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  1. Came across this, and well it's perfect for hifi discussion. What do you think? Keep it civil
  2. My Tidal has been flaky in Melbourne too, for around the past 24 hours. Will play 1-10 minutes and then start skipping or stop all together. That's via the iphone app to apple TV, and via MConnect (UPNP) to a PS Audio Bridge. Apple Music is working fine.
  3. Wondering if anyone's had experience or has any takes on using a portable lithium ion battery to power their equipment? In these reviews it seems like an absolute step -up and in can be done relatively cheaply. Tom Lyle from Enjoy the Music reckons a 400w unit intended for camping equals a German bespoke Stromtank worth $19,500. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0119/Goal_Zero_Yeti_400_Lithium_Portable_Power_Station_Review.htm https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/sell-your-cables-and-conditioners-affordable-lithium-is-here
  4. Mconnect is saying 'Invalid token' when I try to log in to Tidal. It's all of a sudden afte being fine for years. They same login details work fine on the Tidal app. Any ideas, or where to seek help? Mconnect's support and user base seems pretty slim.
  5. In short: If you're using your DAC as a pre and haven't tried a dedicated/integrated pre already, try it immediately. So on a whim I got a used Schiit Saga about a week ago and dropped it into my minimal power amp (Job 225) to DAC (PS Audio Directream 2) combo. Being fairly skeptical it would make a difference, and super happy with my high end two box setup....I was blown away. I knew Paul McGowan, John Darko and others have spoken about the benefits of preamps but I always took it as a preference thing. In my case it's not about preferences, but night and day with a cl
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