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  1. Only reason I purchased a 4K tv was because that’s all you can buy apart from 8k. The 1080p plasma it replaced was still fine for me. I'm tipping the only reason I’ll be buying an 8k will be for the same reason, they will all be 8k one day. upscaled 1080pm blu-rays look pretty damn good on a 4K tv too, my want for 4K content stopped when I purchased a player with decent 4K upscaling.
  2. If you can get them on Alibaba I’d say fake: https://www.google.com/amp/s/h5.aliexpress.com/item/32908890839.html
  3. Yeh makes a great transport, the burr brown DACs aren’t to be sneezed at either!
  4. Item: Sony BDP-S760 / Blu-ray Player Price Range: Free - Postage $20 if needed Item Condition: Used Extra Info: - Used as a back-up as recently as yesterday and works perfectly, great picture and sound. - in great condition one minor mark on the acrylic fascia but hardly noticeable. - Donation to SNA encouraged by the taker. - Was good enough to get the 1000ES badge in the states in the day.
  5. Further information: - Used mainly as SACD/DVD-A/CD player in my system. - One Owner, driven lightly in excellent condition, looks as good today as it did when I purchased it. - This is an audio first DVD player that was the top of the range at the time and built in Japan when Pioneer was serious about AV Gear, they seem to be back on that path now but you are paying a lot more than this to get it. - Build Quality is excellent, Piano Black metal and high gloss acrylic fascia, looks the business and that's why I've actually had it as long as I have even though I've only lightly used it. - Comes packed in original box with remote and power cable. - ORRP $1249 Audio Features: - Burr Brown DACs with dedicated 2ch output. - Pure Audio Mode that turns all front lights, video section and screen off, easily selected using the front button. - SACD layer button at the front to easily select between the 2ch and 5.1 layer of a SACD. - HDMI 1.2 cert with enables DSD output via HDMI. - Basically set-up to be used as a SACD/DVD-A/CD player without the need for video output to control. PLEASE NOTE: The coaxial digital output plug was unfortunately pulled out when I unplugged the unit to move, internals are fine so just needs another plug connected, Toslink works perfectly and I have used this when I have used it as a digital transport. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Photos:
  6. By the way no you can’t connect the amp to another amplifier, you would need the Sonos Port for that.
  7. You’ve got power sitting there so I’d grab speakers of your choice to use with the Sonos amp first and see how it sounds. If you don’t like it go from there.
  8. To be fair to the Plasma there is a gap but with tweaking its not a hugely noticeable one for me anyway. Think I need a bit more colour punch without it being too hot on the skin tones and some deeper blacks but certainly very watchable after 30 minutes of tweaking, and bang for buck can't really go wrong.
  9. Yeh makes it confusing but the proof is in the pudding when you look side by side between models. i agree i would think only about 5% might dig into the settings and tweak them outside the normal options and I am as surprised as you, that said movie mode on the Samsung plasma was all I needed to be happy but we all know plasma was the king of natural colours. For $1800 I’ve got pretty much what I wanted, a large screen with pretty good contrast and colour, the only issue I’ve had is some judder between my Apple TV 32GB and the tv, which probably still isn’t perfect after messing with frame rate settings. May just end up using the app on the tv to solve that.
  10. I ended up getting a 75" TU8000, from JB (had the TU8000 and Q60T side by side and I couldn't really tell the difference really, certainly not $700 difference). Mounted it last night, and coming from a Plasma the picture straight out of the box even on "Movie" mode was deplorable and I was beginning to think id ended up with a screen I would have to painfully sit through each night as everyone and everything on the screen just looked fake, even the boss commented. That was until I did the Rtings settings and thank god, all looks the way it should now, still see fine tuning to do but what a difference!
  11. Yeh think they still do but it used to only work at -20 too or else distortion would kick in, until they fixed that on an update.
  12. Word is that although the pre-amp on the C658 is good, it can be bettered like you have experienced. Volume differences and outcomes are an interesting one too, the beauty of being able to tweak and make it suit your system I guess.
  13. Having been lucky enough to experience Terry's set-ups recently I can honestly say the scale of sound I heard that day was a game changer in my "journey". No amount of research and time on this place can come close to hearing music as large in scale and depth as was on show in Terry's main room. It's something you can't hear in a showroom either, it only comes when someone puts their heart and soul into system matching and tweaking and gets it right. The experience sent me back home with my tail between my legs, but it did make me rethink my speaker positioning to the point that for now anyway by giving my speakers more room from the front wall its increased the depth of the sound I'm hearing. Im certainly nowhere near the scale that I heard that day, but it did prove to me (AGAIN!) the power of speaker positioning and provided me with a pretty considerable upgrade in sound without changing a single component. So much so the speaker upgrade I was looking to do has been shelved.... for now anyway! So thanks again Terry, what you have curated is exceptional and being able to experience it helped me learn more about this game than I thought I was going to!
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