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  1. Sacrilege! These are considered by "Missionaries" as Mission's statement amps and admired for their design and performance qualities.
  2. These folks do folk really well. Looking forward to spinning this. Have TTPSU, will 45.
  3. Tube rolling is fun. I quickly ran out of budget though. Be careful, especially when you're shopping for pairs or, in some cases, quads and octets.
  4. I’ve been enjoying this on digital for years. About time I added analogue.
  5. New stand for the Rega and new vinyl for the Rega. And yes, the stand is very sturdy and much harder to tip than it looks.
  6. If only I had the $$$. These are still a current model and very highly regarded. GLWS.
  7. So I disappeared down to the garage last night for about an hour. I planned on changing out the quite nice Rega RP40 feet for some IsoAcoustics footers. I know the Gaia III aren’t a calibrated match for the 8kg mass of my turntable but they were spare and they are quite pretty. On they went anyway. They’re still “better” than Rega’s rigid feet and do have a little compliance. I also disassembled the tonearm to fit my new Silver wire kit from Incognito. Was actually very easy to do except for the part where I needed to remove the end stub to install the earth
  8. night sesh checking out new TT tweaks - a rewire with Incognito Silver kit and Isoacoustics Gaia III footers (I know, I know - they’re still an improvement on the RP40 footers though and they were spare)..
  9. Yep, since the Phono X, the Phono Signature was released. It supposed to be an absolute banger of a phono stage too. One, along with matching PSX-R2 recently sold in the classifieds for $2000 which was a pretty hot deal (basically getting a $1400 power supply for nix). The absolute latest gear is the XR range which is not cheap. Would be nice to look at the new pre with integrated phono stages but I’m still loving my classic series DAC XP+.
  10. Hi. Yes, it arrived very promptly after ordering and it was dead easy to set up for my Rega MM cart. Although not having anything to compare it to, I can say it is a very nice phono stage and I certainly don’t feel it leaves anything wanting. It seems to work very well indeed with my Rega/Cyrus/Martin Logan combination. I also recently upgraded from an Elys 40 MM to an Ania Pro MC and the DV allowed significant improvements everywhere to show through without any trouble at all. would I keep this longer term? Yes, easily. Although, if I can find a Phono
  11. These are a fantastic sounding tuner. Connect to an external aerial and enjoy superb sound.
  12. What a great system that Denon and Missions would make. I used to sell all this gear back in the day. What great memories...
  13. thanks mate. The MLs are certainly different to the Missions. They’re warmer sounding and have a much more expansive stage waaay out past the speakers. The stage is also taller. Bass on these is quite prodigious and I’m currently running the gain knob on the rear at -2. I’m awaiting delivery of a set of SoundoCity outrigger bars which I’ll mount my Gaia III footers to and I’ll then play around more with positioning. I am lucky to have this space. If we don’t end up moving later this year the Cyrus Hark stand will be brought back out and set up outside the speakers. I’ve
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