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  1. Interesting. These folks have an interesting out of the box offer (but shipping might be prohibitive) https://www.truenas.com/truenas-mini/
  2. I'm after some advice about software to manage a growing, disorganized, set of photographs. Current status is that I've got a huge set of a photos stored on a (Synology) NAS divided into folders by Year but without any other folder structure or (advanced) tagging or naming convention. These photographs contain duplicates, lots of poor photographs and are generally inaccessible. My goal is to get a decent workflow for managing photos and ultimately make them accessible to the family (recognizing that I don't have huge amounts of time to trawl all the photos.) What is the best practice in terms
  3. Interesting. Is it possible to use the Merlin Remote as well as iSmartgate? (I don't want to be 100% reliant on an app | WiFi etc. and especially so as our son doesn't have a phone).
  4. I am a big fan of passive setups with my work i7-NUC now running well in an HD-Plex case. This new machine needs a much more powerful CPU and GPU so passive isn't an option. Much appreciated. I'll check out "optimum tech".
  5. It has been a while since I built a PC and am after some advice as I start to explore a high-end PC build for home that will be used for gaming, office and some number crunching tasks. The question that I am struggling with is whether to pursue a high-airflow | air cooler model (e.g., Cooler Master H500M + Noctua NH-D15) or a lower airflow | AIO model (e.g., Lian Li O11 dynamic + Water Cooling AIO). Both options would have an air cooled GPU (as I am just not game to go down custom loop cooling given the maintenance required.) My concern is to get a low noise flow when the unit is not under lo
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