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  1. I would not describe the 8805 sound as bright. Far from it. It does change ( for the better) after a good run-in and people should remember that " mid-range compensation" will affect the sound too. As with any pre/pro the " Cine -Equalisation" setting should also be tried. This reduces the extra treble emphasis given to many movies so that the sound will hold up in large venues and pass through screens etc.
  2. Tasso

    2019 projector releases ?

    I guess it depends on whether the exhaust cooling air exits from the front or rear. On my PJ , the cooling air is expelled from the rear and it seems really quiet as the PJ is mounted a bit behind the seating position.
  3. Tasso

    2019 projector releases ?

    21db is in low lamp mode right? You will not be able to use that for zooming in on large scope screens. All things considered Benq have achieved an outstanding result. JVC-Z1 by comparison hits a whopping 70db with max output! And it outputs 3000 Lumens vs 6000 for the Benq. Sony uses a liquid cooled system in the ES-5000 to keep the noise level down but the fact that Benq is doing this for the price it is charging seems amazing.
  4. Tasso

    2019 projector releases ?

    The fact that the 760ES riled up so many JVC owners is high praise indeed.
  5. Tasso

    2019 projector releases ?

    Did you mean the fan noise of the Benq? It uses a liquid cooled system and they quote around 34db - very quiet.
  6. I have a separate 2 channel system. Oppo 203 loses analog outputs with LPSU . You can still use if for audio if you were using your AVR to do the digital decoding but not if you want to use the analog outputs
  7. Tasso

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I bought mine from USA . Audio Salon do have factory built Rythmik subs I believe. They don't make it easy though, email contact only . I wasn't interested in DIY.
  8. Tasso

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    Thanks Polve. I should have made it clear I was using it for regular 1080P BDMV folders.
  9. Tasso

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I guess it depends on what you want from the subs. If it is the highest SPL , then Q-subs will probably be the pinnacle in achieving that with high degree of accuracy. I think S-Subs should have excellent accuracy too but Q-sub is capable of more impact.
  10. Tasso

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I should correct my earlier statement and add that I am referring to " what I would be prepared to pay for a subwoofer" . I am under no illusion that servo control will have the greatest impact for lower priced and less well engineered subs than the Q-sub. I don't use subwoofers for 2 channel, I still prefer to have full range speakers that don't need subs . But then "need" really doesn't come into HIFI does it? it comes does to what the individual wants out of a system. BTW, have you seen the S-Subs?
  11. Tasso

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    If anyone is having problems with playing BDMV files on Oppo, this program - BDMV modifier - works wonders. Simply apply it to the BDMV folder and Oppo 203/205 will play it back as a Bluray disc - menus and all. It should work fo 103/105 as well. The process is reversible too with the same program. Doesn't work for 3d though. This is where I downloaded it from: https://www.hiendy.com/hififorum/forum.php?mod=attachment&aid=MjY0MTAyfDEwNTkwYmUyfDE1NDI0Nzc4MzR8MHw1NjQ3MQ%3D%3D
  12. Tasso

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I haven't heard SVS at my place but recently acquired 2 X Rythmik servo controlled sealed subs for the home theatre. They are incredibly accurate and I doubt if I could go back to a non- servo controlled sub in future. There is no audible overhang that seems to affect other designs when large cones continue to oscillate after the bass signal is stopped. I didnt clearly identify the effect with other sealed subs I had until I got the Rythmiks. Depending on the crossover level, a sub can make or break the whole presentation. It's worth remembering that bass information is present in all forms of music as well as male voices, not just bass or drum notes. The more accurate the sub , the more accurate the overall presentation.
  13. Tasso

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I do not doubt that they used favourable measuring techniques to achieve the results. Eg short term bursts to achieve peak SPL etc. But the fact that they published them at all when most do not indicates a high degree of confidence that their peak SPL levels will surpass lesser subs. Living with Magico tech for a bit you get a real feel for it. The phenomenal response speed and stability of the nanotech and graphene drivers simply cant be achieved with less exotic materials which have greater mass and less rigidity. My only reason for not jumping on the doubters bandwagon is after having my own pre-conceptions about bass production being smashed by Magico. This is how Soundstage Ultra reported the design: "The company’s chief technical officer, Yair Tammam, a master’s-level physicist, engineers the Magico drivers from the ground up; then, using Magico tooling, he oversees the manufacture in Israel. In short, you won’t see Magico’s Nano-Tec drivers in speakers made by any other company. Each Nano-Tec cone consists of two different weaves of carbon fiber sandwiching a Rohacell core. A coating is applied to the outside of the cone that includes carbon nanotubes, which help stiffen and strengthen the entire structure. The result is a cone whose primary breakup mode -- that is, the frequency at which the cone first resonates -- is at least two octaves above the driver’s passband. This makes the Nano-Tec drivers’ operation purely pistonic within their operating bandwidth and beyond." I see a world of difference between a practicing master's-level physicist and an amateur hobbyist on the issue of physics. And yes those qualifications and experience does mean he would know a hell of a lot more than a lay person.
  14. Tasso

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    How do you know the exact parameters that Magico have used in the sub design, apart from what is on the advertising material? Your assessment without actual knowledge of the design is pretty much guessing. Now I am not suggesting that they haven't used favourable or optimistic measurement techniques that other manufactures may also use, but amateurs making assumptions about new technology that they have no first hand knowledge of is not helpful, particularly when it comes to comparisons with other similar products.