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  1. Yeah born and bred there, emigrated to Australia in the late 80's. 70's and 80's was a great time in the UK for a heavy rock fan especially after the rise of the NWOBHM.
  2. Judas Priest. Sad wings of Destiny. UK first pressing Gull label 1975.
  3. Judas Priest. Stained Class. UK first pressing 1978.
  4. Motorhead. Ace of spades. 40th anniversary remastered album plus double live album recorded in 1981.
  5. Cream. Royal Albert Hall 2005. 3 lp box set. Half speed mastered by Stan Ricker at RTI.
  6. Scorpions. Humanity. Hour 1. EU first pressing 2007.
  7. UFO. Strangers in the night. UK first pressing 1979
  8. R.I.P Tim Bogert. Beck Bogert & Appice Live in Japan. Japanese first pressing 1973.
  9. Black Sabbath. 13. US first pressing 2013.
  10. Inspired by Janjuc to crank up some Sabbath. The bands self produced fourth album. VOL 4 . Made in England first pressing 1972.
  11. Diamond Head. Living On...Borrowed Time. UK first pressing 1982.
  12. Deep Purple. Who do we think we are. Great Britain first pressing 1973.
  13. Thin Lizzy. Live and dangerous. UK first pressing 1978.
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