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  1. I would have given it atleast a week with the new gear. I have integrated a new component into my system a few times that at first listen I thought sounded rubbish, a tweak here and a tweak there and sometimes with no tweaking at all, I've experienced an unexpected aha moment where it just sounded right, even when the last time i listened it sounded crap. you are so used to hearing things a certain way but it doesn't mean it's the best you've heard. There may be things your new system is doing better than your old but you can't hear that because you are convinced it sounds worse and it's cost you money which also clouds your judgement, which is understandable btw.
  2. Yep I went the ht bypass route and in short is was a PITA for even me to use and the benefits compared to what I have now were minimal and only really apparent when I did some a-b testing. On your budget though it should make noticeable improvements.
  3. I have the 30gb version of this gen. I was pretty happy when this gen of iPod was claimed to be the best sounding ipod ever due to the Wolfson dac onboard. Can't remember who made the claim but was good enough for me at the time! it now spends its days in the glovebox of my car connected to my sound system, still working years after the computer it was synced to was moved on! 😂
  4. Yep the High pass method has worked well for me too. In 2ch stereo mode I don’t eq the subs, they only get eq when I watch movies in 5.1 because they are basically two subs working from the same signal and need it.
  5. With the utmost respect, you're not turning this into a grandpa car are you Sime, protection over appearance? I've never see rim protectors like that before, hope they don't detract from the angry performance stance of the stinger?
  6. Moving.... bummer, he'll of a setup you would have had there!
  7. may be gone but $1000 for Marantz Pearl Lite Amp & CD player..... WA buyers https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wanneroo/stereo-systems/for-sale-marantz-pearl-lite-amp-cd-player/1217226356
  8. Knock me over with a feather! Never knew it was a thing!
  9. Oh wow, those pics remind me of street machine magazine........ but for hi-fi! magnificent restoration, looks better with the lid off!
  10. Am I seeing things or is that bad boy sitting on a stand? For photo purposes only?
  11. Been thinking this for a while, cds are definitely the cheapest medium, hard to beat, I mean people are giving away their cd collections and theres nothing wrong with them.
  12. Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!
  13. Have never seen Corza list anything that wasn’t priced to sell!
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