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  1. Scorpions Lovedrive. UK first press 1979 featuring the great Michael Schenker on guitar.
  2. Good to see that Technics have priced this limited edition SL-1210GAE the same as the SL-1200G. Not much difference between them apart from colour and better damping of the feet and of course the exclusivity of a limited edition run.
  3. Hendrix Electric Ladyland. British first pressing.
  4. Is there love in space on vinyl sounds great. Different mastering which doesn't suffer from the awful dynamic range compression of the 2005 cd.
  5. Stray Dog. Early UK pressing .
  6. No Sleep Walk is on his Strange Beautiful Music album.
  7. Is there love in space ? One of my favourite Joe Satriani albums.
  8. Would look cool in a Satin White I reckon.
  9. A toss up between In Trance and Lovedrive for best Scorpions album for me.
  10. Page & Plant Unledded. No quarter.
  11. Went to guitar world in Cannington on 22nd March 2005 for a meet and greet with Joe Satriani. I took my vinyl copy of The Extremist for him to sign. He said " wow ! Don't see many of those around " I asked if there was any chance of him releasing his current albums on vinyl instead of just cd. He said "oh I think those days are gone man" Luckily he was wrong about that.
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