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  1. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Kia Stinger

    So how's the HK audio sound Sime? Any upgrades on the horizon?
  2. Some av receivers have an optical output, can this be used in anyway with what your are trying to achieve?
  3. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Funny I find having a tv on when listening to music to be a mood detractor, iPad screen on the couch arm next to me for control is all I need.
  4. The air dac will sound better but it’s a dac not a source as such, plus it’s an old model. it will receive music via airplay but the that means your phone or iPad is still the source and the streaming is only as good as the wifi signal you have between the two. the denon or bluesound are the source so there no issues with wifi cut outs etc between your controller and the device. if you can squeeze the extra money I’d go bluesound mode 2, there’s one ex demo online for around $650 which isn’t bad price wise. you won’t regret it.
  5. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Netflix currently watching

    The F1 doco is worth a watch, really enjoyed it myself.
  6. Hi-Fi Whipped

    Yamaha R-N803 network player

    If sound is the number one priority I would go the rega amp and a seperate streamer. No experience with either but for 2ch rega I highly regarded. A seperate streamer/dac allows you to experiement a little to get the sound you are after too.
  7. Pretty sure the pioneer has two hdmi outs so you can send Audio through the av receiver you have and video straight to the display if needed on uhd discs. the pioneer also has a built in dac you could use an audio streamer with if desired pqls jitter free audio between the pioneer player and receiver you have is a nice to have also.
  8. What are you playing when you use the analogue outs of the player? CD, sacd? may even lay to get a cheap bd player for movies and a dedicated CD player for 2ch??
  9. Hi-Fi Whipped

    FS: rotel rsx 1055 receiver 100 x 5

    What a great buy, think of this as a 2ch integrated with inbuilt dac and the value goes up even further.
  10. Rate the niles speakers highly, I use the same brand for my rears, this is a huge bargain!
  11. Hi-Fi Whipped

    SOLD: FS: Price Drop B&W PV1 Sub

    Can’t believe this hasn’t been snapped up! What a beauty at an awesome price!
  12. Great read, there’s a lot of ways to get to this point and it’s different for all of us. Some people never get there too, luckily for me I got there without the need to spend $7.5k, not to begrudge others that have though.
  13. Hi-Fi Whipped

    The wonderful NBN.

    Recently got nbn at home, it's been a real game changer when I have two young adults milking bandwidth! We are averaging 40mbps which when we are all on streaming/downloading ensures Netflix doesn't even look like lagging which is great, previous adsl2+ speeds were 9mbps. Surprising to me though was that I was getting 100mbps via 4G the other day at work (using a mobile phone) amazing speeds compared to wired but think I'm close to a tower where I was getting it.