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  1. GREAT cans with a big following in China+Japan. I wouldn't part with mine for quids. Good buying here glws
  2. A silly question but one I've never been sure of: With a connection via USB-coaxial converter (max 24/192) do I need to set 24-bits in my audio software player? Or is this only necessary when upsampling? On another forum I was recently told that I need to 'tell' audio players the bit-rate of my DAC since a coaxial connection is unidirectional (one-way). Appreciate any help!
  3. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/245042-mini-review-mcchanson-6em7-set-headphone-amp/?tab=comments#comment-3888180
  4. Which version of the DAC19 are you selling? (DAC-19, DAC-19SE, DAC-19MK3, DAC-19DSP, or DAC-19 with PCM1704UK)?
  5. You're missing the point. Someone fairly new in the game should be receiving good advice. Elevating a Topping DAC to Chord Dave status is not helpful. Elevating a Topping DAC to $2000 status ditto. That's not to say that a well-implemented budget DAC can't deliver a good listening experience - the latest ES-9038 boards from China are incredibly good value. The ES9038 chip itself boasts great tonality and dimensional soundstage/layering. Implementation is the key - power supply, output module, reclocking etc. That's where the price starts to rise. Surely all of this is just common sense. That's why I object to rash, unbalanced comparisons, where people just write anything.
  6. Agreed. Also, there's a terrible amount of hype around Topping and Schiit products on HeadFi, AudioScienceReview and some other websites, fueled by 'entry-level' enthusiasts jumping on the budget bandwagon. Reading between the lines you get the impression they've never heard a $1000 DAC, or a $4000 SACD player. The reason I commented earlier is for the benefit of newcomers to this hobby who haven't heard 50 or 60 DACs like many of us have. They shouldn't be misled by rash statements.
  7. Legend Kurre 9. Wonderful sound quality, wonderful price, local excellence.
  8. ... I really don't know what to say, folks. I like Topping as a brand, have done for years. They make reliable, sensible, well-packaged budget gear that does a great job at the price point. But step up to current competition at $700 or $800 and sound quality becomes much better. There are some rather ambitious claims being made here, based on measurements and new chip technology, that aren't true or helpful in my opinion.
  9. I got a bad reputation... I was trying for 'cool' but became a try-hard instead... Please like this post.
  10. My 50w Arcam Alpha 8 fits the bill; you can find the Alphas on the second-hand market for bargain prices, they sound terrific.
  11. As a Sydneysider, that's what I always say about Victoria!
  12. Item: AXIS LS-28 bookshelf speakers Location: Sydney east Price: $80 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Lack of space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Size: 42 x 21 x 27 cm (HWD) Extra Info: Gorgeous sounding speakers in great condition (apart from a dust-cap that could be replaced for a few bucks, although I personally wouldn't bother). Designed and made in Australia, the LS-28s have a lovely balanced sound that really invites you in. Suits a neutral, clean sounding amp. Easy to drive: my 50-watt Arcam Alpha 8 tamed them easily. Bass is particularly well-controlled with a deep solidity.
  13. I guess we could all compile 40 or 50 top-ten lists - fine, if you treat such a list as a sample of great music. Here are two of my lists! Beatles - Sergeant Pepper's Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Blind Faith - Blind Faith Led Zeppelin - II Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks Stevie Wonder - Innervisions Curtis Mayfield - Curtis Bruce Springsteen - Darkness On The Edge Of Town Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Supertramp - Breakfast In America Marvin Gaye - What's Going On Blood Sweat & Tears - Child Is Father To The Man Neil Young - Harvest Genesis - Foxtrot Free - Fire And Water Dave Mason - Alone Together Andy Bey - Experience And Judgment Van Halen - Women And Children First Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine St Vincent - St Vincent
  14. I mix silver and black all the time. Wouldn't be turning down a player like this because of the colour! Great price GLWS
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