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  1. zydeco

    Dark horse speakers at $4k?

    The challenges for a small room are, in my experience, controlling bass and off axis reflections. This being the case I’d be looking at sealed speakers that either have a wide baffle (e.g., Gale 401, Harbeth) or a wave guide with good off axis performance; e.g., JBL etc. I’d hold off on a Pre-Pro / AVR decision until speakers are locked down.
  2. The only thing that holds me back on the Yamaha AVR / PrePro is the perception that the room correction / bass Mgmt isn’t as well regarded as Anthem’s ARC or Dirac. And I see this DSP being a major part of the PrePro
  3. zydeco

    FS: Bryston BP17 3 (cubed) pre-amp

    Nice unit. Are the optional Phono or DAC modules installed?
  4. Thanks. All sorted now, hopefully.
  5. "Flint" - interesting insight into an America torn apart
  6. Item: Pair of black Gallo Strada 2 speakers with table stand and one (TR3D Sub) Location: Perth Item Condition: Excellent (10/10) Reason for Selling: No longer being used. Price: $1,500 ex shipping Payment Method: Cash, Bank Check, Electronic Funds Transfer Extra Info: Suit someone looking for a top-of-the-line compact desktop speaker set-up or a small, high-WAF, wide dispersion system for a shared living area / family lounge. Option to a second matching Gallo TR-3D subwoofer if there is interest. Numerous reviews including Gallo Strada 2 Review
  7. Item: Auralic Aries (Femto) with LPSU Location: Perth Item Condition: Excellent (9/10) – fully working with minor blemishes on top of case. All original packaging available. Reason for Selling: No longer being used – speakers are Roon Ready Price: $1100 excluding shipping Payment Method: Cash, Bank Check, Electronic Funds Transfer Extra Info: Excellent high-end stereo streamer hat can be used with Roon and Tidal. My set-up was based on use of ethernet (LAN) connection with AES/EBU output to Holo Springs DAC.
  8. Location: Perth Description: Purpose built music server: Streamcom F8 Case (Black) + Intel DN2800MT Motherboard + Samsung Pro SSD 128GB + 4G RAM with SoTM PCIe USB Card + mB2S Battery PSU. Pre-installed with Windows 10. Item Condition: Very good (8/10) – minor blemishes but perfect working order. Reason for Selling: No longer being used Price: $875 excluding shipping Payment Method: Cash, PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer Extra Info: A low power, and low noise, solution that is great for 2-channel stereo (but lacks processing power for multi-channel convolution or DSD conversion). Suits someone looking for a plug-and-play start to computer audio. Able to help local buy with initial set-up but unable to provide ongoing support.
  9. zydeco


    Interesting. How is this better than, say, the approach that NAD uses of DL filters on the (post bass management) signals?
  10. Made big strides to sorting cabinet door vibrations by judicious placement of this window sealer https://www.bunnings.com.au/raven-2m-grey-multi-use-rubber-sealing-strip_p3970014
  11. zydeco

    NAD in Perth

    I'm interested in purchasing some NAD kit but am unable to find any local Perth dealers. It used to be that Frank Prowse Hi-Fi and Douglas Hi-Fi sold NAD but neither seem to carry the brand. Anyone know of a good dealer of NAD A/V equipment in Perth? (Preference is to purchase local to simplify any support issues)
  12. Over the course of this thread I've made a heap of measurements and in each-and-every one there is obvious rattling from parts of the room. I haven't, to date, given it much thought as the main game has been to get speaker location & equalisation sorted but not I'm keen to start to address. The main rattling seems to come from a series of thin walled timber cabinet doors with the flexing of the doors obvious to the touch. One thought is to put some form of felt at the join so that the doors are snug tight and another is to change the resonant frequency of the panels themselves via the addition of some mass to the (inside) of the doors. (I've tried adding some BluTac to the panels and this has had no affect.) Any ideas or experience on how to get rid of bass induced rattling doors?
  13. Edit: Yes the results shown above are representative of other measurements around the (single) listening position now. Just listening to Lorde’s Melodrama and the mid-/bass is great really tactile - unlike what I’ve achieved before in this room.
  14. Latest measurements after tweaking speaker location, digital X/O and overall target curve / room EQ.
  15. zydeco

    StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Isn't in the case that most AVR / Pre-Pro lip sync capabilities are focused on delaying the audio not the video?