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  1. The Datum arm was very underated in its day. Used to have one fitted to a Logic Tempo Electronic TT. Nothing to do with Jelco I am afraid - they were designed and built in the UK. GLWS Mike
  2. SNA Members Top 50 Records during the 60's

    30. Love - Forever Changes
  3. Where to next?

    Sorry for the late reply gentlemen but what with work and bathroom reno's time has been in short supply. Some interesting comments. I do think a system is more about the music than the component parts. Trouble is I find after living through a golden age of music innovation (1965 - 1975) IMHO most of the so called new music these days is very derivative, unimaginative and boring, once again IMHO. My musical tastes have evolved over the years and have found some very interesting sounds in world music and jazz I have even been known to buy the odd classical CD. Why would I want to get a streamer when the laptop can do this and a lot more besides? I have heard many so called high end systems over the years and other than a an unscratched itch for electrostatics or heaven forbid some Sonabs (!!??) most of these systems have left me cold. The speakers I am running at the moment are a good example of you should not judge equipment by its brand. They have some reviled Chinese name but their build quality and sound is up there with some of the more illustrious ones like B & W, KEF etc which cost 3 -4 times the price. Anyway its time to sit back and enjoy some music which is what is all about at the end of the day. I wonder what the laptop will chose next? I love random play its like having your very own radio station without all the gabble, inane jokes and almost constant ads. Mike
  4. Where to next?

    Having been interested in audio since the early 70's and had various systems over the year's I have finally got to a stage where I am extremely happy with the sound I have achieved. Despite the system being a Frankenstein collection of components (see link below) it is very listenable for long periods, sounds good at both low and high volumes and has good sound staging and detail. Over the years I have gone from being a staunch vinyl advocate and loathing everything digital to now mostly playing music via the laptop. I find the handling of records there days to be a tedious task and very rarely play them. My taste in music ranges from The Beatles, Stones, 60's etc to Zepplin, Hendrix, prog, world music, Jazz and I have even dipped my toes into the classical world. So now I am asking myself - where to next? Any suggestions? http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/101347-tales-from-the-dog-kennel/ Mike PS If anyone would like to round from a listen, preferably during the day, please PM me. I am at Forest Lake, Brisbane. PPS The only other direction I can see the system going is with electrostatics so if anyone in Brissie has a pair I could come and have a listen I would appreciate it.
  5. Genesis 1 behemoths for sale in Perth.

    I like the 'you may be interested' section at the bottom of the ad - a pair of Sony towersa for $30. Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous! Mike PS I thought I had heavy speakers @ 55kgs each
  6. I am afraid to say rock & politics do not mix! It amazes me that sanctimonious musicians and actors think everyone should take notice of their rants and ramblings. Who cares what they think. Mike
  7. Richard Clapton

    Ralph was one of the first Aussie artists I got into when I came to Oz in the early eighties. Loved Hearts on the Nightline, Goodbye Tiger, Dark Spaces, The Great Escape etc. Have seen him on a few occasions even on my honeymoon! His recent output has been really patchy and I made the mistake of buying his last release - The House Of Orange - its bloody awful. IMHO Mike
  8. The World Most Annoying Songs

    Here's a few:- Mull of Kintyre Come on Eileen That bloody gangnam Korean plonker The Birdy Song Imagine - its so twee give me Cold Turkey any day Mike
  9. I Feel Like a Traitor.

    This lack of tone/balance controls on most amps only perpetuates the myth that all recordings are created equal and have the same tonal/frequency range. There are some recordings that are virtually unlistenable unless they are massaged with a bit of tone control. At the end of the day who cares so long as YOU are enjoying the sound your equipment makes. Mike
  10. Doing the Jitterbug

    Thanks for the suggestion but it did not make any difference. Am still trying various permutations. Mike
  11. Doing the Jitterbug

    Bought a Jitterbug for Xmas and when connected between my laptop and Maverick DAC I get a lot of static noise with the music!! Have tried it between the laptop and my USB router which has my mouse and external HDD plugged into it I get no static but am not sure it makes any difference. When I get time I shall try running the DAC plus Jitterbug from this port. Does it matter whether the its USB 2 or 3? Mike
  12. Why ? Why? Why?

    Get an amp with a balance control - problem solved!! Mike
  13. FS: Proac Tablettes $250

    So my old babies are up for sale. Great speakers. GLWS Mike
  14. Hi Matt The upgraded op amps and valve were an option made avaiiable by Maverick when the item was purchased so I don't know if the Op's are socketed. They don't sell the D1+ anymore - probably because it was too cheap for its stunning performance!! Mike