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  1. Wow, what a great DAC at a great price!
  2. Where was your lunch location today?

    Driving down the Hume Hwy eating some fresh Turkish bread and hummus. Luckily the Autopilot means that I can drive (or the cars does) whilst I eat. Simple but nice
  3. Currently Spinning

    I've been playing this on flac at home and through Spotify for a few weeks but 200g of black vinyl goodness arrived this week. It's amazing how this band just gets better and better with each release even if it's their 3rd or 4th album release this year
  4. Vacuum State preamps

    see my sig. I bought an Octave preamp
  5. Vacuum State preamps

    hi @Rori no, I didn't. I was an electrical novice too and it wasn't a novice level task. I borrowed one and it was good but I bought something better
  6. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    Yes, the PT was coated in some sort of specific black material that provided damping
  7. electric cars

    That's not your car talking, it's your mother
  8. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    I remember that my original Pink Triangle Export had an aerolam sub-chassis, luckily it was suspended within the plinth as it was effective but not pretty.
  9. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I dropped into the Bright Brewery yesterday and really enjoyed their Smoko Rauchbier (smoked beer). Not enough of it made in Australia, it's a very interesting style.
  10. F1 2017

    A hypothesis becomes a theory when it's validity is confirmed by experimental evidence
  11. electric cars

    The major players are getting into the game in a big way. Diesel sales in Germany have tanked this year - a 13% drop in sales compared to last year and this is hastening the move to EVs in Europe. China is putting [pressure on manufacturers to move away from ICE so there's likely to be little new investment in ICE technology. Of course, the money already invested in existing platforms in upcoming models already in development will mean that there'll still be a supply of ICE vehicles but the change in the market here will be supply driven. There just won't be the same range of ICE vehicles available
  12. electric cars

    I see your point but I suppose they are building for the future rather than for legacy short-range Leaf Gen 1s. I'm sure that if the Ioniq goes on sale here it won't be with a 200km range battery
  13. electric cars

    I must say the experience of buying the Tesla was light years away from any previous experience I've had buying from a dealer. There was no showroom when I ordered mine so I had a car arrive at my door for a test drive, you can still arrange this I believe. All cars are ordered directly through Tesla online and not through the showroom so there's no staff on sales commision, this makes an enormous positive difference to the experience.
  14. electric cars

    200km range is tight for non-Tesla EVs but battery prices are falling so fast that there's unlikely to be a new entry EV that won't comfortably exceed that range. The distance between chargers is usually spaced so that you can arrive with 20% charge and leave with 80%, confident that you'll easily arrive at the next charger (with 20% charge left). This means that you are always charging at the maximum rate of charge and so stopped for the shortest time
  15. electric cars

    One of Nissan's biggest problems is that they'll have no enthusiasm from their dealer network to sell EVs when there's much more money to be made for them in selling an ICE. This is a transitional problem for all traditional manufacturers until all of their range is EV. The 200km distance between charging stations won't be an issue for the new Leaf nor most newer EVs that will have a 300km range+ range