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  1. Firefox - Getting Google back

    I have the same issue on my laptop, which runs Waterfox, although my PC (also running Waterfox) isn't affected. There have been several automatic updates to Waterfox recently and my guess is that one of them has allowed a third party to install crapware. There isn't much you can do to stop this. The issue isn't that you can't access Google using Waterfox (and Firefox), but, as already noted, your search is hijacked and directed to yahoo. I'm not sure that setting Google as your home page will make any difference. Anyway I prefer the ABC news as my home page.
  2. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    I am currently using Oyaide Tumami 2 cable. I have no problems with it, in fact it's the best speaker cable I've had. Before that, I had Auditorium 24. Again another very good cable but a little soft on dynamics IMHO.
  3. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    What is the power output of your amp? If you have a relatively high-powered amp like me then 16 AWG may not be adequate for its bass response at realistic volumes. I think what you are really saying is that the dual twist has a more realistic bass, not that midrange and treble are diminished. Anyway, I'll find out for myself this week.
  4. I'm now watching the second series of Mammon. An excellent taut, cynical political thriller. Riviera is becoming a guilty pleasure. Pure soap, but very enjoyable.
  5. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    Did you buy your cables locally or from overseas? I notice there is a range of sliver foil cables as well.
  6. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    If using the 12AWG cable unterminated, would the cable be thin enough to go through the holes in amp and speaker terminals?
  7. Classifieds Poll - Have Your Say

    I also think that the classifieds should go back to the system that was in place a few years ago - the only comments allowed being those directly related to the sale of the item(s). There are far too many comments that are unrelated to the sale, such as 'GLTWS' and even enquiries about other equipment that appears in photos! The search facility could also do with an overhaul. ATM it is very hit-and-miss whether it it will pick up anything, even for brands/models that you know have been advertised. Plus, results are not displayed in any chronological order (ie; latest first or the reverse).
  8. Subaru Levorg MY18

    Subaru quote 8.8 l/100km for mixed driving for the 2.0l variants, so your results are more or less on the mark, allowing for Sydney traffic. Yes, my mechanic did say he has driven his Levorg fairly vigorously. So much so, that he is within two points of losing his licence. (Points lost on double demerit weekends.) I assume you will be using 98 octane petrol. Is it fair to compare the fuel economy of a car that uses premium petrol with one that uses 91 octane? Given that 98 octane fuel is at least 10% dearer than 91, doesn't this effectively reduce the fuel economy by the same amount as it costs that much more to go the same distance?
  9. Subaru Levorg MY18

    My mechanic (a serial Subaru owner) has had a Levorg for about a year now. His shop specialises in brakes and clutches and he has hitherto been very down on CVT transmissions. One of the reasons why I have avoided them up to now. However he has been quite complimentary about the Subaru CVT. As far as fuel consumption goes, not so good. He gets 13 - 14 l/100km around Canberra (which is hardly 'city' driving compared to other capital cities), but a lot less (or should that be more?) on a trip.
  10. You forgot to mention that it's 24 bit as well. Also has two outputs. This is a classic CD player.
  11. FS: Space Tech Labs Tube Buffer

    What is the purpose of the two red terminals on the super rectifier? I assume these are 240V units.
  12. I quite agree. In fact, I would go so far as to say it's one of the best series of recent years. The French are staring to come up with some crackers. One thing I've noticed is that they tend not to use smart phones a lot - I assume the reason is short battery life and bulkiness.
  13. Item: Sony Bravia KDL-40XBR LCD TV Location: Monash ACT Price: Free! Item Condition: Superb Reason for selling: New Smart TV Extra Info: About eight years old, in superb condition. You will need a set-top box/digital tuner to get HDTV. Pickup only.
  14. Tube buffer

    I've emailed him to get the specs.
  15. Tube buffer

    Yes, I've seen that one. I was hoping there might be a local manufacturer.