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  1. Yes it is a MK1 and have done my research on the differences which wouldn't be much in my system. It's more intrigue on my part and there's no way I'd be able to afford a processor at that level new whether the Storm Audio, Trinnov etc brand new. Cheers
  2. At the end of the day if I miss out so be it. Not unhappy at all with the Anthem
  3. I have a lead on a second hand Storm Audio processor which retails at 4 times the retail price of the Anthem
  4. Further information: Purely EOI at this stage. An opportunity has come up for a decent upgrade at a substantially increased cost, and will need to sell the Anthem to help fund the upgrade. If I miss out on the upgrade I will be keeping the Anthem as I'm actually very happy with its performance and sound quality. It was purchased by me from Hollywood Home Cinema in December 2019 and lives in a pet and smoke free home. Comes with all original packaging and the ARC microphone kit is unopened. Happy to answer any questions. Photos: PLEASE RE
  5. Bargain. If 4k passthrough or Atmos not required this is an excellent pre for the money
  6. For a pair you would have to have the far right and far left, as the far left is the the only chair with a single wedge that is finished in leather with no connecting hardware. The two middle chairs have connecting brackets.
  7. They are designed as a 4. You could set up as a 3. Three left most seats have one wedge each, the far right has two.
  8. Ok with Melbourne lockdown ending, and the fact that my new chairs have now arrived, I'm pretty keen to move these on. Price drop now $1200 Some more photos
  9. What finish are the cabinets? Can't tell from front on photos
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