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  1. Item: Gallo TR-3D Sub-woofers x 2 Location: Perth Item Condition: Good (8/10) – fully working with minor cosmetic blemishes Reason for Selling: No longer being used Price: $450 ex shipping Payment Method: Cash, Bank Check, Electronic Funds Transfer Extra Info: Good condition and fully working. Ideal solution for people looking for a discrete sub-woofer for shared living / listening area that integrates well with main speakers. Original packaging available.
  2. FS: Acoustisorb 3 Super-Chunks Room Treatment Location: Perth Description: About 1 linear metre of super-chunks (triangle with 2 sides at 60cm, 1 side at 85cm) Item Condition: Very good (8/10) – a few triangles a bit bent but all good Reason for Selling: No longer being used Price: Free / donation to SNA Payment Method: N/A Extra Info: Must be collected before end of day Saturday 5-Jan or going in the bin.
  3. Yes, it's a bit cliched, but we're doing a New Year clean-out and I'm just down from the shed looking at 5 large tubs of CD that never get used following these having been ripped to a NAS. I thought that I was keeping these as a back-up "just in case" but the move to on-line streaming has put that in question. I don't have the patience to photo all the covers then sell, putting them in the bin seems like a massive waste and options for donations seem limited here in Perth. What are y'all doing with old CD that have been ripped?
  4. So, as a precursor, there's a lot of potential change with, now, an AVR so I'm re-looking at a centre channel to anchor voice for off-axis listeners (noting that right now vocals are good with the L/R stereo speakers at the main listening position). The practical situation, though, would be that if I got a centre channel then a) the speaker won't be identical to the L/R speakers or even from a matching set, b) speaker will need to sit on the A/V cabinet beneath the TV and c) high of tweeter will be below that of the L/R speakers. (The other aspect is that if I don't use a centre then the extra space means that it's possible to get the tweeters of the L/R speakers aligned with the middle of the TV screen) . So, then, I'm wondering, then, if it's likely to be a fruitful path given these constraints.
  5. So something like https://www.triadspeakers.com/products/home-cinema/ic-silver6-monitor/ or https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/psb-c-lcr-2-way-in-ceiling-speaker.html or https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/psb-c-sur-2-way-in-ceiling-surround-speaker.html (the last of which seems to useable for both side and rear channels?). Any recommendations as to excellent in-ceilings would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks. Any recommendation as to good ceiling speakers? My local dealer has Martin Logan EM-R which have a tweeter aimed at the listening position but don't appear to have an enclosure (although I'm not sure if this is an issue but our roof space is quite large). Yes, that was what I'd understood from the earlier post.
  7. We watch 1 to 2 movies a week (including a weekly family movie night) but don't do multi-channel music. Would you recommend decent, directional, ceilings or small, movable, surrounds given this use case? Understood
  8. I've taken a cold hard look at the space and don't believe that floor-standing l/r surrounds (5) are a real option, that is, I could get speakers to be on the correct angle but these would need to be close to the lounge which presents a number of issues including limits the number of seated positions that benefit. It is possible, though, to put in ceiling speakers with, this being the case, the two questions being 1) is there much benefit in l/r surrounds in the ceiling (just for movies) and 2) does this invalidate use of left / right top middle overhead?
  9. Thanks. My read of the 5.1.2 set-up is that the following speakers are possible: (2) left / right speakers, (4) sub-woofer, and (6) left / right top middle overhead. The issue is (5) left / right surrounds as the floor-stand or book-shelf speakers will intrude into the room if placed correctly so the options are a) place on the correct angle but close to lounge, b) use overhead speakers for left / right surrounds or c) ditch the idea altogether. I don't, as yet, have speakers for the left / right surround so - if I do go for normal speakers - would look to choose a floor stand speaker that has drivers above the level of the back of the couch; e.g., devialet phantom on stand (not suggesting this is the answer but illustrative of the option). I'm not sure which option a-c is the best compromise and, if it's (b) or (c) then I think I have heard that that precludes use of the middle overhead but am not sure.
  10. Now that I’ve picked up the NAD T758V3 I’m keen to revisit the option of surround speakers. I’m unable to get a matching centre speaker for the 8c, and these speakers are exceptional with vocals, so am thinking that I’d set this aside for now. The surrounds remain an option but will be close to the listening position (1.5m) and will make the room a bit odd but remains preferred option if I can make it work due to the flexibility. On the option of leaves ceiling mounted surrounds, however, is this a good solution or not worth the effort? And, if I were to adopt the above setup, then is it correct that these could be used for Atmos speakers without a change of position should I solve the problem of l/r sides? Or would I need to move these ceiling speakers?
  11. The issue I was attempting to clarify was, as you mentioned, whether LFE (.1) is down-mixed on an AVR - which, as you point out, is different to whether it's included in 2.1. That said, I'm fine either way as the NAD T758V3 was at a great price as has a number of benefits in my set-up including option to simply testing surround sound options and, possibly, a dedicated LFE (.1) for movies.
  12. Nice drivers - I've got the sealed box solution, set-up in an isobaric manner, which work very well
  13. Yes, it's hard to resist at that price .... so I didn't resist.
  14. Oh - I assumed that the benefit of an AVR / Pre-Pro would be that it'd allow me to include the LFE in a downmix. Is that wrong? If so, then my current set-up (which uses optical out of the TV) is probably the best solution. Yes, just saw that. Trying to get a handle on whether this will include LFE in downmix for those of us that are, right now, limited to 2 channel stereo.
  15. No. There is one input on the speaker which is set to AES/EBU or Analogue on the web-app. Thanks. I'll take a look. Not sure re digital quality but, whilst I don't subscribe to massive differences in digital devices, I'm using a cheap Panasonic Plasma TV with optical out to mini-DSP. My guess is that the main benefit of adding an AVR or Pre-Pro would be the ability to include LFE (.1) channel in the stereo down-mix (as opposed to reduced jitter) and that in all likely-hood the subsequent A to D conversion at the speaker would be transparent. Your information on the RCA to Balanced has me more interested in this option as it opens up a number of reasonably priced options including the NAD T758V3.