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  1. It's good, Radioheadesque in parts, sound wise.
  2. At least the Mach-E actually exists, unlike the new Hummer EV, the video released was a CGI Hummer only, there isn't a rolling prototype yet
  3. Pod coffee is always outrageously expensive, and generally only average quality at best. There's an enormous convenience premium
  4. I remember the first release of Autopilot 1. Exciting in every way, corners were taken as a series of connected straight lines, the car would dart left or right over crests. It quickly became polished, every car sends back data that improves the fleet, the fleet is x10 the size now so expect rapid improvement
  5. I've waited a long time for this disc to arrive, Connecticut psych rockers, Mountain Movers EP, New Jam. I've included some info about the band as most will not have heard of them. They float my boat
  6. CEC transports need some improvement to sound at their best, but then can sound pretty damn good. Transport mechanisms are still available. It's a good CD option when combined with a quality DAC
  7. GM Hummer EV is a fair way from being showroom ready. https://insideevs.com/news/450345/gm-admits-no-gmc-hummer-ev-exists-yet/
  8. It'll be audiophile Album Of The Year
  9. Clive Palmer will claim that he invented silence
  10. TISM are releasing a new vinyl album. Details taken from the TISM Store. It's a bargain at only $29
  11. New King Gizz album on the way, November 20
  12. Can you tow with a Model 3? https://insideevs.com/news/449710/tesla-model-3-tows-huge-airstream-range/
  13. I've easily done Melbourne - Sydney and Melbourne - Adelaide in a day.
  14. Boy, that Model 3 must be flogged! I get 188Wh/k in my Model S
  15. I've been streaming this for several months, the vinyl has finally arrived. It's a cover album of Black Sabbath songs from artists on the Sacred Bones label, and what a cracker it is: 2x 45rpm discs, fabulous sound quality and great performances. It helped me discover Molchat Doma, a great Byelorussian band, and the Moon Duo cover of Planet Caravan is arguably better than the original. It'll be on my SNA Album of the Year list for 2020.
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