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  1. Hi Spider The Mission 774 is a very good tonearm, I have one and have been using it for years. There is a guy on Ebay in the UK called XTC, he makes new paddles, counterweights, arm tubes etc etc for the arm. He is away at the moment so I can't put up a link to any of his Ebay auctions.There is also a lot of info on the internet about the arm, just do a search. The trough is filled with silicone and the paddles dip into the silicone to damp the arm. The different thickness of the paddle provides different amounts of damping. Depending upon your cartridge, different amounts of damping sounds best. Some cartridges may sound best without any damping. You are missing one of the paddles. The counterweight has a yellow foam which decouples it from the arm tube but this foam deteriorates over time. I replaced mine with a heavier one from the XTC in UK when I went for a heavier arm tube. That arm tube looks like it's been butchered, they have not done a very good job of putting a new connector onto the arm tube. You really need to re-solder those connectors or get both male and female plugs to replace the ones that you have. Sometimes the arm tubes come up for sale too. Also, Johnnie at Audio Origami in Scotland knows a lot about these arms, sells the silicone and other parts too. Hope this helps. Herby
  2. It looks like Quality Records is closing down, at least at the Malvern location: https://www.facebook.com/qualityrecordsplus/ They are having an end of lease sale. Herby
  3. Yes, Trevor is still around, he has a shop in Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn. Maybe go and see him there, take the preamp and label the inputs/outputs and the switches. Herby
  4. Hi We've now started a 12 month build so I'll have my listening room up and running next year. While I've been system-less I've still been buying vinyl which I'd love to hear soon. Isn't there anyone in the Macedon Ranges, and further afield, who can let me come around and play a few records? Cheers Herby
  5. Hi Has anyone heard any of the Volti Audio speakers? Maybe at a Show? More specifically the Rival model? http://voltiaudio.com/rival/ https://www.stereophile.com/content/volti-audio-rival-loudspeaker Are there any pairs in Australia? Thoughts? Cheers Herby
  6. Hi The top large, Jarrah rack was custom made for me by Thomo. It is very well built and sounds great, if a rack can sound great? I'm in Melbourne and Thomo is near Perth so freight wasn't cheap but from memory it wasn't too outrageous. Thomo is great to deal with. I'd recommend him to anyone wanting a wooden rack. Herby
  7. Hi Dr Funk As you know I have a pair of Impulse H2 speakers, we had a PM discussion on them awhile ago. I got Atilla Tanka, here in Melbourne, to recone and recondition the midrange and bass drivers in mine and to update the crossover, the result were excellent. Atilla is fantastic with rebuilding speakers so I'd talk to him first to see if he can repair your unit before I looked to source new midrange speakers. I can PM you his contact details. If you have to replace the drivers I believe this guy (Paul) in UK may have some NOS SEAS drivers or suggestions for replacements, I seem to remember he bought all of the left over available stock of the midrange and bass drivers: http://www.referencefidelitycomponents.co.uk/ He also has a page on the restoration H2.: http://www.referencefidelitycomponents.co.uk/restoring-and-upgrading-impulse-h2-loudspeakers/ He knows a lot about the Impulse H2 and if he can't supply a SEAS driver would be able to help you on the best replacement as he knows the speakers and the crossovers well and is very helpful. Also, I have seen the actual SEAS midrange drivers come up for sale occasionally on Ebay. Hope this helps as they are a great speaker. Cheers Herby
  8. Hi I see Mick is now back making power amps again. Looks great and should sound very good too. http://supratekaudio.blogspot.com/ Dual mono, balanced, beautiful case work and pretty cheap at USD 4000! Cheers Herby
  9. What about these? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-hi-fi-Focal-7N401DBE-bass-mid-speakers-dual-voice-coils/293075282344?hash=item443ca5e9a8:g:Yy0AAOSwbOJczYgw
  10. I've just got a Quality Records gift voucher too. I used to buy from them on a regular basis but have only been in there once since the new owners took over. I was just browsing their online site to see what they had and they seem to have limited the range of both stock and what can be ordered in. For instance I searched for Joni Mitchell and they don't have anything in stock by her, or able to be ordered, which I find amazing. Also, many of the New Arrivals are out of stock which I don't understand i.e how could something be a New Arrival but out of stock? Herby
  11. Thanks LPG for the great suggestions. I'll give them both a call and see what they think. I'd rather keep it local as I want the power supplies/transformers tested with the panels so sending the whole speaker to WA would be very costly. Cheers Herby
  12. Is there anyone in another state, I could just send the power supplies? Herby
  13. Hi I'm after someone to service and modify my recently acquired Acoustats. They are pretty old but the panels themselves are in good condition. I'm looking for somebody to check and update the power supplies. I'm in Melbourne. Please advise if you know of somebody who might be able to handle the job. Cheers Herby
  14. Audio Union sells hi fi, both secondhand and new. Disk Union sells vinyl. They are part of the same group and have branches in various parts of Tokyo.
  15. Hi I bought a secondhand pair of Stax 507 headphones from Fujiya Avic in the Nakano arcade. They were in perfect condition and still covered by warranty. and were cheap compared to prices here. I'm not sure that they sell Stax new but have plenty of secondhand items. For new Stax I'd go to Audio Union in Shinjuku, they are part of the Disk Union chain that sells vinyl. I bought a Stax headphone stand from them and they had the complete range of headphones at, from memory, very reasonable prices. Cheers Herby
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