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  1. I haven't quite worked out this time dimension quantum expander thingy. Each time I press the red button this hap..........
  2. Sorry only 5 left now - I just grabbed two.......... And no not flippin - just getting ready for the move back in to the reno. Cheers Stuckinthere for the alert. Perfect timing! NFA
  3. PM sent with intent.... but don't let that dissuade anyone from making an offer if so inclined. NFA
  4. An intended PM has been sent..........but I could be, like, 1347 in line......😁 NFA
  5. One of my faves at the present time. Holy Holy - Hold On It just smokes..... NFA
  6. Blybo, Yes I have HiVis and for dark operations it has large reflective stips which is the Hi Vis this guy needed. The headlights would have reflected back to the driver. This guy had no Hi Vis and dark clothing on a dark bike on a major high speed regional road with no shoulders. He was in the lane. He didn't take any precautions to mitigate the risk. Mistaken for spotties?? Have you driven on rural roads at night? Have you ever been blinded by an oncoming car with spotlights on? At that time the eye will not be able to see a paltry red light from a bike. I know that road and that section where he was hit very very well. I lived less than 2km from there for 20 years and had been using Toodyay road for ten years prior to that. If I had to ride that road before sunrise I would have every piece of safety gear I could find including a rotating yellow light on my helmet, vehicle chaperoning behind and flag men everywhere. Want to see that road? - here is the link http://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/cyclist-killed-in-collision-with-truck-on-toodyay-road-gidgegannup/story-fnii5thn-1227221082491 He was grinding up that hill and just about to turn into Stoneville Rd which is the direct link to where he worked in Mundaring. Want to see what people who know the road and what cyclists who have ridden that road think? Not a road I'd be riding on though, as much as I would love to ride that route. I drive it a lot also and even in my car I get concerned. I'd not ride that road even if there was a bike lane shoulder, as distracted drivers wander into them whilst trying to read and text on their mobiles a lot these days As others have already said and as someone who has driven this piece of road for more than 30 years, Toodyay Road is NOT suitable for cyclists. There are roads that cyclists just should not be riding on though, they just aren't safe enough. When I was training for the 3 dams challenge last year I rode up Toodyay Road, and on the way back down, I swore I would never ever ride that road again. I can't tell you how scared I was and how unsafe I felt. There is no shoulder for a cyclist to ride on, the only option is right in the lane that is already too narrow for cars and trucks. Trucks are not required to use a low gear and come hurtling around the corners like they're on a race track. It was utterly terrifying. i lived in toodyay for 10 years and traveled that road many times that road is not for bikes it has no shoulder on most of it the formation is there surely another metre of bitumin wont break the bank but then for training rides why not use g/e/hwy thats already been done I was with a group of riders who had ridden the rode many times. I foolishly trusted their judgement. I won't make that mistake again. Safety is a shared responsibility. Are you aware that the WA Police Commissioner has identified cyclists "inflated sense of entitlement" as one of the hindrances to cycling safety? Blybo you keep telling me cyclists are good at mitigating risk and that they obey the laws. I don't see it. Monday last week 19 cyclists. 8 on footpaths, 2 through red lights, 4 without helmets and one near miss (at speed) on a shared path. Yesterday just going to the shops 9 cyclists 5 on the footpath (one on a path that has signs up ordering the cyclists to use the road!), two without helmets. One lady on the footpath was without a helmet, child in the carrier on the back and a dog tied to the bike on a lead. My wife on Friday was struck by a cyclist on the footpath in Perth CBD during when there was heavy pedestrian traffic because of the Giants. When she told off the lady this person simply shrugged and crossed to the other footpath and continued. Some roads are dangerous and, as you say, so are some road users that includes some cyclists. NFA
  7. This is for the boombox isn't it? Disco street party time! NFA
  8. That already started to happen when the industry got wind of the program going to air. The re-homing refuge for greyhounds here in WA reported a spike in the number of trainers trying to offload their dogs on Monday. These people care about their animals - yeah right! A couple of years ago I spend a week or so working in the grounds of the Cannington Greyhound track. It was interesting talking to the people there about the industry and technology. Basically they don't get people going to the races anymore. It is all on line betting and a model was being proposed that they shut all metro tracks and use cheaper to run rural tracks to run the events televised. Essentially the betting industry could continue without any tracks in Australia by televising races from overseas countries that are not so enlightened. Move to protect the dogs welfare and then shut the industry. That is what I would do. NFA
  9. Possums have a gut wrenching scream when they are in pain. I think there should be investigations into each individual involved in this cruelty. I bet there is more unspeakable behaviors in their lives. I shudder to think these individuals are walking around our community with their minds that deranged. NFA
  10. If a road is too dangerous - it is too dangerous. What have wants got to do with it? It was reported that that rider yesterday was riding to work, from one rural settlement to another. The road he was using when he was killed was a stupidly dangerous one to ride on (as I and many others who use the road have highlighted). This rider also used another main connector road which is also reasonably dangerous. There are safer ways for that person to get to work at that time. Using a bike was the least safest and the accident totally predictable by people who know that road. The rider also didn't have any high vis on. Just lights which are useless in a rural setting where people use spotlights and regularly forget to dim them as they come over the crests. A lot of them B trains working the local mines. It was a sad tragedy that shouldn't have happened. NFA
  11. I wonder if the industry will survive this? The fallout is getting heavy and widespread. NFA
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