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  1. So, what are the various systems? Seems as if you're spoilt for choice between TAD Reference, SGR and Phanthoms?
  2. My experience has been to set-up speakers on the short wall firing so as to optimise bass. The downside, for those of us with small rooms, was the first reflection points so this saw me move to speakers with controlled, off-axis, response. All this made sense in the days before sub-woofers and DSP but, now, I’m wondering if it’s still the starting point for room set-up. Is it the case that, with bass performance partially decoupled from main speaker location as a result of sub-woofers and DSP, the long-wall set-up is worth re-visiting?
  3. Understand. I've had 2-way speakers that were good, very good, but dealing with the last bit on bass performance introduced the complexity that you mentioned which kind of defeated the purpose. Best of luck with finding a replacement
  4. I’ve not heard these speakers but the design and looks both appeal while the measurements look good ... https://www.buchardtaudio.com/shop/s400-black-oak
  5. Tuyen - Do you have cabinets for these drivers? And any pictures or plans for the Beyma Bass Towers?
  6. My take is that in the general case two subs are better than one sub (and three subs are better than two subs). But, in the case of a single listening position, it's quite feasible that one sub gives as good a result as two subs. I don't think - other than physical size - that a sub can be "too big for a room" - a larger sub just does less work, presumably with less distortion, to deliver the SPL. My experience is that for capable subs (such as the set that you've described) location, integration and EQ far outweigh differences between the subs in terms of actual performance.
  7. I’d suggest starting with a single good sub and then optimising the location / integration via measurements. It’s quite likely that you’ll get a great outcome for a single listening position with a single sub but, if not, then add the second sub at that point. Note, the lower the x/o point the less likely that you’ll need a second sub but, for peace of mind, I be looking for a sub for that is a current model so in the event of deciding to add a second sub it’s possible to get a matching sub
  8. Nice! Set a standard that is going to be hard to meet! Our 8 year has a https://global.spinbox.cc/ bit, that said, is just now listening to an old Bowie record with a couple of friends so that all good.
  9. I've always been of a view that a small room needs a big speaker - not for bass but for controlled off axis performance - but the Kii and 8C more or less solve this problem (with the added benefit of in-built active subs). Not sure about the Phantom Gold.
  10. Yes, these peaked my interest with the waveguide for controlled directivity, B200 drivers and small footprint. Are you going ahead? And where, in Perth, would you get the cabinets built?
  11. Nice. What are the boxes in the front corners upon which then cylindrical bass traps sit?
  12. Our own @March Audio is looking to bring a power amp to market for headphones. No idea of the input and output impedance but it looks to be designed for the scenario in which volume is control at the source. BTW - it has always puzzled me as to why head-fi is almost exclusively focused on integrated amps whilst pre-/power amp combinations are common for speaker audiophiles.
  13. What was the take on these speakers? There seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm but, on release, things have been quite quiet with comments about how the speakers are picky in terms of the electronics etc.
  14. What the role of the AVR in the new setup? Is analogue output sent to an A to D before going to the dialogue?
  15. Thanks. I could use an air gap but, if I've got the figures right, then 80Hz would mean 1m which is impractical in our room? How would Earthwool from Bunnings work as a "fluffy"?
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