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    If I didn't already own a Devialet 120 I would purchase in a second. Amazing value at $4300!!!

    I have been using one of these for over 10 years with great results through a wide range of equipment.
  3. Analysis plus oval 9 3m speaker cable

    I have this speaker cable and love it
  4. Pls share your power conditioner experience

    I was running my Devialet 120 through a Consonance power filter which had a positive effect on previous amps. However I tried plugging the Devialet direct to the wall and found an increase in clarity and have continued to use it that way. The Consonance is a budget unit and I still use it for other components FWIW
  5. Oppo 205 introductory offer

    Deleted as it was meant to be a pm. D'oh
  6. FS: Burson HA-160D

    Sold. Payment pending.
  7. FS: Consonance Power Cord

    Item: 2 x 1.8m Power Cable US Receptacles Location: Altona Price: $100each + Shipping at cost if required. Therfore $200 for both. Item Condition: Used but no fraying or damage. Reason for selling: Using shorter power cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have had these for a while, somewhere between 5-10 years purchased from Osborn Loudspeakers. They have been excellent performers and I found I got more improvement using with amplifiers than digital equipment. Note they don't have and never did have the 'electrical ground wire' shown on the Osborn website. Pictures: Coming...
  8. FS: Burson HA-160D

    Item: Burson HA-160D Location: Altona Price: $350 Item Condition: E.C. Reason for selling: Devialet Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Burson has three core functions: external dac, pre-amp, and headphone amp. It provides high quality sound at a great price. I used it the dac and pre-amp to drive active soeakers with great results. It comes with all packaging and manual. Shipping is extra and I will charge cost. Link to review Cheers Rob Pictures:
  9. FS: Graham Slee Spatia Speaker Links (2 Pairs)

    Hi Custom made, I would like to purchase the speaker links you have for sale if still available.
  10. Devialet

    Does anybody have experience of the upgraded versions of the Devialet to "Pro" status. A significant cost but interested if anyone has ordered the upgrade and done a comparison?
  11. SOLD: ADL - Vaf Research I66 MK1

    Bargain. I purchased VAF speakers from forum and had shipped from Adelaide to Melbourne. It is doable and at this for sale price more than worth it imo! GLWS
  12. Easton EA 90SLX Front Wheel

    I am going to give the rear wheel one last try. It is in the garage gathering dust as I purchased a budget wheelset that works! If a spoke goes on that one I will give that away as well. Cheers, Rob
  13. This For Free. 1 x superlight Front wheel sold as is with a broken spoke. This is a highend wheel that came with my road bike purchased in 2011. As a wheelset the weight is around 1350gms. It is all aluminium low profile and when rolling is fantastic. HOWEVER I have had a constant problem with spokes breaking and after having individual spokes replaced and eventually having the wheel fully rebuilt I had another spoke break. The wheel has had low kms due to spoke breakages but I have had enough! If you would like to try and get some use out of the wheel it is all yours. Cheers, Rob
  14. SOLD: FS: Isotek Premier Power Cable

    Sold. Pending payment. Boxes are included despite not in pics.