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  1. Phil, is not cheap but well priced vs quality. yes still comes with new MoFi inner sleeve and cleaned. great place to find blues that I like... Yep, Phil not in on Thursdays.
  2. I'll take it... PM me for pickup and payment details. thanks, Alan
  3. After talking with Simon from Hi-Fi Guru he suggested I try one of their new laminated top plate on my modified LP-12 that has already been fitted with one of their Oak plinths and a Corian sub chassis (not hifi guru). The new laminated top plate arrived last Thursday and install on Friday, but a few LP spun before the installation just to provide a reference point before the upgrade. The top plate was provided with all new mounting hardware required so only issue was moving the motor from the old Linn top plate to the new one. Once all setup with the suspension all bounci
  4. first amp photo should be moved to the ugly thread, second amp photo is gorgeous.
  5. New laminated LP-12 top plate from Hifi Guru.
  6. All DIY, 10 mono amplifiers All measurements are taken from the Listening position, the distortion measurements are amazing when you think these are from the Listening position and not near field. Check out the waterfall plot its very clean down to 100Hz with almost constant delay. Still have a bit of a peak in the bass but not too bad. Van Morrison never sounded better. Note I’ve reduced the tweeter level to reduce the rise you see in the graph above 2K
  7. Suggest you try an Australian made Dynavector P-75 Mk4 as your using a MC cartridge you can take advantage of the PE (current) mode. https://www.dynavector.com.au/index-4-P75.html
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