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  1. Then let's spend more and do it properly, keep it in public control so that it can work for the benefit of citizens, rather than work for shareholders at the expense of citizens.
  2. Agree, NBN has been morphed by the politicians from a nation building project into an exercise that is profitable so that it can be privatised. There are little in the way of social justice principles, such as we apply to water, power or sewerage: "Oh so you want to flush number twos down the toilet, that'll cost you extra".
  3. My view is that NBN should not be subject to ''FAIR market forces' as they aren't fair, it's a public utility that offers the possibility of equal opportunity for all citizens. We were once a rich developed world country that could invest in long-term projects and first class infrastructure. Now we offer tax cuts to the rich, cut services for the poor to pay for it and make the majority pay unaffordable 'market forces'. There's no real competition, everyone makes a good profit
  4. No surprise that this is my choice. NBN is a, or should be, a public utility. We all benefit directly or indirectly.
  5. Given that you can just plug in, then leave the car and 'administer to your comfort', then don't have to queue to pay for fuel if it's a busy holiday weekend, the difference in stopping times isn't as great as you'd imagine.
  6. I'm not sure whether driving for 8+ hours straight without a break is acceptable, except to the adult nappy manufacturers
  7. The Fact Check article completely omitted the ChargeFox network
  8. I was very sad to hear that Stephan Walker has died. He's one of the people that has helped shape the current Melbourne music scene by influencing countless musicians and listeners over his 30 year radio career on 3RRR. Personally, he's responsible for a very large part of my music collection. If you've missed hearing him or just want to remember what we've lost, you can here it here
  9. That's the clincher, it'll all depend on battery price and availability
  10. Just a note of caution here, the Honda looks great, however Honda has had a poor record with hybrid implementation, that coupe hybrid it did was slower with worse economy that the ICE version, and the Insight was a flop. I do hope that it does well but Honda don't have good form with EVs or hybrids
  11. Here''s a pretty good explanation of what's involved with EV charging.
  12. It's certainly not beautiful, but it is efficient
  13. It sounds amazing, but they do have credibility
  14. I've been following the Lightyear for quite a while (at least 1 lightyear) and the concept sounds interesting, but almost too good to be true, except this team has won the Solar Challenge 3 times. Some details here
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