They’re an absolute cracking player and while superb as is, respond tremendously to op-amp rolling (especially Burson).
  7. Self terminated Nordost Solar Wind speaker cables for the second Cyrus/Mission 782 system. these are tri-wired 1.5m lengths. The filaments are so fine on this model cable so it’s a very delicate task to strip them all and takes quite some time to do. the DIY Flatline Gold RCA cable in the back ground has a Red Dawn RCA pair coming to replace it.
  8. The wait for midrange drivers, extra binding posts and new Nordost speaker cable for the 782 rebuild is a bit tedious. I do have another project on the go that is kinda related to audio. I’m at this stage with a system for the car. During the week I got the Musical Fidelity V-Link II and iFI USB filter all wired up for power and the optical cable pulled through to the boot space. My iPhone and iPad will play Tidal Hifi through those bits. Shown above is my DAC/preamp/processor (Alpine), subwoofer class D monoblock amp (also Alpine) and class A/B four chan
  9. Everything on paper screams quality with these and they're very tempting. Shame no audition is possible for me. All the best selling.
  10. Tonight my wife and I sat down to watch the 4th season of a series we’ve been mad for on Apple Streaming through the Apple TV I fitted the 12VDC mod to y’day. Compared to previously, the sound is now significantly improved and I’m tempted to say almost on par with my DC modded Mac Mini. My wife even mentioned it. The picture also rendered richer colour, more detail and quite a bit less grain. for $150 plus postage and a decent external 12VDC power supply this has to be an absolute bargain. The mod is intended to allow people to use an ATV in a vehicle but in the home the im
  11. Finally the 12V Apple TV kit I ordered arrived. you know what happens next: results for picture and especially sound are certainly pleasing. I’m also using an iFI XPower SMPS with it. While not quite as good as a proper LPS, is probably much better than the AC-DC power supply from the factory.
  12. I use a set too. hard to beat without spending significantly more.
  13. In the current application, any improvement has been minimal if I'm going to be totally honest.
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