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  1. My first "proper" hifi speakers. Bargain. Good luck with sale
  2. Wow that's a lot of speaker for the money. I 'm not really in the market for speakers but you never know! Any ball park what it would cost to ship to Melbourne?
  3. Just a quick update. I managed to grab one of these https://www.sonifex.co.uk/redbox/rblu4_ld.shtml second hand on ebay for actually quite cheap. 8 channels of active balanced to unbalanced conversion From balanced XLR impedance of 20kΩ unbalanced RCA outputs with an output impedance of <50Ω. It has solved my particular issue. Going by my roughly measured levels looks to have provided roughly 10db attenuation but most importantly the audible hiss is gone. Thanks everyone for your input.
  4. This is all starting to go over my head ? I'm guessing my easiest option is to get a power amp with balanced inputs?
  5. Thanks @stereo coffee. This is all new to me a good learning experience. Some measurements from Audio Science review
  6. Sorry didn't mean to say I did anything with pins. Just the configuration to the xlr to rca cable I purchased.
  7. I've recently come into possession of a StormAudio ISP processor. Really impressed (and a bit overwhelmed) with the level of customisation available and the sound out of the box is very nice. I'm yet to run a Dirac calibration to see what it can do compared to my previous Anthem AVM60 with ARC. I've hit a small snag. I have a fully active front end (Seaton Cat 8s) which have balanced inputs. I'm currently running a JBL Synthesis SDA-7200 (purchased here from Marc) for my surround and Atmos channels. It only has RCA line level inputs. My previous pre-pros have had b
  8. Yes it is a MK1 and have done my research on the differences which wouldn't be much in my system. It's more intrigue on my part and there's no way I'd be able to afford a processor at that level new whether the Storm Audio, Trinnov etc brand new. Cheers
  9. At the end of the day if I miss out so be it. Not unhappy at all with the Anthem
  10. I have a lead on a second hand Storm Audio processor which retails at 4 times the retail price of the Anthem
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