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  1. It actually needs less tweaking as I can see what needs adjusting and then adjust it. If I'm happy I just leave it. Think of it as the same as having DSP ability on your stereo. If you are happy with the sound you don't touch it, if you want to adjust it then it helps to have a screen that gives you data rather than trying to 'tune by ear'..
  2. Yes, there's an Android tablet that has the software that talks to the machine and sends the profile instructions to the machine, but they are stored in the DE-1. You don't have to mount the tablet on the machine if you don't want to. There are touch buttons on the group head to flush, brew, steam or deliver hot water, this can operate independantly from the tablet, you just can't load a different profile. The flow and pressure can be manually controlled from the group head controller without the tablet, you can't change the preset profile without the Tablet though. Use
  3. It's the Tesla of espresso machines. Eurobin is about 300km from you, near Bright.
  4. My new machine has arrived, a Decent Espresso DE-1 XXL. This is a new direction in coffee making, it controls all three machine variables across the extraction cycle: pressure, flow, and temperature. I have infinitely variable pre-infusion, pressure ramping and pressure across the extraction cycle, as well as being able to control water flow and also vary temperature across the extraction cycle. I can even emulate other machines: Slayer, Londinuim, traditional lever extraction cycles and use the bluetooth connected scale to automate the extraction ratio (by telling the machine the weight of th
  5. Original 1961 pressing in NM condition (the cover is a bit battered) Fabulous album from someone that I'd not previously heard about although once I bio'd him, I've heard plenty of his guitar, and what a lineup of musicians he's worked with. This album has his one and only 'hit', and what an aptly named album it is.
  6. Black Keys new album, this is the double 33rpm LP. I love all of their albums but much prefer the earliest 3 blues albums so this is a fabulous return to form
  7. In Europe anyway, it seems that EV drivers travel further
  8. My LG 55EF950T is stuck on WebOS 4.26.10 with no upgrade path through the settings Auto Update feature. Is there anyway of updating the IS? This TV is 'only' a few years old but seems to have been abandoned by LG already🥵
  9. It's such a shame, cars like the Renault Twizy would be great city cars
  10. Several reasons: Firstly there is nothing, zip, zilch, nada, in the Bill that states that even one single cent raised will be spent on roads. Secondly, experience all over the world has shown that implementing price signals at this point in the EV adoption cycle adversely affects sales. It's happened all over the world, it'll happen here. The problem isn't a consumption tax per se, it's the timing, Thirdly, it disproportionately disadvantages rural owners who have to drive further than urban owners. Rural owners have been paying well above city prices for fuel as distribution co
  11. The LaScala warms and pressurises in about 10 minutes. I turn it on when I get up, have a bowl of cereal and toast then it's ready to go
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