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  1. I see these were purchased overseas, being brand new ideally buyers would want to explore warranty. Do you have receipts for the purchase, assume they were purchased from a Hi-fi / AV shop? Do any of the products have worldwide warranties? The more you can offer as far as proof of purchase and warranty information will help the overall value of what you are selling.
  2. Maybe grab an apple airport express and use its headphone output into your stereo. then grab your iPhone and load the Apple remote app and use it as a remote control to control the music on your computer, the computer sends it via AirPlay/AirPlay 2 to ge airport express. this is where I started years ago, works well if your wifi network is strong. you could use AirPlay 2 speakers using the same setup to expand the music to other rooms if you wanted too.
  3. If manufacturers can get short throw tech right it has to be a game changer for the industry, so much easier to implement in homes than traditional projectors.
  4. Agree with JB, a Klein Dac can be had in the classifieds for under $500 and in my experience took the Node 2 to another level and well worth the money. Dont think the node 2i has improved analog sound compared to the. Node 2 so would probably still apply here.
  5. You can add Pioneer N30AE, N50AE & N70AE to the list.
  6. As much as I love Arcam gear you'd want to be sure its a keeper for years to come because the second hand market for Arcam gear is surprisingly stagnant usually resulting in some significant depreciation.
  7. I agree, get the newest model you can, the difference between the older models and the CX series is chalk and cheese atleast from a technology, quality and stability point of view.
  8. Given the budget, the models you have shortlisted and the fact that you haven't mentioned you care how it sounds, id just buy the one that has the features you want. All the models you have mentioned from Denon, Marantz and Yamaha will probably sound as good as what you have now and the bonus is the new features. If its a step up in sound quality you want go from Nad or Anthem and follow the advice your are getting from @Snoopy8 providing they have the features you want. For me, Dolby Vision isn't even on my short list of things I look for in a receiver, the way it sounds is No.1 and always will be but each to their own.
  9. Great buying, Arcam sound quality for $500! i owned one of these for a while and was very happy with the sound quality. GLWTS
  10. Are you sure these are Mk2 Ikons, think they have a black face on the speakers, not the grey.
  11. Speakers so big you can rest your preamp on them! We should all have some of those! look awesome!
  12. I dont think so, the OP is looking to purchase an AVR and I would say with all of the contributions here he is now much better placed to understand what he is buying than before he posted.
  13. 1800w Max Power Consumption 170W RMS /ch (2ch driven @ 8 ohm) 120W RMS /ch (all 7ch driven @ 8ohms) No distortion figures but that's the basic Cambridge CXR200 figures hence why I brought it. That said it looks like the days of the powerful Cambridge AVR are numbered, they've archived both AVRs from their website and I can't find any details about new models coming out.
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