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  1. Replacement Turntable - estimating for insurance I'm wondering... For insurance purposes, what would I use as the replacement for my Once Analog turntable in the event of a loss (since they are no longer being made)? It cost in the region of $10,000 including upgrades (turntable only) but it's hard to rate turntables for sound quality - the only turntables I've auditioned which sound as good or better are in the $30K+ range but I haven't gone out of my way to look for a more modest offering. Is there a credible turntable (and DC controller) which would be a natural cand
  2. Where has your cartridge search taken you so far? Had a chance to listen to a Kleos yet? Mine is still in Japan but I get the impression it will be rebuilt and back in Australia in maybe a month or so. Cheers Warren
  3. Further information: Nicole Henriot-Schweitzer, piano Charles Munch conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra RAVEL Piano Concerto in G d'INDY Symphony on a French Mountain Air (for piano and orchestra) Classic Records took a select few RCA Victor classical mastertapes of exceptional quality, remastered them at 45RPM and pressed them in extremely short production runs to single-sided 200g Quiex SV-P virgin vinyl to get amazing fidelity. This is one of those. Virtually impossible to find at any price today. Exquisite performances! Nicole Henriot-S
  4. Further information: Jascha Heifetz, violin Miklos Rosza Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Walter Hendl conducting Arthur Benjamin Fantasy for Violin, Viola and Orchestra William Primrose, viola RCA Victor Orchestra, Isler Solomon conducting Regarded by many as technically the greatest violinist ever to play the instrument, Heifetz produced recording after recording for RCA Victor which never cease to amaze. Classic Records took some of the finest of these, and remastered them at 45RPM and pressed them in extremely short production
  5. Further information: Khachaturian Piano Concerto Peter Katin, piano Hugo Rignold, conductor London Symphony Orchestra Stunning 1959 3-channel Everest recording on 35mm magnetic film, cut to vinyl masters using all-tube gear, and cut to 200g Quiex SV-P virgin vinyl by Classic Records Peter Katin's performance of the cadenza at the end of the first movement is still generally regarded as the most exciting on record, even after more than 60 years! Played once. Perfect condition. RARE and fabulous Photos:
  6. Further information: Sibelius concerto in D minor op. 47 for violin and orchestra Tapiola (tone poem) op. 112 Tossy Spivakovsky, violin Tauno Hannikainen, conductor London Symphony Orchestra Everest recording on 35mm magnetic film, cut to vinyl masters using all-tube gear, and cut to 200g Quiex SV-P virgin vinyl by Classic Records Played once. Perfect condition. LAST Record Preservative has been applied. RARE and fabulous Tossy Spivakovsky, a Russian Jewish violinist trained in Germany, was regarded as one of the
  7. Sold pending payment. Thanks "old bloke". Several more classical and jazz records to come! Ranging from near unique spectacular pressings (12" 45s and 33s in near perfect condition) to old and scratchy 1950s classicals - many of these also amazing and near unique but hi-fi-challenged (the old scratchy ones in cheap bulk lots).
  8. Further information: John Antill CORROBOREE Suite from the ballet Ginastera PANAMBI Suite from the ballet Sir Eugene Goossens, conductor London Symphony Orchestra The spectacularly famous Everest recording on 35mm magnetic film, cut to vinyl masters using all-tube gear, and cut to 200g Quiex SV-P virgin vinyl by Classic Records Played once. Perfect condition. EXTREMELY RARE Photos:
  9. Anyway, my Lyra Kleos may still be a couple of months from returning to Australia as a "new" cartridge (takes forever for Lyra to hand-rebuild these things). At $4.5K instead of $6K, maybe the Kleos will allow you to budget the other parts of the system differently, if it turns out that the Kleos hits your sweet spot for performance. In my limited experience, at $6000 it is the most detailed cartridge in its price range while not sounding analytical or sterile in any way. The Kleos loses out to much more expensive Lyra cartridges especially with their amazing bass which just seems limitless, b
  10. Out of left field. I'm about to buy a home unit and I need to make some major sacrifices. My beloved Lyra Kleos cartridge (price $5950) is currently in Japan being completely stripped down and remade by Lyra, and will be returned to me in a condition identical to brand new with full Australian warranty. Is anyone here interested in picking it up for say $4500?
  11. Further information: price negotiable 10g 22ct gold R A M brilliant uncirculated $200 coin 1982 Commonwealth Games $200 gold coin by the Royal Australian Mint Perfect uncirculated condition with original lustre Beautiful item in its original green protective collector folder At the time of minting, the gold content was worth somewhat less than the $200 denomination. The gold alone is now worth several times more than face value! Its scrap gold value is above $700 let alone the collector value of the commemorative coin. Specs: Year: 1982 Condition: Brilliant Un
  12. Not really asking about the condition. Asking about the pressings themselves. American RCA Victor pressings are terrible on thin vinyl, but I'm hoping these Japanese pressings are a lot more like audiophile pressings on good quality vinyl. If they are I'm interested.
  13. What's the pressing quality like on these and the Symphonia Concertante and Brahms Violin Concerto?
  14. My Joe Rasmussen-modified Eastern Electric MiniMax Phono is, to my ears, the best phono stage I've heard, despite its relatively modest price. Not sure what the price of the EE MiniMax Phono is now but I assume it is around AU$1500. Joe would charge about $1000 for the radical rebuild which retains and improves on the great pluses of the MiniMax but removes its quirky issues such as intermittent hum. Once modified, it is a truly astonishing phono preamp. I have auditioned many solid state and a few valve phono preamps, and this one remains my favourite by a wide margin. Among others
  15. Further information: PRICE DROPPED EVEN FURTHER! Price negotiable. Produced by Jimi Hendrix, Chas Chandler and Noel Redding in 1968 Remastered and reissued by Classic Records on 200g Quiex SuperVinyl-Profile virgin vinyl Absolutely mint - sealed, never opened. Noel Redding was Jimi Hendrix's bass player. Jimi Hendrix appears on tracks on this album, including the track Red House, recorded live at Olympia Theatre, Paris, France in January 1968. Tracklist A1 There Ain't Nothing Wrong (Previously U
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