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  1. https://www.storedj.com.au/etymotic-ety-plugs-er20-high-fidelity-earplugs-standard I use these , work well for me at reducing volume and still keeping much of the clarity. Not perfect but much better than normal foam earplugs.
  2. The 95 and 105 use the same dac , in fact it is in a stacked arrangement in the 95 and sounds a bit better to me.
  3. Yeah no sleep is a cracker. Don't know if your aware but it wasn't recorded at Hammersmith but on the Leeds and Newcastle meet tour March 1981. One night at Leeds queens hall and two nights at Newcastle city hall. I was at both Newcastle shows in the same position 3 rows from the front and directly in the middle. Talk about loud jeeez....dunno how my ears survived it , brilliant gigs though. Still have the T shirt.
  4. Didn't like this one on release , didn't give it a chance coz I was pissed off that Eddie Clarke had left. It's one of my favourite Motorhead albums now.
  5. Angelwitch along with Maiden and Diamond Head were the cream of the NWOBHM crop for me. Pity it was only Maiden who made it as Angelwitch debut album is superb , the track Gorgon gets me playing air guitar everytime. They released As above, so below in 2012 and it's also a great album.
  6. Enjoying some Accept this lovely Sunday afternoon.
  7. Saw them on Friday night. This was the third time I've seen them live . They are just getting better with age , they release arguably their best album with Fear Innoculum and are playing better than ever too. Bone crunching heaviness interspersed with slow grinding prog , played perfectly and great sound too at the Perth Arena. If you have tickets you're in for treat . Wear musicians earplugs though if you value your hearing , ........deafeningly loud.
  8. Thanks , hell of a deal and good to know that good guys will price match an old expired 1 day only sale.
  9. Looking forward to the gig at Perth Arena tonight !
  10. Saw a 65 inch GZ1000 at jbhifi in Perth this afternoon with a $2495 sticker on it. Asked the sales guy if it was just for the floor display one and he said no that's the price for new in box. Was a bit disappointed as I had bought a new one on Friday from West coast hifi for over $3k. Went back to west coast just to check what their new pricing was and they still have them with $3995 sticker on and sales guy said he was unaware of any big drop in pricing and said they are selling stock quite quickly as people hear it's the last chance to grab one. I guess some lucky jbhifi buyers got a damn good deal today thanks to their mistake. Even at 4 grand though it's great value , amazing tv.
  11. The Reuters article is from 2016 when Panasonic announced they were stopping making panels in Japan.
  12. The 1210MK7 and 1500C are a few Kilograms lighter than the GR and over 10KG lighter than the G. Build quality is lower with more plastic used on the buttons and pop up light etc. They also have a lower quality motor , tonearm and feet plus a few other cost cutting things. I think the GR is the sweet spot if you can stretch to it.
  13. Technics say the sl1210 mk7 and 1500C sound pretty much the same. Both made in Malaysia , the higher end GR , G and 1000R are made in Japan. If you don't need the Ortofon 2M red or inbuilt phono stage of the 1500C the 1210mk7 is a cheaper option with the same quality of sound.
  14. The inbuilt phono stage can be turned off and the turntable has two pairs of rca outputs , line out and phono out. Yes a free 2M bronze would be better than a free 2M red , best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
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