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  1. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Gold 5 disc cd player

    5 disc changer........ how about 301! Not sure where you'd find one but a fine looking piece of equipment in gold IMO! Model number: Pioneer PD-F1007 https://www.google.com/search?q=pioneer+gold+PD-F1007&client=safari&rls=en&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=27Q8bzMfhdxQGM%3A%2CUaMDctvvKZehqM%2C_&usg=__NTuXn81XA00aq2Laye2P3BqkOf8%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwilmanQjtDaAhVDS7wKHci8DmQQ9QEILzAD#imgrc=sRcaS2tELJ3thM:
  2. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Anthem mrx 520 vs Cambridge cx200

    Well done, did you compare the two by any chance?
  3. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Anthem mrx 520 vs Cambridge cx200

    Not sure what you mean by a mellower sound?
  4. To my knowledge they just don’t make amps this good in the 9ch variety
  5. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Do You Suffer From APE?

    Very well said, that emotional connect and losing your self in the music is why is why I do it. Even with my modest system/s I have felt it and strangely sometimes it comes out of the blue without changing anything. I'll listen to a song one day and it gives me nothing, the next day it's like WOW where did that come from? volume, time of day, how many beers Ive had, who's in the room will also contribute!
  6. Hi-Fi Whipped


    Great buying!
  7. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Anthem mrx 520 vs Cambridge cx200

    Also surprised the CXR200 doesn't get a mention here or hardly anywhere for that matter! I started the upgrade path about 3.5 years ago and its taken me all this time to finally know that I've made the right choice in the CXR200 for a crossover component that can do decent 2ch as well as surround duties. Its not the latest in surround tech but if you don't need Atmos or the finest of video what it does it does very well. As @:) al mentioned this thing is a beast, I'm still getting used to it and have some more fine tuning to do between my Rel subs and this unit but it seems to be getting better by the day. The sound is coming from everywhere and I'm hearing things I haven't heard before from some of my favourite surround Blu-ray concerts. My less than ideal 4.5m x 6m room is now a room full of sound and the front stage is simply a wall of sound coming at me which is what I have always been searching for. I'll be adding another DAC for 2ch when I can as I'm sure thats the only thing I'm truly missing but that said the 2ch using the Cambridge DACs is getting better, not sure if its burn in or just my ears tuning to its sound but its certainly better than it was when I first connected it. I'm pretty sure the L+R DACs in this are the same as the 851n so its no slouch. I have no doubt the main differences I am experiencing between this and my previous receivers is the power, when you turn it up you just get the sense that it wants to keep going and won't make your ears bleed at the same time.
  8. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Turning the TV on mid album

    Cooking shows should be made extinct! If I see another so called food expert chew food whilst staring at the ceiling ill go mad!
  9. Hi-Fi Whipped

    FS: Nuforce Pre amp $450

    What DACs are under the hood?
  10. Hi-Fi Whipped

    FS: Nuforce Pre amp $450

    Heard nothing but good things about this, great value for the dollars from what I can see!
  11. Hi-Fi Whipped

    CXN firmware update v2

    Should still have spotify connect on the V1 unless it's been removed?
  12. Hi-Fi Whipped


    yeh I thought we were talking cheap Target (shop) Cd's, I've brought a few in my day!
  13. Hi-Fi Whipped


  14. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Gold 5 disc cd player

    That be silver I reckon, try and see if you can tap into some Asian markets, I don't know any but the asians love gold components and they probabaly still make them in gold over there.