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  1. This absolutely works. I previously had the 6013, and with active front three speakers and 2 channel amp doing the side surrounds. Used the Marantz purely to amplify 4 atmos channels
  2. Hi Tony I see that the SA government has revoked the July 20 border opening to Vic today. Obviously assuming this will have to postpone your trip?
  3. Or if he comes, might not be allowed back! P.S I also have Tony booked for a calibration in July
  4. Another happy N7 owner here. Got mine about 6 weeks ago upgrading from a HD350. Absolutely blown away with the out of box performance. Bought mine aware of potential issues but have been a happy JVC customer for many years now. Projecting onto a 145" scope screen with a Aussiemorphic Mk4 lens on a cineslide. My favorite feature is the "Setting memory" which allows me to set the various aspect ratios in regards to constant image height, and whether to engage the lens sled for scope material. Fully set and forget.
  5. Previously had an Onkyo 5508 pre pro then took my first step to Atmos with a Marantz 6013 receiver. Always preferred having a pre pro as have an active front stage and a power amp for other channels. Very nearly went for the Marantz 7703 pre pro but the deal I got on the Anthem was too good to pass up. I have my dual subs symmetrical at the front of the room
  6. Audyssey xt32 on both the Onkyo 5508 pre pro and Marantz 6013. Having said that I probably have my dual subs nicely matched due to running Audyssey. Made the process with ARC on the Anthem easier. I'm a lot happier with the sound out of the Anthem but was never unhappy previously. More of an incremental upgrade. I'm sure the OP would be more than happy with a Marantz pre pro.
  7. I'll put my hand up and highly recommend the Anthem AVM60. Coming from Onkyo and Marantz with Audyssey, the ARC correction is another step above. Yes dual sub output is parellel but reading I've done suggests balancing dual subs before room correction can be preferable. It has worked well in my circumstance. Anthems distributor regularly have trade up offers bringing new price to mid $3ks, I picked mine up late last year under $3.5k with a trade in.
  8. Yep got mine second hand at great price. Has an ir receiver for a remote but I never got a remote. Mark Techer is probably the best person to be taking to about scope as he is the designer and manufacturer of the Aussiemorphic range of lenses.
  9. No mine not remote controlled. Though there are codes for it. Pretty sure I picked mine up for $700. Remote not needed with the 12v trigger from the projector
  10. Nice lens. How good is the cineslide? With my previous projector I had the lens mounted permanently and managed to pick up the cineslide used a couple of years ago. With the new projector I changed from roof mount to a shelf and have been able to incorporate the cineslide. With the JVC N7 it has a installation mode where I just choose my scope preset, it enables the vertical stretch, lens settings and enables the cineslide.
  11. If you have a scope screen changing aspect ratios don't work, having said that, while yes missing out on picture information top and bottom, most instances the framing is still within the scope portion and I've never felt I'm missing out
  12. From my personal experience, lens all the way. Just upgraded from a HD350 to an N7 and still kept the lens. For me, yes the extra light helps, but main draw for me is having a 145" scope screen projecting from about 4m which I couldn't do by zooming. I have an Aussiemorphic Mk4
  13. Have a chat to Rich from Oztheatre, he has some pretty keen pricing at the moment
  14. Patiently 😬 waiting for mine. Been on order for about a month
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