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  1. Thanks all for your input..... Now I need to make a decision....
  2. Hello all. After some decent bookshelves....hoping not to spend more than $1000... Thinking I can get something bit better second hand. I'm after a musical speaker....not too forward or bright....doesn't necessarily need to go low as I may consider a sub.... I have heard some nice b&w at the local hi fi which I liked....were $1600 cm5 I think? Any suggestions would be good or if anyone has something they think would suit...and they want to part with them😋 I'll be hooking them to my cambridge CD player and recently purchased cambridge amp from another forum member. cheers Chris
  3. I'm very interested but live in Hobart :-( If you have no luck and would consider posting let me know Cheers Chris
  4. I think if you look hard enough... You'll find bad stuff on just about all the brands..... Unless you spend the big bucks on a high quality unit.... Like you say most of the bells n whistles you don't use and will never use, but a lot of the time I've bought higher models for say extra zones or pre outs..... All the other crap they can keep.... After all this I'm not sure I'd buy onkyo again.... I've had Yamaha avrs before so I'll probably go back I reckon
  5. yes i know ive had this type of issue with other items.....i just cant be bothered my time is too valuable to muck around with bullshit service reps. unless i can get some easy to deal with people im just leaving it..... what really jacks me is my brother inlaw just purchased a brand new latest model Onkyo and had the same problem....it was this that mainly alerted us to my issue. so Onkyo have been well aware of the faulty Hdmi boards for atleast 4 years from my investigations yet they are still going in the new models!!! WTF very poor indeed
  6. gday hatters seen this type of answer a lot on some of the US forums....bit **** really
  7. Gday Joz yes been a while this audio thing is an addiction so ive been trying to stay away to avoid temptation.....i neither have time or the money required for this hobby!! atleast for now anyway. i will try to get it fixed, but im not sure i can be bothered dealing with the hassles involved with that type of arrangement....im tempted just to source the 5 caps and replace them myself!
  8. Hi all just wondering if anyone else has had the dreaded video signal loss from the Hdmi board in their Onkyo.... I had no idea about this problem until couple of days ago..... my Onkyo has been sitting dormant for nearly twelve months, plugged it in yesterday and could not get a signal from Hdmi output... did a little research and found a bunch of people with same issue on a ton of other forums.....one even saying there was a recall on the product because of a faulty Hdmi board.... cant help but feel a bit jipped because ive had issues pretty much the whole time and always thought that it was because of my ten metre Hdmi run and now that my warranty is just out i finally figure out that the issue was with my receiver.....now its died :mad: one good thing though....there is a ton of fixit videos on youtube Here so has anyone else had this issue? had it fixed out of warranty/in warranty or attempted the fix?? just interested to know Cheers Chris
  9. Love the room, looks very authentic..... And unique
  10. can you elaborate please protecon?? i think itll just be Audio Video
  11. great shall organize to get some then. very well thanks joz........just really busy with work....kids.....n home, im sure you know how it is! so i dont really regular the forums anymore other than peruse them from time to time. how bout youself?? i see your expecting
  12. hi ill take these 2 if you still have them? Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus (2CD) - $11 The Go-Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane (2CD) - $11 cheers chris
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