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  1. That's a lot of amp indeed for the money. Would have expected a price at least double what is asked.
  2. @menotu will take the furutech plug if no one has got in head
  3. These are wonderful, I have the 550 version. They do what its claimed, they preserve the sonic signature of what is fed into them and give you heaps more mojo. You will be onme happy customer!!!!
  4. I would have thought these would sound fantastic....... plenty of mojo and great efficiency. They could be refinished to look smarter, thats no big deal... You have to lay down a pile of cash to get better than these...If I didnt have a house full of speakers Id be buying them myself.
  5. @unclekanus whats is the condition of the e88cc nos or unknown, have these been tested.
  6. Nice unit, excellent buy for the money
  7. Item: Lps (second hand) Location: Canberra Price: As listed Item Condition: Reason for selling: Surplus stock from 6 years of collecting. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: List Follows Legion Miracle, near mint, $7 Santa Esmeralda, Philips, original pressing, VG $8 Doug Ashdown Trees, original pressing, G+ $5 Manfred Mans Earth Band Somewhere in Africa, original pressing, VG $10 Mike and the Mechanics, G + $6 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, original press, G+, $12 Pavlovs Dog Tempered Mental, original press, G $6 The Rolling Stones, original early Decca, G+ 13 Firefall Elan, Orginal press Atlantic, VG, $6 Cyndi Lauper she is so unusual. original press, $6 The Angels Greatest, Orginal Albert, VG $12 The Angels Greatest vol 2, Org Epic, VG 12 Jethro Tull Living in the Past, double lp, Mint $12 Jemi Hendrix Electric Ladyland, reprise edition, VG $30 (it should be worth at least this much this isn't late repressing) Dire Straights, original press, G, $5 Jerry Lee Lewis, $3 Dr Hook Rising, original press, $7 Fleetwood mack, mirage, $5 Bruce Hornsby and the Range, and Scenes from the Southside 2lps VG $7 Preference will be given to those who buy the multiples or the whole collection. Please send me a PM. Postage will depend on numbers lps are your location. It will be at cost, no packing fees.. Some Pictures of selected lps:
  8. Nice.................great for some project..
  9. On my home theatre system I sometimes play CD, most often DVD.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Ill give it a try.
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