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  1. some people read threads and some people don't, doesn't mean you can't bang on with your own drum, happened twice already, bets on who the third will be?
  2. You're about to find out. I made the speaker cables and interconnects. Works well with shindo gear and that's the gear that the guy who raves about it uses so maybe that's the synergy. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. I made a 3 mtr biwire pair out of curiosity. Someone else is using it. It's a funky tone.
  4. No carbon fibre composite Andy. Only ductile aircraft aluminium for me now. I have a new record mat if you want to try, guaranteed to bounce the tunes around. Addicted would have a fit if you tried it though.
  5. I've made armboards out of solid timbers, mostly rock maple and cocobola, corian and to be honest, the last material I would use is mdf. It's a material that works well and is honest for a fabricated reconstituted wood pulp product. It bears no tonal characteristic to any tone wood and has the deadness associated with micro pulp wood fibres and glue. Andy is right as to how it sounds, sorry if it doesn't agree with some other opinions.
  6. Rosewood is a very generic name to a timber supplier, you would be met with a questioning look as to what rosewood are you referring too. Try to narrow the field and you will find they all have different properties which may be beneficial to the specific requirement.
  7. Not all speaker cabinets are made of mdf. Quite a few reasonable sounding ones are using ply for a number of sonic reasons.
  8. Cables for Avantgarde speakers

    I hope you have consulted a medical professional about that "convolution" stuff, it can get pretty nasty if left untreated. By the way, what length cables do you need for your system?
  9. I was taking the piss. I don't know how many people have contacted me wanting recones and driver replacements because snell doesn't exist and everyone thinks that AN speakers are the same. He licensed the design from Peter Snell and was the distributor into Denmark. Snell was happy to take the money. Here ends the history lesson.
  10. After a lengthy and detailed conversation with Qvortrup, he suggested if you change the boxes, the drivers, the x-overs and the cable harness, then they may sound like the current production versions. Common enough thought as to history and assumptions, neat speakers and worth the dollars for a pair of Snell's thanks for the comments on the sound at the show. Cheers.
  11. Probably one more release before the end of the year and probably 3 or 4 each year is the plan at this stage.
  12. There are more recordings to be released that have already been recorded including another cello / piano with Vincent. The range will not be restricted to this style of performance only but you have to start somewhere.
  13. MC cart, worth trying?

    You're starting to sound like the fat bastard from the 2 ronnies.
  14. 15 amp only increases the size of the earth pin, there is no difference in active or neutral.
  15. MC cart, worth trying?

    And so it begins.....