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  1. proftournesol

    No more riding for me

    Now we're getting off-topic, but there's nothing like selective quoting😀 To quote the summary: Cochrane doesn't say whether cannabis works or not, it examines the evidence, and, for chronic pain, there's a lack of compelling evidence. That's different from whether it works or not, however, if it were unequivocally helpful then there'd be clear evidence
  2. proftournesol

    No more riding for me

    Greg, Cochrane is the gold standard research meta-analysis site, here's the link. I wish that it were not so.
  3. proftournesol

    3RRR reception in East Gippsland?

    I went the same way, but with a Mac mini
  4. proftournesol

    Can you separate the art from the artist?

    They're cliches for a reason, that is, we've all heard the same points being made over and over
  5. proftournesol

    No more riding for me

    Interestingly, despite its widespread advocacy and anecdotal effectiveness, studies into the effectiveness of cannabis for pain relief show that it's little better than placebo.
  6. proftournesol

    NBN Scam

    I entertained myself for about 20 minutes one day when I struggled to find the start button that they requested that I press on my screen. After about 20 minutes I mentioned that I had a Mac and for some reason they became angry and hung up on me
  7. proftournesol

    Currently Spinning

    Yes, I much prefer her in Phantastic Ferniture
  8. proftournesol

    Single Ended 300B

    Just a reminder to be respectful, can you please edit your comment?
  9. proftournesol

    Dangers of cycling

    She's walking with forearm crutches and partial weight bearing. Still no driving and no riding yet. We are planning our next cycling holiday in Catalunya though😀 She's taken a total of 4 panadols. Tough, but silly
  10. proftournesol

    Coffee /espresso Machine

    Rick Bond does great work😀
  11. proftournesol

    Melbourne Memories

    Phew, my Empire didn't cost $169😀
  12. proftournesol

    FS: ADAM Tensor Deltas (Black on Black) + Liedtke Stands

    I have a pair of these, this is a real bargain at this price and nobody will ever make speakers quite like these again
  13. proftournesol

    Melbourne Memories

    It's where I bought my first turntable, an ERA 555 with an Empire cartridge
  14. proftournesol

    electric cars

    Welcome back, Art. That's about as attractive as your Toyota Pious. I thought that coal rolling would be more your thing