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  1. Item: Mach5Audio mj18 subwoofer Location: hillside Price:$170 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: lost interest Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: this has been used for maybe for a minute and has never been put in a enclosure , this is massive and I haven't got a box to put it in for postage so pick up only Pictures:
  2. Item:Richter Thor mk4 subwoofer Location:Hillside Price:$400 Item Condition: great Reason for selling: Got a few , need to get rid of one Payment Method: Pickup - Cash on pick up, can help to deliver within reason . Extra Info: missing feet Pictures:
  3. Please delete has been sold
  4. Item:rxv-870 Location:hillside Price:$150 Item Condition:good condition Reason for selling:surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: comes with remote , haven't used this for a while as I've just got the sonos bug Pictures:
  5. Norlec hifi sold them late 70s early 80s , had a pair with 2 x10 woofers in each box ,not worth anything so threw them away. Still got the old pioneer stereo that came with it.
  6. Just got one recently , my media sources are Tvix media player and an oppo93 & pioneer kuro no hdmi issues at all, took about 4 days to get here ,very happy camper.
  7. Probably but that's the only fault I could find on the sub , oh yeah just be careful on placement
  8. Mate get a media player with twin HD tuners built in ,Tvix , AC Ryan plays all formats, you could put a 2tb drive in it . I have got the Slim duo Tvix media player cost me about $400 with a 2tb drive
  9. Had one a while back excellent sub goes low and loud enough for neighbours to complain, just be careful they tend humm abit , never had a problem with mine only a dry solder on the amp , sold that to a mate of mine and brought the PW-2200. The difference between the 2 would be the PS-1200 slightly boomier but you can get the external cross over for that and doesnt go as low as the PW-2200, i think they were $1500 new second hand about $600
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