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  1. Unfortunately when you are streaming music via tv or YouTube you are no where near the hardware quality you need to determine the difference in sound quality of any streaming service.
  2. Not that I have ever been in a position to buy McIntosh gear, the esthetic is so powerful that I feel like it's an all or nothing proposition, assuming you love the sound of it. This photo taken from thier "World of Mcintosh" in NY, generates drool from me as a lover of audio products that I love to look at as much as hear, but if I could only afford one of them..... I might be less likely to buy something that looks "cool" with awesome blue VU meters, when my other gear looks black and drab in comparison. That said , if I could only afford one, it would be front and ce
  3. There's only a few components that look good in gold...... imo this is one, would buy it just to look at.
  4. After about 10 years of Spotify I dropped it 3 months ago in favour of Tidal for streaming quality, Spotify is still the king for content and usability so this definitely changes things for the better. Probably won't until they offer hi-res in some way shape or form though........
  5. I’m considering pairing these with my Nad C658 so will be interested to hear your thoughts Ray. Will need to hear them myself too before purchasing but they appear great value atm.
  6. Thought that beauty would be in the coffin beside you!
  7. Item: 90s tape deck Price Range: aiming for under $200 but will pay more for the shizzle! Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Planning to putt a bit of fun back into the music and need a tape deck to get a bit nostalgic with the Mrs. looking for a 90s style full width component with all the bells and whistles, funky lights and all the cutting edge functions of the times. im no tape deck expert so something with a history of working perfectly is what I’m after. also after 80s and 90s pop and rock cassette tapes if someone has some collecting du
  8. No doubt bluesound is superior but considering the connect amp will be just powering ceiling speakers and can be had for $200 it will be more than sufficient and the ROI wins hands down.
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