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  1. Yeah I like to see the drivers too. Had to buy a pair of Sound Anchor stands from the USA for my Pro versions , cost a pretty penny with shipping.
  2. You set them up with tweeters inside. And yes the classic domestic version comes with stands the pro version doesn't. The active 100's go lower in the bass and also will play louder without distortion or any feeling of being stressed at all. The active 50 play plenty loud enough though and are are a better option if you have a small room.
  3. I made the speaker stands myself many years ago for the Dynaudio 1.3SE I had at the time , fortunately they're also a perfect fit for the ATC SCM 20asl
  4. What a bargain , picture quality on these last gen VT60 series is superb , would never sell mine so cheaply. If you were in Perth I would have grabbed a second one for use in the games room.
  5. I use Canare L-4E6S star quad xlr cable with gold neutrik xlr on my 100ASL. I have expensive xlr siltech , ps audio , furutech etc sitting in the cupboard that I'll get around to selling .
  6. The Wild Bunch. Once upon a time in the west. True grit ...coen brothers remake. And of course The good the bad and the ugly.
  7. I'd like to have a listen. ...Fridays or Saturdays preferable but can probably do a weeknight.
  8. Superb system you have there Tobes. That Benchmark HPA4 is on my radar as a state of the art preamp and headphone amp.
  9. Congratulations on a great buy. Mine are in a 7.6 x 5.0 room , set up 3.4 metres apart , the front baffle is 1.5m from the front wall and they have around 1.8m from the sidewalls. I'm also augmenting them with two ATC subwoofers which have the same Super Linear bass quality as the main speakers and integrate superbly.
  10. Great price for as new active scm40.
  11. Looks better and prefer the square avatars.
  12. Cool video.....finally new Rammstein material , 10 years since their last album.!
  13. Lovely looking things , with state of the art engineering and built to last a lifetime or two.
  14. Once you've owned a good DD turntable like an SP10 there's no going back to belt drive.
  15. I recommend you audition ATC SCM7 V3 , ATC SCM11 V2 and ATC SCM19 V2 .
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