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  1. yep, a products value is what someone will pay for it.
  2. Awesome set-up Darren, to die for! Just a question on the speaker platforms, are they for acoustic reasons or just to tie everything together aestically?
  3. I couldn't imagine there's longevity in buying product from here and reselling it if you wanted to have your integrity on this forum intact long term, you will be found out eventually. I have considered flipping product purchased from Facebook or Gumtree and flicking them on the same platforms and eBay. I know what things are worth but a lot of people don't and just want it gone so theres some crazy bargains out there daily and certainly an arbitrage business in it but I dont have the time. I have a mate that does it in AV equip (not here though), it helps him fund future purchases, a great idea if you have the time and flexibility to get it before someone else does. Why do people get to a Garage sale 30 minutes before it opens? Not because they want all the good stuff for home, it's because they want to get the good stuff and sell it! It's part of everyday life, certainly nothing to get overly fussed about.
  4. With a TV and video source in the mix that's where an AVR comes into its own. For me when I turn the TV on the amp automatically wakes up and selects the correct input. Same with the Apple TV, simply press any button on the ATV remote and the amp and TV wake up. I and the whole family enjoys the simplicity HDMI control can bring.
  5. Given you are starting from the denon 3300 I would think there would be considerable gains integrating a 2ch pre. which 2ch pre is the right choice is the test. imagine your self living with both in the same system too, can be a PITA running a system with ht bypass for everyone to use. I did it and hated it, nobody could use it but me, so I went for a high powered musical avr and haven’t missed much compared to what I had.
  6. Didn't realise all the posts, Nothing to see here 😁
  7. This warmed the cockles of my heart, more respect for LH..... class act!
  8. Networks are the enemy of care free hi-fi, a hi-fi guy should never have to know how to set-up a static ip! When I had a crud internet connection and the kids were taking all the bandwidth, I'd calm myself down by popping a silver disc into a tray and pressing play, never let me down!
  9. Agree with snoopy, second hand is the go, a chance to get a great amp for that sort of money. seen some Denon 4xxx series for for under $500 in the classifieds here. aim for hdmi 1.4 as a minimum, hdmi control between devices is great, and don’t worry too much about 4K given your other equipment.
  10. A shock to hear Bill but great to hear the positivity and the very cool gesture! Have never met you Bill but having purchased a few items from you over the years, "Legend" is the first word I can think of to describe you! Hope you continue to kick the big C's ass! 🍻
  11. Looks like a lot of speaker for the money, looks slick in white too! GLWTS
  12. Great read, good to see technology is bridging the gap between convenience and quality sound by reducing the box count, but will it last? For a second system no doubt, but I don't think half of the people on this forum could really lock in to a system comprising of two speakers and an iPad and fight off all urges to tweak the ass out of it. It should be this easy but audiophillia OCD is too strong to fight for most!
  13. Might be a stupid question but in the case of using this ain a multi-room system using multiple Sonos Connects as source, do the analogue inputs have an auto sensor to power on? So when you turn on a zone the two channels kick in to gear and then when that signal turns off they go into stand-by? So if none of the zones are receiving a signal the whole amp is asleep and then they turn on as required? GLWTS
  14. Hate not knowing...... it’s the 8500s going by the sound bar user manual
  15. Maybe start looking for a cost effective replacement, plenty of cheap AVR options out there in the 2nd hand market.
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