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  1. I have a pair of the next model up (C18en001 or whatever) drivers in my speakers. The ones Troels used. They are simply fabulous. Partly because they are coax, partly because they are beautifully designed, and partly bcause they are beautifully built. I’ve had Orions, Maggies, Martin-Logans and Wilsons etc, and done designs with RAAL, B-G etc. As a mid-tweeter combo I haven’t heard better. Mine cost shitloads. These are a bargain.
  2. It is unlikely any off the shelf driver will replicate the Yamaha. One might be better. But equally likely worse. It is quite likely that your sub amp has EQ specifically for the Yamaha driver. If accuracy doesn’t matter, get an 8 ohm 10 inch driver that has the holes in the right place and give it a bash. A Pinnacle SL10 is usually a safe choice. The problem with car subs is that they are normally designed to be driven loudly by low ohm capable amps. Because of the cabin effect in cars they don’t need to go as low naturally as audio subs. Of course you are probBly best justto dump the Yamahe and buy a new sub.
  3. Your speakers seem to be in a not ideal position from those photos. They certainly seem to be very close to the rear wall. Seldom a great spot for big floorstanders, especially when they are rear-ported. I’d try them in different positions just to see if it is them or the room which bugs you. Firing down the length would likely be best, but that would stuff up your video viewing. Assuming that’s not going to be workable, however, I’d look at tying to work with rather than against the room. So speakers that work close the rear wall. Sealed would be a starting point, or at least front-ported. More likely really good sealed stand mounts with a couple of subs. Even better, a speaker designed to work close to a rear boundary. The best I’ve heard at such a feat is the Gradient Revolution. But I don’t know they are still available in Australia. Also exceptional is the Lyngdorf DP1 with Boundary Woofers. Also (and this may sound odd) some of the Martin-Logan panel speakers work surprisingly well close to a wall. The dipole panels interact with the room less than monopole speakers, and some of them have woofer sections designed to minimise rear reflections. Ditto Maggies or Spatial. Room correction software would probably help too.
  4. Not Maggies, but when I sold my Apogees a few years back there was a specialist speaker courier who packed them up for me and handled it all. Cost was a couple of hundred, but the buyer paid. I’ll try to find his name.
  5. Item: JVC HD750 projector Location: Surry Hills Sydney Price: 750 ono Item Condition: used but good Reason for selling: bad room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I’ve just moved and no longer have the room for my much loved JVC HD750. I’ve owned it since new and it has given the family great service. There are no issues I am aware of. Although it is an older model, the performance (especially black levels) still beats most anything except a newer JVC. And even some of them. It has THX, full CMS and a manual iris. It has 1200 hours on its second bulb. I’ll include the old bulb which still worked fine, plus a 120 inch electric screen and drop ceiling mount. I also have part of a Chief mount (I forgot to remove the ceiling part when I moved). I have the original box, manual and remote for the projector. Not the other bits. Pictures:
  6. Well, I’m in the new house and the question is moot. The only cheap decent projector that will work in the space is a Benq 2050 (1120 here in Oz).
  7. Item: 2 x Dayton RS225 drivers Location: Surry Hills Sydney Price: 150 ono Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have a pair of Dayton RS225 drivers that I tested but never used. They are the 8 ohm version. Still in the box from The Loudspeaker Kit. Pickup only from Surry Hills Pictures:
  8. Having imported three Emotiva prepros direct from Emotiva, - all of which were buggy on a good day then died on a bad one (necessitating customer repairs of delicate electronics (twice) or shipping back to Emotiva for about what the unit cost) - I would be very very wary. That their spiel on the website is bollocks is besides the point. Even if it weren't they have a history of not delivering.
  9. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I don't want to replace the HD750 with the modern equivalent. If so, I'd follow your suggestions and get something like an X500 or later with the brighter lamp and iris. I'm after something that can fill in for the HD750 in a smaller, brighter, cheaper form until we move to a more projector friendly home.
  10. I’m moving to a much smaller rental house without a dedicated HT area and I’m not sure my beloved HD750 will fir or be suitable for the space available. Is there a modern unicorn with decent black levels, enough brightness for a mixed use space and installation flexibility? For not much since we’ll be buying again in a while. I have an Epson TW5500 downstairs which almst fit the bill until the HDMI died, so maybe the Epson 6700? Whatever Benq isentry du jour? Have UST projectors achieved watchability?
  11. Item: 2 x Pinnacle Slim Sub passive subwoofers Location: Surry Hills Price: $200 the pair obo Item Condition: Pretty darn good Reason for selling: Moving Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Here we have a pair of Pinnacle Slim Subs. These are shallow (450 x 250 x 150) passive 'subwoofers' designed to mount on a wall or under a couch. Pinnacle aren't well-known here, but are similar to Paradigm in their Canadian-ness. They quote 28Hz extension from a pair of sealed 6.5" drivers and come close with a bit of EQ. As hinted, I wouldn't call them 'subwoofers in the HT sense. They are more like woofers to get you down below 80Hz (i crossed them at 40Hz, but I don't listen very loud). To get that low you will need EQ. I used a MiniDSP. They'd be ideal for a stealth install on walls, or under couches, for bass challenged mini-monitors like Kef LS50s. They are also ideal for a distributed multi-sub setup for those who want smooth out room modes properly. Retail in the US was $600 USD each. I need to make space so $200 the pair but am open to higher offers. Even lower ones. The finish is a kind of metallic veneer which is actually quite cool, but it scratches easily and there are a few from the floor. They have the original boxes and grills. The little buggers are quite heavy, so pickup would be best,
  12. Item: KEF Q100 speakers Location: Surry Hills, Sydney Price: $350 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moving Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm moving and thus need to sell my bedroom speakers. These are the very nice sounding KEF Q100 in great condition. There are only light signs of use. They come with the grills and the original box. I will include a set of speaker stands. Pick up in Surry Hills Pictures:
  13. I'm not sure if bumps work for ads this old, but if you can see this I guess they do.
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