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  1. Yep, definitely need to do this - what sort of cover material would be bang-for-buck optimum? ... & BTW, what’s best for a regular screen clean (beyond dusting)?
  2. Repair required for NAD VISO 5 - looks to be power supply-ish problem. Any thoughts on someone to look into it? Melbourne or central Vic / Bendigo locale. Cheers, Jim.
  3. Item: iFi micro iDSD black label dac + Curious usb cable (bespoke A male to A female) Location: Castlemaine, Vic Price: $700 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrade to RME dac Payment Method: Negotiable Extra Info: Purchased mid 2017 from local Maxmedia plus Lenehan Audio. Receipts available. Great sonics, from HQP, A+ and headphones. Curious usb cable an essential to avoid adapters. Photos:
  4. Item: Herbies Giant Fat Gliders x8 Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: required for easily moving chunky subs on chunkier granite slabs. (Already got them under main speaker granite slabs ... I know they’re eminently functional!)
  5. Is there a thread specifically on subs x2 positioning in relation to main speakers etc, or with plenty of info ...?
  6. That article referred to earlier http://barrydiamentaudio.com/monitoring.htm - with the thirds approach to speaker placement - seems to be premised on the need to avoid sitting near the wall behind. I’ll try this but I’m thinking the clear open space behind in my room will mean much less of an issue cf to placing the speakers closer to the front wall where the large subs plus audio gear, amps etc are located ie not the clear space around speakers that Diament recommends. So this is just a trial & error thing?
  7. Andy, make sure you let us know where that cogitating takes you ...!
  8. The sliding doors when fully open provide remove almost 50% of the wall behind the listening position, opening into the rest of the house ie about 20m of mainly open space. I am reading up on measuring .... I need to!
  9. Interested in the answer! Also - newby query - from your GD plot, how do read off those conclusions?
  10. Which actives ... if you don’t mind the query?
  11. So, in theory (newby, no room measurements yet, umik-1 still in the box) - what are the pluses & minuses of the listening room opening out into the rest of the house; ie the wall opposite the 2.2 system (behind listener) has centred cavity sliding glass doors 2x2.4m wxh (small room ~4x4x2.7m)?
  12. Time to do some measurements! What’s recommended as the best place to source the Umik-1 mic? minidsp Hong Kong? Or ...?
  13. Item: Umik-1 usb mic Price Range: Item Condition: new, used ... Extra Info: Need to learn to do some room measurements!
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