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  1. Looks like these are going back into the Spares shelf. Surprised there wasn't any interest. Oh well.
  2. welcome to SNA Dan. Will be time to show off your TT and system setup soon..
  3. I'm a big fan of Sharon Jones. Watched a documentary on her a few years back (Miss Sharon Jones) which covered her battle and sad loss to cancer. It was the same time my Mum had just lost her battle. An immense talent that, I firmly believe, didn't get acknowledgement of just how great she was during her life. Some others great titles https://www.discogs.com/Sharon-Jones-The-Dap-Kings-Soul-Of-A-Woman/release/11147862 https://www.discogs.com/Sharon-Jones-The-Dap-Kings-Give-The-People-What-They-Want/release/5271516 Soundtrack to the documentary https://www.discogs.com/Sharon-Jones-The-Dap-Kings-Miss-Sharon-Jones-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/release/9382390 Daptone records was also the label for Charles Bradley https://daptonerecords.com/artists/
  4. I absolutely love my Luxman 590. Suits my system setup well. It's my 1st class A and from the get go I heard the difference. I've not heard any Pass Labs amps. Either will be a great basis for your setup.
  5. yep, its a powerhouse album that one. If you were to own just one GCJ album, grab this one
  6. that must be heart breaking Ben, sorry to see this listed.
  7. geezus Hector, it must have taken you all bloody night for these listings!! lol. I will grab this one mate. (if still available)
  8. they sure are getting up there $$ wise. I have around 100 of them. A mix of Jazz and non Jazz. Some are a touch bright, but overall, they have some great dynamics. Paul McCartney - give my regards to broadstreet. Track Silly Love songs - deep deep bass in that track. Will test any system. One of the best sounding albums I have. (I have 3 copies of it, that's how much I rate it). Lee Morgan - Lee Way. Outstanding SQ. Anything released by Toshiba EMI is a great sounding Japanese release. That label stands out for me.
  9. killing in the name of...……………………..
  10. I'm really enjoying Half Moon run. Played it again last night, Ken. I've not opened the Best of Anathema yet mate. Have had a lot of new deliveries Will post my thoughts when I do though. The concert is exceptional on vinyl.
  11. https://www.discogs.com/Van-Morrison-And-Joey-DeFrancesco-Youre-Driving-Me-Crazy/master/1354143
  12. yeah - he is awesome. They have collaborated on a few albums
  13. organ is Joey DeFrancesco https://www.discogs.com/artist/44566-Joey-DeFrancesco
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