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  1. Very generous price for an amazing speaker - I love my i66's!!! You just need the right person. GLWTS
  2. I have had plenty of interest in the power conditioner and I am responding on a first come first serve basis. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Item: Consonance 4 Plug Universal Power Conditioner Location: Altona Price: $140 + $10 Shipping to metro Australia Item Condition: 8/10 Shows light marks if you look Reason for selling: I have swapped this to Nordost power conditioner to match all Nordost power cables because I like symmetry. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This a great performing and value power conditioner even at new price $290. This conditioner accepts plugs from Australia, US and UK giving you the freedom to use a huge range of power cables. I have 2 x 1.8m long Consonance power cables to match for sale that I will list tonight or on the weekend. https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/power-boards Pictures:
  4. Item: Thoroughbred Australian Power Cable Location: Altona Price: $85 Item Condition: I purchased this cable from SGR Audio and as you can see in Picture 2 the plastic sleeve does not go all the way to the plug. It was like this when I purchased it and informed that it does not effect performance. From my use this has been the case. This was the last cable that I stopped using before having all power cables from Nordost. The change from this cable to my last Nordost cable had the least noticeable change which is a fair compliment to this cable at less than a quarter of the price. Reason for selling: Nordost loom Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: http://www.thoroughbredaudio.com/SHIELDED/ Pictures:
  5. All good. I am a very happy I66 customer and will check out the active versions at the show as I am curious to compare. Good luck with your search
  6. Are there plans to demo active speakers at this year's Melbourne Hi Fi show? I am really looking forward to comparing passive and active versions especially the I66 if you are 'activating' these and any other things you have been working on.
  7. He has a great voice and great tone. I used to enjoy listening to his 'live at the continental' album though I now have no idea where that cs is. If vinyl is great with tone and realism like I imagine it is then Chris would be a great match!
  8. This deserves to be sold! Dream piece!!! GLWS 😆
  9. Another I66 owner eagerly awaiting developments ?
  10. If I didn't already own a Devialet 120 I would purchase in a second. Amazing value at $4300!!!
  11. I have been using one of these for over 10 years with great results through a wide range of equipment.
  12. I was running my Devialet 120 through a Consonance power filter which had a positive effect on previous amps. However I tried plugging the Devialet direct to the wall and found an increase in clarity and have continued to use it that way. The Consonance is a budget unit and I still use it for other components FWIW
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