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  1. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone might have a contact for Tony Moore ? I have a pair of reference 1800s that need a new ribbon and it appears that their website is no longer working , tried email and it bounces back and both the landline and mobile number that I have no longer work. Regards Paul.
  2. Hello all, I have acquired one of these Dacs and for the life of me i cant get the USB driver to work. I have tried several different PCs running windows 8 and 10. Windows detects it as a hu300 hifi 2.0 but all the internet links tell me to use the XMos driver and that installs a control panel that doesn't detect the Dac, I have found a specific driver for it but also that fails to detect it. I then tried to manually install it but no go either so either there is a problem with it or there is a trick to installing the driver that I don't know about. Just wondering if any one might know something about these Dacs ?
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