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  1. Led Zeppelin. Great Britain first pressing 1969.
  2. Black Sabbath Headless Cross. The best of the Tony Martin era albums. Also has the late great Cozy Powell on drums.
  3. ELO Out of the blue. UK 1977 first press on limited edition blue vinyl.
  4. ELO Out of the blue. UK first press 1977 on blue vinyl.
  5. I have a Revox B225 , Philips CD202 and Philips CD100 all fully restored and with the Philips TDA1540D Ceramic mono dac chips and Philips CDM0 mechanism. There is something that just sounds right about these first gen players utilizing the ceramic mono TDA1540D chips and tank like transport CDM0 mechanism.
  6. Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac. Sadly he passed away this weekend. R.I.P Peter.
  7. ATC advise not to split the signal with a crossover . They say to run the speakers full range and bring in the subs underneath even with their smallest scm7. They also recommend no dsp and to use careful speaker and sub placement and acoustic room treatment to get the best results. ATC active have a 10kohm input impedance so prefer preamps with a low output impedance valve pre amps usually have a high output impedance your audio research is around 700ohm so not ideal. I use a Benchmark HPA4 Preamp with my active SCM100 ASL PRO , it is identical to the Benchmark LA4 but has a state of the art headphone amp built in. John Atkinson of Stereophile magazine summed up his tests by saying "Benchmarks LA4 is the widest bandwidth, widest dynamic range , lowest noise , lowest distortion preamp I have encountered." Listening to it backs up the superb measurements as it is clearly the most transparent natural and real sounding preamp I've owned . https://www.stereophile.com/content/benchmark-la4-line-preamplifier
  8. Yeah 100s plus subs also work well.🙂
  9. There's no difference sound quality wise between the domestic and Pro scm50 and scm100. The rounded edge on the front baffle is built into the Pro and the rounded edge is built into the grilles on the domestic. The Pro have two green leds on the front they turn red if speakers are overdriven never seen this happen with mine though. The leds are also useful to remind you to turn the speakers off . Cabinet finish is lightly textured satin black paint on the Pro vs wood finish on the domestic. Also the domestic version comes with stands , the Pro doesn't. Your room size is more than big enough for 100s but as you already have two good quality subs you should also consider the 50s. They will both play extremely loud with very low distortion. The 50 are rated for a continuous level of 112db. The scm100 115db continuous and these are not b.s. specs they'll play happily all day long at these levels without any any hint of strain or harshness if required.
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