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  1. Jeezus Bombers WTF was that??!!?
  2. ....and yes, I booed Gary Ablett today, but only after he elbowed Dylan Shiel in the head after he disposed of the ball.
  3. ....at least I don't barrack for Freo I suppose
  4. Lucky the pies cant kick straight. Didn't see any of the game, but heard a bit of the first quarter. I thought the final score would have been much worse when it was 6.6 to 0.3
  5. It will always be Bombers vs Collingwood, need to make sure the MCG is full for it. Cant have one of those second string teams that couldn't draw a bath embarrassing the diggers
  6. Wasn't me @wolster, I was booing from my loungeroom (actually, I think I was in the kitchen by that stage). Was a great game, pity the only thing people remebered were the umpires and the booing that followed, rather than all the higlights from the game (Joe Danihers goal from 65m on the half time siren was a big one for me) Speaking of booing, whats going on with your team?
  7. Sorry, been a little distracted. Was very pleased with the result. Didn't see any of the game though, was out for tea then a a show for the comedy festival. Glad to see your mob do the pies again as well
  8. I've had that album since I was about 12, but yes noticed a certain glassiness when I was around 16. Maybe hayfever from all the sunflowers?
  9. Get stuffed @wolster I hate footy
  10. ....or from the same era, why not bring back The Black and White Minstrel Show?
  11. I haven't had a pirate life for a while, are they still as good after the takeover?
  12. Make sure you leave the car at home if you are doing a tasting, the owner is very generous with his pours!
  13. Alchemy was very cool too, much more laid back and low key
  14. Spent a couple of days in Healesville and this happened
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