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  1. I've owned both Supratek and Linear One preamps and am currently running a Linear One driving either a BAT VK55SE valve power amp or a ModWright KT150SE SS power amp. In my opinion, the Linear One wins hand down. It is very quiet, highly detailed and, best of all, reliable. Build quality is superb. My experience with Supratek preamps (of which I've had two) is that the initial 'wow' factor soon wears off and you are left with a preamp that has an insanely high gain, is prone to microphony and 'takes over' your whole system. I found the Suprateks I had to be fatiguin
  2. If you were thinking of watching Beowulf, my advice is don't bother It's pathetic. The story has nothing to do with the original Anglo-Saxon epic (not that that really matters) but the plot is wafer-thin, dialogue is comical, monsters look like they're leftovers from Clash of the Titans (original 1980s version), etc etc. The overall effect is a low-rent LOTR meets GOT and Mad Max. No wonder it was cancelled after one season.
  3. 'Fraid I'll have to disagree on this one. I found White Wall to be quite disappointing, almost as if the writers hit on a good concept and then didn’t know what to do with it. The daughter character is a bit of a red herring. She doesn’t add anything to the plot. Perhaps the only reason for her inclusion is to show how self-obsessed Lars has become. Did anyone else notice the parallel between the young boy in White Wall building a model of the capsule and the character in Close Encounters building a model of the mountain where the aliens would arrive? It beggars belief that the capsule cou
  4. The Arros are superb speakers for a small or small-medium room. They have a high WAF as they don't dominate the room. Construction is excellent. That looks like the cherry finish to me but it is very attractive.
  5. Item: AES/EBU Cable 0.7 to 1.0m Price Range: Up to $250 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Must be 110 Ohm
  6. Item: High-quality, low-gain valve preamp Price Range: Up to $4000 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Up to 9dB of gain. Must be black.
  7. Item: Small colour laser printer Price Range: up to $400 Item Condition: Used, must be in excellent working order. Extra Info: Small laser printer for home use, something like a Samsung. Black preferred. Don't require wireless.
  8. Why can't you post details here? If Elson has 'released an all-new design' then presumably he would like some publicity for it? Why does someone have to go through you to get his contact details? Do you have one or have you heard it?
  9. I ordered an amp from Elson in early 2018 and it was delivered within two weeks. However, when I contacted him in early 2019 about some modifications, I got the distinct impression that he wasn't actively making amps any more and was looking to retire. He is, after all, getting on like many of us. I don't have his contact details any more, but surely someone here does. You could contact some hi fi shops in Sydney to see if anyone knows what he is up to. However I think it is instructive that AFAIK, no-one has mentioned buying a Cymer amp for some time.
  10. Excuse the daft question, but what is the future for diesel-powered trucks and other heavy vehicles?
  11. My advice would be to forget about the Quad IIs with a preamp and buy a modern valve integrated amp of around 50 Wpc. Quad IIs are way off the money compared to modern designs in terms of overall performance. There are plenty to choose from - Prima Luna, Icon Audio, Doge , Cayin, etc. Yes, you are correct, brands like Harbeth and Proac do command very good resale prices, but remember that they will give you years of pleasure. As a long-term Harbeth owner (not P3SRs) I would naturally gravitate towards the P3SRs which I have noticed get unfailingly excellent reviews.
  12. Have a look here: http://www.turneraudio.com.au/monobloc-se32-13e1-cfb-2012version.html There are several versions on Patrick's website. Patrick is now retired, so I am not sure if you'd get a response if you contacted him.
  13. Sorry to appear ignorant, but who is 'Thomas'? I assume he runs a YouTube channel...
  14. Don't have these but I have matched NOS pair of RCA Command 5751s if you're interested. Bought from Brent Jessee with full measurements on the boxes.
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