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  1. Forgot how good this is. Great sq on the LPs
  2. Lissie Piano and vocal. A recommendation from @TerryO
  3. Opened the sound up considerably. Much more bottom end and fullness in sound. Piano has less edge/brightness to the sound. 4 x ecc83 were $1800 AUD from @stevenvalve 2 x ecc82 Nec long black plate were $400 from @Gryffles
  4. ok - just an update. Purchased 4 x ECC83 Mullard MC1 from Steven @stevenvalve installed them on Saturday and just listening to them as they open up.
  5. this would be a good starting point. the UK / Europe 2016 were from original master tapes. JB Hifi had these rather than the US releases. Look for this sticker if in the shop. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (2016, Gatefold, 180g, Vinyl) | Discogs PINK FLOYD - THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON | Amazon.com.au | Music the best I've heard was @Doppelganger Greg's UK original release, followed by the Japanese release, then @hlov Hector's MoFi. But crazy money can be spend for not much uplift over the 2016 Europe re-issues.
  6. He's 15 yrs old. It's actually our special time when he's able to come downstairs and just lay next to me. We've spent many years doing this. Plus his brother which is coming up to 2yrs ago that he passed away. In his final months now. @progladyte
  7. I liked my b2b the other day. I have no other to compare, but I played both sides...
  8. Tonight's listening, so far.
  9. these were previously my cables and i had them for many years - terrific cables.
  10. It's probably more lively. Also it's mono. I prefer it to the mofi
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