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  1. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    great space, love it!
  2. No more Spotify Connect!

    Could probably remove this, jumped the gun by only reading one article on the matter! Looks like it business as usual for a lot of the products out there.
  3. Intergra DHC 80.1 price drop$$$$$

    great buying!
  4. It hasn’t sold yet, staggered!
  5. Should i get a av with my Oppo 105

    The integra 80.x series is highly regarded and at the asking price if Its the one in the classifieds would be a great addition to you gear with plenty of tweaking options, assuming it ages well. That said it would probably work best using hdmi inputs which almost makes your 105 overkill given you wouldn't be using the inbuilt dacs of the 105. For AV a basic bluray player running digital out into a high end pre-pro like the 80.1 will deliver a much better surround experience than a high end bluray via analogue.
  6. SOLD: FS: Denon 3930

    can't believe this isn't sold yet, retailed for $2499 back in the day.
  7. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    they were different ages and a direct swap out, swap in and tested within minutes of each other. Nothing else in the system was moved or changed hence the reason I thought that burn in seems logical, but hey I’m no expert!
  8. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    through some misfortune I have experienced 3 different Cambridge 751r receivers recently and they have all sounded different. I purchased the second after hearing the first and was pretty disappointed when the second one sounded brighter. The third sounded better in some areas but worse in others but fair to say I’ve learnt to live with it, still damn good for an AVR. So I’m a believer, may be other factors but burn in seems to be the logical difference between them.
  9. All good I have just never seen the copper knobs and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. GLWTS
  10. sorry its killing me, are those knobs copper in colour or black?
  11. Wireless streaming with control from ipad

    Looks like the yammy will but try and get something that has digital output as well as analogue so you can add an external dac later if desired / you don't like the sound. sonos, heos, bluesound, they all do it, from what I can see the best option would be a second hand bluesound node 1 may be best so you can access mqa in high res and they go for $220-250. as mentioned for tidal, the auralic Aries mini at $300 second hand would be the pick.
  12. Wow absolute bargain! have seen others use one of these straight into $20k + powered speakers with great results.
  13. Back when I had a Cyrus 8xpd all the talk is that they matched very well with Dynaudio. Smaller form factor a benefit for you too by the sounds.
  14. Just great buying, turns any receiver with pre-outs into a HT beast!
  15. If buying an avr for 2ch look for one with power a plenty and one that doesn’t touch the incoming analogue inputs, Cambridge audio and Arcam come to mind. Im using a CA751r which does both, I’ve had a Cyrus 8xpd and Arcam A38 integrateds and I’m not left wanting one bit.