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  1. E.O.I: Goldmund Mimesis 37S preamp

    As long as you get the hifi gear in the divorce......
  2. Alcohol Dampens Hearing

    I can't recall a GTG where most well meaning participants didn't favour music that had a tendency toward muted treble and heavier bass. It's what one would expect of people wanting accuracy if their LF hearing was compromised .
  3. Alcohol Dampens Hearing

    Isn't that the very definition of an academic?
  4. Alcohol Dampens Hearing

    Ah yes, but try to get the masses who critique hifi systems , half cut with stubby hand to admit they could be compromised and possibly wrong about their usually forceful opinions.
  5. Alcohol Dampens Hearing

    I'm not sure why it is so hard to understand the process or track these things down but this article points to a British study on the topic. I suggest that Dr Karl would have got hold of the findings in preparation for his article and podcast. He is clearly in the loop for new developments and I don't think that it is his responsibility to ensure his peers have all the material that he comes across. Given that the initial study was done in 2007 and the article was published in 2016, there may well be further studies that DR Karl relied upon in his article. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-drinking-hearing/drinking-may-dampen-hearing-in-the-short-term-idUSCOL86574920070928
  6. Alcohol Dampens Hearing

    You have the advantage of not allowing DR Karl to contest your position. He is not presenting a paper to peers, but informing the public of results of studies that he has had access to. If you want to debunk his publication, then do so by contacting the ABC. Criticism because you cant find the relevant studies using a Google search says nothing at all.
  7. Alcohol Dampens Hearing

    Dr Karl is a real scientist, not an armchair googler
  8. Linn, through Ivor , has probably been the most successful at marketing products than any other brand I can think of. So much so, they have not seen the need to implement new technology. Sure the current Linn has evolved from what it was but it still uses the same outdated bearing design where most other of the "top" Turntables, and many reasonably priced ones too, use an inverted beating design for superior SQ.
  9. Mac mini problems playing movies

    I have had no problems playing movies from the Macmini in ITunes although I prefer to use Apple TV - it just does it smoother and PQ seems better. They seem to have the copy protection thing running smoother than on the computers. I know this is very basic but output settings in ITunes , setup, midi etc all seem to affect the playback ability of the Mac mini. Attached USB will not be the issue . Btw, VLC with Mac mini is my favourite although I don't think it will play copy protected material . Vlc also has an iPad app, I must also mention the significant improvement in PQ when upgrading the Mac mini with a linear PSU using the UpTone Audio conversion kit. They made it originally for audio playback but the improvement in PQ is immediately noticeable.
  10. Ethics question

    But if the company originating the idea was the only one produce the gear we would have the following: 1. Only Mac computers would have a GUI for the operating system and programs. The rest will use command line. 2. The only smartphone with apps would be iPhone
  11. Ethics question

    But denying people who cannot afford the drug access to it, does NOTHING to help the company financially. The people could not buy it under any circumstances. BTW, some drug companies have made AIDS medicine available cheaply in Africa after some governments sanctioned the use of copies.
  12. Krell Amps

    I guess the discussion begs the Question " why did Krell do it this way?" I realise that the answer must be associated with costs and profit motives, but the reason why Krell did not continue to provide at least one model of " true" Class A amps, has always eluded me.
  13. EOI - W.A Server's developments GTG

    Airlink balanced isolation transformer makes audible differences when hifi gear is connected to it. Noise floor drops and and high end glare is reduced. For people who like a grittier sound this might not be for them. P10 does a bit better job overall in terms of resolution but is a little colder sounding. Accuphase PS-530 and 1230 are in a different league again - better overall resolution, better tonality, lower overall noise floor and faster response time. Now here's the thing- you probably dont need the capacity of a p10 or Ps-1230 since you should not attach high power power amps to them . So for the source gear, Preamp etc, the overall power requirement is very low and for that purpose you could consider an Accuphase PS-530. Don't be put off by the scary RRP - twisting the distributors arm might give you a pleasant surprise.
  14. Very soon Grant. I'm also waiting for the day we see Vinyl spinning in your setup...........