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  1. I emailed that seller several weeks ago and asked if they were being shipped from Australia or from overseas. Also asked if they were covered by Technics warranty. Received no response .
  2. MarkT

    thin lizzy

    Fighting , Jailbreak , Johnny the fox and Bad reputation are superb. Things started to go downhill after Brian Robertson left and they became heroin addicts.
  3. Bargain price for Panasonics last and best plasma. Superb picture quality ,....the Kuro killer.
  4. MarkT

    BIG NEWS for Kate Bush fans

    No individual releases though just 4 box sets. Have original first vinyl pressings of everything already except for Aerial. Still tempted to get the lot again though ! Good to hear James Guthrie is involved , uses ATC SCM150 ASL PRO for two channel.mastering.
  5. MarkT

    FS [MEL]: Furutech AG-12 Phono Cable

    Yes it will fit your Technics EPA-100 tonearm.
  6. . Very impressed with the Kii three. In a smallish family room with kids around and not positioned optimally I can't think of a better speaker system. But if you have a dedicated room and can position speakers properly there are better sounding speakers available imo. Bass is superb , deep and clean , mids and top end are also very good. The only criticism I can mention is they harden up and sound a bit edgy at high SPL , around 90db +. Kii are aware of this which is why they have developed the bxt bass modules , cost is around $25k on them though.
  7. MarkT

    Inline ads in a thread?

    Me too. Google ads started appearing on my Samsung galaxy. Blocking out part of the item description in the for sale listing.
  8. MarkT

    SOLD: Eggleston works Isabel

    Yes , it's the Esotar T330D silk dome. Superb tweeters.
  9. MarkT

    My System this morning

    Yeah , particularly like their early top loaders with the CDM0 mechanism. A much better idea than having the cd handed to you by a disc drawer with their associated reliability problems of motors , belts , cogs , guide rails and clamps etc.
  10. MarkT

    My System this morning

    Enjoying some Joe Satriani on my lovely 35 year old Philips CD202 this morning , just back from a full recap / service. Obligatory foot pic included.
  11. https://www.musicdirect.com/phono-cartridges/Dynavector-17DX-Karat-MC-Phono-Cartridge Strange then that Musicdirect have the new 17DX on their website for $1350usd which is pretty much the same as the 17D3 sold for in the US iirc. Maybe they have made an error in their pricing ?
  12. MarkT

    Nakamichi Stasis PA-7 thoughts?

    A 200 wpc Nelson Pass design. Should sound good. Mk1 supposedly better than the mkII.
  13. MarkT

    SOLD: FS: Duntech Marquis Speakers

    Lovely speakers , vifa drivers in the marquis though not dynaudio.
  14. MarkT

    My System this morning

    Nice one ! Wish I could have seen them last time they toured here but was working up north. Mate of mine went to the Fremantle gig and said they were brilliant. He met Burke after the gig too. Criminally under rated band , had the pleasure of seeing them when they headlined the Reading rock festival in 1982 though.