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  1. I have around 60 plus Japanese pressings. They are very good IMO. EMI standout as being the best, or one of the best. OBI is really only about resale value. I prefer to buy a release with the OBI, but only for that reason (the resale value is always higher - not that I’ve sold any) if you want a good example, Paul McCartney - give my regards to Broadstreet. Silly little Love songs is high SQ
  2. These were close to the pick of the show for me. BR2s are exceptional value normally, this offer is a bargain indeed.
  3. No wonder I felt under the weather the next day. I'm a maniac... fairly sure I was trying to emulate @Tubularbells at that stage of the night. We all know he has a cult following, and I only see him once a year...
  4. Was great to see you @Luc You weren't alone regarding Sat being a struggle. Just shows how excited we all get for this annual catch up.
  5. @evil c Clive, many thanks for all the time and effort you put in. The dinner was fantastic. Food, beer, band and company were all top notch. Also, thanks for your hospitality today. Man those Hulgich speakers sound nice. Well done mate.
  6. I'm fairly sure Keith or Ant would have also verbally advised when the rotation to Contrast was scheduled. Shame you missed out as they sound very nice indeed.
  7. I visited the room several times yesterday and was lucky to hear 3 different setups. BR2s were awesome. All three were terrific IMO. Thank you Keith, Ant and Ben.
  8. Great night. Awesome to see everyone again. I can't type much more than that at this juncture........ slow morning ..
  9. ahh - sorry. i misread that message. hadn't had my coffee. Thought you had said platter.... Mats were from a seller on ebay. But i'd advise against those ones. they are quite coarse and i don't use them as they would damage the playing surface of albums.
  10. hi mate do you mean the hardwood isolation platforms? They are from Wyndham Audio @cheekyboy keith has them on his website. https://www.wyndhamaudio.com.au/collections/types?q=Isolation Platforms If you mean the TT's - both are through Keith as well
  11. way too cheap. I've had the pleasure of hearing this amp. A bloody bargain at $2400.
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