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  1. Then the issue is with the splitter or Gigablue. I had a similar problem with a Fetch TV, splitter and a Panasonic TV. In the end I stopped using Fetch TV. Someone suggested an EDID manager like Bluestream 111 but I never tried it. There always appears to be problems and tweaking involved down the track with EDID issues. You mentioned you tried 2020 LG TV which I presumed was 4k, I didn’t notice it was HD in your post. Anyway for a smallish size, 4K Tv is not that expensive. Otherwise there is the the cost of HD Fury or similar and a ton of inconvenience.
  2. Firstly congratulations on the 590ES. It’s an outstanding projector. Please note that the software you used also states that the 590ES has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is clearly wrong . Notwithstanding the accuracy of the software , I have had a situation where edid data didn’t make it through switches/ splitters and that was with a lesser know brand media player. If all plays well through the Marantz but not the splitter, the issue lay with the splitter, You could try the following: Use a 4K TV and replace the splitter with a 4K capable 2-
  3. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the LPSU affect on both Audio and Video with the Lumagen. Also whether any change after a few days of "burn in".
  4. SMPTE make it available to members - I am not a member. Pretending it doesn't exist reflects more on you than anything else. Hide behind SMPTE? are you kidding?? The ONLY reason I made the post was to share some objective information on the subject. Unlike you, I have no commercial interest in this so. I really don't care about the results. I would not have made a comment had it not been for an independent review done by experts, which to any normal thinking person would seem noteworthy. The fact that Stewart have a very good perforated product is obviously good n
  5. You set the tone with your post which was in itself totally dismissive of SMPTE findings. If you want a more nuanced discussion, you should start with a less bombastic approach. I reported the findings of research conducted by SMPTE , which is completely independent and doesn't rely on claims from manufactures or dealers. I have no skin in the game so I don't really care how bad or good acoustically transparent screens are. However, with the advent of 4K resolutions and with 8k being forecast, the performance of acoustically transparent screens should rightly be scr
  6. No Javs, you have that backwards. I was not expressing an opinion, but quoting researched facts on the matter. If you have a problem with their findings, take the matter up with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) who did extensive research on the matter. That carries a lot more weight than forum posts about an individual's opinion. For the record, I did not say all woven screens were better. I did provide an extract of an article from Widescreen Review that did verify the resolution capable by one of the better woven screens. I have included the main
  7. Sony's scaling and motion handing were second to none before these new models came out. It looks like they may have upped the ante with the new range. To describe the picture quality compared to what she had previously seen, my wife used the term "luxurious". Although not a technical term, it does sum it up I think.
  8. You should do a detailed panel alignment first to see if that corrects the issue
  9. For large colour blotches, the issue could be anything including dust in the light path or faulty electronics, assuming panel alignment has been done correctly. Common cause for this is damaged polarisers. Probably best to have a tech look at it.
  10. There are menu tools to correct panel alignment on a global basis and at the individual zone ( grid point) level. It isn't difficult to do. The global alignment would take a couple of minutes and the detailed zone alignment should be around 15-20 minutes taking it carefully. If you are examining the screen from a few cm away, you may find issues with any projector and while single-chip DLP doesn't have convergence issues as such, there are problems that go way past rainbow effect. 3-Chip reflective LCD have superior colour saturation and vibrancy because all 3 primary
  11. Colour uniformity issues with 3 chip projectors would be limited to panel alignment unless the projector is faulty. Spending time on doing panel alignment properly should resolve any issues, particularly for the newer models. Achievable sub-10k. For DLP rainbow issues, that is very much an individual thing and there is no real substitute to viewing it personally to see if you identify a rainbow effect. And if you do, whether it is significant to you. Obviously there are many who don’t see or care about it, and others that clearly do.
  12. I have separate 2 channel and Home Theatre setups - It is a VERY expensive way to go to achieve the best of each world. But since you recognise and value quality I don’t think you will be satisfied with anything less than a native 4K 3 chip projector from Sony or JVC. Of course a new Epson is the best choice at its price point , but I think anyone so discerning about performance , ( such that they even have separate 2 channel and AV setups) would not be satisfied for long knowing that true 4K capabilities are the future and 4K UHD content is increasing at a fast pace
  13. RRP Native 4K projector under $10k Sony 270ES -$9199 JVC N5 - $ 9399
  14. It is in the family room about 4 metres from seating position. The room can be quite brightly lit but it doesn't present a problem. If you are worried about light output from this TV compared to LED, you needn't worry. Tweaking a couple of adjustments such as peak luminance , contrast enhancer etc will see quite a jump in overall light output and brightness, so much so I had to wind it back again. Everything played on the TV looks first class. Much of FTA TV is pretty low quality stuff but the Sony still presents it well. Of course the quality jumps exponentially when it is fe
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