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  1. I would love these but I'm in Melbourne so can't do pick up. Can you get a price for postage?
  2. Hugo 2 has four different filters did you try them all? If not you may have found a preference for one of the others you didn't listen to.
  3. Thanks everyone. I have switched all the power valves and input valves, switches are correct. Have gone back to old amp and I'm talking to sound labs group about getting servicing. Only tube I don't have a spare for is the 6CJ3 dumper tube. Long shot but is there anyone in Melbourne (I'm in Northcote) with a spare or loanable 6CJ3? There doesn't seem to be any for sale in Oz that I can find. Cheers
  4. Thanks guys. I have golden ear triton ones, which have powered subs which use dsp for the crossover to the mids and tweeters which the learn powers. But the connection is just plus and minus as per normal speakers. Sure if there was an issue with the electronics in a speaker I could imagine the whole speaker losing sound as the dsp wouldn't pass through the mids and treble. But I can't see how the would both fade down at the same time and back again even if both were faulty. Unless only having one speaker working then causes the amp to misbehave?!?!? Speakers are quite new with plenty of warranty so I guess I can go back to my old pre and power amp and see if I get the same issue. Won't sound as good as my beloved Leben though. I'll also plug in a set of headphones to the Leben and flick over to the headphone section when it happens again and see if I still get sound. If anyone has any other ideas, that would be much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Wondering if anyone has an idea what might be causing an issue with my Leben CS600. While listening last night the sound faded away to nothing and then came back, it happened 2 or 3 more times randomly. Even the amount of time it was quiet varied. I'm hoping it's a valve/tube issue as that easily replaced. The only tube issues I have had in the past (with other valve equipment, no issue with the Leben before this) have been obvious with crackling sounds audible with no music playing. Could this be the dumper tube designed to protect the other valves on startup? I'm thinking this because the sound is fading on both channels. Any other valve issue I would've thought would only relate to one side. Are there any other possible causes anyone can think of e.g. Something overheating, transformer issue? Anyone experienced the same symptom with a Leben or other valve based amp or a solid state amp for that matter? This weekend I'll role some tubes (probably won't get time until Sunday night) but I don't have a spare for the dumper tube. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. And people like me are only experiencing issues seemingly at peak times i.e. evenings and weekends i.e. When I have time to listen to it LOL!
  7. Smooth as today at work again only 320 kbps, but even that bitrate stutters when Tidal is having issues. Listening to Live's - The Turn, in preparation for the gig at the Forum tonight. So no tidal for me tonight, but will whack it on when I get home from work to see how it fairs early evening, I expect same issues as yesterday.
  8. Perfectamundo played without issue, then Julie London - Latin in a Satin mood was a stuttering mess. Now listening to Live's - The Turn stuttering also.
  9. Just started getting constant stuttering at work every 15-20 seconds, Perfectamundo. Work uses optus. Speedtest says 16mbps. Guess I'm not too optimistic about performance at home tonight :-(
  10. Listened to 3 tracks so far of perfectamundo at 320kbps (to save work bandwidth) no buffering so far! Let hope this continues tonight. It's got that Santana latin/blues feel. Apparently Billy was mentored by Tito Puente as a kid.
  11. New Billy Gibbons album is called Perfectamundo. I am at work now so can't check but like johnnygohard mine was the worst ever last night. I tried Rumours thinking a more popular album might be better but buffering at least every 20 second. Terrible. I am streaming to a Squeezebox touch via ickstream. iPad with the Tidal app just as bad.
  12. I find sometime the first track of an album will play without issue, then it starts buffering after that. Try a few songs in a row from one relatively obscure album. I tried the new Billy Gibbons album last night. Very nicely recorded and produced, but a stuttering mess from track two onwards.
  13. iinet between 16-18 mbps. Still doesn't explain why it started happening to a bunch of us at the same time on different ISP's. I reckon it's the meta data collection getting turned on. I'm only half joking.
  14. Jinxed it! now buffering every 20 seconds or so
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