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  1. Have heard lux (550, 509, 590) and grrphons (100w int, m100 monoblocks) in different systems (at dealer and home)... to my ears & system gryphons were well and truly ahead... but it always comes synergy... PM if you need more info.
  2. Xotic, thx very much. Just ordered. Was gonna order 2 but when I applied coupon it said 1 per customer. if anyone has a coupon they’re not using grateful if you could please send it my way.
  3. A suggestion to tame the bass is use straws in the ports held together with a couple of rubber bands. Sound in in between open and foam. GLWTS
  4. Hi, Is it DIN to rca (naim source), or is it for rca to din (non naim source) .
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