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  1. Which Wavewood's did you get? Wavewood 60.4? Wavewood Pro 60.4? 120.4? What were you using on the wall behind the listening sofa before? I've been meaning to get into room treatment, and the issues youve solved sound similar to how my room is now after replacing carpet with floating floorboards.
  2. Yep, but I thought it was 750SH (for shibata) not 750ML? Either way, first post is fixed, sorry about the confusion!
  3. Oops, just realised I listed it as a VM750ML (which I believe doenst exist), it should be VM740ML. Editing first post now.
  4. Further information: Selling an Audio Technica VM740ML Moving Magnet phono cartridge. This cart has approx 80 hours of use, and will come with an Audio Technica HS10 Black universal headshell. This was mostly used on an AT LP5 turntable that I recently sold, and made a great match. Unfortunately on my new TT, there is a little too much energy imparted by the new arm, so I've decided to move to a different brand of MC cart. Please note the cart and headshell will be in separate boxes. I cant pre-mount the cartridge for you as I dont have an appropriate arm here to properly align the cart within the headshell. I am happy to sell locally or post anywhere in Australia. (Note, there was a typo in the title, the cartridge is a VM740ML, not 750 as previously listed). Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  5. Further information: Selling a Graham Slee Era Gold V MM Phono stage, together with the Graham Slee PSU1 external power supply. These retail for US$1000 and US$250 respectively. This is a great phono stage for anyone using an MM cartridge. Ridiculously quiet, and every bit as good as a (far more expensive) Plinius phonostage I have here, was even quite competitive against a PS Audio Stellar I recently tried. Fremer seems to go nuts over the Graham Slee Era Gold V and still uses it in most of his online audience blind listening/voting comparisons etc. I'm happy to sell this locally, or I can post it anywhere in Australia (at an agreed price). I will also be selling an AudioTechnica VM740ML MM cart separately. Photos:
  6. If you do end up interested in Osborns, I'll be helping a friend sell his Grand Monuments shortly (in Melbourne). Since you are into pro audio stuff, another option is something like Neumann KH310's (studio monitors). I have a pair, they work great in a HiFi context, and they have EQ switches on the back, including some to notch the treble down a few db (i've only used them on horrible recordings, but they make a big difference when the highs are quite annoying).
  7. Would love to know more about its basket case status, when I sold it to your client in Taz I didnt think it was *that* bad. But then I had my triplanar attached via a $2 clamp from bunnings, so our standards are clearly different. Also that isnt a Teres platter, it was bought from Red Point, and was one of their prototype designs when they were doing alu/pvc stuff before moving onto other materials. The bearings were bought from Teres, while they were selling off the last of their DIY parts. The laminate plinth was put together quickly during a weekend (made of Jarrah wood) and I never planned it to be permanent, actually quite surprised you kept it. But I thought the whole combination of materials sounded really good. I emailed the owner recently to see how he is going, and he seemed over the moon with all the work you have done - which I'm glad to hear. I left the Hi-Fi world a while back, and sold all my stuff, and honestly the turntable is the only thing I missed. Not the fancy Vacuumstate pre and power tube amps or VAF i93's or anything else. So seeing it restored in such a great way actually gives me joy that it lives on better than ever.
  8. For sale is an LP Morgan Galleria Novares 100 inch screen (4:3 format) fixed screen, with velour surround. If you have the ability to do an accurate 45degree cut in the aluminium frame, it is simple enough to convert this screen to a 92" 16:9 screen (as both screens are exactly 2030cm in width). The result will be something similar to the 92in LP Morgan in the attached photo that replaced the 100in screen in my set up. (If you do a quick search, youll see 92in 16:9 Novares screens can sell for over $1500). I dont have the ability to transport this screen, so whoever purchases it will need to pick it up with a van or similar. Further information: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. I believe gain wise you should be fine. If you use the 12dB setting on the Piccolo, you will get that 0.12mV up to 0.48mV which is in the region of a typical MC cart. Placing that into your 58dB MC amp the output will be in the region of just below 0.4V. So that part should work out fine. What loading options do you have on your MC amp, might be good if you can you choose something higher than 100ohm to make it easier on the Piccolo2 output stage? Hagerman is very responsive to emails, it might be best to ask him to be sure. I'm looking at the Piccolo2 myself as an option to get me by while sorting out which long term MC phono stage to go with.
  10. I used to have one of these back in the day and really really enjoyed it. Great MM cart.
  11. RRP $799 Further information: Fantastic entry-level turntable with 5-Star review on What Hifi https://www.whathifi.com/au/audio-technica/lp5/review I've used this as a re-entry into vinyl and love this turntable, I actually prefer it to a Rega P3 I owned a while ago. I am selling due to an upgrade. Included is the AT95EX factory stylus with less than 30 hours on it (I will also be selling an AT VM740ML soon, with approx 60 hours of usage on it, a great match for this table). The built-in Phono Stage makes this easy to integrate with Active Speakers or Integrated amplifiers that don't have a Phono Stage. It also offers USB to record your vinyl on your PC. Although I recommend you use an external phonostage to do this table justice. Comes with original box/packaging. Photos:
  12. Further information: Just received (as in it was delivered a few minutes ago) this brand new Moerch DP-6 with 12in Red arm wand (chrome), from our friends AudioReference in NZ. Unfortunately as it was being delivered I came across an irresistible deal on a complete turntable set up, and I no longer require the DP-6. I'll be happy to supply the buyer with receipts and whatever is necessary from Audioreference so they can be covered under warranty. Obviously I'm selling this at a slight loss, so let my loss be your gain! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Attached the front page of the manual to avoid confusion regarding model (phone number / address blurred incase its not readibly available).
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