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  1. The Lyngdorf MP50 arrived and you know they take room DSP seriously when you see that they supply a professional looking mic with XLR cable and an all steel Microphone stand. And installed As to performance - simply stunning! I'll probably post more detail - warts and all - in a new thread but in the meantime I'm still taking it all in and re-discovering favourite movies.
  2. There will shortly be a new addition to the system - Lyngdorf MP-50. Hopefully it will have arrived and be installed by this time next week..........
  3. I bought my multichannel amp from this site. Ive bought a few things from them and can recommend them. https://queenway.aliexpress.com/store/group/AV-Amplifiers/1070003_511406315.html?spm=a2g1y.12024536.pcShopHead_12029297.1_3_7 I ordered this amplifier and was told that they only make a 200W version now (which they sent for same price). It doesn't look like they've updated the website. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/WENTINS-S5180-180W-HIFI-Amp-5-Channels-Per-Channel-Home-Theater-430-250-460mm/1070003_32815475842.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.20.66103cb7HqUeAh The company makes a big range of gear only some of which is listed on that site.
  4. I have a separate Magico S7 / Accuphase 2 channel system upstairs. We do however use the 8805 for 2 channel occasionally - primarily streaming from my music server using Heos. I like the result.
  5. This is a 5KVA balanced and isolation transformer and sitting on top is a 12V linear power supply . I use the transformer to power the source gear and Marantz Preamp so its a bit of overkill for size. The balanced windings effectively cancel out common mode noise in the power line. With my 2 channel system I use an Accuphase power regenerator and I installed the balanced transformer to see if I could detect any improvements. Sure enough, audio has improved and I suspect that most of the improvement is coming from the Marantz 8805. Interestingly, when I tried the same thing with the Denon AVP-A1HD Preamp, I couldn't really detect much difference which would indicate that the legendary Denon unit has superior power filtering to the Marantz. The 12V linear power supply powers a Zappiti One 4K HDR SE media player and the occasional other unit such as Roku. This is a definite plus IMO for both picture and sound quality. Comparing Roku PQ to Apple TV 4k, Apple TV is far superior and that is with its built in SMPS. Add the Linear PSU and the Roku gets a performance boost - still not quite enough to match Apple TV which indicates what a good job Apple has done with the hardware and their own SMPS. However, the LPSU does push the Zappiti ( and I would think equivalent Dune players) to a new level. So much so I am struggling to pick any differences between it and Oppo ( with its own LPSU) for 1080P material. For 4K, Oppo is clearly superior. I have also a separate balanced transformer powering the projector - It also has a 20V step down function . I had a bad experience with Perth voltage with another projector and wanted to avoid any issues. I haven't detected any PQ improvements with the Sony PJ using the balanced transformer like I did with a Sharp DLP projector a few years back. So clearly Sony's power management is better than what Sharp's was earlier on.
  6. Subs are sealed 2 X Rythmik 12" units which have their servo drive system that greatly reduces cone movement after the LFE signal has stopped. the result is very accurate bass. I had the projector calibrated as well as audio measurement/calibration for the system. I can recommend audio room analysis from this experience. I thought I had things sounding good until I heard what could be done after acoustic readings were taken and analysed. I haven't finished in this area, i have new bass traps and acoustic diffusers on order.
  7. Projector is Sony VPL-VW760ES laser projector. We still get amazed with the images it creates and the latest firmware has just pushed its performance levels up again. Projector mount is Peerless PRG - superb IMO..
  8. Since our house was first built 17 years ago, the theatre has had a 110” screen. At the time of the build we also had it decked out with cabinetry – it was the done thing. Back then, some were still installing 4:3 screens and a 110” 16x9 screen was close to the limit of what many projectors could achieve . While the screen size seemed perfect for 16x9 content, movies in Cinemascope ( most of them) were reduced by the letterbox bars that are inevitable in this type of setup. My aim with the screen upgrade was to keep the 16x9 images at what they previously were and gain some dramatic improvement with movies. I settled on a 140” Oz Theatre screen . The screen was just part of major upgrade which included painting all the walls and ceiling , upgraded electronics and the most amazing centre speaker. Centre Speaker is Dynaudio Evidence with RRP of $39K which I managed to buy secondhand. It is designed as floor standing centre speaker - I tried it with conventional stands but the factory designed approach gives the best results. Sound wise this thing is nothing short of incredible . Its resolution, soundstage, imaging and bass completely lifts the whole system. It blends in seamlessly with the rest of the system . The fronts are Aurum Cantus Grand Supremes . They also project a large soundstage and have excellent imaging . It is amazing what flock coating acoustic treatments can do to the WAF. Moving to a Dolby Atmos /DTS-X system meant 4 new ceiling speakers. I settled on Polk Audio 70-RT from USA ( cheaper than buying locally) To drive the ceiling speakers I thought I would try a low cost option direct from China from a company called Wentins. I saw these at the Ghanzhou AV show a few years ago and they sounded great so I thought it couldn't hurt trying one out. I bought a relatively cheap 5 channel @ 200 Watts per channel. These guys make a huge range and will custom make high power amps to your specs. I had been using the original NAD Master series M25 for the system previously but after trying out the Wentins, it was clear it was doing things nicer than the mighty M25. It had all the speed of the M25 but with a richer timbre and superior dynamics and bass. This got me thinking, if one of their cheapest amps sounded this good, how good would one of their better ones be? I decided to relegate the M25 to ceiling speaker duties, use the Wentins multichannel amp for surrounds and rear surrounds , and ordered hifi monoblocks direct from the factory. These amps are fully balanced and produce 225 WPC into 8 ohms and 450 into 4 ohms. ( all speakers are 4 ohms in this system). They were still well priced but being hifi amplifiers, they did not have a 12v trigger which I have since added. The L&W brand is part of the Wentins group. These allowed me to run balanced XLR cables to each amp and I'm more than happy with the result.
  9. We clicked onto "High Seas" - a new Netflix produced Spanish TV thriller/drama - and were totally taken by the sumptuous cinematography and the setting on a post WW2 era luxury liner. Turned out to be binge watchable. Its in 4k too.
  10. This update looks pretty good. They have done quite a few tweaks and must have fiddled with the Gamma curves as well. HDR is noticeably better and SDR seems to have better defined specular highlights too. Overall the picture looks more refined and "real" . I am in the same position as you in that i have had my PJ calibrated although I suspect if I had this firmware from the beginning, I might not have bothered with calibration given that the menu adjustments for HDR now have a lot more capability.
  11. Have you see that there is a new firmware release for the 270ES - V2.100 ?
  12. Thanks for your findings . Ive upgraded to 8.100 now and it does seem that dynamic laser dimming has been re-programmed with more impact. Not sure what else - difficult to know without relevant info from Sony but so far I'm liking what I see!
  13. Unless things have changed in recent years, projectors for sale outside Japan have traditionally been made with multi-voltage , multi-format and able to take on any format in any country. With streaming services you can get a mixture of 50 and 60 fps in any country. Model designation and mains cables are the chief differences between regions. This reminds me of when I was looking to buy a brand new Sharp XVZ-21000 which was priced around $12k in Australia. An enterprising dealer in the USA landed a shipment of new Sharp DT-5000 projectors which were destined for the South American market but were identical to the XV-20000/21000 . He sold them for $3k plus shipping and I pounced on it. (It still works perfectly today).
  14. There could be a bit of that but the 8805 has been consistently reported by users as improving its sound significantly with use. I'm glad that you and @Sime V2 have started to emerge from the run-in period and can enjoy your new gear.
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