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  1. Awesome deal and would make for a super system that does movies and music. Great amps.
  2. Wifey and I share the dining room table. My end is closest to camera. As you can see, the audio system is in the same space so no need for anything else.
  3. They arrived today and were promptly zip tied over two holes in the back of the cupboard. the Mac is now actually cool to the touch. Previously it ran very/too warm. I run my pair on their fastest speed and I cannot hear them from my listening seat.
  4. Thanks @Chill3 Today it was one step forward and one back. This happened and this also happened My BNIB Mission e8c arrived from Rab and the team at Carlton Audio Visual. I made a call on a hunch a couple of weeks ago and it turns out, this was found in their storage a week before I called. Meant to be. Being old stock and a bit of an orphan meant I got a cracking deal on it. My Cyrus home theatre preamp started to have some issue over the last few months and recently, things started to get worse. It wouldn’t lock into an incoming digital signal unless I disconnected it from the mains and reconnected it. A chat with Tim from Tuned in Audio in Sydders leads me to believe the power supply will need some work. It and my Mono X amps were boxed this morning and are now on their way down for an overhaul. Tim was the old Crestmore head technician and does some magical stuff with Cyrus and other quality gear. The Monos were going to him for a cap upgrade and other tweaks anyway so I thought I may as well send the AVM to him while the system is apart.
  5. Outed! Actually, high ceilings and stairs.
  6. I use my iPhone, a DF Red and some Dita IEMs every day and it's surprising the quality and enjoyment it gives compared to the bigger system.
  7. Thanks for the link. The cupboard my Mac and router live in is now rather toasty. I just ordered a couple of these (intake and exhaust) for the back of said cupboard. Cheers
  8. They have two bass units inside each enclosure.
  9. As much as I love my Cyrus Hark v1 stand, I decided to clean my system aesthetics last night. All my little boxes are now housed neatly in the low line unit below the tv. For scale, the speakers are 2.4m apart and I sit 3.2m back from each speaker. The Hark will go back into its box for later use - 2nd system perhaps. They’re well made and increasingly hard to come by so will not be sold. I also decided to finish my speaker plinths by painting them to match the speakers and counter sinking some spike dimples into them. The carpet was also contact glued underneath to make sliding them into position easier. They turned out alright in the end and will do for now while I consider further isolation mods.
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