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  1. I was wondering about automotive polishes. What particular Meguiar's product do you use?
  2. Can anyone recommend a polish for high-gloss speakers? Preferably one with a beeswax base, silicone-free, and can hide scratches. I used to use Marveer, but AFAIK it isn't made any more.
  3. I've never placed an EOI ad myself, but all the ones I've seen have shown prices. The idea of the EOI option is simply, as you say, to let others know that you MAY be interested in selling, but without any commitment to do so. However, if the EOI doesn't state a price, then it effectively becomes an auction, which is against the rules and sprit of SNA classifieds.
  4. Have you thought about contacting CEC direct? http://www.cec-web.co.jp
  5. Item: Le Creuset 26cm Signature Casserole/Dutch Oven in Marseille blue. Location: Monash ACT Price: $300, including postage Item Condition: Brand new, unused Reason for selling: Too large for my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: I bought this about three weeks ago from Peter's of Kensington for $405. Unfortunately I miscalculated the size for my needs and need a smaller one. Photos:
  6. I've used several different types of filling over the years - kitty litter, fine sand, rice and even crusher dust. All have worked fine. I do believe that giving speakers a firmer base on which to work is beneficial to the sound, but the type of filling isn't critical as long as it doesn't solidify. I usually fill to within a couple of inches of the top (this is for Skylan stands), but other manufacturers might have different instructions.
  7. I agree that an email to Lehmann is worth a try. Make sure you describe the problem as comprehensively as you can and in simple, straightforward English, to avoid any misunderstandings 'lost in translation'. Don't forget to provide the serial number and date of purchase (a copy of the receipt would also be good). Copy the email, and any reply, to A2A, so you are not seen to be going behind their back. Don't do anything else until you have heard from Lehmann, so as not to give A2A the slightest reason to say you've voided the warranty. It did occur to me to suggest that you might want to try the unit in someone else's system to see if you could replicate the problem, but probably not a good idea until until you've heard from Lehmann.
  8. The reason I mentioned YouTube was that the reviews on there are very detailed and will give potential purchasers a much better understanding of what the P3SRs sound like.
  9. Go onto YouTube and you will find many reviews of these speakers.
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-23/streaming-services-mirage-for-film-lovers-bring-back-the-dvd/11805558
  11. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday listening to my second system. It was only when I turned it off that I realised that I'd been listening to my Plinius power amp on the Class A/B setting instead of the Class A setting I normally use. I didn't notice any difference.
  12. That is a beautiful album - one of my 'desert island discs'. I had Quad 57s and a Stax DA80 power amp when I first bought the LP in 1982 and I clearly remember the spaciousness and ambience of the recording. I now have it on CD and it's still very enjoyable, but I wish ECM would embark on a remastering program, including this one.
  13. That sounds very much like resale price maintenance, which has been unlawful in Australia for over forty years.
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