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  1. Andy I don’t listen to much organ music, but I do listen to pretty much everything else and the Rullit’s do it all. And they make music come alive. I’ve never heard a sub I could live with, slow witted and dull. And it would be very difficult finding anything that keeps up with the Rullit’s. Maybe some of Oleg’s 15 inch field coils or some high efficiency drivers slot loaded. I have heard many big speakers over the years from Maggie's to Wilson’s, Evolution Acoustics MM7, plenty of big horns, etc, etc. Many of those systems were very expensive topping the millio
  2. Yes absolutely. So many speakers have wider frequency response but lose the life and dynamics of the music. Most of the speakers that do 20-30hz I’ve heard don’t have natural sounding bass or midbass. And almost none have kick in the midbass. The Rullit’s in the wide baffle kick hard. I have not heard another speaker that has the resolution in the bass that the Rullits do. Old school blues sounds extraordinary through them. I drive them with 3.5 watts and they stomp and scale with ease.
  3. They do 15k to 40hz. That is where the music lives. I have no need for more. I have heard many, many speakers that do 20hz to 20k and they all bore my to tears. I wouldn’t swap these speakers for anything on the planet, no matter what technology or cost
  4. Thanks David, the cabinets were made by a good friend of mine. He did a wonderful job. Having no crossover is such a big advantage. No dulling of the transients, no phase issues, just a piece of wire between my output transformers and the drivers. I replaced the binding posts on the drivers with WBT Nextgen. Every tiny detail comes through. The cabinets are also much thinner than normal (15mm) and shed energy fast and sound lively, but it does not hamper the sound. I use no deadening or wadding and no bracing. Cheers, Andy
  5. Martin, stunning power supply! I am hoping to build a psu based on mercury 816 as the Rullit’s need high voltage low current, the opposite of Tungar.
  6. I have been using Atelier Rullit aero 8 field coils for over three years. They are mounted in Seimens Klangfilm reproduction open back cabinets. What I love about field coils is their clarity and dynamics. What I love about the Rullit’s in particular is that they are designed to be used in free air or front horns, their light cellulose cone, light leather suspension, huge field coil magnets and phenolic spider. They stop and start like nothing else, except for compression drivers. And they are most certainly full range. No augmentation required. Being designed to work in free air means no more
  7. You are welcome to visit and have a listen 🙂
  8. Hey Keith 🙂 thanks for the lovely comment. You are right the current arm board is cut for my previous 12 inch arm, the Peak by Stefano Bertoncello. I am waiting for a new arm board for the CB-9. I am working with Mark Doehmann to construct a multilayered arm board that provides isolation from the plinth. I will most likely be starting with a Soundsmith Carmen at this stage but I am also very fond of Decca’s. Regards, Andy
  9. Thank you, yes this is one Duc did. He really did a wonderful job. I have used the table for around two years with various arms. I love the drive, dynamics and scale of these wonderful big idlers. I had a lovely Micro-seiki before this and as good as it was I much prefer idlers. You are lucky to have two one those wonderful turntables. Something to cherish 🙂
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