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  1. Here are some Optro modules from a recording console built for Bill Armstrong. They are very good sounding units of a very similar topology to my Audek console. One of the pointers given to me by those who know so much more than I do is that it is an advantage to record multi tracks using the same type of preamp for all or most the tracks. This recent trend of of using a different preamp design for each different instrument has its drawbacks. So I now have 18 channels of the Optro type in this pic.
  2. I'm thinking the time alignment is the same, just a different method of achieving it. It would be more work to recess the tweeters by machining the box, than bringing forward the same distance, the woofer by use of the mounting plate. Now about getting around to opening up the 2nd pair..........i have lost my "round toit"!! Very busy day today with two shows to bump in, one with a live recording I'm doing tonight so it will have to wait till the week end, but obviously it's the next thing to do on my quest for an answer. Thanks for all the replies, it's a definite help being able to have access to others experience with the Duntech's. I'm one of those recording engineers often referred to here in not so favorable terms but I try not to destroy the original performance with my recording techniques, mixing and mastering etc. I have a preference for recording music that is live or performed live in the studio and have done a lot of research and sought out mentors who have been on the journey since the days of mono, who have witnessed the transitions in recording technology and methodology. They have given me some fascinating insights that i would like to share in other threads. I have recently set up a live recording room in a local music venue on the Mornington Peninsula and also have a great purpose built studio designed by Graham Thirkle to work out of for studio based projects and mastering. Most of my recording equipment was built in Australia in the late 60's and the 70's by Graham Thirkle and my recording desk was built by a colleague of Graham's, Alan Jenkins, using Thirkle pre amp cards with Thirkle hand wound transformers. I will upload a pic of the desk as my avatar. I have been on a bit of a Duntech splurge hence the quest to find the reason for the difference between my pairs of PCL-15's. I have 3 pairs of the PCL-15. I just bought 2 pair at auction which sound the same and my former pair that sound different. I got them so i can mix in different locations with some consistency apart from the obvious differences in room acoustics, hence my surprise at the difference between my newly acquired pairs and the former. I also have one pair of Duntech Marquise, and a recently acquired pair of Duntech Thor IB-20 subs with the ASC IB-20 cross over. I am yet to try the subs with the Marquise. Up until now I have mastered using Tannoy Monitor Gold 15 dual concentric. The Tannoy's took a fair bit of getting used to.
  3. The driver is a Dynaudio 17W75EXT and the xover is mounted directly onto the back of the speaker box. It all looks legit. Re the metal plate, in my pair without the plate, the speaker box front where the HF driver is mounted is recessed for time alignment. On my newer pair, the metal plate brings the mid/bass driver forward for time alignment. Here is a pic of the xover:
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm off to the studio now, screwdriver in hand. Will let you know what i find.
  5. I have always assumed they where dynaudio. Re the different models, I will check this out but I would be very suprised for this to be the reason as it would cast into doubt their claim of accuracy given the large difference between the different pairs. Since finding this out I have looked more carefully at the pics of duntech PCL-15's on the net and all have the speaker mounted on the metal plate so. I have even begun to entertain the possibility, although slim, that my original pair may be a forgery or copy claiming to be an original duntech as the back sticker with model number etc is different as well.
  6. I have had a black pair of PCL-15's for a few years now and thought they where accurate but lacking in bass. However I recently purchased another pair of PCL-15's, a light timber vaneered model and the main driver is mounted on a square aluminium plate where as the black pair has the driver mounted on the speaker box timber.. Other than this, they look identical,however the sound of my newer pair is a great improvement in the overall sound especially the bass. I use them for mixing my recordings and the black pair to me seemed like rather like the Yamaha NS10M, hard to achieve a pleasing mix but once you where there it translated well to other speakers and systems. So I thought it was their design of being very revealing and accurate but not pleasing. The new pair i have seem much more musical but still accurate. This has me thinking there is a posibility there is something wrond with the old pair. Has any one else experienced this variation in within the Duntech PLC_15 model? All pics on the net of the black pair seem to have the aluminium plate as well? I am hoping some one can shen some light on this for me. here is a pic of the new ones:
  7. Item: Duntech PCL-15 Location: Mornington Peninsula Price: $650 Item Condition: Used, some small scratches to the black timber veneer. Reason for selling: Have just purchased larger Duntech speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  8. Thanks for the reply. The amp is the ME75 model. I'm from Vicco on the Mornington Peninsula.
  9. Any more news on the Hypex Ncore amps? Is it advisable to go for two of the power supply modules, or will one be just as good? I'm considering getting a pair for my recently acquired Duntech Esquire's. The other amp I am considering is an ME 75. I am a bit wary of the ME as they are getting old and the one I'm considering has very slight transformer buzz. Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. Hi all, I am selling my Rotel amps and preamp. The power amps run bridge mode or stereo. Item: Rotel RB-960BX POWER AMP; Two of ROTEL RC 960BX PRE AMP Location: Tassmania Price: $700 Item Condition: Great condition still have original packing boxes. Reason for selling: Have just purchased a new high end power amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Buyer to pay postage Pictures:
  11. Item: Duntech PCL-15 Location: Mornington Peninsula Price: $700 Item Condition: Used, some small scratches to the black timber veneer. Reason for selling: Have just purchased larger Duntech speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  12. The Avalon AD 2055 is a bit cheaper than the price you state. Wynn Morro, designer of the Avalon gear is involved with this music retail store here in Melbourne where the 2055 is for sale for $4750 http://555music.com.au/store/index.php?c=31 My view regarding the use of eq in an audiophile setting is that it is likely to create more problems than it fixes. Some of the high end analogue eq's are designed to have minimal phase shift. George Massenburg pioneered the work on this, and for digital eq there are linear phase eq's available. Even so i'm not a fan of using eq to correct room anomalies in a hi fi setting.
  13. The two main factors above any thing else are the recording / production style, and next, the playback medium. To recreate the live sound there has to be a method of capturing the ambiance of the space the performance is in complete with early reflections and localization of the sound source. This is best done with a stereo mic setup like mid side or blumlein arrangement, or using a surround sound mic like the calrec soundfeild and recording in B format surround. Chesky records has a large number of recordings doneusing the blumlein mic setup. It is mostly used for traditional classical but all music styles can be recorded like this. So for your street performance it has nothing to do with the little 8 inch speaker as thats just the players tool for shaping the sound he wants. Stereo speakers are a poor substitute for recreating all the soundstage realities of a live performance, especially localisation that is beyond the two dimendional Left Right plane of a the two speakers. What is attempted is a phantom image that is possible when this was captured by the stereo mic setup. The possitioning of the speakers in the room, the type of room and even the furniture in the room can mess up the playback of this content in a stereo well recorded disc. CD being 16 bit 44.1 also has issues in recreating soundstage. DVD audio @ 24 bit 96, or even better,the new direct stream digital is quite ok at recreating all this info in a recording.
  14. Well i got a CD for $5 with the age a few weks ago and must say it's a great listen. Very interesting and sparse, engaging production with great sonic textures and a voice to die for....Nora Jones " The Fall" ......must be the red wine kicking in...
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