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  1. Yes, I know I have all the tracks on (at least) one other album, but it is a 50th anniversary re-master by Dave Brock. All hail Hawkwind, my cosmic journey companions for 48 of those years
  2. 20th Anniversary reissue vinyl of Paul's Boutique. I don't understand why this wasn't ever a number 1
  3. Picked up a 20th anniversary edition of the Beasties great second album and, in a total change of pace, the latest orchestrated 'greatest hits' album from Thievery Corporation. Both great listening, and good recordings
  4. I love Machinations, I have both their albums. They were too ahead of their time here, there's no other reason they weren't bigger
  5. A great Black Sabbath covers album. Downloaded the digital from Bandcamp, waiting a month for the vinyl
  6. I had the steering wheel come off my Golf (Australian assembled Mk 1). To be fair, virtually every other part also fell off that car, apart from the dust embedded in the paint work
  7. A big loss, founding member of Kraftwerk and active during their most productive years. He has a falling out with ralf and left the band in mysterious circumstances. There's a great article on him in the Guardian today
  8. I was there too! Such a shame, they were treated badly by a small section of the crowd
  9. More sad news, it looks like I'll be having a Stranglers night tonight
  10. I'll match your Hotham with a wild and wooly Mt Buffalo covered in snow yesterday. Mt Feathertop looks like it does in the middle of a good snow season. The Alpine region is pretty spectacular at the moment
  11. The good news...and the bad news. Mt Buffalo in a very very brief cloud break just now. No time to find the real camera
  12. Just arrived. I like it, very early era Radiohead
  13. Tesla is already selling 500,000 Model 3s a year. They are likely to double that with the Model Y within a few years. I was hoping to see Kia being a bit more ambitious
  14. Bright certainly is a great place to be during the restrictions, and autumn is a particularly great time to be here
  15. I've just finished watching Tales From the Loop, excellent from start to finish and most 'un-American': character driven science-fiction, a slow pace, almost dream like, no wizz-bang special effects, and a great soundtrack. I really slowed down for the last few episodes as I didn't want it to end. Amazon Prime really is a strange streaming service, the offerings are either fabulous or dreadful, not much in between. Most of their own stuff is really, really good, the rest are the movies that Netflix rejects
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