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  1. Thankyou for making this post. I worshiped The Mighty Boosh back in the day, but this one slipped past me. I don't think I've had so much fun or laughed so much watching a comedy in ages. If you are not into the madness of something like The Mighty Boosh you might not like it (or get it). I think its genius.
  2. I had the very first Bifrost on pre order back in the day. I was the first to eagerly open it and post pictures of the internal PCB on the web! I wonder how it has improved since then. It still seems very well priced.
  3. If you are into those true crime documentaries, you will love 'The Staircase'. Its one of the best of that type. Even though it came out nearly 15 years ago, Netflix saw fit to repackage and re-release it, its that good.
  4. That's great. Yes we keep seeing the disaster that was LHLabs and I am glad I got my product. Speaking of fit and finish, they planned to do an upgraded case for both the DAC and power supply that was much better quality. I was tempted to delay the shipment of the Infinity S and wait for the nicer case. Good thing I didn't, as I would have ended up not getting any product at all.
  5. It was bound to happen, last time I used him he seemed to be about 70 years old. Who in Adelaide do we use now? I have been using the guy from Adept electronics on Main North Road for general work. He does do high end audio apparently. In fact one time I went in there and sitting on the front desk was an ME850 and ME14 combo. I said thanks for that, Ill take this lot now....
  6. Use Challenge Hifi on Prospect road. The owners brother is an experienced tech with all amplifier types.
  7. The hardest part of doing a clean install, for beginners, is figuring out how to boot from a USB/CD at startup to load the new Windows. Its different for every motherboard manufacturer, but especially on laptops, where you often don't get the initial brand screen showing which key to press to boot from a specific device. You might have to google it!
  8. Just make sure you back everything up when doing a clean install. Use a proper IT person to help with this, as you can have files not only in my documents, but also directly on your desktop. And emails. And Bookmarks in your preferred browser. And don't do what I do and forget you had 10 bitcoin sitting in your bitcoin wallet on the PC and lose it. At the time Bitcoin was $5 each, not $10,000, but still...
  9. Yep you should do a clean re-install every 2 years. It doesn't matter how many cache/malware/registry cleaning tools you use, after a period of time a Windows installation starts to deteriorate and performance slows, weird bugs and errors appear that don't occur on new installs. Windows 10 has been the best at keeping up performance over time, compared to Win7 and 8, but even Windows 10 benefits from a clean install.
  10. I custom built my own stackable rack using 2" thick Canadian maple platforms from Timbernation in the US. I had the rack bars made from solid brass rods, done by a computer CNC machinist in Wingfield SA. I also had different size spare rods made, so if you get a tall or short amplifier you can raise or lower the height of a shelf to suit. Total cost to do this type of rack now would probably be about 2k.
  11. I regret selling these. They come with proper REFERENCE 3A adjustable height stands as well.
  12. How about Peter Weir's The Last Wave ? I saw it a few years ago and was very surprised at the (superior) filmaking craft. It did not seem like a movie shot in the 70's. Its watchable today, which is not something I would say for most 70's films. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076299/
  13. Item: 3x Technics Turntables - SL-23 / SL-220 / SL-B2 + Extras Location: Adelaide Price: $190 ono Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: 3x Technics Turntables - SL-23 / SL-220 / SL-B2 + Extras These have been in storage for years and its my job to dispose of them. I have no idea if any of these are working, but presume at least some are. One of the plastic covers is cracked at the rear hinge. Comes with some extras - cleaning cloths, a jar full of various turntable belts in talcum powder (i presume these are for the Technics, but maybe not), and a jar of 15 or so different heads from all different sorts of players. $190 ono Adelaide pickup only. Photos:
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