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  1. I know this is an old thread but it came to mind when I was researching prices for a friend in respect of a Denon AVR. This is what popped up: Denon AVRX4400H 4K - Online price Australia - $2,499 (AU) https://klappav.com.au/products/avr-x4400-network-9-2-channel-a-v-receiver Denon AVRX4400H 4K - Online price USA -$899 (USD) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1353001-REG/denon_avr_x4400h_9_2_channel_full.html For a while , prices in Australia were becoming comparable to overseas but these differences remind me of industry practices 10 years ago. At that stage quite a few Aussies bought from companies in Singapore and HK due to pricing similar to or cheaper than USA. I
  2. Obviously if you want the best contrast and colour saturation you would need total light control, but for your purposes have you evaluated what would constitute a "reasonable" amount of light and still use your UST effectively? I personally wouldn't watch projected movies or shows with ambient light but for sports and games, it wouldnt be as critical. In fact, ambient light in those situations could be a bit more sociable if you had friends around.
  3. No. I hope @:) al doesn’t mind me answering this but I think he is coming from the perspective of ensuring that SNA readers understand the limitations of UST as well as the advantages. Remember to many of us here, setting up a long throw pj in a few minutes isn’t a big deal. Also this forum is visited by a lot of people wanting the very best Picture quality so you have to expect discussions on that. But as I mentioned earlier, I think UST is creating a different market segment to the traditional home theatre installation - the fact that they have speakers built in is testimony to that
  4. Al, I think UST is aimed at a different market to people like us. I don’t think anyone would buy UST for better picture quality over long throw, but they would buy it for reasons of convenience, style and perceived value. I think UST has a real future in many cities with apartment living ( confined space), rentals and they can’t be beaten for portability - which seems to be a criterion by which UST is judged. I also think it’s important for prospective UST buyers to understand that you can get the best picture quality from long throw projectors and sometimes installation isn’t as hard as it seems.
  5. Overall UST should be slightly easier to mount as a non-fixed installation due to the proximity to the wall. For non-permanent long throw you will need a shelf or a portable stand of sorts ( or coffee table) but you will be surprised how easy it can be. If I personally was doing UST, I think would use a permanent mount with a screen to extract the best possible performance from the unit. I don’t find that type of installation intimidating, in fact it’s part of the fun.
  6. Tasso

    HDMI shielding?

    Does the interference happen with no HDMI cable and BDP powered on? If so it’s not the HDMI cable. In any event, your shielding for your TV’s RF feed from the antenna seems inadequate. It’s best to have RG6 cable from the wall to TV to eliminate signal interference.
  7. That is exactly what some are saying.
  8. I would definitely do it if you are interested in good CD analog sound from your Oppo. The reason being Oppo inexplicably use electrolytic capacitors in the audio signal path to couple the DAC to the output stage. Other audio DACs that use capacitors in this way invariably use higher quality film caps for improved sonics. Basically any decent film capacitors with the same value will make an audible improvement and Clarity are a great choice. I haven't heard the Oppo mod but I have heard enough similar mods to know that if you are discerning about your CD audio quality, you will appreciate the difference.
  9. I think UST could be catering to a different market niche than what some of us here belong to. I thought that this demo of the Xiaomi by someone who is in the UST niche helps put things in perspective. I don't expect anyone to change opinions but I can see how it would be attractive in the right circumstances and for particular uses.
  10. UST does look attractive in terms of achieving that minimalist look but I can't see how they are any easier to install or setup than a longer throw PJ, other than perhaps initial mounting. Even then you will still have to fiddle with it to get a perfect alignment and the slightest imperfection or lack of uniformity of the wall will show. You will also have to have pure white walls throughout the house otherwise you cant use the PJ on them. A friend of mine has a regular PJ that he has sitting on a shelf at the rear of his room that took all of a couple of minutes to set up. The point being, long throw PJ doesn't have to be a permanent mount if you don't want it to be. My earlier point on contrast was that UST and other PJ's designed for multimedia tend not to have as good contrast abilities as their home theatre equivalents, hence I think light control is of paramount importance despite the high lumen output of these PJs.
  11. If UST suits you - go for it. I can see many situations where UST can be used where long throw can't and it is certainly less intrusive when not in use. UST is getting better and Sony has their ( expensive) laser home theatre UST that has pushed UST capabilities along. However, for the same money you can usually get better picture from a long throw PJ, but that is not always an option. Its best to see them in action before buying to see if you are happy with whats on offer. To get the best possible picture, I would suggest that being able to strictly control the light in the room is desirable. Even a small amount of light can greatly reduce the contrast of any projector.
  12. You will get Bluray region free with the mod - you just need to enter the region code via the remote as per instructions. Fitting the mod is pretty easy if you are confident in following the instructions, otherwise tale it in - only takes a few minutes. 4K UHD discs are all region free BTW
  13. The JVC Z1 contrast is not as good as JVC E-shift but I dont think anyone would suggest that the E-shift projector is better than the Z1. So its overall image quality that will swing buyers I think but provided that the projectors get to be demoed correctly. I haven't seen one projector at any AV dealer I have visited that is set up properly for UHD/HDR. Things might be different in other parts of the country, but most didnt even have HDR engaged if displaying UHD content, let alone properly calibrated. The images were washed out and when I spoke to the salespeople about it, there was disbelief or apathy. I think the better modern PJ's have technology that many dealers ( and reviewers) don't understand so it means that buyers have to look elsewhere to gain knowledge about their prospective purchases.
  14. Snakeoil , cables & cable lifters? I suggest that the differences cables make can be audible ( under certain conditions) but we often don't realise how small the difference is in the overall scene of things. It seems that you need to be very tuned in to your system listening critically over a period of time to pick the difference new cables can make. Where I have done that and asked others to hear the differences with blind testing, they could pick up a slight difference - particularly if they were familiar with my system. Those same people had no chance of picking differences if the new cables were auditioned on a different day or time from the original. As far as cable lifters go, I did some unscientific trials where i thought I could hear something positive with speaker cables off the ground. I couldn't really repeat that with blind testing on the day but since I made my own for zero cost, I kept them as a talking point. I'm not saying that there is nothing to them but for the cost of some at $150 for each lifter, someone is having a go.
  15. I think its important to differentiate between the images that a projector is capable of delivering vs whether someone cares about the differences. People who don't care are fortunate IMO and destined to save more money than those that do. But there are many that given the chance, will love what UHD can do through native 4K panels .