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  1. I bought an SP200 and it's very good. It livens up my he400i headphones. I'm still considering either a new dac or headphones but will enjoy the music in the meantime. Cheers for all the replies.
  2. I was content for years and rarely visited SNA but have allowed myself to get sucked back in. This time by headphone listening. Is there a help number I can call?
  3. Thanks for the replies all. I'm still interested in the sp200 and now the Geshelli. And of course further suggestions.
  4. I've seen this one on Amazon which appears to ship from within Australia. Can anyone tell me why it says Brand. Dilvpoetry? Are there other sellers in Australia I can try? https://www.amazon.com.au/Headphone-Amplifier-Technology-16Ω-600Ω-Balanced/dp/B07ZP2DV1S/ref=pd_di_sccai_1/358-0040364-1543065?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07ZP2DV1S&pd_rd_r=0081fb8c-16a3-4554-ac4d-3a74f70253fe&pd_rd_w=sH7Lj&pd_rd_wg=YqnDT&pf_rd_p=55ad0d17-3ce9-467c-85a0-12208940bbea&pf_rd_r=1EXGPZY83AF5F2WCHVNJ&psc=1&refRID=1EXGPZY83AF5F2WCHVNJ
  5. Thanks Bengineer. Schiit products, I had a Bifrost uber in 2013 but sold it on. It was good but I preferred the PS audio dl3. Horses for courses of causes. The Violectric v100 sold before I got to it so the search continues.
  6. Soundwise I like detail and clarity without being lean. I've not heard a ESS sabre dac that has interested me yet if that helps.
  7. I want to try the Senn HD650 again but many years ago I heard it at A2A and it sounded a bit congested and kind of muffled compared to the HE400 (not 400i). I'm wondering how it would compare now given I'm appreciating HP's more. Maybe it's worth a second listen. Another thing is the Emotiva DC-1 HP amp is my first HP amp and is meant to be well regarded so I wonder what options there are that would be a true upgrade rather than side step. I'd also considered SP200 and Atom amps. There's a Violectric hpa v100 for sale atm. Thoughts on this?
  8. Hi. In the past I wasn't a great fan of headphones but lately I've been listening to them more than usual. I've been enjoying it enough to think about the dreaded upgrade path. I'm wondering what upgrade options are out there to improve my HP listening and as a bonus if possible gain an improvement to my speaker listening? Current gear is Emotiva DC-1 used as a preamp/dac into nc400 mono blocks and as a HP amp. I alternate between the the DC-1 dac and a PS Audio DL3 into the analogue inputs of the DC-1. Headphones are Hifiman HE400i and speakers are Kef Reference 3.2 from 2001. I also have an Audio Note preamp which I alternate with the DC-1. (probably seems odd to some) Do I upgrade the headphones or do I buy a new headphone amp and/or dac? Or even a multi function device like the Keces E40 or Cayin HA-1A? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have. Would ideally like to spend under $1000.
  9. Enjoying my PM-4 while reading this. The PM-4 is a sweet little amp so the PM-5 must be impressive.
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