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  1. Lazz

    Kostas Metaxas lives on!

    I think all factors play a part and go hand in hand.
  2. Lazz

    Kostas Metaxas lives on!

    I would be interested in the guys posting on this topic flaming the products/manufacturer, how many have actually owned the Metaxas amplifiers. I personally own the Soliloquy mk2 monoblocks. Have owned them for close on 20 years now. They have been reliable and the sound quality is fantastic. It would take some very expensive, highly fancied amps to replace them. The only issue i ever had was self inflicted and they did the right thing by blowing a $2 fuse in each one. Replaced the fuses and all good. I would love to have a pair of new ones to try/demo at my place.
  3. Two cars with tow bars. Hook them up to each and stretch them. LOL.
  4. Hang on, cables don't make a difference.
  5. Solution. Save on one Audioquest power cord, and send Michelle and little one for an around the world little holiday. lol.
  6. As Kramer said "it is very refreshing"
  7. Hey, how was the Macedonian coffee yesterday? lol Were you flyin at work or relaxed?
  8. Haha. Next time I'm over, we will play this so Michelle can hear it from the next room. LOL.
  9. Lazz

    Dacs as preamps

    I can vouch for the Nad M51. It is excellent as a dac and the pre amp is very very good also. You will be very happy with the built in pre. Have to spend big $ to get a noticeable improvement.
  10. FYI. https://www.analogmagik.com/
  11. Lazz

    Best DIY bookshelf speaker kit?

    I have heard his speakers and they are very good. Good value. Adelaide speakers.
  12. Gary Moore, something I found interesting, you guys may already know. "Skid Row opened a gig for Fleetwood Mac in Dublin, and Peter Green was so impressed with Gary’s ability, he helped the band to get a record deal. Peter became a mentor to the young man, and he loaned and eventually sold Gary his ’59 Gibson Les Paul, which became his signature instrument. "
  13. These are a bargain for anyone wanting big true to life sound. I have heard the almost identical speakers and the impact is phenomenal.
  14. Lazz

    My system

    Very nice system. What is the power board?