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  1. He'll be having a pair in each room so ...yes
  2. Hi Gentlemen My brother is adding a storey to his house and wants to install a total of eight speaker including two on the deck He requires separate volume controls for at least every pair Any suggestion as power amp and control box? p.s. There will be only 2 sources: radio and CD Cheers Nude
  3. I have a short attention span so only use a mono microscope
  4. Nude

    Afl 2011

    By the time davis is dead and buried, he wo't have needed to play in any finals
  5. Nude

    Afl 2011

    Can the pies do it again?
  6. Nude

    Afl 2010

    Thank you Pies
  7. Bit silly really if you're gonna run a scam like that, at least make the price 1/2 believable
  8. Nude

    Afl 2010

    Pies by 14 goalswait for it
  9. knew it was too good to be true..........shite
  10. Nude

    Afl 2010

    And bloody proud of it
  11. more more more more more Please and thank you
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