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  1. Tasso

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Don't you need an HDD to copy the files to if you are using Redfox?
  2. Sony in Europe have released this as part of their information package for the new Sony models.
  3. To be clear, HDMI 2.1 spec is designed to provide for bandwidths of up to 48 GBS to cater for 8K video in the future. The spec for 4K is HDMI 2.0 which must have a bandwidth of no less than 18 gbs. If you want the best from such a high calibre projector like the 760ES in the meantime , you need to get the best cable that will do the job now. I have attached a cable test done a little while ago to test HDMI performance to see which cables do and don't meet the 18 gbs bandwidth test. Decent fibre optic cables like Ruipro and Mono price pass with flying colours, and they have the benefit of superior video performance and reduced HDMI handshake time too. HDMI CABLES PERFORMANCE EVALUATION & TESTING REPORT #1 ~ 50FT 15M+ LENGTH CABLES v3 SML.pdf
  4. I use fibre optic - I have both Mono Price and Ruipro fibre optic cables going to my 760. They give a better picture on all material ( not just 4K) than conventional cables ( I use 10M &12M lengths) and they reduce the HDMI handshake time too. Superb cables. With HDMI 2.1 standard, I doubt you will need a 2.1 cable until you had the equipment and source material that can use it. That could be a while yet.
  5. Seriously Al? you can find crackpot comments everywhere on AVS forum from fanboys including how 760ES is better than JVC-Z1. Simply copying and pasting gossip might stir things up but does little to add any credibility to the discussion. But it does give another illustration how the Sony 760ES has got under the skin of hard core JVC fans, probably because JVC haven't really got an answer for it yet. Yes we can talk about lenses and 8K E-shift but the reality is most buyers would want laser if they actually got to see it demonstrated properly. According to the USA Sony distributor, they have only recently caught up with the backlog of 885/760ES orders that existed since its launch a year ago and its little wonder that the model has been retained as is. I guess its flattering for Sony that it has stirred up hardcore JVC fans so much.
  6. You should expect the image to look more detailed with 1080p material on good non-perforated screen. Native 4k has 4 times the pixels of 2k panels and the projector will upconverting all material to the 4k panels. 720p looks better too. Something similar was happening with E-shift engaged but that does not do it as well as native 4k. I think most people getting a native 4k projector for the first time will notice an immediate improvement in picture detail because they have a very solid reference base to compare it to. Its a bit like differences in audio resolution. When you live with something for a long time and you appreciate what the the newer, better resolving device has to offer once you've played a number of your favourite tracks . By the same token, A-B comparisons would have to be strictly constructed so as to ensure the very best of both projectors would be ensured. This means calibration, decent source material , decent screen etc and playing the same scenes on both projectors . Of course with 4k mastered UHD discs, native 4k is the ducks nuts. only downside is that there is not enough of them yet.
  7. That makes sense, rear projection TV's weren't called projectors and models like Hisense Laser TV is sold as complete TV package. I think that companies like Hisense will need to do better with pricing though. You can already buy 80" 4K panel TVs for around $5500 and 75' for around $4000. Hi-sense 80" at $3500 USD doesn't look like overly good value on the face of it. Now if they dropped the price of their 100" laser TV to $3500 USD, that would heat things up quite bit.
  8. I think @:) al was referring to the specific consumer legislation in Australia that goes over and above manufacturer warranties and makes retailers directly liable for faulty goods supplied to customers. The question then would be, what level of fault is required for the consumer to exercise his/her rights and demand a refund or exchange from the retailer.
