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  1. Another system to consider is Samsung SmartThings
  2. 2nd in line. I live next to st.east.
  3. Have heard lux (550, 509, 590) and grrphons (100w int, m100 monoblocks) in different systems (at dealer and home)... to my ears & system gryphons were well and truly ahead... but it always comes synergy... PM if you need more info.
  4. Xotic, thx very much. Just ordered. Was gonna order 2 but when I applied coupon it said 1 per customer. if anyone has a coupon they’re not using grateful if you could please send it my way.
  5. A suggestion to tame the bass is use straws in the ports held together with a couple of rubber bands. Sound in in between open and foam. GLWTS
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