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  1. Bronal

    Quad 57 Restorers

    Update: I just phoned Dada Electronics who told me not only is John Hall not retired, he has taken on an apprentice! I now have a contact number for him.
  2. Bronal

    Quad 57 Restorers

    Does anyone know who is restoring Quad 57s these days? I understand that John Hall in Melbourne has retired. Any contacts would be much appreciated.
  3. Bronal

    Counterpart Series 2...

    I wonder if SBS will release it in one go on On Demand, or drip-feed an episode each week. I suspect the latter.
  4. Bronal

    Accuphase A70 & Doge 7 DAC

    Are you aware that at current rates that translates to around A$3000? You'll have to pay 10% GST and 5% import duty.
  5. I always buy new (new production or NOS NIB) valves and start from scratch. Preamp valves should last many thousands of hours, even the DHTs now commonly used, as the load on them is very light. Likewise, rectifier and voltage regulators are also long-lived. I've tended to replace output valves every 1500 hours or so as they bear the brunt of the work in the amp. That's about every three years for me. Patrick Turner once demonstrated to me that the only way to test a valve is under load. His opinion is that valve testers do not tell the whole story. Anyone who follows the Blueglow Electronics channel on You Tube (very informative but one of the best cures for insomnia) will have seen Mark Walker test valves from the equipment he is servicing that are still good after decades of use. Personally I think his criteria are a little on the low side and I would imagine many SNAers would replace valves at values way above the 55-60% he thinks is OK. But it does go to show that valves can be long-lived.
  6. For me, it all depends on whether they expect you to pay upfront for an item they don't have in stock. Many stores do, and that is poor practice, as the customer is simply funding costs that are already part of the profit margin. Paying a deposit is OK with me. Any store that operates online in 2019 should have a website that reflects current stock position.
  7. Bronal

    Valve Testing - Sydney

    You might try Elson Silva.
  8. Bronal

    EOI: Weston Time Machine 2a3 PP

    Don't be disingenuous Darren, you know what's next!
  9. Bronal

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    It is also unbelievable in 2019 that someone expects to launch and sell a product - and not a cheap product by the way (you could get a VERY decent system for $20,000) - and yet not offer the meagrest of information about it. I'm still wondering (a) how the OP heard about the amp and (b) managed to buy one ahead of its launch. I asked that question before and there was no reply. It all sounds a bit rum to me.
  10. Bronal

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    How did you manage to get yours?
  11. Bronal

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    This is where they are: https://connectonline.asic.gov.au/RegistrySearch/faces/landing/bySearchId.jspx?searchId=624637396&searchIdType=BUSN&_adf.ctrl-state=1cl2gfw5hu_4
  12. Bronal

    Phase testing

    They are 550K Superchargers. They run in 'hot' mode (like a bridged stereo amp).
  13. Bronal

    Phase testing

    OK, the amps are Musical Fidelity monoblocks. Does that help? Which amps are designed to be out of phase and why?
  14. Bronal

    Phase testing

    Your post is of absolutely no help at all. I've described my situation as best and clearly as I can. My best guess is that one of the amps has received attention in the past and the positive and negative outputs have become reversed. This seems to be proved by the fact that they are in phase when I reverse the inputs on one of the speakers. I'm going to let Bill have a look at them, which I was going to do anyway.
  15. Bronal

    Phase testing

    I bought a pair of monoblocks and one of them inverts the phase. I know this because they failed my stereo test disc routine (L-R channels OK, but no real balance and phase reversed). I reversed the connections on one speaker and all is OK. I spoke to Bill Crampton today and he told me I could test the phase on the amps using a multimeter. I didn't ask him to explain further as I would probably have got confused. That's why I asked here.