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  1. The performance of this model lens is remarkable. I was lucky enough to borrow one from a friend for a while and the shots remain some of my favorite ever. 24mm and 1.4 is a superb look. If I was still a Canon full frame user this would be gone. GLWTS
  2. Yes Papajero has the link it is a monster thread but it is real and it works. I went down the rabbit hole. For years I wanted to be able to rip an SACD for higher than CD quality 2 channel playback for those albums where the only way to get this was SACD. I was originally looking at a PS3 etc but they were getting older and more expensive then I happened on the above thread. I have an IT background and was able to source an ebay special for $50 and rip SACD. It can be fiddly but it worked for me. I have a handful of titles perhaps six now and have been able to play them back both on the HT system 2 channel and 5.1 channel as well as on the main rig via my Chord Qutest. Regarding 2 channel playback the differences are subtle (Note I think Chord devices play back redbook files very well and this could narrow the difference). Most of the DSD rips played back on my main rig are audiophile "better" ie easier detail, better texture, better sense of space if appropriate though the formats were far more alike than different and conveyed similar enjoyment / emotion. Great albums still sound great. I also like it intellectually and for this reason it will be in my playback chain. I like it sonically but I am not sure everyone would think it is a better sound. Another reason to consider if it is worth it is you can now stream hi-res via Qobuz and buy hi-res via say HDtracks. For me there is no point getting an SACD when a 24/192 PCM version is available (I note provenience of the source material can be difficult to ascertain). I have found the number of SACDs I want are few and they can be quite expensive second hand. For me I am glad I have done it did and would be interested in trying my discs in a player the next time I am shopping in my LHS. Are you able to take your hybrid discs down and see for yourself? Cheers, Nick
  3. Hi Cardiiiii I am interested where in Melbourne are you? Kind regards, Nick
  4. Seadog I am interested though have a few questions. I will PM Cheers, Nick
  5. Nice, Congratulations on your need for two more doors I spent some of my youth in a 205 GTI and a 206 GTi and they are welded into my memory as awesome awesome superb cars and this one can only be in the same vein. I wish I needed a car right now, or somewhere to put another, or some kids that were just about to drive or ..... GLWTS
  6. I will take David Gilmour live at Pompei bluray, INXS Kick LP and Jimi Hendrix Axis bold as Love SACD Thanks Nick
  7. I have used the ER20 'plugs and they work well I often lose pairs to mates who ask if I have spares I also had a pair of these made up and they are constant gig companions. https://pro.ultimateears.com/microsonic-earplugs.html They work well and the sound is good. I find for really heavy gigs the goose bumps when the bass pumps bass actually manages to shake them in my ears and I perceive more bass and the sound is unbalanced. Still worth it for me. Cheers, Nick
  8. Hi, May I have the Police for $55 Thanks, Nick
  9. Item: Dynaudio Contour Center Price Range: From $600 depending on condition Item Condition: Used - would prefer good/v. good condition and would prefer black Extra Info: Melbourne preferred I am looking for a Dynaudio Contour Center to make my 4.1 theatre 5.1 For information: https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/contour/contour-center Please let me know if you have one of these that you are not using or are willing to part with. Cheers, Nick
  10. These are great bags, incredibly tough and well thought out. GLWTS Nick
  11. Item: Rega Planet CD player Location: Melbourne 3068 Price: $250 plus shipping Item Condition: Good working order Reason for selling: No longer being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees) Extra Info: This is an original Rega Planet CD Player with the fantastic top loading mechanism. It has provided trouble free service and is a joy to use and is a CD player that supports index marks. One of the feet is a little loose - this should be straight forward to resolve and whilst the display elements all work they vary in brightness though this in no way detracts from the functionality I had held onto this to be able to play CDs when they arrived in the house though with streaming and being able to purchase music to download when we recently moved house it was time to find a new owner. It sounds great for a player of its epoch and price point and garnered praise on its release. "Fortunately, as I listened to the Rega Planet, nothing raised its head to interfere with the music. Its sound was singularly grain-free. This is not, in the overworked phrase, because the player sounds like "analog." It doesn't. But there was an ease to its presentation that was seductive in the extreme." John Atkinson https://www.stereophile.com/cdplayers/634/index.html Questions welcome. Nick
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