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  1. Thanks guys for your input... this is learning for me. I knew there would be quality differences between pressings, but what i didnt realise was just how dramatic the differences were... the in groove video was helpful. The key seems to be researching a pressing thoroughly before buying a record which kind of takes the shine off. Otherwise It's a bit like paying $50 for a bottle of fine wine and getting grape juice. Pretty sure no other industry can get away with treating it's customers like that.
  2. The problem is I bought online - even though the shop is local - and there were no details about the pressing on it's website. I suspect it's not an isolated case and its a real pity - it looks like there are many players in the vinyl production chain happy to exploit the 'fad' and and not even deliver the basics. Well I'll just have to learn my lessons the expensive way like many people here no doubt have. Or get a Crossley:)
  3. Just bought a brand new Fleetwood Mac Rumours album from a Record shop in Melbourne. It's a Warner music 'made in EU' pressing and physically looks excellent, however sound quality is abysmal. Even low bitrate mp3 sounds better. The highs are almost nonexist - cymbals for example sound pretty realistic on my CD and I thought the Vinyl would be a step up so a bit surprised at just how dull and muffled this is. Might check with more knowledgeable members here what the reason for this might be? Since it was a shrink wrapped brand new record, the store's response was tough luck unless its faulty.
  4. This one boggles the mind... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Thorens-TD-165-Empty-Box/283889248515?hash=item42191e2903:g:ZUMAAOSwyoJeyek5 I'm just curious...is there a subculture into hifi packaging? Is that even a thing?
  5. I'm using Paradigm Studio 100s with an Anthem processor.....no issues with bass at all or lack of slam. I doubt the 60s would be very different - especially since the SVS will cover the low end nicely. I'm going to guess it might just be a setup issue? Did you run ARC? Sometimes ARC flattens the frequency response curve more than personal taste might prefer. You could manually adjust bass either on the Anthem or on the SVS to compensate. And as the other posters have suggested, dedicated 2 channel electronics might provide the step up you're looking for.
  6. I use a NAS - and have no troubles at all. It might be a bit fiddly to setup initially - but once that's done it works fine. The advantage of using a NAS is being able to isolate any hard disk noise from the player and being able to serve up music to any player in the house from a single central location. Latency is a non issue - latency just refers to the delay between sending a request to receiving a response and is measured in milliseconds - so you might have a few milliseconds delay between pressing play and actually hearing music - but after it starts playing. latency is completely irrele
  7. Special nod to Keith and Harry from SGR audio who is coordinating this – they were absolutely top blokes to deal with and had quality gear! Would have no hesitation buying from them again. Will have to go back and check out some of the other offerings from SGR audio – when the virus abates and funds permit.
  8. I'd PMed my interest in: 1 Anthem PVA2 2 Channel Power Amplifier. Cheers,
  9. If you prefer the MF - that's your answer? You could upgrade separates later and still not find it as good as what you've heard - ultimately its your ears that have to make that call. Also, in terms of upgradeability, you don't really lose flexibility. You could always add on another power amp and use the MF as a pre or add on a pre and use the MF as a power amp - depending on where you think it could be improved.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions - I guess the medical ones look to be a tiny bit better - though internally they're probably identical to the usual black ones. In terms of my objection - I guess I'm just hesitant to pay an 'audiophile' premium for something that doesn't demonstrably sound better to me.
  11. Just bought Emotiva monoblocs which came with US power cables and hence was looking to buy Aussie IEC power cables to replace them. At one end seem to be the $4 kettle cords offered by the likes of Bunnings/Officeworks/Kmart etc. And at the other seem to be the audiophile power cables that claim all sorts of things....that I just don't believe. I do see value in buying well made quality stuff - and I see the benefit of for example blue jeans cables over kmart interconnects. So if i was looking for well engineered Australian IEC power cables without any claims to superlative audiophile purity -
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