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  1. Wow- Sony is charging a whopping $16k over the 790ES for the ARC-F lens. I also noticed that the 870ES is being sold for around $29k at the moment.
  2. There is no telling what covid will do to pricing of new models or old stock. Being in Aus, we should brace ourselves. Sony today released the user manual for the 890ES - its almost certainly replacing the 870 ES and there is a section of HDR enhancer, like the 790ES. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/res/manuals/5031/cf56cc7c00773e6ad55851c4e6a499f3/50311311M.pdf
  3. 890ES looks like it is the replacement for the 870. 890 has ARC-F lens. Looks like Sony couldn't implement their tone mapping solution with 870's hardware.
  4. I am not a fan of boxes around this type of speaker since enclosures have a direct affect on sound. I know some people worry about dust getting on the speakers but the better open units are designed with this in mind.
  5. Any progress on this yet? If not, try plugging Apple TV direct into Sony TV and connect TV to NAD receiver via ARC port. I suspect Apple TV is having difficulty finding a video resolution that works with the old NAD which is not certified for 4K UHD.
  6. Fibre optic HDMI cable appears to be the best solution currently - no need for transmitters etc since everything is built in to the cable.
  7. Sony have done this before with the 760ES update where it was available for some time before the USA site. In that instance, some people from AVS forum in the USA updated using the Aussie site. There have been no issues with this practice in the past and I guess there must be separate internal processes to update the various Sony websites. Personally, I'd do the update on the basis there is nothing to be lost.
  8. If he is not authorised to use the LP Morgan brand name then there will be consequences if the owner of the brand takes action. You could check with Hills if he is authorised. If he isn't authorised or if your screen is still problematic, you can seek a refund through the small claims tribunal or Consumer affairs.
  9. Yes, Greg Osborn is one of my favourite dealers. Apart from great prices, they give great service too.
  10. I think the Consonance would sound outstanding with the Melody KT88 - they are very well made and have a very good reputation for reliability and back-up with local service agents wherever they are sold. In Australia, most Supratek units are sent for repair back to the manufacturer. In some cases local service technicians weren't able to obtain schematics from the manufacturer.. The wiring layout of Supratek can be more challenging than others in terms of working on them too. Being in the UK, I would look at the after sales servicing issue very seriously and investigate with each supplie
  11. I think ASR are useful for comparisons of Signal to noise ratios , even though Amir's equipment has beeb described as I find the signal to noise ratios interesting and relatively informative- particularly when there are outrageous claims being made by some DAC manufacturers of S/N of 140DB or greater. For example PS Audio claim 146 db S/N but ASR measured SINAD at 75.5 DB. Their comparison chart in this area is pretty solid I think. The trouble starts when he tries to measure gear using irrelevant tests and makes conclusions based on them.
  12. This is the thing, you don't have to access your files over the network to hear an improvement. I noticed it when accessing files from a local drive and also to a similar degree when using files from the network. I guess this supports the theory that ethernet is a source of electrical noise and it just requires an ethernet connection to be affected.
  13. I try to look at them in person while sport is being played , paying close attention to lag and blurring with fast moving balls etc. Even if you don't watch sport a lot, the lag eventually becomes noticeable on regular movies and shows as you watch the TV more. Sony seem to be pretty good in that area. Also check the software differences between the TV's - it does make a difference over time. For example, do they all have all of the streaming apps available? I think some Sony and Samsung models also have Apple TV app which many others makes don't. Can you use Airplay and/or C
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