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  1. I haven't seen dynamic peak power used as a marketing slogan since the 80's when I used to sell portables and Sony had 440 watts peak power on one of there units. It was always a letdown to tell a customer it was actually 12 watts a side but we still sold a truck full of them.
  2. That's something I would be reluctant to do given it looks like you have removed the braid shield and outer insulation and just relying on the insulation around the centre core which I would find not suitable for insulation just by it's material nature. I'm sure it works and has a particular sound that could be appealing but .......
  3. Either that or it's zaphods new system as "kettle cords" are de riguere.
  4. Commonly called "kettle cords", generally used to generate those pretty blue lights. Given you ocassionally see setups slightly similar in hotel rooms at hifi shows in an attempt to minimise crap sounding rooms, it is possible someone might have seen them set up like that and thought why not. I have my own speakers pushed into corners, 5 cm's off side and rear walls and 45' on an angle and that works. Possiblely something similar in October depending on the room.
  5. I can't see speaker cables or interconnects so I think it is an advertising photo shoot rather than an actual setup. There was one the other day for Dutch and Dutch speakers were the guy was sitting there holding a Michael Jackson album in front of the speakers and nothing connecting the speakers, no leads , nothing. Great look as long as you don't look to hard.
  6. Oleg is an electronics technician of over 40 years experience so I think he has a reasonable grip on what would be required..
  7. The oto SE has a 4 ohm tap on the output transformers so the speakers would pose no problem. Considering they are going to be used nearfield in a desktop situation, I would think late night spl levels are going to be reasonably low and the amp in question doesn't need to be turned up to generate dynamics at a low output level.
  8. guru


    Pearl tube coolers.
  9. guru

    Bocchino vs WBT spades

    I don't sell them but I do use his RCA plugs and spades for some expensive cabling. As for beryllium copper, silver plating then gold plating, that I have seen only once before but that was solid silver ribbon with a gold mix that was done that way in a bid to use the gold to minimise the crystalline boundaries in the silver. It was originally cast and then rolled. Very good sounding cable. Don't know about multi layer plating although most connectors have a layer of nickel over the base material and then gold otherwise the gold looks dull rather than bright, it also makes it a little more durable.
  10. Remember there are 2 shows in Melbourne this year, on consecutive weekends no less.
  11. guru

    NRL Footy Tipping

    And while you are tipping so accurately, can you send me your tips for powerball next week.
  12. guru

    Tidal Speakers and GrooveWorks.

    These are what he is taking to the hifi show. I think they are about $85k
  13. Interestingly, in modern design concert halls, large scale concrete construction is used as aiding bass reinforcement, particularly around the stage area. Personally, I would have no issue with concrete walls and prefer over lightweight construction. Gyprock is a very average material acoustically as it acts like a drum skin over a large frequency range. We recently spent a lot of time in Japan and concrete is very much a chosen material and generally acoustics were superb.
  14. guru

    Danish Minimalism

    If you are interested in a matching CD player, I have one available as a trade in at a very good price. There is a 400 amp as well if you have a friend who likes your system.
  15. If you hadn't of bought them, I would have. Excellent tubes