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  1. Currently Spinning

    Is that her partner?
  2. Currently Spinning

    I received this a month or so ago Shane, still to open it. Probably my favourite of theirs. Hmmm.. is the new cart ready to be Pumpkin'd
  3. Currently Spinning

    Buddy I have a copy for you
  4. And it was the least I could do for lending me the Esoteric phono for as long as you did. Beyond generous
  5. Perfect. Thanks again mate.
  6. Was that the freebie from Greg?? Wow, just great
  7. Newly installed today [email protected] Shelter Harmony. Still running in but sounding superb. A touch cleaner than the Ruby. Natural sounding cart
  8. Flat boring sound

    And that seems to be the perfect weight for the cart and my system
  9. The Ashes

    yes - I thought we went away from Marsh and brought in Renshaw and a few other 'new bloods'. I just don't enjoy watching him bat. twitchy and never confident.
  10. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    and the early trips to Bali late 80's and early 90's. Buying from the markets all of the latest releases (that they had copied onto tape from Vinyl). lol..

    Beautiful speakers Glen. Great gesture on your part, I know how much you like these speakers. Glws
  12. currently drinking

    Well, given how many times I fell off the bloody thing on Saturday night. I'm almost feeling no soreness now, so on the horse I jump....
  13. currently drinking

    I'm in Manila at the moment, and Barcino in Greenbelt is a 'every trip' visit for me. A massive cutover this week. So I'm having a celebratory wine. I know, nothing unusual about that for me. But this is after the Melbourne Hifi show trip [email protected] last weekend. This is my first drink of alcohol [email protected] hosted us on the Sunday and I was struggling from a massive hangover that lasted til Tuesday... Anyway, cup of cement taken to harden up and here we go... Rioja is a fav region for me. Typically at the Reserva level but some special Crianza's around as well. Here's to you guys, from Manila.
  14. Brinkmann 10.5 Tonearm

    It's a great upgrade
  15. Daz, I reckon it's a great pic and many members probably had a similar face on throughout the evening as we were all in engaging discussions. Testament to a great event and awesome community.