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  1. proftournesol

    Wifi router for dual level

    Try an iOS app called Wifi Signal, it's free and does the same thing
  2. proftournesol

    Wifi router for dual level

    I have a single level but metal framed house that acts as a Faraday cage, unfortunately internally as well as externally. I use an Amplifi mesh system in bridge mode, with two satellites. it was dead simple to set up and administer and provides even and good coverage throughout the house, and even outside
  3. proftournesol

    Currently Spinning

    I'm currently listening to the latest album from Teleman. This is a pretty slick Brit electro-pop album, reminds me of current New Order. I like it
  4. proftournesol

    Currently Spinning

    If you like Madness, try our own Melbourne Ska Orchestra
  5. proftournesol

    The wonderful NBN.

    No, 2 months. You may have a problem that's out of NBN's control though
  6. proftournesol

    The wonderful NBN.

    We had NBN installed at work (it's to all intents and purposes a house, repurposed as professional rooms). There was a delay as NBN had to apply to the Council for a permit to dig up the footpath to complete the installation at our particular address. This wasn't required for the rest of the street, and, we had to wait for Council to process it.
  7. proftournesol

    NBN SkyMuster satellite experience

    so far, the slowest speed I've had has been 25Mbps, the fastest has been 125Mbps, usually 25-50Mbps
  8. proftournesol

    NBN SkyMuster satellite experience

    I've added a Netgear dock for the 4G modem, it also gives me 4 additional ethernet ports. The data plan is here.
  9. Sure but any profits made by the SECV or other state utilities were returned to Government revenue, now they are returned to the shareholders, often off-shore, so the profits make little contribution to the citizens of Australia. At the same time the service received by customers has deteriorated, responsibility is segmented. I do appreciate that, at the same time, the grid and power generation system is becoming more complex by an order of magnitude.
  10. sure, but higher prices minus the extremely healthy profits
  11. Freud commented that the reason why we have laws against murder was to assist us to manage our impulses to kill people! This is also why corporations were regulated, to help them manage their impulses to become greedy and use their power and influence for self-enrichment. Deregulation has produced the expected outcomes. I don't blame corporations, the employees are only human, I blame Governments for deregulating in these specific areas.
  12. Privatisation doesn't necessarily result in a rip-off but it was specifically designed to be a rip-off. Guaranteed profits, no competition, overly generous regulations that favour monopoly providers over consumers, opaque regulations...
  13. Australia has been the template for successful privatisation rip-offs, so successful that it's been copied elsewhere. 3 levels of private providers, 3 profit centres, no real competition at any level, and the highest power prices in the Western world. We can't solely blame the private sector for all of that though, we've had crazy neo-liberal culture wars that have been fought over energy by conservative politicians with willful ignorance of science and facts
  14. proftournesol

    NBN SkyMuster satellite experience

    Luckily most of the users of my tower would be people in transit on the Alpine Highway, so regular use is quite low (apart from me) The Optus modem is a Netgear, it comes with an optional dock that has ethernet ports and antennas. Likely, I'll just use it with my Amplifi in bridge mode. My needs are best suited to a guarantee of data allowance >140GB, it's great that I have a choice
  15. proftournesol

    NBN SkyMuster satellite experience

    Someone on SNA will soon get the chance to buy a great Amplifi MESH system😀