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  1. Fuel efficient cars are 'ripping off' people as well, buy a gas guzzler and pay your share! I thought, that, at the moment, EVs don't evade fuel excise, they are still eligible to pay fuel excise on every litre that they use, just like any other vehicle
  2. Yes, I have all of Baxter's albums, they're great
  3. Yes, it is. Search for 'Appleshine Continuum', it's an amazing 47 minute track, recorded in 1 take. Karl & Rick think that The Necks are amazing, and they're right!
  4. I don't know whether there are any Underworld fans here that have been following their Drift Project, new tracks every Thursday, for12 months, all online, all free. They've released their first official album from this treasure trove, Drift Series 1. My vinyl double LP also came with a CD copy, signed by Rick and Karl. It's an impressive album
  5. Your old bike would be very different with lighter wheels and a bike setup. The Sirrus disc brakes would amaze you, it's the only thong you can't upgrade on your old bike
  6. You could do some pretty good upgrades to the bike you've got for that money
  7. Well, clearly they were exaggerating then! I've had people be unable to drive to see me in wang because, even though I'll charge them the Medicare rebate, they can't afford the petrol
  8. Many, for instance, live in Benalla, or Wangaratta, and have to work in Albury-Wodongs. Some have to drive to Melbourne for regular medical appointments because the train is so unreliable and irregular. I regularly see patients in Wangaratta that drive from southern NSW as there are local alternatives. Because this is an area of socio-economic advantage, many drive the oldest, largest and least efficient cars. Most would love an EV
  9. If you let it go fast, she'd quickly learn to do it herself
  10. My wife cares little about cars. She rolled her eyes when I wanted a Tesla, but supported it because the numbers made sense for us. She's never forgotten to plug it into the EVSE at home, has no problems with Superchargers, and complains bitterly about the grime and the smell and the price, every time she refuels out ICE car at a petrol station.
  11. EV numbers hold up in rural areas. Many people here regularly spend $300 a WEEK on fossil fuels, they would love to reduce this cost with an EV
  12. There's no such thing as a well-regulated utility industry in Australia. Privatisation is only profitable with de-regulation, or to more accurately label it, dysregulation
  13. I have 2 phase power, 40A a phase. I have the house on one phase, a EVSE (wall charger) on the other. I've never had a power supply issue.
  14. The best cure for range anxiety is owning an EV. I've done 1000km in a day without concern. Sometimes, I need to be more creative than "Shell or BP" decision making, but not that much more thinking is required
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