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  1. I can't speak for all drivers or all EVs, but range tracking is accurate in an EV so there's little reason to run out. Tesla's, certainly, give you a few extra kms of you drive slowly, even when the remaining range is 0km. Tesla's will tell you to pull over just before the battery is depleted, so you'd have time. The battery can't be bricked as the car won't allow 100% depletion anyway, the battery management system is far more sophisticated than a phone or laptop. There are already a few EV battery recharging trucks starting to appear, this will become more common as EVs become more common. There'll always be edge cases, nothing is foolproof, in the words of Douglas Adams: Your credit card may be maxed out, but it's unlikely to be from recharging your EV, it's cheaper than ICE fuels
  2. I was relived when the Euroa superchargers moved from the Hume servo into town, I'd often be delayed leaving by people asking me questions about the car. It's cut 5-10 minutes off my travel time
  3. Model S has 'Summon', a feature you use to move it forward and backward semi-autonomously. If you have a tight garage you can get in and out of the car outside the garage and it'll reverse itself and drive itself out of the garage under your supervision
  4. My Model S turns 4 tomorrow. It's done 157,000km It's 70% supercharged I lost 10km of range in the first few months, as happens to everyone. I've lost no range since. My 2015 car has old Tesla technology, current cars will be even better
  5. I had my old house painted by the guy that drew the cover illustration for this album!
  6. More Gizzardy Goodness from the psychaedelic Kings
  7. Your music will sound... right😀
  8. RHD configurator goes live for the UK market this week, with Australia to follow 'soon after'. Model Y is due to be released in 2020. Normal elastic Tesla time would mean 2021, but there looks to be a lot of commonality with the 3 so it's likely to be 2020 with RHD in 2021
  9. Imagine if people >80 were able to keep their cars and maintain their mobility with self-driving cars?
  10. This where it gets difficult. everyone is 'better than average' by self-rating, but I, like you, and everyone else, have better days and worse days on the road, and even varying concentration minute to minute. My choice would be to make it mandatory over 80km/hr as the gap in brain processing speed and computer p[rocessing speed starts to widen as speed increases
  11. I would say that once autonomous systems are demonstrated to function at a safer level than humans, then they should be made mandatory, at least in the situation where they are safer. Yes, that will be before they are perfect, but at that stage not introducing them is costing lives and injuries. As far as battery supply goes, I'm mystified why Tesla continues joint ventures with Panasonic. It was understandable initially, but, as an energy company, it would seem fundamental to be in control of your own core product. I think that their recent purchase of Maxwell batteries is significant.
  12. What's inappropriate about the name? Airplanes have autopilots, pilots are required to pay attention in exactly the same way, it isn't named 'chauffeur' nor is it implied at any stage. as you are aware, any owner has to indicate to the car that they understand this before Autopilot is activated
  13. Of course, people will die, nothing can ever be 100% guaranteed safe. We wouldn't have ridden a horse or used a wheel or used fire if we'd rejected them because they weren't 100% safe. It's very likely to be even safer than existing Autopilot though and from Tesla's (selective) figures, that already appears to be safer than human driving.
  14. ICEWRBIC (into capacitor) as opposed to ICEWRBIB
  15. The point is that there are lots of standards, so many that there's no such thing as a standard car
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