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  1. wow - and not cheap.. Nirvana - Nevermind (1996, Gatefold, 200 gram, Vinyl) | Discogs
  2. Dave, I just use the oven (54degrees for 40 - 60 mins) with the one I borrowed from Keith. Works fine for me. Never used a pouch. John
  3. Jon, I got mine through discogs, but they seem to have cracked down on Unofficial versions being sold now though. Ebay might be an option. Vinyl Records, CDs, and More from harri222 For Sale at Discogs Marketplace This guy might be able to source one for you. My copy is excellent.
  4. Have only played the Japanese release. The 2 boxsets are unopened.
  5. hi Hector, yep i have a few mate. The 1st Led album i ever heard - rented it from a shop in Newcastle when I first got a TT when a teenager. discogs links: Led Zeppelin - The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same (1981, Vinyl) | Discogs Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (2007, Half Speed Mastering 180 gr., Vinyl) | Discogs Led Zeppelin - The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same (2018, Super Deluxe Edition, Box Set) | Discogs
  6. I have the AP 45RPM but not the MM, plus many other copies of Somethin' Else. Very much enjoying this Japanese release. 1978 GXK 8042 This would be in my all time top 10 Jazz Albums.
  7. Next few albums that I've spun. Sound quality of the Japanese releases- top shelf.
  8. Day off today and had a lot of albums delivered. Haven't taken pics of them. Playing this first. Thanks @soundfan
  9. Cleaning day today. @hlov Hector, your mofi has came up a treat. Playing, purely for quality check :), sounding enormous. Some slight noise at start, but hardly anything now.
  10. Hi mate, I will drop you a PM. I've heard the Palladian at Harry's on the Balance TT, againt my Archon on my Bardo with the SDP upgrade and Acoustical Systems Aquilar Anniversary tonearm. Might be tmrw or so. Just about to start a listening session. Palladian was indeed a notable step up from the Archon. Even considering the tonearm on my Bardo vs the standard on the Balance. Palladian is a consideration as my next cart, or the Aiwon (next down). Maybe a year off though. Archon is better than the Shelter Harmony, I have both. J
  11. Dark necessities is such a great song. Hopefully the vinyl sounds awesome. I will need to check, i think i ordered it years ago, maybe its stored somewhere unopened. hmmmmm
  12. glad to see a new flagship. Having had a Soulines (Kubrick) for many years, lots of wow factor about them. I like the fact they've put a bigger platter on. Not sure about a coloured light though - looks gimmicky to me when the rest of it is classy. Anyway, maybe they had enough ppl asking for it during design.
  13. yep - no doubt it's to make life easier for the running of the site and mods workload. No issue with that. But when one wants to reply to a couple of posts in between other things, waiting 20 mins isn't something I have the luxury of. Anyway, maybe it just bothers me and not many others... Just not a great experience when contributing.
  14. Hi Hector, i dont have any versions of it. I have seen the reviews of it being very favourable. Just never been top of mind to grab. John that is a very popular Jap release - glad to see it's good quality. I almost grabbed it prior to getting the One Step. ahhh... these f'ing merges.
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