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  1. Hi MP! Whilst I can't answer your question explicitly, I have had experience of 'upgrading' to reportedly better components only to find little or no difference. My advice is to buy from a dealer that will let you pay for the unit but temporarily take home the store demo unit with the proviso that the sale will only go ahead if you are satisfied the improvement justifies the expense. Give it a good try and make your decision based on actual results in your environment. Be aware also though that your brain will tell you that you hear improvements sometimes just because something is different, so be thorough with your evaluation. Good Luck!
  2. Try a simple Google search for avr-4520 review -site:pinterest.* it has 5-6 reviews on the first page.
  3. Try disconnecting all the speakers temporarily and use with headphones for a test session. If it still happens it's not a speaker wire issue. Have you got enough free space around and above the unit for cooling? (Maybe it's overheating?)
  4. When you import from overseas, dont forget to allow for customs duty and costs as your purchase will be over the free level of $1000.
  5. I think that the default is that it only shows actual HD programs on the guide for the HD Channels. If you want it to also show SD shows on those channels you have to set the 'Copy SD programs to HD Channels' setting in your Account settings on www.icetv.com.au
  6. If you are are talking about JLS Electronics then you are more than likely talking about the women that works there. I dont know which one I spoke to on the phone but she need to go and do a customer service course!! Rude and aggressive are words that come to mind. I made a simple phone call and at the end of it I was really angry for ages afterwards. My firmware has been upgraded recently. (I checked the before and after versions) and the user settings are indeed retained. They are wiped out if a firmware reset is performed at the end of the upgrade cycle, which is not necessary when the upgrade is performed.
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