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  1. Fair comment I reckon
  2. All those artists are full of menace (except for the Beatles) Ask any middle class parent from the 50s if Elvis or Chuck Berry present no menace to society
  3. Correction, Beatles never made an album as good as Satanic Majesties (except for maybe Help)
  4. caddisgeek

    New rack - suggestions

    Talk to @djb
  5. It would appear, that with much like Ronnie Wood joining the Stones, @Luc joining in on the discussion has killed off this thread
  6. caddisgeek

    New rack - suggestions

    What are you doing with your old rack? ...asking for a friend
  7. Black and Blue has no menace, which is the essence of rock n roll
  8. I prefer his work in the Faces.
  9. @Luc, this is quite possibly the silliest statement you have made on SNA (and there is some stiff competion), go have a cup of tea and a lie down, think you are having an attack of the vapours
  10. If you like Yes then you'll like Radiohead? Probably...... might as well say if you dig pretentious clap-trap for baby boomers you'll like pretentious clap-trap for gen x-ers as well
  11. Black and Blue? Now I know you are taking the p!ss @Luc The that bought in Ronnie Wood and saw the end of the Stones as a creative force
  12. Interesting discussion. The existence of "Oh-bla-di-o-bli-dah' (or whatever its called) not only disqualifies the White Album, but is clear evidence on why the Stones are better than the Beatles. I don't think I'm qualified to say what is the most important album for all popular music from 1968, but for the stuff I dig (punk and sleazy rock n roll) it's a toss up between VUs 'White Light/White Heat' and Blue Cheers 'Vincebus Eruptum'. Both are monstrous albums in their own way, the Velvets chewed up and spat out what rock n roll means with stuff like 'Sister Ray' and 'The Gift', Blue Cheer just blew the doors off everything that went before it. Special mention to the Mothers for 'We're Only it it for the Money, coz it's awesome
  13. caddisgeek

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Yeah, had some Friday, Mrs Caddisgeek reckons its a good summer beer
  14. caddisgeek

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I'll have to check it out. Sailors Grave in Orbost do a great gose as well