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  1. This is a great deal for one of these - a current product that is US$350 new I am surprised it is still available - I love mine. GLWTS Nick
  2. I have heard one of these and they sound amazing - shame I am not looking right now. This is a steal. GLWTS Nick
  3. Thanks Scumbag, Good review. I had the pleasure of listening to an XA30.8 recently and your words do nothing to dissuade me from trying to listen to the XA25 as well. I may need to make the trip to Sydney Class A here in Melbourne didn't have one on the floor last time I asked. Cheers, Nick
  4. Sorry I misread your response I thought you were indicating you didn't want DXD/DSD256, I get it now
  5. The TASCAM ML-16D is AES67 and Ravenna compatible
  6. I had a look at hardware available for Ravenna and there is a dearth in the enthusiast space. What is available seems geared towards professional recording and large installations it may be that the Hapi example above is the most economic for more channels that the Anubis. As I was writing this post I had another stab and found this. Perhaps we are not so far away after all? https://www.musoscorner.com.au/ml16d-16-channel-analog-dante-converter Cheers, Nick
  7. I reached out to Frank at https://www.attaudiocontrols.com/ regarding the Merging + Anubis and he indicates introductory pricing for the Pro is 2,150.00 plus GST, Premium 3,135.00 plus GST. I presume this is AUD we are both in Melbourne. I have been hunting for a converter this has piqued my interest. Cheers, Nick
  8. Item: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Black Art no. 506250 M2 AEBT Location: Melbourne, 3068 Price: $220 (includes donation to StereoNET) plus postage Item Condition: Excellent condition only a handful of hours use and have spent the rest of their time in the soft case, I can't find a mark on them. Reason for selling: Can't turn off the active noise cancelling Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Transfer Extra Info: This pair is the over-ear model For sale is a pair of Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones purchased June last year from Addicted to Audio here in Melbourne. They sound great the only reason they didn't become my go to wireless cans is that for some people active noise cancelling (ANC) can be sensed as pressure on the ear and I perceive this. The ANC cannot be disabled. In all other respects they live up to the Sennheiser sound and quality and any buyer happy with ANC will find these superb. It is time they were used again. https://en-au.sennheiser.com/momentum-wireless Questions welcome. Cheers, Nick Pictures:
  9. I love my 30.2 speakers they are not going anywhere this is great deal and a steal at this price. Nick
  10. All good, I wish I needed a source I hope you find a home for it they are an amazing sounding player. Nick
  11. Hi Cafad, Are these still on the market? Nick
  12. I have had the pleasure of hearing this system and it is very impressive. I have also had the pleasure of knowing the seller for decades and you would be hard pressed to find someone who is more fair and reasonable - buy with confidence. Nick
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