  9. Big deal - he was taught how to adjust the controls and use software for a very specific purpose. He is not an electronics expert and he is on the fringe as far as his position goes. This is from a country who's President uses social media every day to draw attention to himself without regard for the content. This is not just a "single dust particle of criticism" . I have seen too many attempted take downs of high profile manufacturers on USA forums where the actual facts were substantially different to what was presented. I have seen a major speaker manufacturer being portrayed as a having produced faulty goods ( Costing $200k) and refusing to honour the warranty for a hapless owner. After many months of community outrage It transpired that the owner had physically damaged the speakers after delivery and was seeking a new pair for no cost. His reason for going public was to apply pressure. This is public shaming USA style. I don't know exactly what the issues were with a couple of projectors that Sony fixed for their customers, but Sony has obviously denied there is a generic issue and no-one who has the actual qualifications to know about these things has disagreed with them. You know as well as i do that any hint of a generic problem in the USA will spark a lawsuit - most likely class action. This hasn't happened but there is always social media to vent their spleen.
  10. Those guys? They are not in agreement with him. I get that this is social media and anyone can do a Google search and dump unsubstantiated quotes in threads to pass them off as facts or to stir things up. But I hope we can do better. Literally all projector manufacturers have had problems with units breaking down, DOA etc and if anyone is genuine about assessing the longevity of the new projectors, all problems encountered with all brands will need to be analysed. As far as calibrators go, they have done a course for a few days on how to adjust displays - no secondary or tertiary qualifications required, neither is any knowledge of electronic engineering. I respect the work that they do but when choosing a car to buy for example, I do not rely on what the lube attendant or car salesman say which is the best one. I apply the same principle to projectors.
  11. This bloke has been banging on about this for years - I investigated all this before taking the plunge. Sony did have some issues in the past , it goes with the territory of being a pioneer in the field. One reason I didn't get into LCD until recently was the potential issue of LCD panel fade. I used to be worried about panel fade from Sony (and JVC for that matter) but am more than satisfied with the reliability of the current batch of reflective panels. This is not an issue that has been recognised as being applicable by mainstream independent industry specialists. But in a Sony vs JVC debate, it will always be dragged up- too bad that it has nothing to do with 2019 projectors.
  12. It would be great if it happens that way Sony changed the design of their panels some time ago and even the 4k panels have had a re-design since they were released. They retained the name SXRD which is enough for mis-information to be spread .
  13. Don't get me wrong, I thought the JVC was very good but coming from the Sharp XVZ-21000 - a 10 year old design, I thought JVC still had some work to do in some areas. I loved the black levels, light output and colour but noticed that video with motion and panning shots had a noticeable jerkiness about them in comparison to what I was used to. Adjustments didn't really address the issue fundamentally. E-shift caused video noise which is relatively slight but hard to un-notice once recognised. To address the issues the only PJ's I thought I could consider at the time to do better were the JVC Z1 and Sony 760ES - The 760ES won out due to cost reasons. The 760Es had inherited some of the electronics from the 5000 and had completely different video processing hardware and software to the lamp based models ( despite retaining the same process names like "Reality Creation etc) Its motion handling is superb as is its up conversion and scaling - better in fact than any source gear including Oppo 203. For 2k material and native 4k panels, this translates to stunning 2k ( an 4k of course) images - so much so I really think the PJ does it better than some of the upscaled UHD discs I have seen. The relevance of this to the new 2019 projectors is that Sony have incorporated similar electronic upgrades to their 2019 lamp based models, which means that they feature completely new video processing engines which is quite a significant upgrade. Not only for the reasons I have previously mentioned but for better delineation of subject matter in dark scenes as well. JVC haven't to my knowledge said that they have done anything similar and early reports of 2K up conversion were not favourable. However, given that nothing definitive can be concluded from the trade shows, it remains to be seen whether JVC have incorporated improved motion handling and scaling capabilities into its new projectors which can match Sony's. I would expect the NX9 to have something special considering the price and its rank in the line-up, but if I was going to select a new lamp based projector in the near future, I would be closely examining each first hand .
  14. N5-N9 do not have Z1 electronics . N9 was found wanting in terms of up conversion and scaling at CES. The lamp based models are on their own. This is not merely a firmware issue , heavy hitting processing requires the chipsets and processing boards to go with it.
  15. Someone has to keep the JVC fanboys on their toes! I listened to the same hype when I bought JVC and regretted it. I would have appreciated an alternate point of view at the time.