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  1. I tried an Ares2 briefly in my system and thought it was great for the price. Sounds very different to an RME ADI-2 that I've listened to quite a bit in my system. I'd take the Ares2 if my priority was enjoying music on a budget, and the RME if I was going to use it to mix or engineer music on a budget (although in all honesty I'd budget a bit more and go with a Cranesong Solaris or Mytek over the RME). Obviously all personal preference. Out of interest, is it the Holo Audio May KTE or Holo Audio Spring KTE?
  2. Further information: Listing is for a pair of DH Labs Silver Sonic Revelation XLR interconnects, 2 meters in length. These are in great physical and working condition. Not to mention they sound great. See photos below. In this configuration (2 meters, and XLR terminated) retail is AU$1,500+. I wont link any specific reviews here, but there are lots online. Happy to sell locally or ship within Australia. Willing to entertain reasonable offers. Photos:
  3. Also if you are researching the Raspberry Pi's and think the thing looks like a horrible science project, or hacky DIY solution, there are a bunch of cases you can get from approx $10 to $30 that will finish it off and make it easier to handle both physically and visually. Heaps of options on ebay and such.
  4. I've had one of these in the past, such a good cartridge, and such a good deal here. GLWTS
  5. I played what I presume is the same reissue (just on coloured vinyl) the other week. Surprised at how good it sounded, and man what an album.
  6. I've sold a few things lately, and the (low level) low ballers have been pleasantly courteous and polite. Chuckling at their PM's has probably been the amongst the most delightful online interactions I've had in a while.
  7. Thanks Jack, I totally agree. My regular phono is worth a lot more than the Phonomena II+, and I think the Phonomena II+ clearly has a deeper and more layered soundstage. I've done a price drop, which now includes shipping in OZ.
  8. In that price bracket I've heard both the RME ADI-2 and Denafrip Ares II in my system. I'd personally lean toward the Ares, as I found its sonic signature far more enjoyable. I'm sure @DacMan (on this forum) would look after you well if you decided to buy a denafrips locally. Another interesting option in that price range would be would be the new Mytek Liberty II, which is currently on pre-order. It comes with an over sized integrated linear power supply, and a few other tidbits over the original Liberty.
  9. I have the same unit. Its pretty darn good, and a clear sonic improvement in my set up. GLWTS
  10. Further information: This Gieseler power supply is a Kraftwerk II with a fixed 24V output, built inside a Kraftwork Enhanced case. Purchased on 25/9/2020. Comes with a 5.5/2.5 barrel connector. This will suit many phono stages and turntable motors among other component. (Note: this was used with a Phonomena II+ phonostage, which is pictured in one photo below, which is obviously not included). The following quote is from Clay (Gieseler) regarding the power supply - Photos:
  11. Further information: For sale is a Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+ phonostage (RRP $1080 at recordclean). The phonostage was purchased on 6/6/2020 from recordclean, so is still under warranty, and comes with an invoice. This is a great phonostage that punches well above its weight. Herb from stereophile claims it is his "new reference" - https://www.stereophile.com/content/gramophone-dreams-24-hana-musical-surroundings-page-2 Comes with original packaging and original wall wart power supply Shipping included in Oz. Phot
  12. To those that enjoy reading reviews (for whatever reason), have you ever gained anything useful from the mono&stereo website? I swear i come out of every review more confused than going in.
  13. I've received a few queries about selling the items separately, so I've decided to relist the phonostage and power supply on their own. I'll be doing that soon.
  14. Cheers. I was going to diy some furutech or oyaide cables, but these are so cheap its almost worth throwing into the mix.
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