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  1. I would not push any newbie towards using HCFR. Unless it's had some massive overhaul in the last 24 months i am unaware of, its possibly the most un-user friendly software I have ever come across. Although there isn't much available in the form of free option for calibration software, so maybe we are stuck with it. I use ChromaPure for TV's, and DisplayCAL for my PC monitors.
  2. My favorite games series as well. Max Payne 3 was also brilliant despite it not being made by Remedy. I replayed them all 2 years back. They are still a blast. Was a bit difficult getting MP 1 & 2 to work, even though they were Steam purchases. I had to upload a special driver into their game folder, then they ran perfectly.
  3. That's a good question. I'm not sure what the time lag would be.
  4. Don't use them. Initially when putting ferrites on it seems great, a reduction in noise, cleaner background. But then, over time, the positive effect diminishes and when you switch back to no-ferrite you realise it had killed the dynamics and muffled the sound. Many years ago I used to think this was a psycho-acoustic effect, i.e your ears had adjusted to the sound. But that's not the case, what happens is this : over time the ferrite magnetizes the wire and component sockets leading to deleterious effects on signal propagation. This is why quick AB tests with ferrites fool you, because initially upon installation all you get is the positive initial magnetic pathway effect without the negative effect that accrues over time.
  5. I have played and finished every Far Cry game as they came out. But I think that Far Cry 2 is a flawed masterpiece. The world they created was beautiful. The only problem is its a dead world. They development team needed another year to fill the world out with content and some interesting locations and missions, which they didn't do. but man, that african sunrise... there is something about FC2 that is special. I'm surprised they have not gone back to it.
  6. I don't know what the situation is with Australian hospitals, but let me fill you in on US 'medical/hospital grade' outlets. In a hospital the main issue is cleaners splashing water on the walls when they clean the rooms constantly. So the outlet needs to be plated so it does not corrode, and also needs to last on many plugs/unplugs. Its got nothing to do with grip strength e.t.c So what does't corrode when in contact with water? Gold plating, but it's expensive and will also wear faster, so instead the regulatory specification is for nickel plating. That what 'hospital grade' means (in the US), its nothing to do with quality, it just means brass contacts that are nickel plated. And if you think the use of metal makes a difference on power cables (ignore this sentence of you don't), well guess which is one of the worst sounding metal plating for power cables? Nickel plating.
  7. I thought it was the best Terminator film since T2. Better then Genesis (which was a direct sequel to T1 - that's why the general public never understood its plot timeline). But the CGI was too over the top in some scenes, like on the airplane.
  8. Thankyou for making this post. I worshiped The Mighty Boosh back in the day, but this one slipped past me. I don't think I've had so much fun or laughed so much watching a comedy in ages. If you are not into the madness of something like The Mighty Boosh you might not like it (or get it). I think its genius.
  9. I had the very first Bifrost on pre order back in the day. I was the first to eagerly open it and post pictures of the internal PCB on the web! I wonder how it has improved since then. It still seems very well priced.
  10. If you are into those true crime documentaries, you will love 'The Staircase'. Its one of the best of that type. Even though it came out nearly 15 years ago, Netflix saw fit to repackage and re-release it, its that good.
  11. That's great. Yes we keep seeing the disaster that was LHLabs and I am glad I got my product. Speaking of fit and finish, they planned to do an upgraded case for both the DAC and power supply that was much better quality. I was tempted to delay the shipment of the Infinity S and wait for the nicer case. Good thing I didn't, as I would have ended up not getting any product at all.
  12. It was bound to happen, last time I used him he seemed to be about 70 years old. Who in Adelaide do we use now? I have been using the guy from Adept electronics on Main North Road for general work. He does do high end audio apparently. In fact one time I went in there and sitting on the front desk was an ME850 and ME14 combo. I said thanks for that, Ill take this lot now....
  13. Use Challenge Hifi on Prospect road. The owners brother is an experienced tech with all amplifier types.
  14. The hardest part of doing a clean install, for beginners, is figuring out how to boot from a USB/CD at startup to load the new Windows. Its different for every motherboard manufacturer, but especially on laptops, where you often don't get the initial brand screen showing which key to press to boot from a specific device. You might have to google it!
  15. Just make sure you back everything up when doing a clean install. Use a proper IT person to help with this, as you can have files not only in my documents, but also directly on your desktop. And emails. And Bookmarks in your preferred browser. And don't do what I do and forget you had 10 bitcoin sitting in your bitcoin wallet on the PC and lose it. At the time Bitcoin was $5 each, not $10,000, but still...
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