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  1. There's a posthumous album of new songs coming! Look here.
  2. Someone who had a Model 3 delivered by truck today (because he lives outside a city with a delivery centre) got chatting to the truck who told him that they've been contracted to deliver 3,500 Model 3s by the end of the year
  3. Model 3 system apparently designed by B&O
  4. I'm building my collection of classic rap albums. This one is commercial, but very good
  5. Me too, it's weird how, after decades of interest, I'm just not interested in them anymore. You will get your wish with noise though, there's going to be artificial noise added to EVs travelling below 20km/hr soon. I'll take a Death Star rumble (if I can find anywhere to add a 20" sub woofer)
  6. Clearly, you aren't 'follicularly challenged'. It isn't zero heat when you have no hair!
  7. Ummm... it's a parody comedy clip, not a documentary! I hope the Taycan sells well, the more EVs the better. It might be the death nell for the Panamera
  8. The reaction from inside the bunker after the recent release of the Porsche Taycan
  9. Then just make sure that they send you what is actually advertised
  10. You can see your 'hidden VIN' by looking at the page code
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