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  1. I wouldn't invest in MQA gear just for MQA, its sonic benefits or lack there of is well documented. I only choose to listen to MQA via Tidal when I can because I already have the gear to do it as a bi-product of choosing the streamer I did.
  2. Your streamer if it can decode mqa will do the first unfold (think that’s what it’s called) and out via spdif as 96/24 PCM so your external Dac can receive the signal. Pretty sure you are only missing out on the difference between 96/24 and 192/24 by going down the external MQA dac method which some would say isn’t that big a deal.
  3. Im now a C658 convert, for the money theres nothing that comes close to it for features. And once you've had Dirac you can't go back its that simple, music just sounds lifeless without it. BluOS is a big reason to jump into the either the 2i or the C658, IMO the best GUI using a free app out there, I find it much better than the Cambridge streaming app which I occasionally use on my CXR200. Also if you are even considering adding subs to your 2ch listening the sub integration of Dirac is awesome, seamlessly integrates the subs and front speakers and produces a wall of sound like nothing else I've heard, seamless from bottom to top. Is it pretty? No but its not ugly either, looks understated and a touch classy in my unit IMO but don't let the looks be a decider, we all know its about the sound!
  4. Thanks for the tip, contacted the distributor, feedback is that it’s ok to use the switch as a source selector, will only be a short term solution until I get the long term option sorted but gets me out of a bind. 👍🏼
  5. Anyone using the C658 in a combined AV / 2CH system with an external amplifier that serves both systems? i.e in HT Bypass mode by fixing the source volume of the C658 and engaging the "Analogue Bypass" feature? So for HT I have the CXR200 feed through the C658 and into a Rotel RB1582MKII. For 2ch C658 into the Rotel RB1582MKII. Issue I'm having is I have very minimal hum coming from my CXR200 which has never bothered me before, but when fed into the C658 it seems to get louder, particularly when I engage the "Analogue bypass" feature on the C658. Feed the CXR200 straight into the Rotel and there's no issue.
  6. Thanks, yeh read the same last night and concluded the same given they will not be running concurrently. But if any doubt I won't go down that road, ran some music though the RCA last night then switched to XLR and there wasn't any sound leakage coming through so the switch appears solid.... for what its worth.
  7. Hi all, loving my new amplifier and I have a question about the input switch on the rear which lets you determine if you want to let in the RCA or and XLR audio signal in. can I use this as a simple source switch? So effectively have my AV signals run through the RCA inputs and my 2CH signal run through the XLR, and I just switch it depending on what I’m listening too? for me this will probably work better than the ht bypass via my nad C658 which isn’t entirely going to plan at the moment. ive read that using both inputs at the same time is a bad idea unless there’s a switch, it’s mainly potential damage to the amp that I’m worried about but given there’s a switch I figured that shouldn’t be an issue. thanks
  8. If you think they sound good keep them and move on, it’s a slippery slope chasing better sound, ignorance can be bliss particularly when you enjoy what you already have.
  9. What brings you here? Audio addiction?
  10. That’s some grunt, so do you have one of the subs picking up the LFE signal?
  11. The Denon is plenty enough power to power the rear speakers so that wouldn't be the issue. tell us more about the front two Amps you are using for the front 3 channels the 2ch pre and how you have the two subs connected, and the cross over settings you are using as mentioned by John. sounds like it may be a synergy / settings issue, also are you using the room correction in the Denon?
  12. If your experience is like mine I felt the same when I first listened to mine, but after 6 months the gap between Spotify and Tidal is less than it was. Make sure you are up to date with the latest software updates too, I've noticed a smoother sound in the past few updates. bugger about the sub issues, like Gill I've had no sub issues with mine, I am using two though. also, download the Dirac Nad Curve that's available on the nad site and load it, compare it to your Dirac curve and you should notice a fuller sound, start from there and tweak to your liking. i made the mistake (for my liking anyway) of tweaking above 500hz in the early days, anything above there really messsed with the sound ime, to the point it just sounded terrible. enjoy!
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