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  1. Thanks for the responses. I will keep trying.
  2. I ordered a couple of Oyaide plugs online from the WAR Website in July and was told that what I ordered was not available. I have emailed Pat a few times and called last week and left a voicemail asking for an update, but have not had a response. Can anyone from the west tell me if they are still there or if there is any issue that might be affecting communication/delivery? If not I will call again.
  3. I have a pair of RS1’s I bought in 2008. I now use them in my second system which is mainly used for TV watching. I drive them with a Yamaha RX-A1020. I still use them to stream music from Deezer through a Yamaha WXC50 and I still enjoy them.
  4. I still enjoy my RS1’s in stereo mode and run them with a RSLCR centre and some in-ceiling silver MA’s (but I can’t remember the model) for surround. The stereo performance still makes me smile.
  5. I went to my first Hi Fi Show today and my satisfaction with my system is not quite where it was before I went. Given I don’t have the money to do much about that, I am sure the feeling will wear off over time. 😉
  6. I have one of these under my Dynaudio Sub 500. I definitely feel it improved the bass. I have concrete floors also.
  7. I tried Rdio and JB before going with MOG. I also use free Pandora on the Oppo. I liked the interface on MOG the most. I guess I will now have to find something new. I will check out Deezer and take another look at Spotify.
  8. I'm not quite what I thought I was, But then again I may be more.
  9. This is not a thread I should have looked at after a couple of drinks. But the first thing that came to my mind was: "My head is like lettuce. Go on dig your thumbs in"
  10. I can't believe these have not sold. If it would not end in divorce, I would jump at these. Good luck with the sale.
  11. They were somewhere around that mark. I bought a pair of RS1's in 2008 which were $950 rrp. To say that the BR1's rrp was $1400 is just a scam.
  12. I use MOG from my iPad to Apple TV then optical to A NAD M51.
  13. I moved too quick on my Proacs - One of life's little regrets I guess.
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