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  1. I ended up zooming to 2.2:1 ( the widest ratio used in the film) and engaged the PJ blanking to eliminate anything outside the frame. This solved the problem nicely and I think the 1.85:1 scenes now looked even better. Interestingly, in the USA movie goers had a choice of watching an all cinemascope version or the version with the changing aspect ratios. I can only conclude that Imax may have helped fund the project for the movie to suit their screens because I cant think of any other reason it would be done that way.
  2. DSD is a marketing ploy? That statement used to be pushed by makers of PCM only DACS who didn't know how to decode DSD with their gear. Not many left these days.
  3. There was an Otto Major making electrostatic panels, I think he was in Sydney.
  4. I love Tenet but I'm not a fan of frequent changes in aspect ratio throughout the movie. I know they have their reasons but I find it tedious and unnecessarily distracting.
  5. Hi Kamali. It would be useful to know what make/ models / quality range of phono stage you had in mind.
  6. Thanks for doing this thread. I think its useful to have all the audiophile ethernet switch options in the one place.
  7. Oppo 203 and 205 still give a better 4K performance than Zappiti and similar devices. Zappiti is very good nevertheless.. Oppo can even play 4K BDMV folders from an attached SSD as 4K Blu-ray Discs with menus etc. However, Zappiti's 2k content is exemplary and I use it for most content, but Oppo is still used for 4K
  8. Most commercial audio servers on the market are based on a PC type platform. It’ is not because it is the best way to do it but the makers don’t have the skills or the industrial prowess to design and manufacture electronic equipment from the ground up. They do however know how to get it to sound better than a standard PC setup which uses switch mode power supplies and standard Network and USB solutions. Perhaps I rushed the description. Timbre does indeed refer to the music produced by the instruments and by voice , but it’s ultimate portrayal is still affected by t
  9. I can’t afford it either and I think it’s a crazy solution too. But the point is people who have heard it love the sound and whether or not it is crazy is quite subjective.
  10. Raspberry Pi is used because it emits a fraction of the RFI and EMI of more powerful PC boards. It can generally result in a lower noise floor and many like it’s timbre and tonality. It does have its downsides such as bass is less refined than some servers . I don’t know which server you looked at but a branded one I know of uses a quite decent Linear power supply and a good isolating chassis. It’s these mods that set it apart from standard PC’s.in terms of sound quality. in fact it’s the sound quality people pay extra for but as some of us already know, similar
  11. Laughable to those that can’t afford it perhaps but they do deliver according to those who have heard them Repeating the same thing over and over does not make it so. The primary design objective of PCs was never as a source for audio to be sent to a DAC . All enhancements done to PCs to improve audio are designed to minimise the harm basic PC hardware does to audio streams. It is an inescapable fact that if you want to extract the best sound quality from you computer audio, you will not get that from basic PC’s and NAS
  12. Not so! . You don't have to look too far back to see the furore on Stereonet and other sites when it was discovered that the a decent Linear power supply powering a PC produced a superior sound to the standard SMPS. There was disbelief and the theories of "digits are digits" implying that physical factors such as PSU could not affect the sound . How wrong they were. That is a theory based on digital protocols only which is fine for its intended use - providing data for ordinary PC operations.. However, there are other aspects that affect audio performance.. "Dig
  13. We are talking about people who have developed a music server and are looking to source music from either a NAS or SSD . The server would not be a basic add-on to a network but rather one optimised to play audio.. In all cases I can recall with this scenario the network source fell behind the internal SSD . Optimising the NAS would improve network performance but optimising the server further can improve SSD sourced sound. Of course there can be exceptions depending the respective equipment. Ultimately there is a reason why the very best systems use dedicated for audio
  14. In my experience the fan drying of automated record cleaners can give better results than the vacuum on turntable style cleaners. I've owned both. The air drying is thorough and there is no contact made (like a vacuum arm) which reduces static build up. The VPI/Disk Doctor vacuums are designed to do one side at a time. The records will come out wet on both sides from the Humming Guru which means that one wet side will be placed face down on the Disk doctor turntable. That could cause problems for the dry side once the record is turned over.
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