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  1. ok - can I swap in Tom Petty then pls? Bloody Clive!!
  2. if still available, I'd like to secure these Iron & Wine, Around the well, $35 Beth Orton, Central Reservation, RTH 2011, $70 Lyn Stanley, Lost in Romance, 2 LP, 45rpm, $40 The Cinematic Orchestra, Live at Royal Albert Hall, $40 Anthony Wilson Nonet, Power of nine, (sealed), $30 Posted to Sydney.
  3. agreed re: Mindhunter. Season 2 a bit slower to get you excited. However, I had high expectations because I thought S1 was outstanding.
  4. Yep, I am. I have mine at 400 ohms.
  5. have sent a few PM's Joe with links to the Japanese releases Clive suggests.
  6. @joz these guys are near you, Joe. They have a few Classic Records releases. Exe but not the worst pricing. Pls beat me to them.. https://www.discogs.com/seller/eclectico_melbourne/profile
  7. Wyndham Audio have just launched some TT isolation platforms. I have them, certainly has dampened out the resonance. Took the edge off the brighter Transrotor TT beautifully. Mine are white beech hardwood. @cheekyboy
  8. employee 1600 is probably the brains behind paper inners..
  9. Terry, if shipping to Canb is ok, I probably have a buyer for you.
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