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  1. That looks like a million bucks............and another reminder that I should get back into my 'hifi' love-affair. Please enjoy a bump on me.
  2. So.............I'm back after ages.................and wonder if my decision to purchase (got it delivered at the weekend) a Sony Master Series A9F is worth the premium I paid over their non-OLED models. In my eyes and mind, I believe there is nothing out there that would return the same bang for buck, but I'm open to discussion/points of view that suggest better could be had for less. I paid $4900 for the 65-inch beast. Next port of call is a professional calibrator.
  3. This has definitely caught my attention. I have lusted after one of these for years when I was younger, but alas no hdmi inputs or outputs. Enjoy a bump from a keen Carver supporter.
  4. + 1 from a closet Denon fan. Well made, reliable and decent bang for buck. If you can afford the combo..............go for it.
  5. Great cable at a very affordable price. Go nutz !!
  6. Ah..........so nice to see one of these classic players........and in such good nick too. If I didn't have half a dozen players and transports lying idle, I'd get this one.......for old-times sake. Please enjoy a bump on me.
  7. Winno, Long time no see or hear. Unfortunately, this one's all mine, for now. If it doesn't integrate into my set up as I intend, I'll contact you in the event that I may need to move it on. Regards, Russ.
  8. Thanks for responding to my questions. You can consider this 'SOLD'. Further details in a second PM to you.
  9. I've sent you a PM with some questions. If the answer(s) to my questions are generally 'Yes', I'll take this gadget off your hands. Regards, Russ.
  10. Welcome from another Brisbane resident. I too have come back after a hiatus of around 5 years. Lots has occurred during my absence it seems. You'll find your feet in no time at all.
  11. Would nutz happen to be Scott Campbell by any chance ? I've been away for a few years...............hence the inquiry.
  12. I have such fond recollections of these speakers. We used a demo pair at Douglas HiFi in Nunawading, waaaay back in the early 90's.......back when they sold REAL hifi. If memory serves me correctly, they were running off a Top of The Range Denon integrated amp that was specified well below it's actual power ratings and it was a match made in heaven. I also recall them running off a Marantz high-end amp..................and they were fabulous to listen to. A quality 150WRMS amp should do them justice, but like the car analogy above.......the more (quality) power, the better they will sound.
  13. I wouldn't mind the XLR to RCA cables if Joz doesn't pick them up. They'd solve a 'small' problem with my current set-up. Please drop me a line to let me know. Thanks, Russ.
  14. Great cables at an affordable price. Enjoy a bump to the top on me.
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