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  1. Patiently 😬 waiting for mine. Been on order for about a month
  2. Have a query. I'm currently running a HD350 through an Aussiemorphic MK4 lens. Looking at upgrading to an N5 or N7 this year. My possible issue is I'm running pretty much at the max for throw ratio to project onto a 145" scope screen, both on zoom and through the lens without vignetting. I'm guessing that the N5/N7 has a larger diameter lens than my HD350. Would you imagine that I may have issues projecting the same size image through the lens? I definitely don't have the throw to be able to ditch the lens and zoom (not that i want to anyway!) Thanks
  3. Looks to be completely different technology to the Dila/Lcos projectors https://www.rio.com.au/product/lx-uh1b-cinema-projector-jvc/
  4. Edit: price drop also including registered and insured post
  5. Item: Marantz SR 6013 Location: Melbourne Price: $1400 inc registered and insured post. $1350 pick up Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Marantz was purchased brand new from Klapp AV in February this year. I managed to set up after easter and has had minimal use as we had a baby in July and hasn't been used since then. The power amps have only been used to drive the 4 Atmos channels and 2 rear surrounds. It presents as new. I have original box, remote, manuals, audyssey mic etc. Happy for pick up or post. More Info Marantz SR6013 AV Receiver delivers premium surround sound for your home theatre with 9 channels and two subwoofer pre outs. It fills large home theatre room with power of nine discrete high-current power amplifiers dedicated to each channels, 110 Watts per channel at 8Ω. It now features Amazon Alexa smart voice control, either you want to change source or turn up volume. And, Apple's AirPlay 2 that supports multi-room audio. Unlock multi-dimensional audio with greater detail and dynamic sound with support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and DTS Virtual:X decoding, and premium circuit boards technology like proprietary HDAM and Current Feedback Topology. The SR6013 can be configured up to 11 channels for DTS:X with external amplifier, and 5.1.2, 4.1.4 and 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos channels, extending up to 7.1.4 Channels with external amplifier. The SR6013 houses 8 HDMI all with full HDCP 2.2 support and full-rate 4K/60 Hz pass-through. It supports upscaling SD and HD video to 4K Ultra HD format, and supports Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR10 High Dynamic Range video formats. Wirelessly connect to your home network and stream online music, enjoy multi-room wireless audio and app control. It supports online music streaming services like Spotify Connect, Deezer, TIDAL and more. Multi-room wireless speaker playback support with HEOS technology. It comes built-in with reliable dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology. Listen to your Hi-Res 24-bit/192 kHz lossless audio files like FLAC, ALAC and WAV, and DSD tracks up to 5.6 MHz. It is equipped with premium Audyssey Platinum suit that features Audyssey MultEQ XT32 automatic room acoustic correction to analyse speaker output with supplied microphone; Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Audyssey Sub EQ HT and Audyssey MultEQ Editor app. Key Features NOW - Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2 9 HDMI with full HDCP 2.2 Analogue to HDMI conversion (full rate 4K Upscaling) HDR - HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision BT.2020 Colour space Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and DTS Virtual:X Decoding Support - Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer and More Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa and multi-room HEOS Technology Hi-Res Audio Support, FLAC, ALAC, WAV and DSD HDAM Circuit boards Current Feedback Circuitry Audyssey MultEQ XT32 Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Dynamic EQ, Low Frequency Containment, Sub EQ HT and MultEQ Editor App Photos: See attached
  6. Thanks mate. I like the idea of the Elektra , means I could offload a 2 channel amp I'm using for surround channels. Would have to get onto Arthur to see how much for a service due to the issues noted
  7. Item: 5 channel power amp Price Range: $400-$600 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a cheapish power amp to run 4 x Atmos channels, roughly 100w channel. Something like a Rotel RB985 or similar
  8. I may have a Marantz 6013 up for grabs very shortly. Purchased from Klapp in March or April this year. Located in Melbourne
  9. Don’t know if it would make any difference but maybe the 12v trigger is out of sync. Turn the Denon on, which will turn off the power amp, then manually turn amp on and hopefully they may be back in sync?
  10. What Definitive Technology speakers do you have?
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