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  1. If you google Audio Note Australia, the second listing is for the Facebook page and the mono attenuator photo is very recent, you won't have to go looking for it. I'm posting on an iPad and I hate trying to click and drag. Sorry.
  2. They are on our Facebook page if you want to have a look. Made by the uk company who's product we import. All custom, no bought in componentry. Very different to the elma switches.
  3. If you think that's expensive, you should hear what I just put in my pre.
  4. Show us your tubes

    He took a break from the forum, needed to clear his head from all noise and opinions. He is still enjoying grapes squeezed really hard and has been trying some new stuff with his system so hopefully he might breeze back in one day if he doesn't get eaten by a shark off Cottesloe one day in the meantime.
  5. Retailer margins

    Id love to see an employer of an sna forum member working a normal 36 hour week turn around and say you spent 6 hours checking out your website this week so I think a 15% discount on your wages is fair, you will still be able to eat, we are guaranteed of your return business and as for word of mouth, I know your Facebook page. How does that sound, win/win all round.
  6. I'll take the tungsols thanks. Will pm in an hour.
  7. SOLD: FS: Hardwood HIFI Rack custom made

    Only the afzelia is on the endangered list, the zylia is used as a reaforestation timber after they have chopped down the afzelia.
  8. Celelstion SL 600

    86-88 downstairs in quality hifi, room at the back on the left hand side, Rick would have probably played them, maybe a logic TT but definitely stax solid state pre and monos. They were eventually sold as there was only one set and the old man wanted full retail and many years later I did some modifications to them.
  9. Celelstion SL 600

    The stax amps were solid state, not tube. I worked there for 2 years when that system was in use. Cheers.
  10. Keith_W system

    Just admit it , you always had an admiration for mr creosote.
  11. Keith_W system

    I was just looking at the website and trying to work out what a descerning audiophile was and you come along joz and want to eat the ultimate preamp, must be the weather.
  12. Buzzing toroidal transformer

    Most blockers I sell go to people using them for their visual displays, nothing to do with hifi .
  13. Buzzing toroidal transformer

    The major cause of DC on the mains are solar panel inverters hooked up to the mains supply, mostly inexpensive units belonging to neighbours.
  14. Accuphase

    That might be Janson at audio connection at there one shop at Leichhardt. Drummoyne closed quite a few months ago. Audio excellence closed 25 years ago.
  15. Celelstion SL 600

    The subs were the sl6000 dipoles with a pretty basic equalisation unit. They were essentially a pair of open baffle 12 inch celestion guitar speakers set up in a push- pull configuration. Required a fair amount of power and not entirely successful in integrating with the sl600's. I was working for the importer/ retailer at the time so the details are there, just need dredging up. SBS tv was actually the biggest buyer of them as they used the 600/6000 series in quite a few monitoring studios along with numerous audio lab 8000 components, pre's, powers Etc.