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  1. Suopermanni, would be great to hear your impressions/review.Thx.
  2. Do you know what price the other hifi items sold for?
  3. Thx, yes I will probably look into that. It's a shame because I had worked it around a business trip. I'm sure everyone understands that many things that were meant to happen this year will probably not go ahead. Better to be safe than sorry. Fingers crossed that we see the end to this virus soon. Perhaps if the virus gets under control soon I may be able to do acouple gtg if I still end up going.
  4. 😞 I had my flights and accomodation booked. Really disappointing. What to do in Melbourne now.
  5. Just buy her a good digital set up, no f-----g washing records. 🤣
  6. See, she knows what vinyl is good for. She wants digital. It's the future.lol
  7. Covid '20' has hit a lot of people quite hard forcing the majority to stay home and try and be productive. This situation has allowed me to have a little bit more time at home on the weekends listening to music that otherwise a busy life doesn't always allow. This has allowed me to spend a little time with a diminutive looking pre amp built by our resident tech guru here in Adelaide - Bruno Kasum aka @Cello Sweet.here on SNA. The pre in question is based on an Erno Borbbely design which is a tube/hybrid design with @ 8-10db of gain, {don't sue me if this detail is incorrect,speak to Bruno for the technical specs}. The pre here comes in two boxes, the control box is @200wX300dX90mmh, with a silver alloy front panel. The power supply slightly smaller in size the two linked together with xlr type umbilicals. I substituted my usual pre a Musical Fidelity kWp Trivista with this one, nothing else was altered. I let the system warm up for at least an hour before critical listening. On first listen I was wowed by what I heard. The sound was sweet and delicate but had a large soundstage which I must admit I was not expecting. The bass was deep and full and drums had a nice deep impact. A full powerful tone and with a quite weighty bottom end but definitely not murky or illdefined. The midrange has a similar feel to the bass. It really excels in this area. All the elements of the bass sound description fit the mids as well. In listening to the mids, they have a beautiful natural sound with a feeling of the performer standing in front of you performing. The midrange is clear, large, beautifully rounded but still in accurate way so as to hear whats on the recording. The emotion of the performer comes through which to me is one of the most important aspects of an enjoyable listening experience. The highs also came through with an easy on the ear clarity. All sounded sweet and clear. Cymbal crashes etc' were there when called upon, no grittiness. Very nice. The minor quibbles and I mean very very minor would be that some may want a touch more air around the very high range. This would be a personal preference, ymmv and i'm sure Bruno's expertise in changing parts he would be able to tweak this to ones personal taste. I really believe that anyone looking for an excellent budget tube pre built by a qualified reputable technician, owes it to themselves to have a listen to one of Bruno's designs. I have listened to many systems over the years and placing this pre in my rig gave me great pleasure, I wish I had more time with it. In fact I enjoyed it so much if I didn't have the MF I could happily live with this in my system. Be warned that if you don't have a pre or are looking at adding one to your rig, do yourself a favour and have a listen to this. Regards Lazz. Also Bruno had mentioned that the new iteration would come as single chassis and remote control could also be added. @Kensell21
  8. Nice set up Chanh. I notice your source is located away from your power amps. Curious what cables run from source components to amps and how long are the runs?
  9. Hey Batty, now that ya have had a chance for a longer listen , whats your latest thoughts on the Ares11 ?
  10. Maybe. I better stop giving you full cream milk and decaf. lol
  11. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/100fba48-6c4f-40ea-aba5-d379e3234a23#H1rS-iXOKB.copy
  12. Guzzista, i can supply you with some. Just let me know how many you need. $49.99 ea. Just give me time to get to Bunnings and so i can treat them first. lol.
  13. Hi Audiohippo, nice system and build. Can you tell me more about the feet you used for the rack?
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