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  1. I also build and buy speakers, and a good three way will generally beat a good 2 way, mostly due to the dispersion issues from crossing a big mid woofer to a small tweeter. It is easier and cheaper to build a good 2 way. Depends how picky you are.
  2. I may have asked this in the past, but couldn’t find any response after a search. For almost 20 years I’ve been using various forms of active crossovers, DSP and multichannel amps. As a result my man-room DIY speakers sound better than my very expensive family room speakers but look so ugly they will always be banished to said man-room. I’m currently making a concerted effort to finally finish the cabinets with aesthetics that aren’t too far from my Davones. A prepro, two MiniDSPs, six amp channels and cable spaghetti are not helping. So I want to
  3. Item: Denon or Marantz XT32 receiver Price Range: $1000 + Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a recent Denon/Marantz receiver with XT32 and the ability to use the Audyssey app. I'm in Sydney. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. I think it would be hard to beat the Neumann KH80. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/neumann-kh-80-dsp-monitor-review.11018/
  5. Certainly not my cup of tea. But hats off to LWA for the deep dive into the composition of the rear panels and numbers built.
  6. I also recently owned a pair of these as temporary speakers whilst I waited for a much more expensive replacement. Inbetween I dabbled with a couple of SNA faves in the form of the PMC Twenty 23 and GoldenEar Triton. The ancient and cheap BP7006s sounded and measured better than both. Had I not spent 8 times the price Puck is asking on their replacements, and were they not the opposite of WAF, I could easily have lived with them. They would also make superb rear speakers for those endowed with a top notch system.
  7. Best price on these I’ve seen. I’m tempted to buy them, but it would be my fourth time doing so. And that would be weird. GLWTS
  8. Actually, I thought I was pretty clear. The AVM50 (and the D2V) had more flexible bass management than the AVM60 (and thus also the MRX receivers which have identical bass management). I was asking if anyone knew of the new models had fixed this. I'm sorry if you assumed I didn't know what I was talking about. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I've been using Anthem prepros and receivers since they came out, but I didn't think that information was pertinent. I have checked out Dirac, but it is a bass management issue, not a room correction one.
  9. I'm in professional mode. As far as I can see you can adjust the crossover point for your mains down to 40Hz, and you can adjust the slope of the crossover. But you can't adjust the low pass for the subwoofer. In other words, if you select 40Hz both your sub and mains will cross at 40hz. I would like to have the option to highpass my mains at, say 30hz, and low pass the sub at, say 80hz. A more advanced version of the Enhanced Bass/LFE+ settings found on most other receivers. The subwoofer extension setting si for the LFE channel. Not the crossov
  10. I have Genesis on my MRX 720. What I would like to try, but currently can't, is running my speakers full range with subs. I could with the AVM50. So whilst the room correction is much more powerful, the bass management is more restrictive.
  11. Any idea if bass management is more flexible? The AVM50 used to allow you to select overlapping crossover points, which can be useful.
  12. Further information: I bought these from SNA the other day to try out as rear speakers. Unfortunately, petite as they are, they are not petite enough for my wife. They are in excellent condition, and sound great. I don't have the boxes so pickup only, although I am happy to drop them off at a PacknSend if you arrange it.
  13. ER Audio is a positive example of what should be done. Their website is kind of amateurish, and they have definite bias to stats. But they are transparent about that and at least provide some objective backup. And kudos to Legend for at least providing something, although what they actually show is not even close to the info that someone like KEF or Revel provides, or what Stereophile and Soundstage share. Harman are the gold standard, of course, for providing measurements and convincing the world to make them the Holy Grail. Personally, I am not a fan of t
  14. Item: KEF LSX Price Range: $1000 - $1400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Let me know if you have an excess pair. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  15. These still appear to be for sale: I was the chap he bought them from and they were in perfect nick when I sold them. They sounded great. You'd be hard pressed to find anything significantly better short of KEF Reference/TAD. I compared them side by side to a pair of the older model Revel you mention. Both excellent speakers. I kept the R3 due to much better bass, and equivalent excellence above depending on your room and preferences.
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