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  1. I think the newer models might come with an Audioquest cable. The Expert series come with a standard black power cable. I use a Nordost power cable but there are a couple of power cables that have been designed specifically for the Devialet and I remember reading a review (for what that's worth) that recommended using the Shunyata power cable's with the 'NR' suffix. It certainly takes better ears than mine to hear any difference with the back cover on/off.
  2. Further information: The Devialet 120 is the best amp I have had, and in my system has created the most enjoyment I have had with my music so far. It is in Excellent condition and has lived on a dedicated stereo rack since purchased new from SGR Audio in Melbourne. I have used the amp via SPDIF and OPTICAL outputs to play music and movies and the soundtracks of movies come alive through this amp! When I recently upgraded my speakers, Simon from VAF, said that they will require a little more power to reach the same volume. This planted the seed in my mind to for a higher
  3. WOW. I can only imagine how incredible your system sounds! I love my VAF i66Mkiii and yours are next level!!! An amazing buy for someone! GLWS
  4. Hi guys, My dog chewed one of my power cords. Luckily it was not plugged in at the time! Does anybody know of someone based in Melbourne who is able to cut off the damaged section and reattach the plug? Here are some pictures. I am ok with the cable being a shorter length. Cheers Rob
  5. Amazing buying. The Frey 2 is the next cable below this in the range and it will cost you more even for 1.0m and I have that cable and think it is superb!!
  6. Always been interested to hear this amp. Great selling and Great Buying ?
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