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  1. That's similar to my set-up - fully digital to mini-DSP with volume control after the final D/A. One thing, though, that I've been pondering is whether to do the volume control in the digital domain ahead of the mini-DSP. I'm thinking that this would make sense in situations where there is good gain matching through the system and the digital volume control is 32 or (better still) 64 bit. Interesting. Is there much of a difference in the distance between the main speakers to listening position and subs to listening position? Sounds like these distances are more or less the same so the delay is just adjusting for the group delay of the subs at the cross over point. Have you found that the optimal delay changes dependent on the x/o frequency?
  2. So volume control is done via the pre-amp? Have you tried using the mini-DSP 10x10 volume control (so that the A/D is done at maximum volume)? There's a lot in this post. One thing that isn't clear to me is whether one should or shouldn't account for the different distances between the main speakers / subs and listening position. The rationale is clear but, on the other hand, if this is ignored (so that the main speakers are just delayed to account for the sub x/o delay) then all the subwoofers will energise the room / modes at the same time as opposed to this being done at different times (but direct sound getting to the LP at the same time.)
  3. That's great. Have you time aligned the subs and mains? P.S. I found this article one of the most thoughtful on bass All about Subs
  4. I guess an all digital solution might be to take the digital output of the oppo (from that card) into the new miniDSP DDRC-88d which can then do the bass management. It’s not a clean solution in that you’d need to convert the Oppo output from SPDIF to AES an output from AES to Toslink.
  5. How does this help? Is it possible on the Oppo 203 to down-mix to 2.0 with the LFE mixed into the stereo outputs? On the general topic, with the emergence of active digital speakers there seems to be a gap opening up in the market for "digital processors" that take a bunch of inputs and output (volume controlled) digital signal.
  6. FS: Computer Audiophile + SoTM Music Server Location: Perth Description: Purpose built music server: Streamcom F8 Case (Black) + Intel DN2800MT Motherboard + Samsung Pro SSD 128GB + 4G RAM with SoTM PCIe USB Card + mB2S Battery PSU. Pre-installed with Windows 10. Item Condition: Very good (8/10) – minor blemishes but perfect working order. Reason for Selling: No longer being used Price: $775 excluding shipping Payment Method: Cash, PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer Extra Info: A low power, and low noise, solution that is great for 2-channel stereo (but lacks processing power for multi-channel convolution or DSD conversion). Suits someone looking for a plug-and-play start to computer audio. Able to help local buy with initial set-up but unable to provide ongoing support.
  7. I’m after a pair of open frame speaker stands something like the Something Solid XF stands in the picture (with a brushed steel finish rather than black). Are there are suppliers of such stands in Australia? Or any businesses (ideally in Perth) that can custom-build?
  8. A 'downgrade' to KEF LS50w???

    What complexity does your wife hate? I’d have thought most could be designed out of the system. At one point, for example, I was running an active diy speaker setup but used a thoroughbred power sequencer to allow a one-button on/off process across the pre/power amps and all actions were via a universal remote control. And if the complexity is related to the music server why not just give others a Roon endpoint with which to interact?
  9. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Thanks. I’m seeing these speakers as a end game solution for our living room as the look to combine both excellent SQ and would allow me to reduce the box count. The only issue (other than price) is how they would fit into the setup and to this end I’ve got some questions that I’ve had answered from the web-site / reviews 1. How does one switch between analogue and digital inputs? (I’m thinking that my Aries Auralic would go direct into the controller but for AV I’d use analogue Pre out from pre-pro) 2. Does the remote volume work for both Digital and Analogue inputs? And is the Apple remote now a working solution? 3. How does one change the DSP settings (I.e., switch between the low latency for AV and full processing for music)? Thanks in advance, Zydeco
  10. I’ve recently moved from an entertainment unit to a stereo rack in an effort to get back some floor space. The rack straddles a room corner but, despite this, a heap of cables are visible from areas of the room. I don’t think there is a lot to gain from better cable Mgmt so am thinking of disguising the cables via some form of covering. One option might be a throw rug that goes well with the decor but I don’t want to put things at risk. How do do others solve this issue?
  11. FS: Lovan Speaker Stands 455mm Item: Lovan Speaker Stands 455mm Location: Perth. WA 6008 Item Condition: Poor cosmetic finish but fully working Reason for Selling: No longer being used. Price: Free with SNA donation Payment Method: Free. Pick-up only Extra Info: Heavy black metal stands with removable spikes. Metal finish is marked after being in storage and I don’t have time to repaint or refinish. Available to the first person to collect
  12. FS: Dayton Audio Sub-Link XR2.4GHz (x2) Item: Dayton Audio Sub-Link XR2.4GHz (x2) Location: Perth Item Condition: Good (7/10) Reason for Selling: No longer being used. Price: $75 each or $125 pair. Excludes shipping. Payment Method: Cash, Bank Check, Electronic Funds Transfer Extra Info: Allows for wireless connection between pre-amp / pre-pro and a remote sub-woofer – helps when optimal location of subwoofers is away from main speakers and in-wall wiring not an option. See Dayton Audio Sub-Link XR 2.4GHZ Wireless Audio System Manual
  13. FS: ExaSound e18 Multi-Channel DAC Item: ExaSound e18 Multi-Channel DAC Location: Perth Item Condition: Excellent (9/10) – fully working with no noticeable blemishes to case. All original packaging available. Reason for Selling: No longer being used – simplifying system Price: $950 excluding shipping Payment Method: Cash, Bank Check, Electronic Funds Transfer Extra Info: One of the few consumer-audio multi-channel DAC suitable for someone looking to build either a multi-channel or active speaker set-up using a computer source. My set-up has involved Windows 10 source with JRiver Media Player used to create a 3-way digital cross-over (high / low / sub) for stereo speakers. All this is delivered via USB to the DAC with the line level signals (with volume control) sent to amplifiers. See http://www.exasound.com/Blog/tabid/74/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/54/exaSound-e18-High-End-8-Channel-USB-DAC-Review-by-Matt-Ashland-J-Rivers-CTO.aspx for more details. Also would work well for someone after a small form factor DAC / headphone amp for desktop.
  14. Speaker Measurements

    Yes, to quote Billy Bragg, “the laws of gravity (physics) are very very strict”. Your point re standard 2-way makes sense - I wonder if something like this is the fundamental change or whether the waveguide is too small to be effective http://www.krix.com.au/esoterix-altum/
  15. Speaker Measurements

    I hadn't until I saw these graphs appreciated just how big the differences were amongst well-branded speakers. Staggered really as I'd imagined that the differences would be small in this day / age.