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  1. Sony home theatre PJ remote controls don't have the picture hide button that JVC projectors have. I liked using it during movie nights with friends while zooming between 16x9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios. I was advised by the tech at Vizcom that all Sony PJ's have the feature which could be activated if the correct command was sent. So I downloaded the remote codes for a Sony VPL-FHZ55 onto the Harmony remote and configured a button to operate the Screen Mute feature. It works like a charm!
  2. Why wife and I are just up to episode 6 and are fully hooked. What a wonderful production. I find this Russian made series doesn't have the usual formula or predictability of so many US series.
  3. Discogs median values are based on individual sales.
  4. I read some negative reviews about the Cgi in Midway. For this reason, I chose to watch the 2K bluray version which without the extra resolution and HDR, tends to mask CGI better. With a couple of Marvel movies, I couldn't get into them with such obvious CGI so I wanted to change the dynamic for this one. I don't know if it was the format I used or the over-anticipation of dreadful CGI, but I have to say i was so absorbed in the story and the incredible bravery of the pilots that i forgot about CGI. The scenes from the dive-bombers cockpit speeding almost vertically at the ships firing at them was pretty intense once you get caught up he the story.
  5. Tora Tora Tora is the definitive movie about Pearl Harbour I think. It took over 3 years to make and was fact checked by both the US and Japanese governments prior to its release. It was so expensive to produce at the time it almost broke the studio. From a factual level it is superb in its portrayal of both sides of the conflict. For those who haven't seen it for a while, make sure you get the remastered bluray version - it is well worth having in your collection.
  6. I suspect that one of the reasons that the film grain was added is that it helps mask the otherwise more obvious differences between the movie shot in 8K and the CGI shot in 2K (which is a big part of the film). I found a couple of the Marvel 4K movies dreadful to watch when the CGI stood out as real fake compared to the rest of the movie.
  7. Thanks for the tip. Will check it out - we're always on the lookout for shows that don't follow the typical cop show formula.
  8. I have found Panasonic service in Australia to be amongst the worst of the big brands, even though their gear is amongst the best. Their TV's have long disappeared from displays at stores that I visit ( probably winding down before the official withdrawal) so I ended up buying a couple of Sony smart 4K Tv's for a couple of rooms in the house. Initially I wasn't too excited about Sony's use of Android ( I have Apple OSx and iOS gear) but its pretty cool as it turns out. I can still seamlessly stream to the TV from iOS appliances as the Tv's have Miracast, airplay 2 and chromecast capability. Being Android, I have been able to get all my streaming services on the TV's at once. - Netflix, Stan, Prime Video and Kayo sports without having to resort to an external source. For Apple TV+ and iTunes material, instant high quality streaming happens from my iPad or MacBook pro. I am not sure if this level of support is available on all Sony models however.
  9. I really liked the movie - From the WW2 history I have read, it was historically accurate. I think it was able to demonstrate the incredible bravery of the pilots , even when some of them ( torpedo planes) didnt have much chance of coming back. The eventual sighting of the Japanese battle fleet by the dive bombers and the massive destruction that followed was such a pivotal moment of the war. If they hadn't succeeded, who knows, we could all be speaking Japanese now.
  10. I don't think you did read what I said - I have actually agreed with you all along about the movie!! I stopped watching about the same time you did I'm not sure what caused you to take that position but you have indeed misinterpreted me.
  11. Not at all. I meant that i was not explicit enough in my comments. If the readers didn't get the point its the author's fault - they are not mind readers and I am not an expert reviewer. I did try to put an objective spin on this in that I find too many Aussie films dark and depressing . I heard an interview with Jack Thompson who said that this was done deliberately as it reflects the mood of Australians. We could easily devote another thread to this topic alone so I'll leave it there.
  12. I don’t think you quite got what I was saying. I actually agree with you about how bad the movie was ( as are most other Australian movies IMO) - I simply tried to use an objective approach to the choice of words used - I was probably too subtle as it turned out.
  13. I watched most of the "True History of the Kelly Gang" - A Stan funded movie starring Russel Crowe. If you like Australian movies in general you will love this one, but for me as a form of entertainment it misses the mark. It succumbs to the temptation of so many Aussie films to be depressing , dark and without hope. Compared to first rate overseas productions, I think it was a bit amateurish in the way it was put together. I think constant voice over narrations in movies sometimes reflect the film maker's inability to tell the story through a powerful script and carefully crafted production. Ned Kelly was not portrayed as a hero, far from it. Add in loud punk rock music , a drab and sombre colour palette and the ugliest locations and sets you could imagine, the director almost seemed to be determined to ensure no-one would find anything redeeming about the movie itself. There is much to commend the movie however, - Russell Crowe is worth watching at any time I think, and it was refreshing not to go down the hero route with Ned Kelly. Hopefully others will get a better impression from watching this than we did. Interested in your thoughts.
  14. I suspect that there are quite complex algorithms linking the Dynamic laser dimming to the iris movement . The other models just have fixed output light so the iris is the only light modulating feature.
  15. A bit more info - I have owned the unit since new and I have the original printed manual , microphone and remote. I no longer have the original box and since this monster amp ( with 10 power amps) weighs around 44kg, transport outside of WA could be problematic.
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