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  1. Great speakers. Well done to Simon and Tony for sorting out a home audition!
  2. Item: Lynx Hilo Price Range: Fair price Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a Lynx Hilo ideally in black but also open to silver
  3. Item: JCAT or SoTM PCIe USB Card Price Range: Fair price Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a USB card for a dedicated music server
  4. Item: WTB: Uptone JS-2 PSU Price Range: Fair price Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a JS-2 PSU to drive a dedicated music server (or a similar quality PSU such as, perhaps, the HDPEX 400W DC-ATX PSU)
  5. Also interested in this topic for similar reasons as well as constraints imposed by small house etc. I've not heard them but, after a lifetime of speakers, these Raal Requisite SR1A look interesting on the basis that I can leverage an existing (speaker) amp and the off-the-ear design seems to offer more of a speaker sound signature than the ""music in the head" signature of most headphones (and which doesn't appeal to me).
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I managed the day with a simple chain involving iPhone / Tidal using Bluetooth to a Bluetooth / RCA converter to some borrowed, active, Acoustic Energy computer speakers. This worked like a dream with the kids have a great time dancing at the end of the party and playing statues. One consequence is that, with a small house, I've had to pack up my stereo set-up for a while to make room for the building of various Lego & models that said off-spring received as gifts. That said, it's been super fun to do together and might be the impetus to get set-up in our main kitchen - lounge room.
  7. Thanks. How hard is the kit install?
  8. Item: Behringer SRC2496 modified Price Range: Fair market price Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Seeking a SRC2496 with modified analogue stages
  9. Item: Bose QC35 Series 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones (Silver) Location: Perth Price: $250 Item Condition: Good. A few scuff marks from normal use but in perfect working order. Reason for selling: No longer being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal Extra Info: Great noise cancelling headphones. Used sparingly over the past 2 years for international flights. No original box but am able to pack well and have the original carry case as per photos.
  10. We're having a party for our, about to be, 9-year old son at a local community hall. He's asked to be able to play music which, in this context, means streaming a Tidal playlist from my iPhone. I guess if I was super Dad then I'm set-up the Gale speakers in the hall but there's a fair few other priorities and this carries an inherent risk of lots of kids running around etc. So, basically, I'm after options that will work for the party and, ultimately, be able to re-used in other settings whether these be when we're on the move or in his bedroom. Suggestions?
  11. Sold to the first person to respond. Thanks for the interest.
  12. Do the fans of these come on in home applications and, if so, then are they audible?
  13. I've not heard the S400 but, based on the design and measurements, these look like a great starting point for a WAF-friendly speaker with good off-axis performance. (The alternatives seem to be pro-audio monitors with their black plastic look, much more expensive DSP controlled options like Kii3 or larger waveguides like my Unity Horns.)
  14. Item: NAD T758V3 AVR Location: Perth Price: $1600 Item Condition: Excellent – as new Reason for selling: No longer being used – returned to stereo due to not enough space for surround sound in the family room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal Extra Info: I purchased this unit from CustomHT at the start of the year and it’s flawless with no evidence of noise. The main attractions of the unit is that it’s one of the few, if not the only, affordable AVR with Dirac which has a major impact on sound quality. All original packing available.
  15. So what was the outcome? These units look attractive for a shared room but are they true
  16. FS: Sennheiser HD800 Headphones Item: Sennheiser HD800 Headphones Location: Perth Item Condition: Very Good (8/10) – fully working with minor scuffs. Reason for Selling: No longer being used. Price: $850 Payment Method: Cash, Bank Check, Electronic Funds Transfer
  17. Item: MSB MVC-1 Multi-Channel Pre-Amp Location: Perth Item Condition: Good (8/10) – fully working with minor cosmetic blemishes on top (but front panel in excellent condition) Reason for Selling: No longer being used Price: $400 Payment Method: Cash, Bank Check, Electronic Funds Transfer Additional Information: One of the few solutions for multi-channel analogue volume control. I've used in this fashion for active DIY speakers safe in the knowledge that I'm not reliant on digital volume control to protect the speakers in the event of an unexpected failure of the music computer source. Also support bi-, tri-amp and mono subs via switch configuration MVCManual.pdf
  18. Item: ExaSound e18 multi-channel USB DAC Location: Perth Price: $900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer being used Payment Method: Cash, PayPal, EFT Extra Info: This DAC is one of the few audiophile multi-channel USB D/A converters and is the perfect solution for those with a single, computer-based, source looking to optimise active speakers or main speakers plus subs. I have, for example, created filters in Acourate which are convolved in JRiver with the 8-channel output (L-Sub, L-Bass, L-Mid, L-High …) sent via USB to the e-18 and then to the power amps. Another application is integration of multiple subs. One specific benefit for these set-ups is the e18 has analogue volume control so, together with digital control at the source, the various volume control requirements (are covered.
  19. Item: First Watt F5 Amp Location: Perth Price: $800 Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: No longer being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal Extra Info: This amp is one of several F5 clones built by SNA’s Decky and has recently been serviced. It is one of the few affordable amps is dead quiet, and sounds good, on high efficiency speakers. Faint smell (of degassing absorption tape).
  20. Interesting. I've always had speakers set-up against the short wall either (a) pushed to the front wall so that the cancellation from the front wall reflection is at higher frequencies or (b) pulled well out of the front wall so that this cancellation is down low. And thought of the additional distance behind the listening position as a consequential benefit and the early arrival sidewall reflections as a downside. Re the distance behind the listening position: is it correct that the research shows that these are beneficial (and thus treating the rear wall with absorption is a poor idea.)
  21. Item: Perreaux SM2 or SM3 Pre-Amp Price Range: Fair Price Item Condition: Working order. Prefer as per spec and/or serviced by qualified tech. Extra Info: Based in Perth, WA.
  22. So, what are the various systems? Seems as if you're spoilt for choice between TAD Reference, SGR and Phanthoms?
  23. My experience has been to set-up speakers on the short wall firing so as to optimise bass. The downside, for those of us with small rooms, was the first reflection points so this saw me move to speakers with controlled, off-axis, response. All this made sense in the days before sub-woofers and DSP but, now, I’m wondering if it’s still the starting point for room set-up. Is it the case that, with bass performance partially decoupled from main speaker location as a result of sub-woofers and DSP, the long-wall set-up is worth re-visiting?
  24. Understand. I've had 2-way speakers that were good, very good, but dealing with the last bit on bass performance introduced the complexity that you mentioned which kind of defeated the purpose. Best of luck with finding a replacement
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