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  1. Item: I'm helping setup a family friend's son with his first hifi system. Working on a tight budget. Looking for a good entry level integrated amp in the $200-$300 price range. To be paired with a LSK M4 mini (8 ohm impedance, 84dB sensitivity) and used as a desktop / nearfield bedroom setup. Price Range: $200-300 Item Condition: New or Used
  2. tem: DB25 male to 4+ RCA male cable Location: Melbourne Price: $30 incl. postage? Item Condition: as long as it's working I need to connect a mini dsp to an old receiver for my diy office system. Anyone have an old DB25 to RCA cable lying around? I need 4 channels. So any cable with 4+ connections should do (I've seen 6 and 8 connection models before).
  3. Item: DB25 male to 4+ RCA male cable Location:Melbourne Price: $30? Item Condition: as long as it's working I need to connect a mini dsp to an old receiver for my diy office system. Anyone have an old DB25 to RCA cable lying around? I need 4 channels. So any cable with 6+ connections should do.
  4. A friend is selling a Benchmark DAC1 paired with Dynaudio 110A active speakers: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dynaudio-110-A-Speakers-Benchmark-DAC1-/221538946168
  5. I'm looking for a Mini DSP with 2x in and 4x out. Preferably in a case already. http://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-2x4 Budget: $60-70 depending on casing. Cheapie 4 channel power amplifier. Must handle 4 ohm loads. Otherwise no major requirements. Budget: $50-100 depending on quality. Thanks!
  6. Sorry for the delayed response. I've been trying to get some things in my life sorted which meant less computer time and the removal of compulsive SNA browsing from my daily habits. I've at least been getting plenty of listening in. I can't believe the new toy syndrome hasn't worn off yet. I'm appreciating the capabilities and nuances of my system more with each passing day. It is absolutely the best HiFi purchase I have ever made. Then I come back here and find that I have some free upgrades waiting for me Stuart, Might have to be next weekend. I'll hopefully be out rock climbing this weekend (weather permitting).
  7. It's been great weather for doing some riding of my own as well. Had an excellent ride this weekend and last thanks to the spring weather that has finally decided to show itself in Melbourne. Going to take a while to readjust to the saddle after being too lazy over winter though
  8. On the other hand, I'm sure your ears and your heart want to know I've got a friend upgrading from a lesser Osborn system (Eclipses + Consonance M800s) to the CX3B bookshelves. He still lives in a share house so it will be installed in his average size bedroom. I can let you know how he goes with them in his room. Surely if you decided on going down the SGR route, you would be able to recoup most of the cost anyways by selling your current speakers and power amps on the second hand market. Although I'm afraid it might break the colour scheme you've got going there. Maybe you can put in a special order for a Jarrah finish
  9. Meant to comment on this earlier. Is that a common expression that I haven't heard before? Or is that something you just came up with? I'm still chuckling at what your thought process must have been if you just came up with that expression. The mental image of you trying to cut through a banana with the amp is even more amusing
  10. There is some significant boost of the lower frequencies in the crossover to get the low bass response so flat and deep (esepcially considering the driver size and sealed cabinet alignment) which sucks up most of the amplifier power. Even with the non-updated firmware I haven't tripped the protection in normal listening. It's only when I've been testing the speakers capabilities that I've had it trigger. SGR was very upfront about the volume limitations from the beginning. I was advised that if I wanted to really blast loud bassy music that a sub would be required. Using the provided electronics of the CX4F there is a built in sub-crossover at 40Hz which will relieve the speakers of the low frequencies (and their associated amplifier sucking boosting) freeing up a lot of headroom for dynamic passages and extra volume. You can also use the provided tuning capabilities to reduce the low end output to relieve some amplifier strain and increase your volume level at the expense of low end extension. I haven't felt it necessary to pursue either option, but I normally listen in the 80-85dB range so I may not be the best person to comment on this aspect. Thanks for mentioning Kruder Dorfmesiter and Leftfield. Hadn't given either a listen on the new system yet. Got K&D Sessions pumping now with some Leftfield in the playback queue.
  11. That's at the LP (2.75M) . So the 1M dB output would be a bit higher again.
  12. Can you please have Harry take some pics of these before they head out the door? I'd love to see how they turn out.
  13. I'm impressed you were able to drive it into clipping. When I had the lower powered EL15 on hand Stuart asked me to test the features and I had to drive it painfully loud with bass heavy music to get it to clip and my speakers were less sensitive than yours (87db vs. 91db). Did you have an SPL meter handy? How loud were you listening? Were you applying any EQ boost in any area?
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