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  1. Bronal

    Presentation of items for sale

    I agree that many ads are of poor quality, considering that, in many cases, the seller is asking $000s for the item being advertised. I don't expect professional-quality photos ( I certainly do not fit into that category myself) but photos should enable prospective buyers to come to a reasonable conclusion about the item(s) for sale. For example: photos taken in poor light or a darkened room photos of the front of the item only. 'artistic' photos taken from funny angles that don't allow a full face-on view of the item people who can't be bothered to take the item out of the rack to photograph it stock photos instead of the item on offer 'photos later' promised but never appear. Many ads also lack the information that buyers might look for, such as: age and ownership history approximate hours on valves. I get the impression that some sellers like to play cat and mouse with prospective buyers, seemingly providing details only when asked.
  2. You've set the bar quite high here IMHO in terms of what you expect the speakers to achieve within the price range you are prepared to pay. Don't forget that if you buy cheap you may be up for some degree of restoration down the track. Something like JBL L100s or Electrovoice Interfaces might suit you. They are large, but not true floorstanders. There is a pair of E-Vs on Gumtree in Melbourne ATM - https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/glen-waverley/speakers/electro-voice-ev-interface-2-series-ii-high-end-speaker-usa-/1202992574
  3. Bronal

    Amp specs and what they can mean.

    What intrigues me is that this amp is by a respected manufacturer who should know what they are doing. Is it possible that it sounds better than the specs suggest? I suppose you wouldn't know unless you heard it driving relativeley benign speakers. And let's remember that most valve amps deliver little if any extra power into lower impedances.
  4. Bronal

    Beware of Snake Oil & Blind Belief!

    I wonder if your 'good friend' is still your good friend... He certainly had a lot of front to persuade you into buying that device and then come back to tell you it was no good. I hope he had the good grace to compensate you in some way for his bad advice. But I doubt it. I've been led by the nose like that. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you know you've spent a lot of money for nothing, especially when what you bought looks like it was made as part of a year 7 project.
  5. Can you give some information on the cabinet design please - was it according to a Tannoy template?
  6. Bronal

    SOLD: SOLD: FS: Adelaide Speakers Valve Series

    Are they transmission lines, like most other Adelaide Speakers? What is the tweeter upgrade?
  7. Since you already own Harbeths, then a pair of 30.1s will give you the sound you're used to and presumably like. A pair in rosewood look exceptionally good IMO. I have a pair in my second system and they mate very nicely with one of the the smaller REL subs to flesh out the bass.
  8. I think we are wandering off the point of this thread. A consultant would have to be able to arrange loans (often from different sources) in order to demonstrate the equipment or system being recommended. That obviously means having a relationship of some sort with various stores or distributors.
  9. A demo based on a deposit is really a conditional sale. How would you go if you were interested in an amp or speakers worth $50,000?
  10. I agree, but that's why I suggested this sort of service would only really work in Sydney and Melbourne, as they appear to be the only cities left with a good variety of specialist hi fi stores. Otherwise, the client will be up for travel, etc costs. The question of demos is another hurdle. I get the impression that home demos are virtually a thing of the past, so how would the consultant arrange them without being beholden to the dealer or distributor who loaned the equipment?
  11. I think the concept of of a 'hi fi consultant' might work, especially if you were putting together a high-end system costing many thousands of dollars. Spending some money for good advice could be a good investment to avoid highly expensive mistakes. How it would work, however, might be problematic if you lived outside of Sydney and Melbourne. Such a person would have to be extremely well-informed and have an extensive industry network , technically savvy and across all equipment available (or potentially available) in Australia. There is also the issue of objectivity - the person would have to be prepared to recommend brands that he (or she) did not personally favour to meet the client's needs and we all know how difficult that is. The client would also have to be assured of transparency - ie that the consultant was not receiving commissions or kickbacks from stores or suppliers in exchange for introductions (or, if such a relationship did exist, then it was stated up front). All in all, quite a difficult gig to pull off.
  12. Just finished watching Borderline. I had great hopes for it at the beginning but in the end the plot became overly complicated and just span out for me. I felt sorry for Lars's poor kids, who were shunted around at the drop of a hat. In the real world what, hope would they have of turning out as balanced adults?
  13. Bronal

    The null tester

    Well argue it then.
  14. It's really no different from using a preamp with a power amp with a gain control, of which there are quite a few. I would think the amplification stage on the Doge is of higher quality than the GES, so I don't see any problems.
  15. Item: Isolation stepdown transformer 240 - 115V, 100VA Location: Monash ACT Price: $75 including postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Made by Wanji Electric in China. Ideal for a low-voltage piece of equipment such as a CD player, DAC or preamp. Pictures: