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  1. Price dropped. Will be firm at $1900. If they don't sell at this price, I'll simply keep and enjoy.
  2. I would happily do the work for you but you’re in WA and I’m in Qld. If you wanted, you could pull the cross overs out and post them over but I’m sure you could find someone local who could do it for you. I order all my caps, resistors, inductors, etc through Soundlabs Group in Sydney. I get my cables through various eBay or Gumtree deals or through dealers. Maybe check in with your local shop to see who does their repair work. It’s possible that tech could do this for you. Or, you could request Mr Boyd do the work despite his opinion, even if it was just to humor you. All you’re really doing is matching new for old component values with much better quality parts.
  3. Yeah, 4TC and 8TC are still faves of mine. I know the Clearwater cable. It’s certainly a decent wire at a reasonable cost. I also really like Nordost 2Flat and have just put this into some full range speakers I’ll be using in a spare room shortly. my main system the NHT speakers are in is full Nordost now. AudioQuest also make some great solid core cables that are not expensive. Really though, most good quality cables will provide some degree of improvement. Given most speakers use probably 3-4m total for a pair, I reckon it’s worth getting as good as you can so it supports potential external cable upgrades.
  4. The terms big and small are difficult to quantify. Was it worth it though? Absolutely yes! You'll find pretty standard cost cutting measures in many/most speakers under $5k or so. After this and you'll start to see better cables and cross over components being used and in these cases, tweeks may not be as effective understandably. I firmly believe internal component and wiring upgrades in most sub $5k speakers is money and time well worth the investment and can raise the performance of your speakers up a level or two. I used to offer this service to customers when I worked in an audio store overseas many years ago. I even had the blessing of the Wharfedale distributor who were prepared to honour warranties after my work.
  5. That seems strange he would suggest that no change or modification is required. This is what your standard cross over looks like in the 683's; The inductors (the red coils) seem ok (they're air-core rather than iron core) but the caps (yellow) and the resistors (white blocks) and internal wiring could most certainly be swapped out for better components. Same network shown here with Mudorf goodness from Germany; This costs relatively little for parts and a little patience/skill with a soldering iron and yet the improvement can be significant. I've been doing this with about every speaker I've owned over the years. Pics below are me working on my current NHT CLassic 4 towers. Note the blue/black cables - Kimber 4TC. The Caps are Mundorf M-Cap Evo Al Oil. So far I've replaced all cables and just the caps in the crossovers for the mids and tweeters. The woofer crossovers are next but already, these sound much nicer than standard. Treating the enclosure itself can also yield good results depending on what you're starting with. If you have cabinets which are quite boxy sounding, some/additional bracing could work well. Also, constrained layer damping (CLD) can help. Look up some of the Dynamat products. Sometimes the reward in sound quality terms can be small however, some people just get a kick out of tweeking stuff. I'm in that camp.
  6. listen to a good car and you may change your mind. I went with AudioQuest solid core cable for my sub. I installed a multi-gauge Monster for my woofers and Nordost 2Flat for my wideband mid/tweeters.
  7. Bundle price added. Will also donate to the forum.
  8. I used a fairly inexpensive Teradak LPS on a Musical Fidelity Vlink II a couple of years ago. It made a subtle but still noticeable difference in clarity and transparency. Last night I ordered another Teradak with USB output off Ebay to power my iPhone (as opposed to using the small Apple USB wall plug) which will be my source in a second small system I am putting together. Can't really go wrong for AU$90.
  9. Item: Nordost Super Flatline Gold speaker cables - 3 lots. Location: Brisbane CBD or Moggill Price: see below or $250 for the whole lot. Item Condition: good, some light bends only Reason for selling: spare, not being used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: #1: 1 stereo pr of 1m cables $90 #2: 1 mono length 1.5m $60 #3: 1 stereo pr of 1.75m $150 These are superb cables but I’ve purchased other Nordost cables and these are now not being used. All sets have bare cable ends only. There are some light bends here and there but this does not affect the performance in any way. Postage, if required, is $9 each lot in an Australia Post satchel. Happy to combine postage for single buyer grabbing multiple lots. Photos:
  10. Hi Pete, here you go: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222257165495
  11. I was told by George he passed away a while ago now. Not sure if any schematics are subsequently available. I’ve had the lids off and while I’m certainly no technician, these don’t look to be very complicated. Any tech worth his/her salt would have no trouble servicing/upgrading these amps if the urge took hold.
  12. Well, it seems to work in the context. I love the design. Well done.
  13. I know I said I wanted to consolidate and move back to a single system but... Anyway, I've just ordered a little Wadia 151 PowerDAC mini and some display stands to support the electronics and speakers. I'll pull my 4" full range driver sphere speakers out of storage shortly once this gear starts to arrive. I have spare Nordost Flatline Gold speaker cable which will get me running while I find a good deal on some more Blue Heaven or Red Dawn. My source will be my iPhone XR with Tidal Hifi and I'm curretnly trying to track down a Wadia 171i transport to link the phone with the amp/DAC. This will all go into the room I had the ESL's in. It'll be minimalist and intended more for background music/semi-serious listening as we tend read or enjoy the sun in this room on weekends. More pics coming...
  14. I love that wall! What is and where did you get the stand the electronics are sitting on?
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