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  1. Shindo Preamp Hierarchy

    He is a regular poster on here about his system at home, why not sent him a pm.
  2. neither I nor AN have anything to do with the kit business as the current models have next to no componentry nor design that is associated with current AN products. it used to be a good business model to use the b grade stock in the kits as a way of not turning out of spec components into landfill but the drift away by the kits company quickly spiked that. I have built phono stages using that design but much higher quality components and it sounded very good.
  3. I only use the silver tants for my own stuff and the non mags if the silver values aren't available. the 2 watt shinkoh tants go for an absolute bomb that certain buyers love for their tonal balance and character. there is a considerable difference between the 2 though.
  4. It's a circa 94-96 vintage m1 phono RIAA with a power supply from someone else. It was designed with either 4 12ax7's in use or 2 12au7 and 2 12ax7's in use. Only looking at the values of the components used would you be able to determine which is the original spec.
  5. Audio myths and misconceptions

    If silver costs 100 times the equivalent weight of copper, how did you come up with with that cost equations? No doubt there must be some humour in there somewhere.
  6. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Can I buy all you can supply at $16 / kg? I will take tonnes. generally I pay around $750 a kg so your deal is amazing.
  7. I was hoping you were wrong but seriously , on consecutive weekends.
  8. FS: Jazz/World CD’s

    You did well.
  9. I don't know about my eyes, but I do have quite a few dozen that reflect the style that most appeals. Good books are a luxury I couldn't do without.
  10. Sorry Kaynin, it's one of 4 subscriptions I have these days, 2 architecture based and 2 hifi. It's the only one I read cover to cover and gladly pay £20 a copy for. You would enjoy it as well.
  11. After attending and exhibiting at numerous shows, I think most people should realise there are different categories of setup capabilities depending on whether the exhibitor employs sales reps to do the setup or the audiophile owner / distributor. Believe me, there will be a huge difference in the end sound. Glad you enjoyed the show. Doing 2 shows a year is not practical for us and so Melbourne missed out this year but next year we will bring down something special.
  12. agree with wilco, definitely version 1, they use the neutrik profi rca connectors.
  13. Audio myths and misconceptions

    The context of what was written and your reply is beautiful. Not only does it show you need new glasses but it finally indicates you are now waiver on the fence and are ready to embrace the world of tweakdom. Well done mr Quixote.
  14. currently drinking

    Could you imagine how many bottles they could sell on a weekend out of a van set up in the parking bay at the 3 sisters in Katoomba. If they couldn't move 1500 a weekend they aren't trying.