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  1. Thanks , no dj use for this one. Bought it new in 2007 and kept it mint.
  2. Trusty Technics SL-1210MK2 with a Denon DL-103.
  3. https://benchmarkmedia.com/collections/all-products/products/benchmark-starquad-analog-xlr-cable Benchmark Media Systems regard the starquad canare as superior to the mogami in listening tests and measurements. I use the L-4E6S with gold plated Neutriks throughout the system including balanced ins and outs from my Benchmark HPA4 and also for single ended rca cables. No bs high end performance without the audiophile looks or price.
  4. The setup comes from my old Duntech days. In the hand written portion of the Crown Prince manual John Dunlavy strongly recommended setting the speakers up along the long wall as widely spaced as possible with the distance between the speakers greater than the distance that you are from them. Also to get them as far away from walls and corners as possible and to toe them in so that they cross over about half a metre in front of the listening position. Worked a treat with the big dunnies and I've been doing it with every other speaker I've had in the room.
  5. The speakers are active. Tri amped internally with an active crossover, 200wpc dedicated for the bass driver , 100wpc for the soft dome mid and 50wpc for the tweeter.
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