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  1. The points were not needed of course, so that motivation was not necessarily present. Perhaps they were trying to protect Bottas' fragile ego. Probably nothing in it, just wondering.
  2. Strange call from Bono to Russell regarding his puncture with 9 laps to go. "Affirmative, this is a genuine puncture." I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist when it comes to F1, but that was odd. And the tyre guy did not study the tyre when it came off the car which they usually do (not a smoking gun of course). The media are not really talking about it much, instead focusing on the tyre mix up. But despite the mix up Russell would have passed Perez were it not for the "puncture".
  3. Also, WTF did MB pit Russell again?! That was so not necessary, he had healthy hard tyres on and track position. In that instance Hamilton would have queried the need for a pitstop, which is part of the reason why he is 7 x WDC.
  4. A great race, but we were robbed by the loss of Leclerc and Verstappen on Lap 1. George was ripped off by a rare MB stuff up. But Bottas is hopeless as usual. Perez DOTD for me by a country mile.
  5. That looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Fascinating to see Le Noise so far up. Although I love it I thought it was not so loved by the NY fanbase at the time of its launch.
  7. You have a smartphone; use it. Show us your pics. What I like about a pic from a smartphone is the spontaneity, the moment. Something often unattainable with a DSLR. The emphasis here is with that moment, not the equipment. What have you got?
  8. I've been enjoying this great 9 part mini series, plenty of gore, good fighting scenes, some good acting (some crap acting too of course). And they have Fever Ray for the theme track! http://youtu.be/91_5YxmJ9Ic
  9. Feel free to add any pics or stories on any cars of interest. Got a few iphone snaps of Rock n Roll George's beast today. I've seen the car cruising the city since I were a lad, and then lived in West End for 20 years and saw him every other day. Brissy has of course decided to adopt the vehicle as an icon of something or other since the departure of George, and it now lives at the Qld Museum.
  10. Haven't had one for years so I ventured into the new Dan Murphys today and came out with this. Chosen after carefully calculating the age vs dollar ratio (basically at random ). I have to say, what a smokey drop! Very nice. It's a bit like lapsang souchong but with a hell of kick! I think I will have to limit myself to one a day What else is good? Cheers, Jake
  11. I love a good box set. It feels like you are getting something special, and sometimes you are. What do you have, and what do you recommend? Ive got the following: Radiohead - In Rainbows Muse - The Resistance Neil Young - Original Release Series Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue Alison Krauss - Union Station Live MFSL Kraftwerk - Minimum-Maximum Mark Knopfler - Music for Film Echoes - The Best Of Pink Floyd Franklin Mint Classical Collection (100 records in 50 boxes) And would love sets by the following (some I know are available the others I have no idea): Tom Petty Talking Heads Ja
  12. I thought it about time we had a Currently Spinning for movies, as I just dont feel right adulterating the Currently Spinning thread with movies. And having just watched a modern classic what better time than to start now? Tonight's viewing was the Final Director's Cut of Blade Runner. A dark tale of a future world, where replicants are so real they learn emotions, and good old Harry Ford has the job of taking out the dodgy ones. Ive seen it before and been non-plussed, but now we have the PJ setup again the movie makes a whole lot more sense, especially when the viewing screen is 3m across
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