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  1. Underrated but nevertheless great bassist, Tim Bogert has died. I found this Facebook comment from Warren Haynes (Allman Bros Band, Gov't Mule)
  2. Back in 1983 I went out to buy a Linn. I heard it, then the guy in the shop said "you owe it to yourself to listen to a Pink Triangle before you pay for the Linn. I left with the Pink Triangle. It was an original, upgraded to a PTE, then to the latest spec with vector drive, power supply, carbon top plate. I replaced the bottom baseboard with a laminated balsa board, also an improvement. Unfortunately, my pink lid has fallen apart after 40 years☺️. I use a Kuzma stooge Reference on mine, it's around 800g, Arthur said that was the perfect weight for the armboard. I've also added a carbon f
  3. In my experience of 40 years of PT usage, the important thing is to adjust so that the belt sits straight on the inner platter groove and straight in relation to the vector drive pulleys. It also needs to sit high enough so that suspension bounce doesn't bottom out on the underside of the platter, but not so high that the belt rolls off the inner platter groove. You're lucky you still have the little pink triangle, Arthur removed mine when it went back to the factory for upgrades. What tonearm are you planning on using? Do you know that you may need to add weight if the arm is to l
  4. Out on the Mount Buffalo plateau today. It's almost hard to take a poor photo there. Impressed with my iPhone 12 Pro photo quality
  5. I'd suggest that you also listen to some active ADAM speakers if they are within your budget, they'll shift your expectations of what is possible from a TV
  6. Hi Maurice, welcome to SNA. I suggest asking your question again in the beginners forum
  7. 'New' TISM album, a double vinyl of their last live performance at Earthcore 2004. The usual chaotic energetic high-speed train wreck performance. It's great. On behalf of TISM I would like to concede that we have lost the election.
  8. An oldy, but still a very goody. Still fresh after all these years.
  9. It arrived before Xmas but it's been so amazingly busy that I haven't got to play it until today. Another excellent King Gizz album, what a great way to finish 2020
  10. There's something about the grip/slipperiness of wool that's worked the best for me. I spoke to Arthur about bearing lubrication and he recommended 10/50 synthetic car oil!
  11. The advantage of the wool is that you can put on two sides at once of you have vector drive
  12. I've had a PT for my whole audio career. It started as an original PT but has had several trips back to Arthur at PT, upgraded to his latest spec. Of course, he's moved onto other turntables now. The turntable was originally supplied with 3 pieces of pink wool that are used to put on the belt, wool seems to work better than anything else, it's easy to remove without dislodging the belt again. They certainly are a fine sounding turntable.
  13. Yeah, mine came with a motor installed. I was happy to pay for that. My point is that there are some things that Governments can do to speed the transition, they see it as inevitable and so aren't really doing any of it apart from the ACT. Like the absence of a Federal energy policy, it's left to 'the market', the solution will always suit the big players, not necessarily the country
  14. I live in rural Victoria, but like many, I have to work in Melbourne. I drive 40,000km a year. On top of my $450 registration, I'll be paying $1000 additional tax. That's a large lump sum, it'll deter most country people from buying an EV. I can calculate the GST on power, it wouldn't be much less that that either. By all means introduce it, wait until there's no price premium on EV purchases and introduce it for all cars. Remember, I also paid $16k of LCT on my battery as the Government wouldn't allow Tesla to sell the car without the battery and then add the battery afterwards.
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