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  1. twister

    Phono stage advise

    Michael, I would love to hear the RCM even though that bicycle adventures getting close. I am a Mac user and ended up getting Music Collectorz software.
  2. twister

    Phono stage advise

    I'm in Melbourne. I'd love to list the LP's. I'm going to have to source some software to get all this vinyl into some order.
  3. twister

    Phono stage advise

    Skywalker I don't know much about RCM audio or sending PM's. I'll check out both and get back to you. I'm interested
  4. twister

    Phono stage advise

    Elektra reference 2 channel
  5. twister

    Phono stage advise

    I have only been listening to 2 channel CD but recently inherited 2000LP's and a turntable. All I need now is a phono stage. But which one! Current system Linn Axis turntable/ basic arm/ Dynavector Karat 23R MC 0.2V out Audio research Ref 1 line stage I could get a Sub$1000 phono to suite from many of the current brands available or jump right in and look at the higher end Audio, perhaps a valve unit to compliment my Ref 1. I would love to get hold of a great second hand unit but there doesn't seem to be many around. Any thoughts from the vinyl experts wold be appreciated.