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  1. These are great bags, incredibly tough and well thought out. GLWTS Nick
  2. Item: Rega Planet CD player Location: Melbourne 3068 Price: $250 plus shipping Item Condition: Good working order Reason for selling: No longer being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees) Extra Info: This is an original Rega Planet CD Player with the fantastic top loading mechanism. It has provided trouble free service and is a joy to use and is a CD player that supports index marks. One of the feet is a little loose - this should be straight forward to resolve and whilst the display elements all work they vary in brightness though this in no way detracts from the functionality I had held onto this to be able to play CDs when they arrived in the house though with streaming and being able to purchase music to download when we recently moved house it was time to find a new owner. It sounds great for a player of its epoch and price point and garnered praise on its release. "Fortunately, as I listened to the Rega Planet, nothing raised its head to interfere with the music. Its sound was singularly grain-free. This is not, in the overworked phrase, because the player sounds like "analog." It doesn't. But there was an ease to its presentation that was seductive in the extreme." John Atkinson https://www.stereophile.com/cdplayers/634/index.html Questions welcome. Nick
  3. I have taken my Xbox gaming onto the PC so no longer have a need for one. I will most likely upgrade my PS4 to a PS5 there are a few games we all enjoy as a family predominantly the Lego series games. Nick
  4. Hi mminnett, Are you able to share the dimensions? Cheers Nick
  5. Happy with $3 please PM your bank details.
  6. I will take this, How much to post to 3068? Cheers, Nick
  7. I used to have a pair of these they are awesome! I miss them I wish I was in a position to pick up another pair. Nick
  8. The Legend / Redgum room at the show in Melbourne a while back still sticks in my mind it was such a good sound. GLWTS. Nick
  9. Have you tried a power cable out power cycle? Cheers Nick
  10. This is a great deal for one of these - a current product that is US$350 new I am surprised it is still available - I love mine. GLWTS Nick
  11. I have heard one of these and they sound amazing - shame I am not looking right now. This is a steal. GLWTS Nick
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