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  1. Each to their own. I find Bach's Brandenburg Concerto's boring. Give Mozart before Bach anytime.
  2. I would like to hear your thoughts on the sound when it's finished.
  3. I'm curious , what was it about the Yamaha that was negative. I heard a 3070 at a hifi store on demo, and it seemed very good.
  4. Nice tube pre design. Anyone here using it? @Cello Sweet. This is the pre i was talking about. http://www.dsachsconsulting.com/custom line stage.html
  5. I hear ya. Where is the dislike button. lol. Darthlaker, knows what i'm talkin about.
  6. I like this look. Where is that volume knob from?
  7. She is very good. Been listening to her for a couple years. She's getting better and better with age.
  8. Women are never content. Just wait til she uses the bigger ipad. Kiss it good bye.
  9. Maybe it's the way Rafa pulls at his underwear, that is not to his pleasing. LOL.
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