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  1. A bit late to the party with this one, but I have a pair of Harbeth 40.1s in mint condition with matching Skylan stands available for $7500. They have the full bass you are looking for, mids among the best in the business and a top end that doesn't draw attention to itself.
  2. No, I've 'gone in a different direction' to use a well-worn SNA phrase.
  3. It's back! And better than ever. The Americans must be spitting chips when they see a series like this - a complex, interwoven plot that unfurls in a relaxed easy-to-follow way, great acting, sexy women, no over-the-top violence. Contrast that with the usual cartoon American crap.
  4. Both the transformers are autoformers, ie not isolation transformers. You need to get an isolation transformer. Tortech make these as well (although they're more expensive) and are highly recommended.
  5. As an owner of all Harbeth models over the years, except the P3SRs, my experience is that Harbeths like power, and plenty of it. I run my 40.1s with MF 750K Superchargers fed by a BAT VK 55 SE valve power amp (55 wpc). The improvement in dynamics and general authority in the sound is quite noticeable. If I didn't have the Superchargers I'd go for an SS power amp of at least 250 wpc fed by a valve preamp. Don't forget that the 40.2s are about only 85/86 dB sensitive and appreciate a bit of welly to get them going. Your room size should be ideal for the 40.2s. Don't be misled by their seemingly compact dimensions - they put out an awful lot of energy with that 12" woofer, especially when driven properly. However, your room is probably a little on the large size for SHL5+s. PS: I shall be listing my 40.1s in the near future, with original boxes and the correct Skylan stands.
  6. I think people have to get De Muro's review into context. He bought the Stinger for a specific purpose - as a daily driver for his YouTube channel - and within a specific budget, paying $US37,000 against a list of $52,000. He expects to keep the Stinger for about a year. De Muro has no complaints about the Stinger's performance or driving, but is critical of things like interior quality and outdated technology. Interestingly, there is an unrelated review of the Stinger from JayEmm in the UK that arrives at more or less the same conclusions as De Muro, which are: Kia has misread the market at a time when consumers are increasingly turning away from large sedans in favour of SUVs and crossovers; and in this market, there isn't room for another player alongside BMW, Audi and Mercedes and if someone wants a larger sedan they will probably be prepared to pay the extra for a premium brand like BMW, Audi or Mercedes over Kia, which isn't and has poorer resale value. De Muro thinks the Stinger will be phased out in the near future and there won't be an updated model, which is a pity as it is in most respects a very good car.
  7. I prefer Harbeths with a beefy SS amp - say 100 wpc or more. They sound nice with valve amps but the dynamics really come alive with a larger amp.
  8. An excellent speaker for small to medium rooms and probably the 'sleeper' of the Harbeth range. Good for all types of music. Not fussy about placement or stands. I sold my 30.1s to go back to these.
  9. The first Billy Fury album (The Sound of Fury) came out on 10" in 1959, but that's the latest I know of until the late 70s, when 10 inchers started to appear again as 'mini albums'.
  10. Or, if you find cables you like but they have bananas at both ends, you could consider banana-to-spade adapters. Plenty of choices on Google.
  11. Item: Auditorium 23 Speaker Cables 3m Price Range: up to $700 posted Item Condition: Used Extra Info: must be in excellent condition with no tears to the outer cloth sheathing
  12. Have you tried Peter's of Kensington? They usually have Le Creuset at good discounts. Still pricey but you get a lifetime of use.
  13. My understanding is that longer speaker cables suit valve amps better than SS amps. This is because the added impedance of the longer run, combined with the impedance of the speaker, gives an overall higher impedance, thereby raising the damping factor of the amp, although the difference may be negligible. I use and recommend Duelund WE Replica speaker cables, available from Aurealis Audio in Brisbane. They have exceptionally good tonal qualities and go very well with valve equipment.
  14. Item: Harbeth SHL5 or anniversary Edition Price Range: By negotiation Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Any finish except for tiger ebony. With stands if possible.
  15. I wonder what the situation is if you are using US/Canadian equipment via an approved step-down transformer (such as those made by Tortech). In this situation you would still be using a US plug but the transformer would be plugged into the mains via an Australian plug. I have seen instances where US cables have been plugged into 'international' power boards (such as those that used to be sold by Eichmann and Consonance), so the voltage going through them would be 240.
  16. Don't have Spendors but have a pair of Harbeth 40.1s with stands that I'd like to move on.
  17. That isn't quite what the OP is saying. The 'diamond' method uses one input each of the LF and HF terminals. I am by no means an objectivist, but it would be helpful if the OP could in some way describe the improvement he has heard.
  18. OK, looks like no one wants to have a shot at this so I will. From my experience, the four factors you need to consider are (A) the gain of the preamp; (B) the input sensitivity of the power amp; (C) the output impedance of the preamp; and (D) the input impedance of the power amp. A/ B and C/D go together. A preamp with a high gain can overload a power amp with a high input sensitivity. If the output impedance of the preamp is too high relative to the input impedance of the power amp, then overall performance can be compromised, typically producing woolly bass. In the 'old days' input impedances of power amps were generally 47 kOhms for SS amps and 100 kOhms for valve amps. However input impedances for SS amps have gone down considerably in recent times. The input impedance for the Quad 909 is 20 kOhms, which is common for a modern SS amp. The rule of thumb for good bass used to be 1:100 preamp output impedance to power amp input impedance, but I have seen varying ratios quoted, down to as low as 1:10. I wouldn't go below around 1:50 myself. I can't find the output impedance for the STA-7, but I would hazard a guess at it being around 500 to 600 Ohms (a common figure for valve preamps). This means it could be marginal for use with the 909 in terms of the quality of bass reproduction. The 909 has a quoted input sensitivity of 775 mV for full output, which is medium to high. However the gain of the STA-7 is 13.3 dB, which is also medium to low by current standards. This means the STA-7 should drive the 909 well, and any excess gain can easily be tamed by the use of attenuators on the power amp inputs, such as those made by Rothwell. This doesn't mean that the STA-7 won't work with the 909 to your satisfaction, but obviously an audition would be desirable before you decide.
  19. OK thanks for letting me know.
  20. There was recently an ad in the classifieds for a MicroZOTL 2 preamp. The ad appears to have been deleted. I think the seller was in Tasmania. If the preamp is still available, could the seller get in touch with me via PM? Or, if someone knows who it was, please let me know. Many thanks
  21. Klipsch Forte IIIs are getting very good reviews and there are several on YouTube that go into their strengths and weaknesses. You will lose some subtlety with a more high-energy speaker, but I've no doubt you already know that.
  22. I was wondering about automotive polishes. What particular Meguiar's product do you use?
  23. Can anyone recommend a polish for high-gloss speakers? Preferably one with a beeswax base, silicone-free, and can hide scratches. I used to use Marveer, but AFAIK it isn't made any more.
  24. I've never placed an EOI ad myself, but all the ones I've seen have shown prices. The idea of the EOI option is simply, as you say, to let others know that you MAY be interested in selling, but without any commitment to do so. However, if the EOI doesn't state a price, then it effectively becomes an auction, which is against the rules and sprit of SNA classifieds.
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