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  1. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Wow a true 4K JVC projector , ....well done.

    Lovely , the Mk2 40's are a big step up from the Mk1 versions and these are active too .... Very tough to beat at the price when you consider no power amps required.
  3. Great pricing in Australia then $1899 aud vs £2000 pounds in the UK.
  4. Digging Iron Maiden

    Surprising to hear. Piece of mind is regarded in pro audio circles as one of Martin Birch's best sounding albums. It's a great sounding record . Are you listening on a remastered cd or remastered download?.....if so buy the original cd . First press UK vinyl and the latest fully analogue vinyl reissue also sound amazing.
  5. Digging Iron Maiden

    Their 2006 release A Matter Of Life And Death is one of their best albums , stands up very well to their 80's classics , Powerslave , Piece of Mind and Iron Maiden ST. They've evolved into more of a heavy prog rock band over the years from the punk / metal crossover band they started out as.....still great , just different. Had the pleasure of seeing them twice in 1980 , the first time at Middlesbrough Town Hall when Dennis Stratton was still in the band , they were absolutely on fire live back then , a breath of fresh air on the NWOBHM scene. .
  6. The quoted spec for SCM100 at -6db is 32hz. SCM50 -6db is 38hz. http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/hi-fi/loudspeakers/classic-series/scm100/ ATC provide real measurements set up hanging from a roof in a warehouse and measured at 3.5 metres. They don't just come up with some BS "in room " response. ......in whose room , positioned how.??? Also where did you see 30hz spec for duntech crown prince ?. I owned a pair for 10 years....the manual shows a frequency response of 40hz to 20khz +/- 2db.....also measured at a distance of 3.5 metres.
  7. FYI...here is an interesting thread on pink fish media regarding SCM50 VS SCM100. http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?t=120812
  8. With the 9 inch driver scm50 you may feel the need for a sub . The 12 inch 100asl is much more of a full range speaker and should work well in a 6x4 room. As you say , do it once and do it right.
  9. JBL 4435 resto

  10. Stereonet unusable on mobil devices

    Still getting non audio related pop up ads for penrite oil financial consultants , ultratune etc etc. Have cleared cache and restarted my galaxy s4 several times.
  11. Stereonet unusable on mobil devices

    Just from today I've started to get pop up ads when on a mobile....
  12. His reasoning was a step down in performance...with bluray. It may be beneficial with 4k uhd discs ? ....haven't tried one yet.
  13. Hi....so what is the difference between eshift 3 eshift 4 or eshift 5 ? When I had a professional calibration on my 2015 purchased X500 the calibrator advised against using "pixel wobble" eshift.
  14. My jvc is 1080p 4K eshift and it's superb. Won't upgrade it until they release a full 4K projector with contrast levels at least as good as what I already have.