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  1. May I respectfully suggest that you consider being more flexible with shipping. These are fabulous speakers at a great price and there is probably a buyer interstate who would like these and would be happy to pay for shipping. I bought some Eclipse Reference Towers in 2020 and shipping was $550 from the Sunshine Coast to the ACT. Perhaps Greg Osborn could help out with packaging.
  2. Item: Black Diamond Racing Type 3 Pucks - Set of Three Price Range: By negotiation Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Need a set of the Type 3 pucks for SS equipment. Prefer larger size but smaller ones would be OK as well. Will consider a set of four.
  3. Sound Set at Mawson was basically a record store that also sold entry-level systems (Connoisseur turntables, smaller NAD and Rotel amps and bookshelf speakers). It's amazing that in those days you could operate a hi fi store in a suburban shopping centre, although I don't think Sound Set saw the 70s out.
  4. Does anyone remember Pacific Stereo? It was upstairs in the Style Arcade in Manuka. This was the first hi fi store I became acquainted with after I moved to Canberra in 1975. From memory it sold mainly upmarket US brands such as Crown, Phase Linear, JBL and AR as well as Pioneer. The feature of the store I remember was its audition area that was like a sunken lounge where you sat on the 'steps'.
  5. Kent Hi Fi was directly opposite Duratone on Botany Street. Whether this was by accident or design I don't know. I remember they always had a good range of Sansui 'black face' equipment on display - the kind that people would give their eye teeth for these days.
  6. I think you mean Rob Slazenger. Now living in Bermagui. The store was called Acoustic Images.
  7. Item: Low-gain preamp Price Range: Open Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a low-gain preamp (say up to 6dB of gain). Valve preamp preferred. Flexible about price.
  8. I've noticed that one of my preamps produces the tiniest amount of volume through the speakers when music is playing, but the volume control is turned completely off. It's so tiny that you can hear it only with your ear next to the speaker. Does anyone know what causes this? Please note I'm not looking for a solution, as the preamp otherwise performs completely satisfactorily.
  9. A very good decision. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. There is (or was) a Linear One for sale in the classifieds for $1950 (or about Stg1075).
  10. Have a look at some of the YouTube reviews of these and I think you will find that they generally use amps of 50+wpc. It can be misleading to assume that just because a speaker is sensitive it performs best with low-powered amps.
  11. I've owned both Supratek and Linear One preamps and am currently running a Linear One driving either a BAT VK55SE valve power amp or a ModWright KT150SE SS power amp. In my opinion, the Linear One wins hand down. It is very quiet, highly detailed and, best of all, reliable. Build quality is superb. My experience with Supratek preamps (of which I've had two) is that the initial 'wow' factor soon wears off and you are left with a preamp that has an insanely high gain, is prone to microphony and 'takes over' your whole system. I found the Suprateks I had to be fatiguin
  12. If you were thinking of watching Beowulf, my advice is don't bother It's pathetic. The story has nothing to do with the original Anglo-Saxon epic (not that that really matters) but the plot is wafer-thin, dialogue is comical, monsters look like they're leftovers from Clash of the Titans (original 1980s version), etc etc. The overall effect is a low-rent LOTR meets GOT and Mad Max. No wonder it was cancelled after one season.
  13. 'Fraid I'll have to disagree on this one. I found White Wall to be quite disappointing, almost as if the writers hit on a good concept and then didn’t know what to do with it. The daughter character is a bit of a red herring. She doesn’t add anything to the plot. Perhaps the only reason for her inclusion is to show how self-obsessed Lars has become. Did anyone else notice the parallel between the young boy in White Wall building a model of the capsule and the character in Close Encounters building a model of the mountain where the aliens would arrive? It beggars belief that the capsule cou
  14. The Arros are superb speakers for a small or small-medium room. They have a high WAF as they don't dominate the room. Construction is excellent. That looks like the cherry finish to me but it is very attractive.
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