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  1. I've done those holidays, 2 people in the car, bikes on a rear hitch. Range is reduced, of course, but I managed a trip over the Victorian Alps to Bairnsdale (gee, that sounds exotic these days). There are also far more charging options now that even when she did her trip, and in a year's time, there'll probably be double that again.
  2. The speakers in my MacBook Pro stated sounding terribly distorted. My AudioEngine desktop speakers are unrepairable (everything on the circuit board is covered in a layer of glue, I hate that), so I've bought some Acoustic Energy AE1 active speakers. Great for my Telehealth consults, they'd be great for music if I ever get a break during the day, and tax deductible too😀 Otherwise, investing in vinyl.
  3. Have someone pull on the front too and it becomes a fully suspended design🤪
  4. No, you are unlikely to do it towing a 3.5 ton van. You could probably do most of it, not all of it. You can do all of it if you aren't towing.
  5. FYI, there's already a round Australia EV charging route, all 3 phase, it was organised by the AEVA and the first EV lap was completed by a 70 year old lady from Mt Isa in a Model S, so you could do it tomorrow, it may not take you where you exactly want to go, but I'm sure that there are now more charging options that when it was announced 3 years ago.
  6. 3RRR album of the week a few weeks ago and available from Bandcamp, see what you think
  7. Arrived on flat & quiet vinyl today, if you like OMD and Gary Numan, perhaps early Human League, you'll like Melbourne's Simona Castricum
  8. You're out of the closet today, there's no going back😃
  9. Streaming on Bandcamp and Tidal and waiting for a vinyl repress. Weirdly wonderful and wonderfully weird, Kiwi musician Vanessa Worm
  10. New King Gizz double live LP. There's a companion movie but I've stuck with the vinyl. Amazing sleeve, usual Great album from King Gizz, even better live. Unfortunately they have a thing for coloured vinyl, luckily it doesn't sound too bad
  11. No other manufacturer can currently make batteries cheaper than Tesla, in volume. If they are going to be cost competitive at the moment, it'll only be if they come with a smaller pack or cut costs elsewhere
  12. Tesla will, there's a small car designed by Tesla China that's likely to find a market there and in Europe. As soon as battery costs reach price parity, you'll see it. Tesla are many years ahead of other manufacturers in cost and battery availability. Porsche has sole 6 thousand odd Taycans in the last quarter, constrained by battery availability
  13. It's a reflection of the high cost of battery manufacturing for FIAT and the limited ability of their suppliers to scale as demand grows from manufacturers. This is where Tesla has first mover advantage, they produce as many batteries as everyone else combined so their costs are dropping faster. It either means product with better price or better range than a competitor.
  14. My vinyl double LP of Teskey Brothers Live at the Forum arrived today. A great analogue recording. It kinda reminded me to then play my favourite live album of all time. followed by this. Most excellent
  15. Just arrived on vinyl today, I can stop streaming it😀
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