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  1. Tantalising Turntables

    This is a video of my turntable in action, posted by @Chanh
  2. Tantalising Turntables

    I have one of these turntables. In conjunction with the the purpose built stand, it is pretty well immune to acoustic feedback through the table. It uses an inverted bearing (like the best designs) , separate sub-chassis and a platter that really does seem to work and assist in eliminating acoustic feedback. Sound overall is accurate and neutral. Only thing is it might not be pricey enough for some......
  3. I also think audio/music preferences can change with alcohol. Its the only explanation i can give for getting a group of blokes who ordinarily have varied opinions to largely prefer rolled off and bass heavy music at GTG. It could be simply because the hearing loss due to alcohol is greatest in the sub-treble region and gear that would ordinarily tittilate the senses, sounds thinner to the well lubricated gentry. Could this mean that proponents Single Ended Triode amps ( as an example) simply drink too much alcohol?
  4. Apart from GTG, anyone sipping their favorite alcoholic beverage while listening is seriously compromising their ability to listen effectively. Below is a report ( also on Podcast) from Dr Karl who explains the direct link between alcohol in the bloodstream and hearing impairment. The loss is not consistent throughout the frequency range either it seems . I would say that this phenomenon could explain why a lot of crazy opinions are expressed while drinking at GTG's (or elsewhere). Of course, if that's the way of listening all the time, then the results will be consistent. http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2016/04/26/4448817.htm
  5. Don't believe any specs unless full details are given of the international standard to which the tests conform to e.g. DIN, JIS, ASA. Those that dont do this, do not IMO have the confidence that the specs will withstand independent scrutiny, or alternatively the testing procedure was not rigorous enough. the problem is exacerbated by the proliferation of $2 websites conducting online reviews without the ability to independently test the equipment themselves. There are very few independent reviews these days "that keep the bastards honest". The review site "Soundstage!" does have independent measurements conducted for equipment it reviews as does Australian Hifi and Stereophile. We know that measurements dont tell the full story but we also know some people can be seduced by them and the temptation is there for manufacturers to abandon standards and publish ambitious numbers, knowing that they will probably never be called to account.
  6. Oppo 203 vs 205

  7. Oppo 203 vs 205

    Thanks Al!
  8. Oppo 203 vs 205

    Has anyone compared the 205 to 203 for picture quality? I have digital audio covered so I am only interested in PQ as it will only be used for Home Theatre duties.
  9. I have compared Full Music 101D's to Western Electric 1:1 replicas by Psvane and the results were not close. The WE replicas have more of everything and they made the Fullmiusic seem quite bland with restricted dynamics. I should say that the Full music were the mesh plates , i dont know if the make solid plate 101D's
  10. PMC Speaker owners thread

    I see space for a turntable there!
  11. Discogs conundrum

    If it was an honest mistake i wouldnt quibble but you can wait till it arrives and check postage cost yourself. No point creating angst , it will only result in the seller blocking you from future purchases and is taking advantage of a seller's mistake really something to be pleased about?
  12. The Audiodeske design uses lower power ultrasonic energy and the rollers are used to agitate the cleaning solution close to the record surface to assist in the process. KLAudio uses a more powerful ultrasonic cleaning process rendering the use of rollers unnecessary. They say that they have developed the ultrasonic technology to be able to deliver high power record cleaning safely. If I was to choose between buying Audiodeske and KLAudio retail, it would be the latter, even if the cleaning ability were the same . A number of DIY ultrasonic cleaners use high power laboratory type devices which have not been designed with vinyl in mind. I haven't heard of any record damage yet.
  13. Are you referring to the rollers on the Audiodeske and RW-660? I had them side by side and they are identical. Spares are available and the Amari supply of cleaning additive goes a lot further than AD's. In terms of which will be in business longer, Amari is a substantial audio manufacturing company with extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Audiodeske is essentially a one man show. The differences in capability are also seen in the differences in construction quality and materials used. Amari is miles ahead, and is quieter in operation . Apart from it's own gear, Amari does CNC production work for other audio companies including overseas. It also manufactures th Hanss acoustic range of Turntables and its RCMs have been made as OEM for other brands. http://amari.cc http://www.hanss-acoustics.com I'm not sure what you meant by "scrubbing"
  14. Firstly the vacuum wands on the Amari never get dirty since it uses an ultrasonic bath and the record is lifted clean from it. I've got it to the point that there is no wet line when lifting the vacuum wands. Basically Turn vacuum off and lift wand as vacuum pressure reduces with record still rotating. No problems with the machine so far. Another Perth user has done 700 records already with the machine without a glitch. I've opened it up to have a look and everything is easily serviceable if required. I understand vacuum wands are available as spares but I think these ones will last more than double the traditional types. Firstly you have two drying the entire record - not just one, and they remain super clean the whole time.