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  1. Before the week is out, these amps will be in my lounge room powering my modded NHT Classic 4 towers. In the longer term though, I was actually hoping to consolidate my two systems (one for music and one for HT) into one do-it-all system using these amps. I had shortlisted the likes of Martin Logan's Classic ESL 9 or the Electromotion ESL X. I've reviewed the comments in this thread about using these monos with ESLs however, I know newer MLs and the ML panels I've mentioned above specifically are easier on amps than their older models. Would this combination still be problematic you think?
  2. Item: Oyaide AS-808 R V2 digital interconnect Location:Brisbane Price: $45 plus postage Item Condition:perfect Reason for selling: Nordost (at significantly more $) Payment Method: Pickup, postage-Cash, Paypal + 3%, bank transfer Extra Info: 0.6m, 75 Ohm, RCA both ends, in original packaging, purchased new locally, as new. Punches well above its weight and beat out more expensive Audioquest to be placed between my source and Theta DSPre II. Pictures:
  3. I used to sell that Sansui model, matching amps and speakers back in the day. Absolutely gorgeous sound and beautifully made and finished. If only I had the spare $...
  4. Detailed, dynamic, engaging, very enjoyable. The trim controls on the rear also allow some subtle tuning to suit room and taste.
  5. Fantastic active speakers. They use 4 x 8” woofers for bass and have power amps built into them. Just add source/preamp and you’re good to go. I’m advised it was intended these speakers were to retail for $10k+ when originally hitting the market. I love mine.
  6. Yes, it may be overkill but I know it’ll still provide a significant improvement over the CA. Let’s not discount my chosen sources though as they’re still very good and the results at home to date have been great.
  7. I purchased this; It has the Version 3 software.
  8. This is a preamp only but, it’s sold. Richo needs to update his ad
  9. Keen. You have a private message.
  10. Thanks cwt. I’ve never considered Cary Audio. Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking around more at various Lexicon pre’s and they’re going for crazy-cheap now. An MC-12 V3 has become available locally for well. And their gear is all 100-240V & 50/60Hz.
  11. I am soon to take ownership of a pair of Vortex monoblok amps from my father. I will use them to power my modded NHT Classic 4's currently doing main speaker duties. While I am at it, I'm considering a move on from my Cambridge Audio Azur 551R 7.1 receiver to help fund the extra amp channels needed. I've been considering a few legacy, audio only processors (I don't need/want video processing or switching) as a replacement for the Cambridge. For example, the Cyrus AV Master 8, Primare SP31, Lexicon MC-4/8/12. I run iTunes HD movies and Netflix HD for movies and Tidal Hifi for music out of a Mac Mini. There's some great deals going on these legacy products but I'm not really familiar with them. Having said this, the Lexicon products are particularly appealing from a spend point of view with the MC-12 (early versions) in particular available for under AU$1000 shipped. I must admit, the MC-4 is catching my eye right now though. Anyway, I'd welcome any recommendations and advice. Cheers.
  12. Item: Cambridge Audio Azur 551R receiver. Location: Brisbane. Price: $575 ono Item Condition: Good. Reason for selling: I’m going pre/processor and power amps. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I’m first owner and have owned this receiver for just over 3 years. I chose it for two reasons; it’s slim/compact and it sounds fantastic. Many home theatre receivers drop the ball when it comes to quality of music playback. Music is still my main focus and this receiver didn’t disappoint. In fact, I was surprised at how good it sounds - musical and dynamic. It bettered a bigger Yamaha and Denon I’d used previously and I preferred it also to similar slimline products from Marantz. The all brushed alloy construction also makes for a classy look. I’ve used it in a 5.1 system with the spare two channels used to bi-amp my NHT Classic 4 floor standing speakers. Condition is good. A small mark is at one corner. Also to be noted, the amp hums quietly for approx 5 minutes after switching on but this totally disappears after it has warmed up. I leave it on all the time anyway so it never bothered me. Link to the receiver on CA website: https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/en/products/archive/azur-551r Comes with remote, manual and set-up mic. I’ve lost the box sadly so would prefer a local buyer if possible. However, I will box very securely if postage is required and paid for by the buyer. I’m at Moggill in Brisbane’s west. Pictures: Front (actual unit) Rear (internet grab)
  13. I've been considering a change to an audio only home theatre pre-amp/processor. This means I will need to run all video I currently watch (Mac Mini - iTunes HD movies, Youtube HD, Netflix HD, etc, and free-to-air TV broadcasts) directly to the TV. I'm looking to connect the Mac Mini to TV via HDMI and will run the TV's own tuner for free-to-air. Audio out of the Mac and TV to the pre-amp will be via their respective optical or USB cables. The TV is a 62" 7000 Series Samsung. Will I lose out on picture quality though by not employing the video processing some HTR's currently employ? What's your experience been? Thanks.
  14. Winno

    Nakamichi Stasis PA-7 thoughts?

    I heard a PA7 through B&W Matrix 3's a number of times. Phenomenal. I'd love one myself. It was matched with the CA7 and OMS7 and Monster M-Series cabling.