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  1. The second hand market is tough when you can’t sell an Arcam Blu-Ray player for $150! bargain!
  2. Amazon will be happy to make a loss on this business like may others to win over more shoppers. That's why it will be around forever. But yes appears to be no perfect solution, the fact that its not tied to MQA is great, I hate the fact that you need purchase specific streamers or DACs to get the full MQA experience. Spotify is without doubt the leader in streaming, their user interface is the best by far and lookout if they ever decide to go HD, everyone else will die a slow death but some people will be happy to pay less for the same sound quality and accept a lower user experience.... probably tight asses like me to be honest!
  3. Great discussion, at the end of the day the enjoyment of music can make a huge difference to a persons wellbeing. Audio nirvana is an elusive beast and as others have stated I doubt this has anything to do with your system. id probably look to flip it on its head and not use your Hi-Fi setup for a while. This will force you to forget about how the musics sounds and just listen to music that makes you feel good, bring back great memories in your life. Hopefully you have a Bluetooth speaker or something you can just throw music too on your phone so it’s easy and just have it on in the background for a while. my life is a catalogue of music that I remember listening to at the time, even now if I go back and listen to music I loved when I was a teen, it just takes me back to the good old days and I forget about all the nuances of the sound and just enjoy the music for how it makes me feel and reminisce!
  4. You've owned it for 11 years and you didn't know or couldn't look to see if it atleast had two sub outputs? i know it's easier just to ask the question than do some research yourself but you are only going to get the best out of any system once you start to dig in find things out by getting your hands dirty.
  5. Ok, maybe checkout an apple airport express, they are discontinued but this would receive a wifi signal from. Your network and then you connect that via Ethernet to the vault, can be had second hand for $100 or less.
  6. Gee I would never have thought it didn't have wifi, I guess they have thier reasons with regard to quality but seems a little backwards. Easiest way I can see around this would be to use a power line Ethernet connection which runs Ethernet via the power points in your home, never used one but the Bluesound site says it's compatible with the vault. Once the vault is connected to your network you'll be able to use your iPhone as remote https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Netgear-PLW1000-Gigabite-Powerline-Ethernet-Adapter-500Mbps-AC-WIFI-Extender/142806617519?epid=15032789412&hash=item213ff00daf:g:dEoAAOSwly9dIr1k
  7. After the great description of what they look like, I was waiting for the photos of what they look like!
  8. Yeh enjoyed it, comedians speak a lot of truth and call out the blights on society more and more nowadays!
  9. I live in Queensland with my 60" plasma, never once complained about the heat or the picture quality. If I had to choose though I'd pick picture quality over some radiant heat any day! great buy here for a quality tv!
  10. It’s a 50/50 really, some pe/pros sound better accepting a digital signal and others sound better accepting an analogue one. Your idea of listening comparisons is the best.
  11. For receivers in that spec level just make sure it has the features you want, the spec sheet will tell you that it has pre-outs so you can add external amps if you want id also just check which channels the internal amps can be assigned to, preferably you want those to power the rears and the ceiling channels and add more power to the front 3 channels
  12. A vey well respected ht amp, also has 3 powered zones so would make a very cost effective multi room amp too. GLWTS
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