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  1. Sorry to appear ignorant, but who is 'Thomas'? I assume he runs a YouTube channel...
  2. Don't have these but I have matched NOS pair of RCA Command 5751s if you're interested. Bought from Brent Jessee with full measurements on the boxes.
  3. Can anyone remind me what those little plastic thingies were called that you stuck on the front of piercingly bright LEDs? And where to buy them? Does anyone have any spares that they could sell me (for bright blue LEDs)? I need about 10.
  4. Does it get stuck in front loaders? Top loaders no problem, but I've always founds that front loaders are a bit hit and miss with mats depending on their thickness. I had an earlier Marigo and had to let it go for this reason.
  5. Item: BAT Valve Preamp Price Range: Depends on model and age Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Any model considered except the Rex!
  6. The next email you'll get from them will be offering your existing membership for $2 a month more without ads.
  7. Item: Stager XLR Interconnects 0.75 or 1.0 m (need two pairs) Price Range: By negotiation Item Condition: Used
  8. What I meant was that you'd need to spend over $50 a month on several services to get enough choice.
  9. No doubt I'm not the only person to have received an email from Netflix to inform me that my standard HD subscription is going up from $13.99 to $15.99 a month from November. The pathetic reason advanced by Netflix for this 11.4% increase is so that they can provide better quality content. The real reason is so that they can keep throwing ever-increasing amounts of money at ever-decreasing quality product to compete with the many other providers now in operation. Can someone explain to me how it will be possible for all these providers to survive? Who will want to pay
  10. The problem faced by SNA and other similar forums is that they must try to accommodate many different approaches and opinions, with the the inevitable results exemplified by the XOT thread, in which people with coming from completely different directions are pitted against each other, without any possibility of meeting on common ground. This is in contrast to blogs/forums like Archimago's Musings, where at least people know what they're in for. In the XOT thread (and others) I feel like I've inadvertantly entered some weird ontological zone, the purpose of which isn't fully clear.
  11. I have two 1m pairs of Aurealis R2 solid silver ICs with Eichmann Silver Bullet connectors. $100 a pair or both pairs for $180 including postage.
  12. I thought the first couple of episodes were a little turgid, but it did improve as it went on. (Spoiler - everyone loses!)
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