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  1. I am going the other way. I've been a tea drinker all of my life (although I've always enjoyed a cup of coffee now and again) but the diuretic effects of tea have become more pronounced on me as I get older. Coffee doesn't seem as bad (on me). I've therefore cut back on my tea and now have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Seems to be a good compromise.
  2. Must they be RCA? I have Ken-Rads and Sylvanias.
  3. I have a pair of 1956 NOS Ken-Rad black glass VT-231s.
  4. Have sent you a message about speaker repairs in Canberra.
  5. Further information: Aurealis R2 AGS silver interconnects with Eichmann silver bullets Photos:
  6. Further information: two pairs of Aurealis R2 AGS solid silver ICs 0.75m with Eichmann silver bullet connectors. Price is for a single pair. Photos:
  7. I have a question related to this topic - how has streaming changed the way that people listen to music? In the 'old days' of LPs, you would normally listen to a whole album (or at least one side of it), a little less so with CDs, but with streaming and the ability to create playlists, I get the impression that many people simply cherry pick individual tracks. Is this a good thing?
  8. IMO, there are two deficiencies with spikes on carpet: (1) they need to be about a third or half longer to penetrate through the carpet and underlay; and (2) they need to be parallel for longer to assist with penetration.
  9. Funny you should post this, as it is a subject currently of interest to me as well. My view is that spikes on carpet with underlay are not worth the effort for all but the heaviest speakers and other equipment. They are not sharp or long enough to penetrate through to the floorboards or concrete underneath and therefore do not make the physical connection necessary to drain vibrations or resonances away. Plus, the lack of pressure from the speakers does not push them through. My solution is to use Isoacoustics Gaia feet with the matching spiked cups. Alternatively you could use slabs under the speakers and use spikes with cups on top of them.
  10. Also Pablo Cruise.
  11. Item: Outriggers for small floorstanders Price Range: Up to $200 Item Condition: Used
  12. How old are these speakers? What are the blue circles on the back?
  13. Item: Future Islands - Singles LP Price Range: Free - you pay postage Item Condition: New Extra Info: Bought this in error from Amazon instead of a CD. Will be posted in the Amazon packaging.
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