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  1. colby1970

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Headphones

    Q Wsa
  2. colby1970

    Where to buy?

  3. colby1970

    Optimum (MM) phono preamp gain.

    my line stage has a sensitivity of 500mV...so for a 5mV cart i need at least 100x amplification i.e. 40 dB. Most stages i look at are around the 40dB mark so im ok. If i was to go for a lower output MM cart like say a Nagaoka MP500 at 3mV id rather have 45-46 db of gain. Cheers, Colby.
  4. colby1970

    Phono Turntable Arm Cables

    Is this din-rca or rca-rca? Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  5. colby1970

    Audio Research PH1 Phono Stage

    is 48 db of gain, 47k impedence?
  6. colby1970

    Suggestions for phono stage

    check out the heed quasar, think its around 800 bucks. I heard the MM only heed questar and its a pretty nice little phono
  7. colby1970

    2016 Melb AV Show

    Heading into the show this morning, froze my appendages off waiting for a train. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  8. colby1970

    Anybody using the iPhone RPM app?

    I tried an android rpm app, it read about 3 rpm slow. Strobe disc for me Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  9. colby1970

    Down another PUG (Peugeot) *sigh*

    I'm partial to the old 504, great riding car on rough roads Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  10. colby1970

    Down another PUG (Peugeot) *sigh*

    euro cars...love 'em, having owned 2 BMW's (E28 535i auto, E34 535i manual). Only trouble is, once things start to go wrong it can be very spendy to put right
  11. I used to dislike tom waits with a passion. I've wised up recently Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  12. colby1970

    Please Help: Recommend Sub Crossover Frequency

    is 27 hz the -3db or -6db figure on the c4?
  13. colby1970

    Cart break in

    i think the cardas test record has a locked groove for burn in
  14. colby1970

    help installing first MC cartridge

    I think the rp3 has the 3 point mounting. It's the same thing, just remove 3 screws Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk