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  1. Hi Kev, working with snoopy it was recommended to duplicate the curves for the mains and the subs so they are on the same frequencies that said everything up to user preference so maybe try both and see what you think.
  2. Not sure the photos of this listing do the size of them justice, if you google the model you will see them compared to other Dynaudio models and these things are huge at over 1500mm high! Can just imagine the immersive sound they produce, definitely on my shortlist of speaker upgrades when that time comes. Amazing value!
  3. Bummer, so many variables to look out for now with Atmos/4k/HDR etc. Does the AVR produce sound from the new rear channels or you simply get no sound at all? Yamaha have been the master of extending surround sound to height channels etc. over the year, would have though they would have a workaround.
  4. you can use "Spotify Connect" if using Spotify. So use the Spotify app on your phone, PC or tablet to play music through the Sonos device. Not the same as sending it from your phone or tablet but similar for Spotify users.
  5. google sonos and you will have all your questions answered.
  6. Tidal, Spotify, streaming is way too convenient anywhere I go. Gave up on HDD, not worth my effort and happy to pay for millions of songs at the drop of hat in excellent quality when I need it.
  7. One thing I will say is that tweaking curves here and there is it's a lot cheaper and takes less time than the traditional method of buying and selling equipment for small gains etc. No costly wholesale changes required, a tweak here and there costs $0!
  8. Thanks to everyone for not making me look like a fool with my post about the target curve being about the same as the corrected lines! Had a play again tonight and noticed that when you change the target curve, Dirac updates the corrected lines to suit! NOOB! That said had some really positive results again tonight, I combined my "miracle curve" and my tweaked nad curve tonight by copying and pasting parts out of one into the other via the txt file. i found I loved the bass tightness of the tweaked nad curve, and the mids of my miracle curve, when put together they made for some nice listening, from there i pulled the boost back slighly as it sounded a little bloated and found a sweet spot I'll stick with for another week or so. Seriously nice sound coming from my system now!
  9. The Pioneer app is the only way to get the full MQA experience on your N70AE from what I understand. But maybe play a MQA song you like using the pioneer app, then get on the Tidal app and play the same song sending it to the N70AE using AirPlay from the iPad and see if you notice a difference in the sound quality. if you don't the Tidal app is probably the best free user experience you can get. if you do, you are probabaly stuck with the Pioneer App.
  10. One of these? Ive read two posts, googled it and still have no idea what any of this means!
  11. Ive been looking at Dirac again and taking into account I only know enough about this to be dangerous, I may have stumbled across the reason iterations of the Nad Curve sound good to me in my system. The Graph below shows a curve I did last night which is identical to the Nad Curve apart from the fact I followed my room measurements from around 35hz down. I have found this single tweak tightens the bass and keep its sounding natural and real. For the first time just now though I have shown the "corrected" lines not the "measured" lines which I assume is the improvements Dirac makes to the measured results. Doing this showed me that the "corrected" lines and the curve I tweaked are almost identical. Have I stumbled across the obvious for people that know more about this than me and the reason the Nad curve sounds good for me?
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