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  1. Yes, some reviewers tend to put a dramatic spin on the writing instead of giving a realistic concise review.
  2. Are Zappiti the new Oppo. I remember when Oppo were the go to dvd players for value / performance. Now they are no more in this market but Zappiti looks the goods. Watching and reading this thread and a few others with interest for my next home theatre purchase
  3. Yes, thats the idea. 2 designs I am tossing around are the Kyron Audio Gaia - with 4x15 per side or the Pure Audio Project Quintet style. Still haven't decided yet.
  4. I have 8 of these babies waiting for an ob design. I gotta get the saw dust flying soon.😀
  5. Good work. Can you post a link to the supplier of the tubing and spikes What was the freight? Thx.
  6. Hi Bunno, do you have anymore info of this pic. Where , when? Thx
  7. Great set up. Maybe charcoal grey to match the rug would suit. Either way still looks nice and I bet sounds fantastic.
  8. Looks great E'. Can't wait to have a listen. It's been a long wait for ya but all the more to look forward to. Enjoy.
  9. I do see the winky smiley face. This statement is far from the truth though. Going from fairly good quality cd players to a Nad M51 was a nice surprising jump. To be honest I was skeptical if there would be much of a difference. Hearing quite a few other digital set ups in friends systems and at hifi shows {always tricky to compare to your own} and now jumping to the Denafrips Terminator, I am really blown away by what a well built thought out dac can do to ones sound system. The improvement amazes me everytime I listen. The organic smoothness and trasparency has to be heard for ones self. Ve
  10. gwurb, the Synology DS1618+ does look very good.
  11. What differences does this solution have compared with the listed recommended Synology ones. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/15116/hotway-4-bay-raid-usb3-0-esata-enclosure
  12. Thx gwurb. I have read that a Nas drive is constantly running 24/7 as opposed to a raid drive. Is this true?
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