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  1. Telefunkens sold pending payment. Siemens still available. They are great valves as well.
  2. Item: Stax SR-5 ear speakers and SRD-6 adaptor Location: Monash ACT Price: $250. Insurance extra. Item Condition: Exceptional (see below) Reason for selling: Not required. I already have a Stax headphone system. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: I acquired these as part of a deal for an amp. They date from the late 1970s/early 1980s and are in exceptional condition. The braiding on the ear speaker cables is as new, without abrasions or tears. There is a small nick on one of the outer pads of one of the ear speakers (not the part that goes around the ear), but it could easily be glued in again. Out of interest, I tested this combination and was surprised at the quality of the sound. Detail and mid-range is superb. Bass is fine, but probably not for heavy rock or metal fans. This combination would suit someone curious about Stax or wanting to get into Stax for not much money. Pictures:
  3. Item: Matched octet of JJ EL34s Location: Monash ACT Price: $150 including postage. Insurance extra. Item Condition: NIB. Still in sealed package Reason for selling: Use KT77s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: These came with an amp I bought from Elson Silva. However I prefer KT77s, so they are unused. Will split into quads at $80 each. Pictures:
  4. Item: Matched quads of NOS Telefunken and Siemens EL84s Location: Monash ACT Price: Telefunkens $200, Siemens $160. Prices include postage. Insurance will be extra. Item Condition: NOS, unused Reason for selling: Don't use EL84s any more Payment Method: Paypal (add 3%), COD or bank transfer Extra Info: I bought these when I had EL84 amps. The Telefunkens were bought from Brent Jessee and are diamond labels in original boxes with test information. Pictures:
  5. I realise I'm late coming to this, but do you have get Better Sound by Jim Smith? It has a lot of tips for dealing with awkward rooms. Also, do you use a test disc, such as the XLO , Stereophile No 2 and the Alan Parsons set-up disc? I find these invaluable as a quick check after I've made changes to my system. I'd be embarrassed to say how many times I've been caught out with the channels reversed or out of phase.
  6. I agree with most of what you say. People are keeping their heads in the sand about these sort of issues. People never mention that charging won't be free - how will you pay for it, electronically I assume. Also can you imagine the load on the grid as a million cars are all charging at the same time? At present, batteries last about four to five years and are expensive to replace. I wonder what the future for hybrid cars is, now that all the attention is on electric cars. The other thing that has occurred to me is that electric cars will bring about a revolution in Australian small business. People will charge up at home or at motorway-style hubs that have cafes and other businesses where you can pass your time while charging. Bye-bye local servos!
  7. Elephant in the room question: what has happened to ZB? Has he finally got tired of SNA? Or is he on a six-months' world tour?
  8. I don't think that objective discussions or posts should be banned or discouraged. Let's face it, where would we be without measurements? We could be offered all sorts of rubbish without being any the wiser. Accuracy in reproduction is the foundation stone of hi fi. The problem seems to be certain phenomena that cannot be proved one way or another. Let me give one example (and I don't mean this to start a flame war). Certain speaker cable manufacturers claim that their cables are directional and support this assertion with various explanations of a quasi-scientific nature. I am quite happy to use the cables as recommended and will also try them the other way round. If I detect a difference, I will leave things that way. End of story.
  9. Resist the temptation to change the valves unless you believe the current ones are on their way out. It is quite a tricky job, best left to a technician who has four hands with six-inch long fingers.
  10. I noticed the same thing yesterday. It's happened before - possible candidates may be posts in the Classifieds and non-audio forums.
  11. As far as I am aware only JJ and Genalex make KT77s. Genalex are Russian. I use Genalex Gold Lions and prefer them to EL34s and 6CA7s. They don't over-emphasise the mid range and have better bass than EL34s or 6CA7s.
  12. If you pay by Visa or Mastercard there is a 3% international transfer fee as well, as I have just found out to my cost.
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