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  1. These are very good cables, I just tried one from Peter and got excellent results.
  2. Nice cabinets what are they made from and what size is the bass driver hole?
  3. They look like they have some good parts. What do they sound like?
  4. How would you describe the sound of this cable, as I can find reviews of this model.
  5. These are a highly regarded step up transformer. Do the research you can see for yourself.
  6. Bass articulation is outstanding. They need new boxes and caps in crossovers, yet they are lively and fun to listen to. Led Zep sounds amazing.
  7. I have been evaluating the Falls audio X series interconnects for three months. Context: Other cables I have been using include: Van den hul First ultimate Van den hul Gold Van den hul Silver Sablon Audio Panatela My current system consists of a Denon CD player, custom western electric 310 valve based pre amp, Shindo monoblocks, and 15 inch Goodman's 3 way speakers. It is my test system while some other equipment is being developed. I use van den hul scs12 speaker cable with wbt connectors. Strengths and weaknesses of Falls Audio X series As many members may have found cables are system dependent and as a result outcomes can be hit and miss, good review and reputation don't guarantee the outcome on a particular system. I had found previously after trying many cables the Van den hul first ultimate to give the best overall result, particularly at the front end such from the CD player. The falls audio X series seem best suited to connecting to amplifiers. Connected to a CD player they lacked the refinement of the Van den hul first ultimate and were more edgy and bright. Yet when feeding amplifiers (and I tried several) custom 50 triode single ended, Shindo monoblocks, and 300b Tamura single ended, I got a result I wasn't expecting! The system sounded more lively, more dynamic with these cables in place. So much so, that I replaced the Van den hul gold I was using previously. I kept listening over 3 months to many style of music, from rock, jazz, folk, and blues, and the Falls Audio X series continued to impress. What was also interesting was that got similar results on all three amplifiers I tried. So if your interested in a cable that can give your system more life, more jump you might want to consider these cables. Where to get them? I purchased these cables from the falls audio store. https://www.fallsaudio.com.au/shop
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