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  1. Don’t know but seller is genuine and a nice guy.
  2. Nah , they are not available anymore as the chap who bought them resold them for $500 a week later. Way undervalued.
  3. ECM currently spinning

    Check out Shinya Fukumori Trio “For 2 Akis” ,brilliant album and fantastic recording.
  4. The other mob always had their shows in October so I don’t know where you got your information from. The stereo net show we exhibited at was in winter as I remember minus5’ at Canberra on the way down and how long it took for the transformers to warm up in the amps.
  5. I want to see the jarrah before I commit . It had want to be pretty special. I should have bought some jarrah Birdseye slabs when I had the opportunity years ago. Missed because I blinked.
  6. VPI based turntable

    Perhaps it's late in the evening and my eyes are tired but I can't see a bearing under the platter and the platter itself seems to be resting comfortably on that marvellous expression of artistry ply plinth. Would there be another shot available that perhaps shows the perceived missing bearing present and snugly mounted? Maybe it's just hidden under that mass of brass, as I said, the images convey a sense of mystery. glwts by the way, seems to be a polite custom thing to say these days. upon returning to the images and enlarging to a huge size as allowed by iPads, I see a faint smudge of what could be a bearing through the opacity of the acrylic. Normal order is restored. Again, a stonking bargain sure to be enjoyed by one keen eyed enthusiast.
  7. Would you like some alnicos to play with.......? i can organise the silver inductors, copper or silver foil caps, silver litz, all you have to do is come up with the Russian birch ply and I'll supply my bank details. Simplze.
  8. Transrotor turntable , not clear audio, love the Whisky collection, who said hifi had to be serious. Obviously none of them have read Zaph and his pearls of what you need.
  9. NRL Footy Tipping

    let's just wait and see how the other ones line up first. looking forward to tomorrow.
  10. NRL Footy Tipping

    3 from 3 , early days but still good to have the games back.
  11. currently drinking

    Might have to have a Porfidio later tonight , good for the digestion. Cheers.
  12. NRL Footy Tipping

    I'm just tipping for the hope of a perfect round .
  13. You realise there is a t-shirt in that. " What hifi show? I'm looking for Joz's bong"
  14. I don't know but I play puscifer and noisia at the hifi shows quite often and no one has gotten up and left the room and although I haven't seen any smoking jackets amongst attendee's, I suspect a few audiophiles were in the numbers. I've got a few big arse bass tracks lined up for October just for you though. And some anouer brahem for your meditating moments. Cheers. I almost forgot, all on an 8" 2 way of course.
  15. Aussie amps

    As meatloaf would say," two out of three ain't bad". you have to laugh though, what are the chances of blue round buttons, engraving and brushed aluminium. It like those cartoon chipmunks, "no, after you. No, I insist. Really , please." I wonder if it's the same font?