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  1. What great value, am I missing something though? The seperate prices add up to less than the total price?
  2. Yep, I just love watching people eat on tv!
  3. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Sonos Connect transport upgrade.

    Well I thought I was keeping it real until you mentioned your budget, maybe @Luc was more on the money, maybe I’ll just go and stand in the corner!
  4. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Sonos Connect transport upgrade.

    Struggling to see the link between this thread and a $3800 streamer? Nice one but the OP is looking to upgrade a Sonos connect and possibly a dac, his suggested options cap out a lot less than this costs. FWIW @Bee-Fizzle I've been where you've are, started with Sonos, tried Cambridge and ended up with a Bluesound Node 2 and Klein DAC. You can buy both these for the cost of a CXN and IMO the node is a much better streamer, and having a seperate dac allows you to swap a dac in and out to your liking. I also loved the rack presence of the CXN but couldn't be happier with the combo, sound beats rack presence in the long term.
  5. Hi-Fi Whipped


    Doesn't look like you have owned a stand alone external DAC and can't comment on how the Klein would compare to what you have owned previously but I do know is the value of the Klein DACs is off the charts. Just read these forum pages to get a feel for what you would be buying. I had never heard one before I brought one but I can say that everything said here is the truth and my experience was everything I was hoping for. Plus the product support you receive from Clay if ever needed is second to none.
  6. Hi-Fi Whipped


    Another thing I meant to mention is something I have experienced with both my Klein Dacs, when the volume goes up it doesn’t start to sound loud or harsh, the sound just becomes more full, it’s a thing I hadn’t experienced with any other player or dac I have owned.
  7. Hi-Fi Whipped


    I have been meaning to do this for a while but after living with my Klein SE for a couple of months now i thought i would give my impressions, the best i can anyway! This is an old thread so hopefully it finds its way to the top. After my patience ran out waiting for a second hand Klein II DAC I decide to make contact with Clay to see if there was an out of the box DAC he could create using the parts he had on hand and he suggested the SE which uses the AK4495EQ chip (same as the new Klein III), an upgrade over the Klein I and Klein II in sound which appealed to me so i went ahead and ordered one. What i didn't know at this time was because it had been a few years since he had actually made an SE my unit would also receive a cap upgrade , the same caps that are found in the Gross. After testing the unit I got the impression Clay was a little taken back at how much it sounded like the Gross, this is something i cant comment on but Im pretty sure Clay is a good judge! Having owned a Klein I DAC previously I knew the sound i was wanting and was excited by the prospect of having an even better sound coming my way. Clay suggested i burn the unit in for a minimum of 100hrs before really listening but of course i didn't have the patience for that so the first few days were hit and miss to be honest. After the 100-120 hour mark it was and still is a very different conversation. Since connecting it i havent bothered doing any A-B comparisons, i may one day but having been on this road for the "perfect sound" for most of my life I know when I'm on a good thing and man is this DAC good! Instead of comparing it to other DACs i think the best way to sum it up is that it makes music feel right. For years i had my go too music that i knew sounded pretty good on most of the components i have owned along the way, this way i could feel good about my system a good chunk of the time. The downside to this is that i stopped listening to a lot of the music i loved, pretty much the complete opposite of what this game should be! This isn't the case with the Klein SE in the mix, I have often read with envy other forum members explaining how they are re-listening to their music collection because of the latest component they brought (whatever it may be) and i have to say thats exactly how i feel and i can honestly say its never been like that for me. Now i throw any music on and I'm amazed at just how good it sounds, its completely changed the way i listen, I'm no longer critiquing, tweaking, dreaming of the next upgrade, its just listen to and enjoy the music time, a place i thought was forever going to be out of reach! A few last words about the sound: Expansive sound stage, deep full rich sound, three dimensional, smooth. A big thanks to Clay @Gieseler Audio for going the extra mile for me, and also thanks to @Bill125812 for the high quality 75ohm and RCA cables which added the cream on top!
  8. Amazing prices won't last long that's for sure
  9. Hi-Fi Whipped

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    Yep me too, not very often I’m wrong! 😀
  10. Hi-Fi Whipped

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    Nice feature!
  11. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Rental Atmos Setup

    That’s a lot of speakers in what appears to be quite a small room, must sound wry immersive nice work.
  12. Great buying, I owned a previous LX pioneer AVR model and it never missed a beat, 2 years warranty on this is a huge bonus too!
  13. Hi-Fi Whipped

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    Unless you can re assign the front channels you will only have 7 Amps available. If you simply just use the pre outs but can’t re assign, your front two amps will just sit there doing nothing. That said I’m not familiar with your amp so sounds like you have it all sorted then
  14. Hi-Fi Whipped

    SOLD: FS: Two Magnificent CD-SACD Players!

    That Sony would make playing cds a sexual experience!
  15. Hi-Fi Whipped

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    @shazza6887 if you cant re assign your front channels to the ceiling its probably a blessing really, just grab the cheapest power amp you can find to do those duties and keep the front stage as is. Once up and running if you feel you need more power in the front end then you can aim for a nice 3 channel amp to boost the front 3 channels.