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  1. As an NHT owner myself, I definitely recommend the brand. Very under rated.
  2. These are very good. Surprisingly so. Use it with an AQ Jitterbug and it's even better. GLWS.
  3. That's the method I've been using to date. I had wondered if there was some magical "non-mechanical" way of removing the insulation (heat or a liquid dip of some kind). Maybe I'll need to remain delicate in my work as I upgrade cables in the future. Incidentally, because I run mono's at the speakers, most cables which come up for sale are too long and need shortening.
  4. I love and use Nordost cables throughout my home and car audio systems and have had the need to make custom lengths fairly frequently. This has normally been with the Flatline cables (Superflatline and 2/4Flat) and due to them being fairly large flat, solid-core conductors, it's been pretty easy. I also did custom-length some Blue Heaven speaker cables not long ago and due to the conductors being very fine and delicate, it was a prolonged and painstaking process. I can only imagine what it would be like trying to terminate the other stuff higher up from the Leif series! Does anyone know how it's done without trauma to the conductors?
  5. Thanks. I've started considering the Gaia 2's previously to replace my brass cones under my audio stand and speakers since moving to a place with bare wooden floors.
  6. @Silver Audiophile, I'm in love with your Senators. Is that wrong? They look gorgeous.
  7. What are the footers under your speakers? OEM? After market? Isoacoustics? If after market, what differences to spikes? Cheers.
  8. The Benchmark mono’s are gone and these Cyrus Mono X’s replaced them. I’m happier than I thought I would be but they’ll be heading down to Sydders soon for some magic tweaks. They may be small but they’re not toys. They will be returning to me with a matching modded DAC XP+ to get the best out of them.
  9. Thanks. it wears noticeably lighter on the leather band and it’s very comfortable. the metal bracelet gives the watch a more sporty look and some heft which some will enjoy.
  10. Item: Omega Speedmaster Date 3210.50.00 - GENUINE Location: Brisbane Price: $3990 plus postage and fees Item Condition: very good (worn on rotation with two other watches) Reason for selling: I feel like a change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal F&F, bank transfer Extra Info: I purchased this watch brand new from Wallace Bishop Jewellers in Queen Street Mall, Brisbane in 2007. I still love it but I have my eyes on another from Omega's collection. This watch is in very good condition as I have not worn it every day. In fact, since my wife purchased an Oris for me, this watch gets worn maybe once every couple of weeks. The crystal is perfect and the rest of the watch presents in very good condition with only very minor signs of use. The buyer will also get both boxes (white and red), the stainless bracelet with all links. The watch also comes with the genuine alligator Di-Modell strap and clasp as shown below. This alone was $300 new, plus deployant clasp. The original Omega webpage for the watch is here: Speedmaster Date / Day-Date Chronograph 40 mm Date - 3210.50.00 | OMEGA® WWW.OMEGAWATCHES.COM Discover the Speedmaster Date / Day-Date Chronograph 40 mm Date Watch - 3210.50.00! Photos:
  11. I run a 5.0 system for home theatre. I don't run separate subs as my mains each have a 10" sub and claim they play down to about 27Hz. Plus I don't wish to have extra boxes. It works well and I'm happy. I'm wondering if I can also dispense with my centre speaker. I sit front/centre and the system images and pans very well. Those sitting elsewhere couldn't care less about the sound so long as they can hear "stuff". It'll free up a power amp I can then use for my rear dipoles if I dispense. Plus, my mains are run full range and should/could do a better job of centre information because of this, no? What are your thoughts on going centre-less? Anyone else doing this? Thanks.
  12. I was 17 when selling Sansui and didn't take to it back then because of its funny sounding name. Little did I know how good it was. The shop I worked at had all the top end stuff - cd players, integrateds, tuners, a tape deck and even their NZ$4000 stand mount speakers. I liked the Audiolab because of its understated looks. Truth be told, the X701 was probably as good or even better than the Audiolab if you didn't mind orange lights and finger-print prone gloss back paint.
  13. I picked this up locally earlier this year for about $150 I think it was. The FM X was the last tuner made by Cyrus before pulling the pin on FM only. It's connected to external with some quality custom length RG6 and splitter (I also run the tv from the same aerial socket). Some Nordost Blue Heaven gets the audio to my Cyrus preamp. I'm also running a PSX-R external power supply into it as well and the performance on classical is quite stunning, especially in the evenings. It's truly lovely to listen to and it's a real shame we only have one station in Brisbane with decent music and viable range worth listening to. You guys down in Vic are spoilt for choice. I lived in NZ for a while a few years ago and their programme selection was also very good. We even had a station dedicated to jazz over there. In the past when I was in the trade, we had the likes of the top end Yamahas and Denons but if I was going Japanese, it would have to have been the Sansui TU-X701 from the very late 80's. My favourite though from back then was the Audiolab 8000T.
  14. Gee, I remember having boxes of these tonearms and the cartridges in storage back in the 80's. My father was the Victorian distributor and it was a time when Mission almost couldn't do anything wrong. The cartridge was made by Dynavector for Mission and I think the arm was from Jelco. Is that a gold Garrott decal I see on the side? I had the silver high output version of this one (the HC) and had the Garrotts do their magic with mine too. On the Sondek, it'll be a nice combo. Enjoy.
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