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  1. I’m using an Elektra TheatreHD, before that a Rotel1582mk2 and before that a CXR200 Cambridge AVR. On the Nad you can have 5 different target curves to suit needs but they are passive not active curves (if that makes sense) so you need to manually switch them but it’s easy. The Nad Dirac target curve they provide on their website for people that like some more bass compared to the flat Dirac curve tops out at around +6.5 at 30hz which is also where mine tops out, I effectively modelled mine off that, so never thought there was an issue and be it right or wrong probably
  2. Great price and after basic calibration a great tv, I watch mine every day and tbh don’t really miss the plasma it replaced.
  3. I am no expert but Ive managed to get results which are pleasing to me and anyone else that hears my system via a NAD C658 Dirac and twin Rel Subs. My current curve is attached and I boost the bass and mids but close the curtains at 150hz so nothing above is touched. The boosting I have done does not even begin to sound distorted or cause my components any stress, I haven't boosted to fix any null issues which I think the dual subs do anyway, but it just sounds the way I like it, full and lush. I could not live without having subs in my music now and Dirac j
  4. Awesome, are the timber diffusers custom made or purchased as is?
  5. Running Dirac on the Nad c658 has certainly made me a believer that’s for sure, and keeping both eq options the same will help my brain from hurting too I’m sure!
  6. thanks Snoop. Budget will be up to $3k for the pre pro plus any additional amps if required, I won’t be buying until later this year given it’s not guaranteed I’ll be going Atmos in that room, will need to get in to the house and see what can be done. If staying 5.1 and my CXR200 just had a full suite of pre-outs I’d happily keep it if I wasn’t going Atmos, sounds great to my ears without any eq apart from the sub eq I run.
  7. I think I’m my situation it will be a case of unless I can get rears lower in the room (most likely on stands), I won’t bother with Atmos. Main thing for me will be to nail the front stage with power and quality, the effects will come second.
  8. @kiwimeat been thinking about the single rear speaker option and thinking it would surely only work in a 7.1 setup if you mono the rears to make it 6.1 like the good old days??
  9. I’ve just finally purchased my first Elektra HD2 7 ch power amp and I would love a Dirac based processor but the $$$ will probably foil that unless I go with an AVR as pre which if it’s a 9ch has the benefit of powering the .4 speakers. But I also think a Marantz Av77xx processor will be high on the list as I’m a sucker for a warmer sound, then just grab a cheap emotiva amp to do the .4 I’m keeping 2ch of the Elektra free to power my 2ch stereo side of things so I don’t have to worry about the whole ht bypass thing which atm it is doing a very nice job of.
  10. Hi Aaron, for some reason I have, because I’ve got a centred wall behind the listening position, jad also crossed my mind as that having both channel launched in the centre pointing out towards the side walls may also work to some degree?? it’s all a compromise but just a matter of which would give the best result I guess.
  11. Yes very true! I’m gaining a projector in this room and will be building a sub frame to the front wall with an acoustically transparent screen that will house 3 LCR speakers like Krix Megaphonix for the front stage so it will be 90% there, just the rears won’t be ideal!
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