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  1. I have its predecessor, the Minerva. This is a destination DAC unless you really want to spend silly money. DACs this good don't come up for sale very often so its a great opportunity for somebody at a seriously good price.
  2. I bought mine outright but there are plenty of Tesla drivers with novated leases, maybe a good place to ask is on one of the Australian Tesla Facebook groups
  3. ...or kids eating something whilst sitting in the front seat.
  4. Yes, an ergonomic disaster as well as a fingerprint magnet
  5. He has tried, but the situation was different then, it was a small company, fiscal stress. He was actually bailed out by Toyota and Daimler who invested $10 million each, in return Tesla developed the EV smart and RAV4 for the Californian market. Each has cashed in their investment for over $100 million, and there's the problem, only Google or Apple have enough cash to buy Tesla at the moment. Of course, that may change in the future, but as both sales and production capacity are increasing and the company is now consistently profitable and has good cash reserves, why would they want to sell t
  6. I'm sure that they will too...eventually. The main problems seem to be with the electronics integration
  7. The problem for VW and the other automotive manufacturers is that they aren't vertically integrated. Tesla has been able to be so nimble because it has become increasingly vertically integrated, now even moving to build their own batteries rather than relying on Panasonic or CATL. VW discovered the problem with the ID3 when they left tens of thousands of completed cars sitting in giant car parks for 12 months whilst they tried to solve the poor software integration from their many suppliers. You can see the change in Tesla between the S and the Y, the S was designed when Tesla was a small
  8. The textile seats on my Tesla (a long deleted option, (more precisely, textile + pleather) have lasted far better than my previous Subaru leather seats at the same age. I'd never buy leather seats again. Of course, style is very subjective, it's very easy to complicate design - more buttons, more dials, more curves and lines, it is more difficult to simplify design without simplifying function. Tesla fits my aesthetic, most car interiors look like tacky bordellos to me now 🤑
  9. My Model S is only 6 years old but has travelled over 200,000km. The interior is wearing surprisingly well apart from the edges of the removable rear parcel shelf that are covered in some rather flimsy material, Generally, I've been impressed with how well the materials have held up and that's with two dogs regularly using the car.
  10. A modern post-punk theme today: Molchat Doma's Monument Followed by Australia's own SaD (Simona Castricum and Daphne Camf) followed by No Zu's brilliant Hunters & Collectors cover of Talking to a Stranger.
  11. Cute, and a platform for other small-scale EV sports car makers. https://www.wattelectricvehicles.com
  12. A 'supergroup' put together by Dave Alvin from 80s band The Blasters. It's a blues jam of covers inspired by Miles Davis' recording methods, it's a disciplined jam of 60s psychedelia infused guitar jazz blues. Alice Coltrane, Fred Neill, 13th Floor Elevators "Reverberation" and Tim Rose are covered, but the standout is a 14 minute jam of Paul Butterfield's "East West." As Molly says, do yourself a favour...
  13. yes, it was 2012. They were a small company facing financial collapse. They could have held it back until it was perfect, then we would have never have heard of them
  14. No, Model S was engineered to tow, there just wasn't the resources to certify it before it was released in 2012. Many people overseas do tow with it, although, they won't be insured. I imagine now all resources are being put into 3, Y, Roadster, Cybertruck and Semi, Model S sales don't warrant it and you'd be steered towards an X if that was a priority
  15. That would be a decision made by Hyundai, not a limitation of electric cars. Model X can tow.
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