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  1. Forgot Steve purchased last weekend new form Sand'y
  2. I think the pressing is good. with every glass of red wine each side keeps getting better. its a must own album.
  3. only played up to side 3 so-far.... i've not been a big fan of the studio albums and if your looking for a Hell freezes Over style album this is not for you. if your looking for a layback album that is just musical. this is going to be a classic. I love it.
  4. just in from Sandy's Music. Analogue test LP Eagles Live from the FORUM
  5. ZZ Top Goin' 50 (Vinyl) 5LP set from Amazon AU
  6. Taboo is still open so i'm in.... will book Qantas as soon as available!
  7. Sorry, not a P9 but best Mat i've found is DIY from this product from Bunnings. https://www.bunnings.com.au/moroday-450-x-450-x-3mm-black-self-adhesive-holed-mat_p4000017
  8. Where did you get your copy, Sandy's is still waiting for delivery to arrive.
  9. Great album by Emma Swift. "The Nashville singer-songwriter finds the sometimes-hidden heart in each of the Dylan songs she chooses, softening the sarcasm of “I Contain Multitudes” and somehow making “Simple Twist of Fate” even more of a weeper. [Swift]’s version of “One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)” is one of her best, with her slow-burn vocals bringing out all the yearning that Dylan was too cool to let show in 1966." Simon Vozick-Levinson, Rolling Stone https://www.emmaswift.com/music
  10. Purchased from Sandy's music today to test evil-c's dog bark system check.... wast of time, both the bark and the music!
  11. very true, are MOFI really worth the money, I don't think so... 98% of my vinyl has no surface noise other than between tracks dynamic range is no better at 45rpm plus 45rpm vinyl has many other issues.
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