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  1. What about these? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-hi-fi-Focal-7N401DBE-bass-mid-speakers-dual-voice-coils/293075282344?hash=item443ca5e9a8:g:Yy0AAOSwbOJczYgw
  2. I've just got a Quality Records gift voucher too. I used to buy from them on a regular basis but have only been in there once since the new owners took over. I was just browsing their online site to see what they had and they seem to have limited the range of both stock and what can be ordered in. For instance I searched for Joni Mitchell and they don't have anything in stock by her, or able to be ordered, which I find amazing. Also, many of the New Arrivals are out of stock which I don't understand i.e how could something be a New Arrival but out of stock? Herby
  3. Thanks LPG for the great suggestions. I'll give them both a call and see what they think. I'd rather keep it local as I want the power supplies/transformers tested with the panels so sending the whole speaker to WA would be very costly. Cheers Herby
  4. Is there anyone in another state, I could just send the power supplies? Herby
  5. Hi I'm after someone to service and modify my recently acquired Acoustats. They are pretty old but the panels themselves are in good condition. I'm looking for somebody to check and update the power supplies. I'm in Melbourne. Please advise if you know of somebody who might be able to handle the job. Cheers Herby
  6. Audio Union sells hi fi, both secondhand and new. Disk Union sells vinyl. They are part of the same group and have branches in various parts of Tokyo.
  7. Hi I bought a secondhand pair of Stax 507 headphones from Fujiya Avic in the Nakano arcade. They were in perfect condition and still covered by warranty. and were cheap compared to prices here. I'm not sure that they sell Stax new but have plenty of secondhand items. For new Stax I'd go to Audio Union in Shinjuku, they are part of the Disk Union chain that sells vinyl. I bought a Stax headphone stand from them and they had the complete range of headphones at, from memory, very reasonable prices. Cheers Herby
  8. Trevor Lees Audio Website Directions 3.37 Google reviews Audio visual equipment supplier in Hawthorn, Victoria Address: 672 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM Phone: 0400 307 489
  9. It looks like Trevor Lees Audio has opened a shop in Hawthorn, near the Glenferrie Station. Herby
  10. Hi Ian Thanks for the tips. I'm really looking to meet others in the Macedon Ranges area that are interested in similar hi fi topics to those that I'm interested in. Once I get my hi fi room up & running I plan to have a get together but that won't be for 12 months. Cheers Herby
  11. Hi I've recently moved from Melbourne to the Hanging Rock area. I'm wondering whether there is anyone on this site in the area? I'm currently building a new house so my system is in storage, and has been for awhile, so I'm hanging out to hear some decent sound. I'm mainly interested in valve equipment (single ended}, analog/turntables and high efficiency speakers. That said I've just bought some Acoustat ESL that I'll be driving with a high powered solid state amp. If there is anyone in this area who I can meet and have a listen maybe they could PM me? Cheers Herby
  12. It's all incremental improvement but hard to say which provides the most. I've had the turntable for over 20 years and gradually spent money on it so it hasn't cost too much. Plus how it sounds compared to the original, or most other turntables, has made it more than worthwhile. I'd be contacting George Merrill and asking him what he'd recommend on your budget as the first set of mods.
  13. Everything has been replaced, the only part remaining from the original is the plinth. New subplatter and springs, new inner and outer platter including mat, new motor, belt, pulley and outboard power supply etc etc.
  14. No, you buy it direct and fit it yourself. No need to send the turntable. It's not very difficult but you could get someone in Perth to fit and fine tune it. Some of the mods, like fitting the better motor and pulley, might require some handyman skills but the basic mods are pretty simple to fit. He has other mods which aren't on his website so best to email him and he'll let you know what he recommends and the cost. You can make tonnes of changes or just stick to the basic changes, it's up to you how far you want to take it.
  15. George Merrill in the USA is your man. He's very helpful and has been providing mods for these turntables for years. Have a look at this link: http://www.hifigem.com/ar-modifications-parts.html I have an AR with the full suite of his mods and it sounds amazing! Herby
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