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  1. Sorry for the kick start of an old thread but I have a problem that's not worth starting a new thread. I have an old Beyonwiz pvr I'm trying to set up at a friends place. I can get an ok signal from both the pvr tuner and the tv's tuner but as soon as I plug in a portable hdd to the pvr it starts messing up the picture on tv and pvr. The cable from the hdd has a usb at one end and the other has the same but also and additional short length with another male usb plug. I'm wondering if this is the problem. Any suggestions on why the hdd is disrupting the signal?
  2. It was more for Addicted to music. He was inferring it has been implemented in Victoria. Very disappointing that they wouldn't even trial it after the positive results in other states. Bicycle Network were against it too but that isn't surprising. They don't like positive ideas they can't claim as their own. They're main agenda is selling tickets to their increasingly expensive events.
  3. Has it? I can't find it on the vicroads website after a quick google. But they do suggest a one metre gap for certain situations. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/cyclist-safety/sharing-the-road
  4. The law says something along the lines of driving to the conditions. Driving in a blind spot doesn't seem like that meets those requirements to me. Riding two abreast is often safer as it usually deters vehicles from trying to squeeze by the rider passing dangerously close.
  5. Those diagrams have many faults. As pointed out earlier, the line of riders would be twice as long if in single file. Also they're on a road with what I presume to be a shoulder or bike lane so we have an example of one single road type. Imagine the annoyance of drivers trying to pass this long line of riders if there was no shoulder/lane. In diagram 2 and 3 the middle driver is a chimp. They should have been looking ahead and planned their lane change well in advance of getting into the dangerous position they've put themselves and others in.
  6. Hi. Do you know who replaced the surrounds? A photo of the drivers would be good if you have time thanks.
  7. I'm a headphone guy out of necessity at the moment but am actually starting to get into it. I've definitely noticed a change in sound since first using the 400i's. With maybe 30 hours on them they sound more open, especially the midrange and need less volume to run them. Bass seems improved too. Of course all this could be in my brain but I'm mostly happy. Could never give up a speaker based system. Enjoy your new cans!
  8. Well they arrived last Friday so less than a week in transit is good going. The box is absurdly well presented for the price of the headphones. Sound through my Emotiva DC-1. At first I thought hmm dark, warm, dull? But then I recalled how my Magnepans sounded when I first got them so I figured they'll settle down. I've since put about 7 hours on them and whether it's brain tuning or headphone break in I'm really enjoying them. A bargain at $250US. They're also very good at low volume running off my android phone. You can hear the outside noises so it's kind of like having a hifi system on in the background and still able to talk to others or move around. Not something I'd considered when buying them but I can see that being of use. Thanks for the replies.
  9. @snavedivad Love the electrostats I see. What are you using to drive the Quads?
  10. The DC-1 has been a great little unit with many handy features. Plays everything except DSD but I'm not missing that myself. Reading more reviews of the HE400i there's quite a diversity of opinion. Build quality issues have me a little concerned but most people are positive about the sound.
  11. I'll be using an Emotiva DC-1. I sold my NAD M51 in preference for the DC-1 but I think my favourite dac is still an old PS Audio DL3 which I sometimes run off DC-1's analogue input. I've read the headphone section of the DC-1 is not bad with a decent amount of current. Only a few minutes into the review but I like his style.
  12. Thanks Tex. Great to hear that. I saw them on the hifiman website for $249US and figured it's worth a try so bought some.
  13. Thanks mate. I'll have a read. Now get back to those Eatons and ribbons. The Point Cook disco boogies on.
  14. Thanks Marc. I'll keep that in mind for next time. I posted in general discussion because there are similar posts for gear like speakers which could have gone in the speaker section so figured I should have initially posted in general discussion too.
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