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  1. I run an ADC XLM on mine, sounds very nice
  2. FS: Assorted LP’s

  3. DIY JBL Clones

    12"? Why stop there? Go all the way to 15" I say!
  4. FS: Heybrook HB1 speakers need refoam $5

    @djb do you have these speakers? Did you travel by tram to pick them up? If so, did you have to leave one in a stranger's front garden to pick up later?
  5. I'm right and you are an idiot.

    Not even Mark Latham likes Mark Latham
  6. I'm right and you are an idiot.

    Which comes from the hindi 'tikae babu' which means 'all is well' Fun fact there for you
  7. I'm right and you are an idiot.

    Don't forget us watermelons
  8. This is why we can't have nice things
  9. Paper machè horns.

    Amazing work Linc
  10. Bye Bye Barnaby

    I disagree, you only have to look at local councils. They pay peanuts but they are still full of career pollies opportunists, but you also get populist nutters who are totally unfit to be in the position. But like state and federal government you do also get a lot of people there for the right reasons. I agree with @Darren69 here, ministers have a very hard job, they work very long hours, need to be across a huge range of issue's. They are accountable for making big decisions that affect peoples lives. ...and for this they often get paid less than the public servants who run their departments
  11. Bye Bye Barnaby

    Two points He insisted on an unecessary postal vote to protect the sanctity traditional marriage even though he was breaking up his own, then didn't even have the balls to vote on it in parliament. Secondly, the whole lack of integrity he has shown with jobs for his girlfriend, free accommodation, giant novelty cheques from Gina, dodgy deals on the Murray Darling.......
  12. currently drinking

    After dinner manhattan with Bulliet Rye Delightful
  13. Bye Bye Barnaby

    Not that hard to act with integrity and to walk your own talk
  14. Bye Bye Barnaby

    Not for one second
  15. Bye Bye Barnaby

    Barnaby: This has gone on too long, this invasion into my personal life and my partners character has got to stop Also Barnaby: I don' t even think it's my kid