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  1. Couldn't be happier. Agree that its good to know that Daves ramblings have no effect on the sound quality of the C658, and given this is an "Owners thread" I'm not sure what his motivation is given he clearly doesn't own one, and nor do I care.
  2. Great progress, I'm also interested in seeing how you go containing those acoustic tiles. I was actually wondering today if aluminium frames with fabric skins would be the answer? Can be printed or solid colours, not sure how they would go acoustically though.
  3. If sound is the priority, this AVR will satisfy a hifi guy for surround sound. great AVR, GLWTS
  4. Hmmm, so it's a poor design, measures poorly, but these issues are audibly transparent and you won't notice it under most circumstances..... I seriously wonder why the measurement boffins or anyone that translates them waste thier time! now.... back to the music!
  5. Item: Vienna Acoustics Baby Grand Speakers - White Price Range: Secondhand Market Value Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Must be in great condition, happy to pay for shipping with original boxes. Would also consider Concert Grand's
  6. Pioneer Elite is US branded, Pioneer LX is the equivalent here. could import one from the US easily enough just watch out for the voltage requirements
  7. Kef always do the best walnut finish on their speakers, this is a great example! GLWTS.
  8. Nice one, will be even sweeter the second time around! enjoy!
  9. I’ve been down the Mac streaming source road via USB a couple of times, in my experience the sound wasn’t as good as a dedicated music streamer. certainly wasn’t devaluing the op’s source, I didn’t know what it was until I asked. talking all sorts of jitter reduction starts with the source itself, get it right there and anything you do after that is more effective. I’m talking real world “how does it sound?” experience that I have had, I’m not talking measurements and dots and dashes like some people prefer to. At the end of the day whatever wor
  10. What music source are you using? If some sort of PC pr Mac setup using isb output you maybe just polishing a turd anyway.
  11. Just going from strength to strength Bill, they look the business!
  12. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/tidal-connect-launches-on-bluos Tidal Connect is probably the biggest inclusion with the update, nice to see Tidal trying to keep up with Spotify. Sound quality wise... not sure, haven't tried it yet.
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