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  1. Hi-Fi Whipped

    FS: Price drop (Melb) Klein AK4490EQ DAC

    That was an insane price but everyone is a winner!
  2. Hi-Fi Whipped


    This might help you
  3. Wasn’t this thread about a DAC? Geesh!
  4. Hi-Fi Whipped

    DAC for beginners

    Now that’s a can of worms! just ok compared to what? Not familiar with dac, google is your best shot but if it’s playing I’m thinking you won’t need anymore drivers.
  5. Hi-Fi Whipped

    SOLD: Free: Oppo DV-971H DVD player

    I'll say, where it all began I think! This will get snapped up quick smart!
  6. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Missing Cambridge Audio remote

    agree with the Logitech approach but id be pretty sure synergy audio would have one lying around if you wanted a genuine one, they are the distributor of CA.
  7. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Gieseler DAC Reviews & Impressions

    Well I will be the lucky owner of a souped up Klein SE next week, the word from Clay is that this one is “the best Klein he has ever heard/built”! It’s benefitting from some improved componentry since he made them in mass. As a previous Klein 1 owner I’ll be sure to report back with some feedback in a week or so.
  8. Hi-Fi Whipped

    SOLD: FS: Cambridge Audio Azur 851A $1200

    Haha, didnt even read his quote, there you go! Does someone need a hug?
  9. Hi-Fi Whipped

    DAC comparison

    With all this R2R talk maybe this should be worth discussing?j
  10. Hi-Fi Whipped


    Yep, had many a night watching YouTube concerts via an iPad mini and my sennheisers, horses for courses, I find myself enjoying the music more than the sound!
  11. Hi-Fi Whipped


    Depends what you sign up for, sign up for free trial of Hi-Fi and you get 1411 and mqa
  12. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Gieseler DAC Reviews & Impressions

    I have an SE being built at the moment, can’t wait to hear it. Having owned a Klein 1 and loved it, can only imagine I’m in for a real treat!
  13. Hi-Fi Whipped

    SOLD: FS: Cambridge Audio Azur 851A $1200

    Built like a tank!
  14. Hi-Fi Whipped


    I just did the free trial and it came through in hifi lossless quality no problems. Ive always listened to Spotify and must say the switch to tidal is a game changer in quality, don’t think the wife would notice it but I certainly can.