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  1. A mobile phone and a 3.5mm to rca plug will have them singing in no time! Will have to split the rca cables to make them reach though. 😁
  2. Hi-Fi Whipped

    SOLD: FS: 2 x B&W PV1D Subwoofers (Black)

    Very sexy!
  3. A great front end for a HT imo glwts
  4. Hi-Fi Whipped


    What Do you really need it to do? Second avrs going really well priced on here recently, Denon 4520 for about $1k and a 4810 for around $500. If I was spending your type of budget I'd definitely consider second hand to get a real avr!
  5. I still can't believe speaker manufacturers don't provide buyers with a list of amps that are endorsed by them to be a match for thier speakers!
  6. Yeh definitely try and get those speakers up about a foot and bring your couch forward as far as you can without the Mrs losing her shite! mount them on the wall of you can
  7. I'd basically start with brands that are sold by real bricks and mortar Hi-Fi and ht stores, they don't carry rubbish. and then this forum is a great place to hear real people give real user experiences of the products found in the stores mentioned above, plus the brands that will only be know of by hanging around places like this. Hanging around here has the potential to cost you a shipload more $$$$ than you ever thought you'd spend on listening to music, but conversally can save you the same $$$$. plus your own time invested in doing the online and real store research it takes to get it right for you, unfortunately all of our ears and homes are different which means what's right for someone else doesn't mean it's right for you!
  8. Haha would save a lot of people a lot of money, especially here!
  9. Even as a zone amp running two powered zones it’s a bargain!
  10. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Future Upgrade Path for my Setup?

    Welcome. its a slippery slope you are standing on and the worst thing you can do if you are pretty happy with your system is wonder what it would sound compared to better systems! but if you want to start the journey and your path to upgraditis, I’d recommend this: if mainly using your system for ht I’d upgrade your subwoofer first. If still chasing more I’d upgrade your receiver to a higher powered model. Marantz match well with your speakers so I’d prob go a 60xx or 70xx depending on budget. then upgrade your centre speaker with a matching jamo and then I’d add another sub the same as the first upgrade. based on your speakers I’d stop there unless they are the next to go! this would be a nice setup from where you started. also as you mentioned play with the positioning of your speakers first, getting this right is the cheapest upgrade you will have forget upgrading speaker cables, if you have a beefy oxygen free copper that’s all you need on your system. enjoy
  11. Sime doesn't live here no more?
  12. A chromecast audio for $50 will give you network connection and you are still miles ahead!
  13. Hi-Fi Whipped

    New Streamer

    Anyone used the mini with Spotify connect? How’s the reliability?
  14. 3D used to be a thing some people did once..... the smart people didn't bother!