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  1. guru

    Speaker upgrade

    Seems par for the course these days. That ribbon tweeter, metal cone drivers and emotiva combination will be insightful.
  2. guru

    NRL Footy Tipping

    As a bunnies card carrying member, keep up the tipping.
  3. guru

    Post some pics thread...

    Looks more like you're signalling to the mother ship for a lift home......
  4. AVO meters, old things with precision indicator arms.
  5. A lot of teenage boys would sigh a great sigh of relief if they read the Oxford definition of a hobby and created an immediate defence cry " I'm just working on my hobby Mum, I'll be out of the shower in a minute".
  6. guru

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    I think you have to appreciate that speakers of this nature were used as a broadcast monitoring device principally based on reproducing speech and the vocal range as naturally as possible. They are not for everything but what they do, they do exceptionally well.
  7. guru

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Jim Rogers was responsible for these using the ls3/5a drivers but in a significantly different cabinet. I listen to a pair every time I turn on the tv.
  8. guru

    Audio Note DAC

    No, mine was always the best, it had componentry in it that I could never imagine anyone sanely using, yamamurra low voltage cabling, Blackgate non Polar's ,sogon signal cable, double stacked pmc-63k chips, silver foil, Teflon boards, Viton o-ring suspension of Canadian rock maple chassis, cocobola chassis, complete physical isolation of the 2 mains transformers, bocchino RCA sockets, the list could go on.
  9. guru

    Audio Note DAC

    I've rebuilt about 30 odd dacs now so no surprise there are a few out there still crunching 1's and 0's. I have one coming in on Sunday for silver resistors and silver foil caps and mains rewiring as a final rebuild, the owner just bought a CDT4 transport and wanted to push the DAC as far as it could go.
  10. I'd give the UN a call and ask to speak to Louise who is in charge of third world minority group incident reporting and she can organise a team from medicines San frontiers to fly in to help with the shattering you experienced and organise a televised sir bob geldof live aid concert to raise awareness that perfect sound forever lasts longer than 30 years.
  11. guru

    Thicker Power cable?

    The contact pins are exactly the same as in the Clipsal 1439 plugs that sell for about $8 which are the ones with the transparent rear cover. The large plug shown has had an orange locking collar removed which would generally mate onto a matching socket, either inline or on wall. Generally the transparent covers are used in cold environment situations allowing for quick inspection. As for durability, that's what they are designed for in harsh conditions, depends on what the situation is like behind your gear. The contact mechanism of wire attaching compared to the furutech's are chalk and cheese, likewise the contact materials used. cheers.
  12. If I had a room that looked that busy and angular, I wouldn't feel comfortable sitting there, sorry to take a contrary view but nothing for me to aspire too.
  13. Flip it over and it's just plain silver. I tried to convince Les to make a plain black one but no go so far. I also have been chopping up the small equipment feet to use under tonearm boards as a constrained layer to great effect.
  14. Your plan doesn't give enough information as to what the roof structure/ cavity space will be above the room so determinations of what may be required are hard to make regarding access and controls. There are at least 10 questions I would ask as an installer if I was looking at the job without even getting down to small details. Significant costs could be made in terms of noise abatement or funds redirected into significant variations that would lead to improved performance. Cable runnering as you have done before is one thing but getting this to be a high performance system is going to require significantly more input than the questions you have asked. i used to do this type of installation as a job for quite a few years so I know a thing or 2 about what you are after.
  15. guru

    MC step up transformer

    I think you are going to need more gain William for your IO though.